Mega Bloks First Builders {review and giveaway}

Building toys are pretty awesome. Toys that appeal to younger preschoolers and toddlers and are made so that they can play independently are even better. The Mega Bloks First Builders line is targeted to ages 1 to 5, and they are fun, age-appropriate, and inspire imaginative play.

I don’t have preschoolers anymore, but I knew that my sister-in-law had the perfect test-group for these toys. My nieces are 1 1/2, 3 1/2, and 7 years old. Her two younger daughters loved these toys from the first time they opened the boxes, and three weeks later they are still providing lots of entertainment.

In fact, her daughters fight over who gets to play with what. No one likes all that sibling bickering, but when they are fighting over a toy, it’s actually a pretty cool thing, because there’s nothing worse than toys that immediately become brightly colored clutter.

A lot of building toys are trying to reach the girl market. You’ve seen them with the pinks and purples. The Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess line does that. These don’t have as many pieces to build, but do have a lot of creative play options. Shortly after being introduced to the Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess 3-Story Enchanted Castle, my 3-year-old niece moved all her princesses in.

I think it’s great that more “girly” colors can possibly open the door to building activities, but don’t think that just because it’s pink, your girl won’t play with it. The most coveted toy is Sonny School Bus. My first thought is that it’s perfectly priced for all those birthday parties!

Speaking of imagination and cross-play value, did you know that Sonny the bus driver doubles as a prince? Yep, he does.

I’m so glad my nieces have gotten to enjoy these toys, and I’m thrilled to offer this fantastic prize pack (pictured above)  to one of you, U.S. shipping addresses only. It’s provided by Mega Bloks and is valued at $100.

Just follow the instructions below to enter. Confused? Watch this 45-second videoon how to enter! The giveaway will close on September 28.

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Jennifer Donovan misses her children’s preschool years, but is happy to have nieces and nephews she can watch grow up. She was happy to be able to pass her review samples along to them to enjoy and thanks Mega Bloks for them. She manages 5 Minutes for Books and blogs at Snapshot.


  1. Rebecca Rahkonen says

    Durability is one of the biggest things I look for. I don’t want to buy something that will break easily. And I also look for things that aren’t really messy. Play dough and crayons and markers are my worst enemy at the moment! UGH THE MESSES!

  2. Natalie S says

    Something that helps them to learn and something interactive is great too – using their imagination is a plus with preschool toys

  3. Raina Delrio says

    I look for durability, easy clean (peanut butter always ends up on my kiddos toys!) and something that is educational/interactive.

  4. says

    Toys that allow my little guy to use his imagination (because then he’ll play with it for more than 5 minutes) :) We love mega bloks at our house & they are especially great because baby brother can play too!

  5. Shari says

    I look for something that will lead them to exercise their imagination, something that doesn’t have just ONE way to play with it.

  6. Cassandra Eastman says

    Usually something that really engages my son’s interest. A toy that also involves creativity or imagination is always a plus!

  7. says

    I check to make sure they are age appropriate (ie small parts) and choose something that I think she’ll enjoy playing with for a longer time period.

  8. Lauren says

    I like toys that are interactive and not something you play with once and throw to the side. It’s nice if there isn’t a ton of sound to EVERY toy as well.

  9. Diane S says

    toys that will withstand the use and abuse for more than a week. so many toys are buy now and get a new one later. thank you for the giveaway.

  10. lisa scaramuzzo says

    i like toys that have minimal small pieces and if they have alot of pieces that they come with storage for them, a bag, container or something,

  11. says

    I actually got to do a review of this product as well. Our kids still play with them to this day and we’ve had it for almost a month now. It teaches Zeva (who is 9 months old) how to build things which she’s doing little by little which teaches her hand and eye coordination. It is a toy that is designated for 1-5 year olds. My five year old son loves them too even though they are for girls.

    You can check out my complete review of them on .

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