Trust me, no one is more surprised than I am…

No one is more surprised than I am that my new favorite pair of jeans cost less than $30 and is made by Kmart!!!

Susan wearing Kmart JeansSeriously Girls, the jeans I’m wearing in this photo are so comfortable and dare I say… rather figure flattering.


I have to admit, I tend to be a bit of a jeans snob and I own a few pairs of designer jeans. I have purchased jeans from all types of stores ranging from Old Navy to Bebe… please don’t ask how much I paid for that last pair.

So when Kmart Design offered to bring us in for a styling session and set us up with new clothes to wear during BlogHer, I never expected to replace my expensive designer jeans with a pair that cost less than a family dinner at McDonalds.

(And did I tell you that Tim Gunn said my jeans looked RAPTUROUS?!?)

We had so much fun during our styling session and my favorite take-aways were obviously my jeans but also the jewelry. Janice and I have been fighting over the jewelry ever since the event. LOL

Here’s a fun video of our Kmart styling session with our blogging friends Steph, Jennifer, Esther and Erica.

After we got styled, Janice and I had the opportunity to interview Kathy, Kmart’s VP of Women’s Apparel Design.

Cathy shared with me why she enjoys the challenge of designing affordable and stylish clothes for the American family.

Kmart DesignWe sincerely thank Kmart Design for showing us such an affordable way to dress in style.

We also want to thank them again for sponsoring our BlogHer09 video shoot so that we can bring the BlogHer 09 experience home to you.

Kmart Design, you’ve impressed us!


  1. says

    You just shared my secret with your readers. Shhhhhhhhh. It’s MY secret. I bought my vacation wardrobe on clearance at KMart and I have gotten a billion and one compliments. Shhhhhh.

  2. Mrs. D says

    I get a lot of my wardrobe from KMart. Would love to see them bring back realistic dresses (not see through or double as shirts).

    This video was a bit off putting though. I haven’t been able to get one person to do a fitting for me in a dressing room yet. As a matter of fact at the Kmart here in Gaithersburg the lady that works the floor doesn’t even speak english. I kid you not.

    Glad you all had a fabolous time but….

  3. says

    I’ll admit, I never go to K-Mart because it’s all the way across town. But you guys have me convinced …I need a good pair of jeans!!! :)
    Maybe while I’m out runnin’ errands today… :)

  4. says

    I wish I could shop at our local Kmart, but it’s just a mess and I get so frustrate there.

    You look great in the jeans though.. you go girl!

  5. says

    Wow, those jeans look great on you! I have never purchased a single piece of clothing from Kmart… but after seeing those jeans I might have to check it out!
    Really, those jeans are great! And look like they cost much more!

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