One and Done: Why You Will Love the New BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum with Lift-Off

Susan and Janice here… We’re thrilled to announce we’re embarking on a new campaign to spread the word about the new BISSELL PowerGlide Lift-Off vacuum. Yes, it’s a sponsored project but as always, you can trust our opinions are our own.

Bissell Powerglide - Susan and Janice

We’re looking forward to having some fun with this campaign because it’s all about celebrating real women with real messes. We’re certainly real women with real messes… and we suspect many of you can relate.

Over the next few months, we’ll be getting deeper into cleaning and to start we tested out a new BISSELL PowerGlide Lift-Off vacuum. Well, we actually fought over it first… watch the video below to see which twin won the fight!

Okay, did you watch the video? Did you see which twin won the vacuum?

Well, we both love how the BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum with Lift-Off can help you quickly clean your entire house moving between carpet, hardwood and tile.

Our favorite part of the vacuum is the lift off pod which lets you easily clean stairs without hurting your back. It’s super easy – 1 click and a lift – to remove the pod. (And it’s just as easy to put it back and continue vacuuming the rest of the house.)


7 Reasons You’ll Love the PowerGlide Lift-Off

Here are seven reasons why you’ll love this vacuum as much as we do…

  1. Awesome Suction Power. You don’t want to spend your time vacuuming if half the dirt is being left behind.
  2. Lightweight. As we get older, our backs get weaker. We don’t want to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs and try to balance it on the steps as we try to get the crumbs in the crevices.
  3. One vacuum, many floor types. We’ve got carpet, hardwood and tile. We want to whip around our houses with one vacuum cleaning all our floors.
  4. Maneuverable. Crumbs get everywhere. Vacuums must follow.
  5. Bagless beauty. We don’t want to buy and change vacuum bags… We like retro style, but not in our vacuums.
  6. Simple to use. We’re not into studying instruction manuals.
  7. Affordable. Yeah, we have better things to spend money on… household appliances aren’t a feature item in our budgets. This vacuum isn’t going to mess with our vacation savings.

Yes, we love the BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum with Lift-Off Technology and we think you’ll find it is the only vacuum you need to clean your entire house.

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Written by Susan and Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    We just put new hardwood flooring in our kitchen and we’re having brand new carpet installed in our living room TOMORROW! My husband and I were just discussing last night that we really need to get a new vacuum that will be more versatile and easy to handle.

    Loving your review, you have my gears turning!

  2. says

    Love the idea of the lift-off part for the stairs!!! We just switched from an upright vacuum to a canister because I thought that would be easier for stairs, but it still isn’t great. Seems hard to find a vacuum that does everything perfectly but this one sounds like it might… :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    This looks awesome — and I need a new vacuum. We mostly have hardwood floors and tile but we do have two flights of stairs! I’ll have to look into this.

  4. says

    This looks like the exact vacuum I need! While I don’t have stairs, I do have a rug on my hardwood floors, so I need it to go from one to the other without any issues!

    Thank you for the thorough and wonderful video review!

  5. says

    Fun times, if that would only carry over to the whole chore aspect, I would have 10.. I am not a super clean freak, well I take that back..I love a clean house, I just hate doing it.

    This really motivates me to get and teach the 13 yo to become a superfan and have so much fun doing chores, LOL (she will probably not see it the same way)

  6. courtney hennagir says

    I love that you can use it on many different floor types.We will be shopping for a new vac soon and this is on our list to check out!

  7. shaunie says

    This is amazing for children and pets. Have been looking for one that’s lightweight , easy to use and can get under tight surfaces. Its a plus that you can use on different floor surfaces.

  8. Marti Tabora says

    This would definitely be great for me, I love the fact that it’s bagless and the portability is awesome. Thanks.

  9. Dawn Monroe says

    I hate doing the stairs! I usually just sweep them so the lift off would be great. I like how powerful and lightweight it is too.

  10. says

    I’ve been drooling over new vacuums for months now. I’ve had the same one for 12 years and it’s on it last leg.
    This Bissell looks sturdy & powerful!

  11. rich morris says

    i love that it’s supposed to be easy to clean stairs. that’s one thing that always was an issue with old vacuums

  12. Joni Mason says

    This is the vacuum cleaner I need! I love that it has all these great features, especially the ability to clean multiple floor types and it won’t cost a fortune like other vacuums!

  13. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    My vacuum is on it’s last leg. This the Bissell sound like just what I need to clean this place. I love that it lifts off so you can get to places that you can’t if it didn’t.

  14. Maria Iemma says

    It would be great not having to change bags…my vacuum is old (it was my mother’s) and it is also extremely heavy.

  15. Anne Lehnick says

    I love the handle on the hose. Seems much more ergonomic or at least easier to hold than just holding the hose itself.

  16. Tammy S says

    I need one of these. I would love the lift off pod. I have two cats and it seems like I am always vacuuming the stairs. This is so cool.

  17. Linda Bundrick says

    lol…Janice won the Bissell Power glide vaccum. Can’t blame her a bad back and a dog :). I too have a dog and this would be great .

