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My daughter, Audrey, loves unicorns and puppies. They may be two of her most favorite things. Thanks to Douglas Toys, Audrey recently received a fun package in the mail. Inside she found a stuffed Golden Retriever and a stuffed unicorn. She was beside herself with excitement.

douglasretrieverTroy Golden Retriever was super soft. I immediately stole him from her and continually brushed him against my cheek. He was so cuddly and perfect. Troy became one of Audrey’s permanent appendages, as she carried her new friend around with her everywhere for days.

She was also in love with Stardust Unicorn, who found its new home among a shelf of other unicorn stuffed animals. Although Stardust was by far one of the cutest.
Douglas Toys Lion

From cute to realistic, Douglas animals have endearing expressions that distinguish them from the “crowd.” They are known for their unsurpassed softness. The animals are also machine and surface washable. With over 50 breeds of dogs, farm and wildlife animals, sea life, teddy bears, dragons, unicorns, dinosaurs, beasts, cold weather animals and a special holiday line, Douglas Toys is sure to have the perfect stuffed animal for your child.

Douglas Toys
would like to give one of you lucky readers a stuffed animal of your choice. They are also offering a special promotion code for our 5 Minutes for Mom Readers. Type in Promo Code: 5minutes, to receive 10% off your entire order. With the holidays coming up, these soft friends will make wonderful presents.

To enter please leave a comment below and also share with us your child’s favorite animal. We will select our winner on Saturday, October 18th.

Good Luck.


  1. says

    Not another one! My 2-year-old loves her “Gabi” doll, duckling, bunny, and pig (yes, a pig…and not a cute one). She sleeps with them all, and they take up more space than she does. My son has his “Hazi” bear and frog (that was mine when I was little!). My poor baby (9 month old) has…nothing. Nothing of her own. Her one bunny has been claimed by her sister (see above). Please let her win one!

  2. says

    At the moment my older boy loves killer whales. He’s got a pretty big plush one that he sleeps with every single night. Along with an elephant, a giraffe, a dog and a snake.

    The kid is nuts about stuffed animals!

  3. says

    Wow, the Douglas Toy selection of plush animals is HUGE…love the farm animals especially. My daughter has a beanie baby deer that is her favorite, though she sleeps with a whole zoo it seems.

  4. says

    My daughter’s fav changes quite a lot but I can tell you that the latesat is a woolf. She had to do a school project on nature and she thoroughly researched everything she could about the live of a lone woolf – I was very proud.

  5. says

    These look so cute and soft! For some unfortunate reason, my son’s favorite stuffed “thing” right now is a snake. He makes me give it loves, although the forked tongue kind of freaks me out.

  6. Heather says

    Well, the oldest loves giraffes, the middle loves kangaroos and the youngest loves horses. :)

    Personally – I’d pick a pig or a squirrel.

  7. says

    I hit enter befreo I was done sorry. My sons (now 20) was Ernie. He couldn’t live without ernie. My daughter’s was BunBun, it was a white bunny with a blue stripe outfit. She had it stuck to her like velcro. My youngest loves Mollie dolly. My grandson loves stuffed dogs.

  8. Martha says

    Our favorites seem to be lions for my boy and lambs for my girl. Thankfully the lion will lie down with the lamb peacefully most of the time at my house! :)

  9. Stacy says

    My 3 year olds favorite stuff animals are his Pluto and a Beanie baby snake.
    My 16 month old loves his baby blue Mickey Mouse and his “Sophie” puppy from Maruices

  10. says

    My 7 year old loves Rabbits. They really do multiply, even when stuffed, as we have TONS of them. She takes turns sleeping with them all! My 5 year old loves Pigs and has been working on her collection too.

  11. says

    My sons both love stuffed animals! Currently my oldest son’s favorite animal is his stuffed Elephant or Duck. Not sure if it’s the same for real live animals 😉

  12. says

    my oldest dd’s favorite stuffed animal is clifford the big red dog. my middle dd’s favorite stuffed animal is her bear she made at Build-a-bear workshop. My littlest dd’s favorite stuffed animal is her doggie that her daddy got her for christmas. these are very cute stuffed animals…here’s to hoping that one of my dd’s could get a new one!

