Wordless Wednesday — Granville Island Engagement Shoot


Engagement Shoot at Granville Island, BC

Normally for our Wordless Wednesday photos here at 5 Minutes for Mom, I use photos I have taken of Susan or my kids, or blogging related photos. But I loved this shot so much from an engagement shoot at Granville Island I did last weekend, I decided to share it here too. This couple is so in love and so much fun — this photo just makes me happy. Hope it brings a smile to your face too. (Yes, in addition to my job here at 5 Minutes for Mom, I also am a family photographer shooting in my hometown of Vancouver, BC.)

Did you have an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer?

I did for my wedding (years and years ago!) and it is so much fun! I highly recommend always doing an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer before your wedding.

Not only does it give you a chance to get to know your photographer and get more comfortable in front of the camera, but then you have fabulous images to use as you plan your wedding — for guest books, slide shows, photographs at your reception, and more. Guests and family LOVE to see the happy couple in love!


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Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. You can see more of her photography at Janice Croze Photography.


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    We did engagement pictures with our wedding photographer at the same place we wanted our wedding photos done… so when we went to do wedding photos, we already knew where we were going to shoot what pictures and we got tons of wedding pictures done in only an hour and a half. :) It was great to have that previous relationship with the photographer and with the place we wanted our pictures. :)

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    Since we were poor college students at the time, we had our friends take photos and we paid for the film and developing. It’s amazing how many wonderful shots we got. But no engagement photos – 20 years ago that wasn’t something people really did except for the formal portrait to put into the newspaper announcement.

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    I love this and the couple are looking so good together. I think every couple have to do their engagement shoot because after all the memory will stay with them for lifetime. There are so many photographers in the market who have lots of experienced in wedding photography at reasonable prices. Thanks for sharing.

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