  18. kathy pease says

    that would be great for us as we have carpet,tile and hardwood..not to mention lots of pets and the hair can get ridiculous

  19. Jean says

    Lightweight and maneuverable are music to my ears! It certainly makes dragging out the vacuum for a quick touch up a lot easier (and likely to happen!)

  20. Vickie Couturier says

    good review,,im in need of a new vaccum for upstairs an one for downstairs,,Ive been checking out reviews to find the right one,,thanks this has been inlightening

  21. kathy dalton says

    I am shopping for anew vacuum for low pile carpet and wood floors and i appreciate your honesta znd straight-forward review

  22. Rebecca Parsons says

    One thing I can’t deal with is bags so I like this and I trust the Bissell name since I do have a Bissell carpet cleaner and it works great even after 6 years and 3 dogs, 5 kids and a messy husband.

  23. Holly Storm-Burge says

    That would be so handy for cleaning little messes around the house without having to lug the whole thing around.

  24. Jason says

    I’m not sure exactly how effective it is. I firmly follow the ideology of believing it when I see it. The review appears legitimate, but I’d still would want to test it out for myself.

  25. Jill Myrick says

    We have a house full of hardwood floors and area rugs and this would work great for us.
    I also love how easy and quick it makes cleaning the stairs.


  26. Shayna says

    We could really use a new vacuum..They don’t seem to last long in our house. It never fails hair or an unsuspecting toy gets caught in it..This Vacuum looks great, I will have to look into this :)

  27. ginette4 says

    Wow, I need that vacuum, using a shop vac, yep only thing that I can afford at this time, thank goodness I don’t have carpets but still a pain vacuuming hard wood floors with a shop vac.

  28. Danielle Lindquist says

    The stairs are usually the hardest part for me and require 2 people to do, I usually have to make my 12 year old hold the main part of the vacuum on each stairs while I use the hose to clean the stairs. This vacuum you review looks like it would take a lot of that hassle away!

  29. Lisa F. says

    I like that it has the different types of floors feature. I get “dust bunnies” in the kitchen due to the dogs, so I’d love to just go from the carpet to the vinyl flooring. Thanks for the review!

  30. Marti Tabora says

    I love the lift-off feature. If I were to design a vacuum, it would definitely be designed in that way. It would be great to be able to clean other things while doing my regular vacuuming. thank you.

  31. Mer says

    Very impressive! I really like the lift off feature, as vacuuming the stairs is one of my least favorite tasks.

  32. sheila ressel says

    I desperately need a new vacuum and this one sounds like it would fit the bill. I love the fact that it’s bagless. There’s nothing worse than running out of bags when you’re vacuuming or the store quits stocking your style of bag. Ugh!

  33. Anita L says

    I’ve been in the market for a new vacuum lately and I like what I’ve read about the Bissell PowerGlide. I really like the lift off pod idea for cleaning stairs and being bagless is great!

  34. Cassie Sudduth says

    This looks wonderful! I am in need of a new vacuum also! I will have to check this one out! Thank you!

  35. Diane Cooper says

    The worst part of vacuuming for me has always been the stairs. How exhausting! This Lift Off Technology sounds like it would make my life so much easier.

  36. Peter says

    I think what you’re doing to empower Moms and women is great, and that vacuum looks pretty nice! Might just have to try it out myself

  37. says

    I’m actually in the market for a new vacuum, we love our current Bissell and will continue to use it upstairs, but it’s the low-end model and just can’t keep up with the kids (it keeps getting clogged with little bits of paper from all their art projects). Thanks for sharing this information, especially since I’m pretty brand loyal and wanted to stick with them!

  38. Patty White says

    I love that you can use this on multiple types of flooring. I have had mine for too long and have been looking for a new one, and this looks perfect!!

  39. heather c says

    The name alone makes me happy. Glide. Hmmmm.
    I like that it is bagless. I remember the days of having to track down bags just so I can vacuum. Ridiculous!

  40. Candace Calkins says

    I’m super jealous of this vacuum. A friend of mine just got one and it IS amazing. They have a huge Husky and she was showing me how easy this picked up all the pet hair. We have an older Bissell that is in okay shape, but I’m definitely going to start trying to con my fiance into getting me one of these for Christmas!

  41. Charlene Kuser says

    I love the way the BISSELL PowerGlide Vacuum smoothly goes around furniture
    and also the way it disconnects to clean the stairs is a plus.All in all this vacuum
    sounds fabulous.

  42. Amy Tolley says

    great review i was just looking at this vacumm the other day i am in need of a new one and this just may be the one thanks

  43. Sunnymay says

    I love the lightweight, easy to move around and the suction power. This looks like a handy vacuum for many kinds of messiness.

  44. Danielle Jones says

    I love that it is light weight. I love the one that I have now but would like to find something that is less of a hassle to use.

  45. latanya says

    I like that it can clean stairs. That is the most frustrating part of vacuuming for me. This sounds and looks like a great vacuum.


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