Some Like It Hot, Some Not: The Gender Wars in Keeping Your Home Warm (Giveaway)

I grew up in chilly, frigid England. The house I grew up in allegedly had central heating but my breath froze when I was IN the house. In fact, my grandma would stuff my school uniform in to my bed each morning, so that I wouldn’t have to dress in the chill of my bedroom.

My feet were warm only when I placed them on the radiator attached to the wall of my bedroom. I shivered even under layers of sweaters and thick socks. At times it was warmer inside than out. Was I ever warm during my childhood?

My American husband’s childhood was far less severe than mine. You see he grew up in a toasty warm home heated by a wood fire. When I met him he would wear a short-sleeved t-shirt IN winter as his home was so hot! He wore sweaters when leaving the house, but not while inside the house.

When it comes to heating and staying warm, my husband and I are NOT cut from the same cloth. He is all about the heat, while I would rather add on layers to stay warm. We argue about the setting off the thermostat…all the time. He hates when I adjust the thermostat. Don’t even get me started on what he wants to set the AC on!

According to Honeywell, my husband and I are not alone in our arguments on heating. A new infographic from Honeywell addresses how men and women deal with the heat. The infographic entitled: Gender Wars: Some Like It Hot, Others Not So Much states that the following interesting facts:

  • 64% of men think women keep the house warmer
  • 26% of men and women argue with their partner over the temperature in their home
  • 54% of men and women are willing to turn down their thermostat 1 to 5 degrees when using a portable heater

Did you know that Honeywell’s EnergySmart 360 Surround Heater is designed with both 360 degree surround heat AND 180 degree directional technology? Consumers who use the Honeywell EnergySmart heater will see that the directional technology will heat a room no matter where you sit. Sounds very cozy to me!

I’m no fan of being cold, that is for sure. Like those surveyed by Honeywell, the top 3 responses when a partner turns down the thermostat are that:

  1. 76% will grab a blanket
  2. 64% will put on a sweater
  3. 59% will layer clothing

And did you know that over 50% of people are willing to turn down the thermostat 1 to 5 degrees when using a portable heater? I have a space heater in my very cold basement, but had not thought of putting on the ground floor and upstairs. According to Honeywell’s survey, women and men equally purchase space heaters for their home.

With the Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Heater, you can stay warm through the space heater’s versatile and energy efficiency. The Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Heater is equipped with an energy savings thermostat that gives you just the right amount of heat by regulating the wattage consumption based on your desired temperature.

This surround heater saves consumers money without sacrificing comfort. Designed with both 360° surround heat and 180° directional technology, you can “get heated” no matter where you sit in the room; a terrific choice for those looking to stay warm and cozy during the year’s coldest months.

The Honeywell EnergySmart 360 Surround Heater is available from for $59.99. The surround heater comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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I was compensated to write this review.  The views expressed in this review are my own.


  1. says

    Jill, I also grew up in England WITHOUT central heating. Our only source of heating was a fire place in the living room. I did exactly the same thing with my school uniform, and was just relating that story to my son the other day.HUH. I too prefer to bundle up rather than turn up the heat, and luckily so does my husband who grew up in a house with forced air heating.

  2. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says

    Actually, he’s the one turning it up and I”m turning it down! he puts on a thick sweatshirt, socks and shoes.

  3. Jessica W. says

    I grab a blanket and then shove my feet under his butt. Since he’s so hot and generates so much body heat, he needs to share some when he tries to freeze me out. Lol.

  4. Ally says

    It doesn’t happen! He’s the one who’s always turning it up while I’m sweating in the middle of winter trying to turn it down without him knowing it!

  5. Daiva says

    Actually, I try to keep the heat down and turn it down at night. I always put a sweater or a fleece on to keep me warmer. Sometimes my husband turns the heat up and then I turn it down :)

  6. Melissa P. says

    I don’t have this problem. However, I do remember growing up with my dad who would always keep the heat low. I hate the cold. LOL. I would love to win this product even though because it would help this single mom save on her heating bill and keep us warm at the same time. : )

  7. Sandra K321 says

    Depends on what I’m doing. If I’m sitting down I use one of the blankets we leave on the back of the couch. If I’m doing something I throw on a fleece sweatshirt.



  9. Laurie B says

    I jam my feet under him to keep some warmth. I suppose he may have learned a lesson from my toe nail scratches on his legs from me cramming me feet to warm up. Now he just leaves the heat alone or gives me all the blankets 😛

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