Do you feel pressure to buy more equipment to blog?

New Camera, video camera, a cool new lens, laptop, netbook, iPhone, iPad… What is on YOUR blogging/vlogging equipment wish list?

Do you feel pressure to buy more and more new equipment to improve the content of your blog or your online life in general?

Personally, I can’t wait to get a better iPhone so that I can snap better photos and grab quick video wherever I am… well, I guess I CAN wait, since I AM waiting.

I think being surrounded by tech talk and wanting to have the latest new gadgets can be tough on us mom bloggers. Our jobs require us to be connected, and because the technology is constantly changing and upgrading, there’s certainly a pressure to keep up.

Here’s what five other mom bloggers say…

What About You?

Leave us a comment and let us know if being online and surrounded by fabulous photos and talk of the latest tech toys gets you yearning for more and more?

Thanks to Our Five Moms

The fabulous five women in this video are:

Jendi from Simple Vlogging Tips
Sierra from Actual Mom
Connie from Sugar Shock Blog
Lisa from When Life Gets In My Way
Rachel from Grasping For Objectivity

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  1. says

    Since I do not own a good camera and have missed so many moments in my life by not being disciplined by taking photos, I love my iPhone. And, of course, the iPhone 4g is at the top of my list. I can do without the rest!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness YES! When I started blogging I didn’t have anything more than a desktop computer and slowly upgraded, a point and shoot camera, a Flip, a netbook, a few iPads and today I’ve just about got it all including my DSLR and lens investments. The quality of my photos and work has shown itself in better blogging opportunities, more relationships with readers, it’s an amazing thing that technology does for you.

    Right now the only things left on my wish list is yet another lens and an upgrade to the iPhone 5, should it ever make an appearance. :) Oh and a nice Apple laptop.

    • says

      Cat, you sound like me. Except that I don’t have an iPad. And I’m still stuck with an iPhone 3g. Currently, I drool over the iPhone 4, hoping that the iphone 5 will come out soon so I can buy someone’s old 4. lol

  3. says

    I only own an old point and shoot, no laptop, no ipad or iphone, and no internet at home. I blog in the office where there is internet. I am still wishing to own a dslr and a laptop. :)

  4. says

    Yes, yes! I have used blogging as an excuse to feed my techie soul. May I say too, that blogging made me an Apple fan. I have upgraded laptops twice and I’m in love with my Macbook pro. Camera was upgraded too. I have a couple of video cameras – this was an area that I’ve been upgrading as soon as they come out – iPhone 4, you name it, I want it LOL.

    Now, every purchase have been thought through and made as an investment for my business venture… it as paid off.

  5. says

    Thanks to blogging I have been able to afford things I couldn’t before. It defiately has shown me the awesome products out there.

    When I first started blogging all I has was a desktop computer.. a very old one that took forever to do anything. I didn’t even have a cell phone!

    After blogging over a few years I had saved enough money to buy my laptop. Which I loved, but now it’s getting old and I defiantely need to look into a new one.

    I also got a crappy point and shoot when I was pregnant with #2, and it was my first camera too.

    Last Christmas I saved enough money through blogging to buy my Nikon D3000. Through blogging I have gotten a Kindle, an iPad, sony reader, other various phones to try out.

    Now all I want is some lens for my Nikon, oh and a new iPhone. I have the 3GS, which I love but it doesn’t take the best photos lol.

    my husband wont let me buy anything, he says “why you’ll just get it through blogging”

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