Who Is Alpha Mom?

Meet Isabel Kallman. She is the original Alpha Mom and founder of the fabulous parenting resource site Alpha Mom.

“Alpha Mom was started because, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, motherhood is not a natural instinct for many (many) women.

Rather, connectedness is a new mom’s first instinct. And, with non-judgmental support and advice from other moms and parenting professionals, we try to help women embrace motherhood with confidence.”

Isabel says Alpha Moms are everywhere… not just from New York as she happens to be.

The “Today Show” and other media sources are looking now to find out who Alpha Moms are. Isabel says Alpha Moms are easy to understand.

Alpha Moms:

  • are passionate about Motherhood and other things. They have not left their pre-baby passions behind.
  • go through period of Mommy Shock and they run to Google.
  • need to know everything first and then they need to share it.

We had a fantastic time talking to Isabel at the Mom 2.0 Summit. Still to come, we have a second interview with Isabel and also interviews with many other ‘Alpha Moms’ who were at the conference. We’ll continue sharing these video interviews here at 5 Minutes for Mom so keep an eye on our RSS feed and don’t miss any.

Feel free to embed or link to this video interview on YouTube.

And remember to follow Alpha Mom on Twitter.


  1. says

    wow. I am soo honored. Thank you so much!

    Jendi, this was bad timing for us. we are literally in the process of switching video solutions and will have it up within a couple of days. My apologies to you and others. Please visit us again soon or read our articles in the meantime.


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