  13. says

    My son loves any and all stuffed animals. Even if he’s got the names wrong! (he’s only 18 months so donkeys become cows and dinosaurs are horses, etc!) He picks them up and says “hug, hug” Totally adorable!
    I think he likes his bear the most though!

  14. Teresa says

    Cute stuff!! I have an almost 5 year old who is pretty in love with all doggies and kitties and an almost 2 year old who is currently into lions. :) It is fun to watch them enhance their imagination with their stuffed animals. :)

  15. says

    My 2 year old LOVES cats, and also puppies! But, my little one (6 months) doesn’t yet have any stuffed animals of her own, so maybe this would be a good one for her. I don’t think she has a favorite yet!!!

  16. says

    My daughter loves rabbits and dogs and bears. The list goes on and on. I have no idea which one she’d pick. For me, I think the owl is adorable.

  17. says

    My daughters favorite stuffed animal is her Mickey Mouse that she sleeps with and brings everywhere. If she had to pick just an animal though it would be either a dog or a cat.

  18. Ronni Fox says

    My 4 year old grandson loves “Button Button”..a knitted bunny a friend of mine made for him ( though the button eyes have long since disapeared) and my 1 year old granddaughter loves “Blanket Puppy”, another home-made toy.

  19. says

    How cute are they. My little guy has a group of favorite stuffed animals. He has a little set of 4 classic Pooh animals, and one day he loves Tigger, the next Eeyore, then Pooh. He doesn’t often take to Piglet, but you just never know.

  20. Tracey says

    My daughter loves our Kitty Cats – or as she calls them, “Tee-Tas.”

    She’d love the Shaker Black and White stuffed animal because it looks like our Cooper, aka “Poopa.”

  21. Angela J says

    One daughter loved her giraffes and carried the obsession into adulthood.

    Now my grandchildren are most fond of teddy bears.

  22. says

    My boys would love any of these animals. I was especially surprised to see the dinosaurs and dragons! They are something different from the typical dogs and bears. But we’d love any of them!

  23. says

    My daughter loves cats, lions (Rar rars!), and monkeys (Mee mees)… I am just a tad disturbed that monkey sounds so much like “mommy”!

    I am trying to build up our coming-son’s toy collection so he doesn’t feel unloved only using his sister’s hand-me-downs!

  24. says

    My girls have very specific favorites – Abby’s are cats, Hannah’s are dogs and horses, and Becca seems to go with the flow, although she seems much more attached to stuffed dogs than stuffed cats so far.

    I’d love to win one of these for Becca – she keeps trying to swipe her sisters’ stuffed animals because she just doesn’t have that many of her own yet. :)

  25. says

    My nephew loves animals! Visiting the zoo is a favorite activity. We enjoyed Disney’s Animal Kingdom so much…can’t wait to go back again…just not during Spring Break next time…too hot and too crowded!!!

    He loves his dogs!


  26. Christy Hickman says

    My little boy is such a monkey and just loves to see them. He always makes the sounds like them. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  27. says

    These are very cute. I would love to win one. I will donate it to my church’s Hugs Ministry where we make quilts and match them with a stuffie and they go to the local fire and sheriffs departments for kids in crisis situations. Thank you for offering this. Take care and God bless, Cory

  28. says

    We have a variety of favourites here. Between my five kids we love our stuffed doggies, lambs, cows, beavers, etc….it never ends! 😀 Would love to win a new one – be great for a Christmas present for the youngest.

  29. stephanie says

    thanks so much! My baby isn’t here yet, but i just dug out my own fave teddy as well as the one my husband had since he was a little kid and washed them so that our baby can cherish them as we had.

  30. says

    My little boy LOVES his stuffed animals right now. He feeds them and everything. :-) His favorites are monkeys though. How fun to get a chance to win one!

  31. Monique Rizzo says

    My daughter LOVES her Strawberry Baby. She has drug that think around EVERYWHERE since she was 1. She is 6 now.

  32. Patricia Hill says

    I showed the site to my granddaughter, Elizabeth. She was torn between Cashmere Calico Cat, Dragonfly Unicorn, and Shimmer Polar bear. She would any and all of them.

