Tummy Calm: Pure & Natural Gas Relief for Children (Giveaway)

I have three boys -twins who just turned five this week and a six year old (who thinks he is sixteen). They all had their share of stomach problems as babies and had to take medication for acid reflux. Now that we are years past that, they still get the occasional belly pains, but unless someone seems truly sick I never really know what to do for them since they’re still so young. 

I was recently introduced to Tummy Calm. Tummy Calm is a homeopathic medicine for relief of digestive upset in children, including gas, bloating, hiccups, teething, and stomach upset. Tummy Calm is a natural alternative to Simethicone Gas drops and is FDA-regulated, safe, gentle & effective, and non-habit forming or addictive.

The amazing thing about this product is WHO can use it. Babies, toddlers, and children. Honestly I would have expected a product like this just for babies so I was really impressed that you can use it for any age child as well. Makers of Tummy Calm are also developing a product for adult gas relief and expect to have Gastro Calm on the market soon.

Recently Danny, one of my five year olds, came to me complaining of an upset stomach. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give Tummy Calm a try. Danny does not like having to take any medicine and his eyes got wide when I took out the bottle.

You have to shake the bottle and when I opened it I spilled a little on me. I will warn you it is kind of sticky and black in color, but it should be like that. I thought to myself that Danny would never let me give him some now, but he ended up trying it anyway. To my surprise, and his too, he said it tasted pretty good. (Already a plus in my book.)  Within minutes he told me that his belly was all better. I could not have been more surprised.  When this child starts to complain of an upset stomach, it tends to go on and on.

I am most excited to try Tummy Calm the next time one of my guys gets the hiccups, which seems to happen often. Something that can stop the hiccups would be wonderful around here because the boys get miserable when they get them.

In addition to their website, you can follow up with Tummy Calm on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can purchase Tummy Calm at any CVS location (coming to Walgreens next month)! I recommend grabbing some before you think you need it so you will have it on hand when the time comes.

Win a basket of calming products from Tummy Calm.

tummy calm gift basket giveaway
One (1) reader at 5 Minutes for Mom will win the Gift Basket of Tummy Calm products shown above. Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter this giveaway. New to Rafflecopter? Watch this 45-second video on how to enter!

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Disclosure: I received my own gift basket of Tummy Calm products in order to facilitate this review, as well as compensation for my time in writing the post. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.


  1. Cristen C. says

    Mine suffers from a tummy ache when she eats dairy products or tries new produce. The dairy thing was worse when she was younger (she is 1 year old this month).

  2. Patricia Crowley says

    I think it depends on what he eats…if he’s eaten a lot of veggies, he tends to get gassy.

  3. Natalie S says

    My second suffered from lots of tummy pains and gas as a baby – would love to have this for baby #3 due in September, just in case! :)

  4. ch says

    oops new email sorry @cmitchell0523@gmail.com <—this is the correct one

    and the names suppose to be christine not ch sorry

  5. Katie O says

    Little one isn’t here yet, so not sure but it would be great to have on hand for my nephew and for when LO arrives.

  6. Deborah Hogue says

    My grandchildren suffer tummy aches when they eat certain foods, or eat sweets and sometimes after a bottle they will get tummy aches and spit up.

  7. Jessica Hays says

    My first baby was all day long! Hopefully this next one will be better!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  8. michelle colon says

    my son is lactose intolerant but he loves ice cream! It gets really bad if he eats cheese and ice cream so i just try to rub his belly until he feels better

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