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Gwen Bell chilling with a lemur at Busch Gardens during the Seaworld Manta media trip. (I will post more shots from Busch Gardens later this week. We got to see so many wonderful animals.)

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    How can I comment on no photo! I’m all at sixes and sevens too as I’ve been trying to use American cake frosting instead of fondant for a birthday cake – eek it’s tricky stuff.

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    Someone needs to hand that lemur a remote control. And a beer. He’s just sort of sitting there. In his head, he’s thinking, why won’t that chick in the purple shirt give me my remote. And my beer!

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    I’ve never been to Busch Gardens so I didn’t know they had animals, I thought it was just an amusement park! I’ll have to add that to my list of weekend trips now.

    My daughters immediately said “King Julien!” when they saw that. Yep, lemurs will never be looked at without reference to Madagascar again…at least not by my kids. :)

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    I had to look several times before I realized it was behind glass (acutally the text tipped me off). Never knew lemurs could kick back in that position. Gotta wonder where the remote and cold drink is and what’s on the tube LOL

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    Janice, thank you for capturing this! What a fun moment! Moments later a little redheaded boy walked up and the two of them had a total moment together. Something about communing with animals in that way – I found it deeply relaxing.

    (PS: For those who have asked about the earrings, they are created by hand by my friend who lives in South Africa. I’ll let y’all know if they hit the market in the US!)


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