  33. karen c. says

    When my toddler was a newborn, he reminded me of a little turtle. Now whenever I see turtle things, they make me think of him. His favorite stuffed animal is Yertle the Turtle.

  34. israel y says

    nice prize! my nephew loves his monkey stuffed animal. he loves to say “I save my hugs and kisses for my moneky.”

  35. Victoria says

    My son adores puppies–particularly Westies and Miniature Schnauzers and Labs and Golden Retrievers and….

  36. Tamara Bennington says

    We didn’t get a pet for any of the children when they were young but until about a month ago we adopted a little dog and they just love him to death.

  37. Jill Myrick says

    The Autumn Chestnut Horse is my sons favorite.
    He collects various horses and would so love this !
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  38. says

    Sarah, my niece who’s been like a daughter to me ever since her mother passed away when she was 8, loves the 1968 Lakota Horse. A child SHOULD have something small and soft and individualized and wonderful to hold, making them feel secure and special.

  39. Natalie Watkins says

    It would be hard to pinpoint a “favorite” animal with my child since she’s an animal person. However, I think I would have to say cats.

  40. Jill L says

    My son would love the Snort Sparkle Dragon. I’ve told him I’m not buying him anymore because he has so many animals, so he’d be so excited if I won one.

  41. Paula H says

    My son loves dogs and monkeys equally as much. He has a favorite dog that goes everywhere with him and sleeps with it and his favorite monkey every night.

  42. Sheila says

    That lion is adorable ! As my grandmother used to say “What a face” !! My 3 year old’s favorite stuffed animal is his baby penquin from the Webkinz toys. He takes baby penquin everywhere and poor baby penquin looks so well loved. He is battered and torn and extremely “used” from lots of hugs and cuddling all night long.

  43. Rachel Robertson says

    My young son has a teddy bear that used to be mine so it really is dated. It is kind of raggedy but for some reason he loves it as much as I did. I know he would love the lion as he loves watching the Lion King over and over again.

  44. says

    What adorable stuffed animals! My six year old daughter-Chloe-is a cat lover-like her Mom. I know that she would fall head over heels with the 2030 Puzzle Calico Cat because it favors her real cat-Mocha. She always complains when Mocha is not in the mood to be held. With this stuffed animal she could have a Mocha to hold all the time. Please count me in! :)

  45. Kristie Noguera says

    My daughter’s favorite animals are horses, but as far a stuffed animals, she can’t sleep without her little lamb.

  46. Julianne says

    Well, I tried to visit the link you have to Douglas Toys but it was not working right now. So I don’t know which would be our preference. I do know my youngest daughter loves horseys. Would be a sweet win!

  47. shannon c says

    These stuffed animals are darling! My daughters favorite used to be a orange tiger she named “GRRR” but he has been usurped lately by a beautiful bottle nosed dolphin she has named “Freak”. Yes. Freak. We asked her if she meant “Squeak” and she said no. “Freak”. She is two. My husband and I exchanged “the look”. I don’t know…..

  48. Suzie G says

    My daughter just got over hippos and I think she’s falling in love with the Walrus. Every few months it changes to a new animal she’s learned about.

  49. Heather C says

    Any stuffed dog is my daughter’s favorite. She’ll sleep with it, brush it, cuddle it, talk to it, put make-up on it. Oh, boy.

  50. Kay cave says

    My granddaughter just loves horses and dogs. She is always wanting to bring any stray dog home. She has a horse named shylow. she would love any stuff animal.

  51. Mimi Bond says

    My daughter is 7 months old. Her favorite stuffy so far is Mr. Duck; my husbands childhood stuffy that his father kept for 29 years! ( don’t worry mommy has wiped Mr. Duck down so he’s clean.) But this morning, while playing with Mr. Duck, I was thinking how it would be nice for my daughter to have a stuffed animal of her own that was another animal so we can make animal sounds with them. She seems to really like the pig, horse and puppy dog sounds.

  52. Cassie says

    Mt daughter has a stuffed piggy/blanket that my mom bought her before she was born. Unfortunetly my ex husband wouldnt let me have it back. She’s upset without it so I’m trying to replace it.

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