How Not To React To The Big News — I LOVE this Video by How To Be A Dad

Perhaps the Best Dad Blog Out There…

how-to-be-a-dadLast June, I met Charlie Capen, co-founder of How To Be A Dad, on Twitter. He was chatting with a blogging friend of mine and I happened to notice that he had over 20,000 followers, but had only been on Twitter for a few months.

Intrigued, I jumped over to check out his site. And within two minutes, I was a How To Be A Dad FAN. I instantly understood how they had shot to over 20,000 followers in just the three months since their April Fool’s Day launch.

How To Be A Dad is simply awesome stuff. Charlie Capen, an LA actor, and his co-founder Andy Herald, creative director at a design firm, make the perfect team and what they create together is hysterical, top quality content. Their work just begs to be shared it is so funny — and boy people are sharing it! They have had numerous posts become viral, crashing their server and getting page views most of us only fantasize about.


Charlie and Andy worked for nine months to build How To Be A Dad, pre-loading some content and ensuring that “they got it right” before they launched. (Charlie likes to point out that it took nine months to bring their site into this world. I still don’t think it was quite as painful as gestating and birthing an actual human being, but we will let him feel like they earned their gestational stripes.)

And it is that complete devotion to quality that makes How To Be A Dad such a success. Their work is totally professional and stands out in the crowded blogosphere. And, did I mention, it is FUNNY???

Kin Parents

Kin Community, a DECA company, hired Charlie & Andy to create a weekly segment on one of their premium YouTube channels, Kin Parents. The videos offer a unique, humorous take on parenthood from the male perspective and they are fantastic. I have watched them all — many more than once!

I loved this video How Not To React To The Big News the best and just had to share it with you. (Yes, their stuff just makes you want to hit share.)

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Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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    Man, I love humor! And it’s very cool to see that they’ve made their unique preference of humor pay off for them in terms of traffic. Hopefully they’re taking a note from you on how to monetize their site so they can keep pumping out this great content.

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    Very cute! My hubby was more along the relaxed/passed out about the news… every time. Like it was a big shocker or something. Thanks!

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    I saw those guys and loved them. Not only do they discovered a perfect niche, but they also do it so easily and have fun in the process.

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