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Janice and I don’t usually sit around laughing about bugs (even thinking too long about them makes us squirm.)

But when the folks at Raid® asked us to host a fabulous giveaway for TWO $500 Walmart Gift Cards, we decided we’d open up and laugh about our phobias.

So here’s the deal… We’re going to pick TWO winners and give them each a $500 Walmart Gift Card!

To get in the draw, just tell us a funny or creepy bug story that happened to you.

You can blog your #RaidBugStory and share the link in a comment or tell the whole story in a comment.

I’ll include the giveaway details below, first let me get the story-telling going…

The Night of the Hawaiian Cockroaches

My full-fledge phobia of bugs began one sunny summer morning when I was nine years old. I woke, rolled over, opened my eyes and right there before me — on my pillow — was an ugly black spider. (He wasn’t big, but he was ugly.)

I screamed. I jumped up and screamed some more. I didn’t stop screaming for a long time. And inside my mind, I kept screaming for years.

(Clearly this response to a spider was not normal for a nine year old. Looking back now as an adult, I understand that my weird worries about bugs and my other paralyzing anxieties weren’t typical kid stuff, but that’s a whole lot of other stories… So back to this one…)

That wretched spider who snuck onto my pillow triggered years of true fear and panic over spiders and other creepy crawlers. My poor mother would have to perform nightly OCD rituals on my behalf of spider searches to ensure none could invade my space again.

If I saw a spider, even in daylight nowhere near my bed, I’d be unable to sleep properly for nights.

I never overcame my phobia of bugs, but it did lessen somewhat as I grew through my teen years.

Until… one night in Hawaii, my space was invaded by not one bug, but thousands!

Janice and I were sixteen year old girls on the final night of a two-week family vacation in Hawaii. Our family’s timeshare condo stay was up and we had to spend the last night in a hotel. Our father booked us a suite in mid-range hotel a block away.

At 10 pm, our parents went to sleep and we stayed up to cram in a week’s worth of homework. The lights were off except for one lamp to light our books.

At 11 pm, I went to the bathroom, turned on the light and started to wash my face. But as I turned on the tap, I noticed a ton of little bugs in the sink basin. My body tensed, I tried to stay calm and grabbed some tissue and starting trying to kill them.

But I soon realized it was futile. They were everywhere!

I ran out of the bathroom and in muffled screams tried to tell Janice what I saw. I then went to the kitchen, switched on the light and almost passed out from panic as I saw a sight I could never even have imagined.

The floors and walls were alive with swarms of baby cockroaches. Apparently equally panicked by the unexpected light, the evil insects ran in all directions and I screamed like a teenage girl in a bad horror film. Our mother was instantly awake and at my side trying desperately to quiet me so I wouldn’t wake my father. (He wouldn’t have been as sympathetic.)

Our mom turned on the light in the living room and revealed hundreds more on the walls.

I was insane with panic. I hated Hawaii and I hated those cockroaches and I demanded we go to the airport that moment and wait for our flight home to a land where I’d never even seen a cockroach in my 16 years of life.

I imagine Janice was freaking out too, but all I can remember is my own desperate need to get out of Hawaii. Immediately.

Our mom phoned the front-desk, told them of the cockroach infestation and asked that they find us another room. The clerk agreed, we gathered our bags and went to the new room.

But when we opened the door, we saw them run — Cockroaches fleeing the light.

The embarrassed staff apologized and let us check over half-a-dozen rooms, but with each door we opened, we saw something scurry out of site. Some rooms weren’t as bad as others, but none were bug free.

Janice and I were horrified and crying. We begged our mom to get us off this infested Island. But with our father asleep, our options were limited. We couldn’t switch hotels and we couldn’t make a run for the airport.

Instead, we chose the room with the fewest signs of roaches, turned on all the lights and pulled the beds away from the walls.

When the night was finally over, we told my father who, as expected, thought it was mildly humorous, but had a serious talk with the hotel staff.

They claimed the problem was that some of the units in the building were privately owned and thus not required to be part of the routine pest control program. It seemed that if even one room became infested with the bugs, they spread like sin.

The hotel manager assured us they’d do their best to solve the problem, but obviously I would never be back! (In fact it was years before I would even go back to Hawaii at all.)

We finally caught a cab and headed — hours early — to the airport. I couldn’t wait to be home in Vancouver, Canada, Land of the Mostly-Cockroach-Free!

(Okay, well lots of homes in Canada likely do have cockroaches, but I’ve never seen any here and I’m working hard to keep it that way.)

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  2. says

    In June of 2008 my family and I decided it would be fun to spend a week camping … real camping .. tent on the ground, no running water, fire pit for cooking, the real deal.

    I had been camping MANY times before as a kid but this was the first time for my husband and two children. I made it very, very clear … NEVER, EVER, EVER leave the tent unzipped. So what happens .. my son decides to go in the tent while we’re all sitting around the fire and comes back. What he didn’t do was zip the tent door.

    When we all crawled into to go to bed the tent was swarming with flying bugs. After about 5 minutes inside the tent I couldn’t take it anymore, bugs were getting in my hair, landing on my face, had me creeped out so bad I ran for the car. We ended up going to a hotel for the night. Unprepared for the “comforting” I’d need after that experience I ended up coming home pregnant. 😉 Our little camping baby is now 2.

  3. Kelly Ann T. says

    My dog caught a huge locust in her mouth and brought it into the house, the thing was making so much noise. Then she dropped it, it flew up into the atrium where it continued to drive me and the dogs nuts with all the noise it was making.

  4. says

    One morning My 2.5 year son woke up before me and was standing over me, One hand in Diaper one hand tapping me.
    He said, Mommy I have a Caterpillar in my diaper!
    I hate Bugs but I had to be brave the husband was gone… So I said, OOOO (calm but freaking out) Let mommy see…he peels open one side of his diaper and pulls it down , My one eye shut tight the other slightly open,
    only to see…well…his “member”…
    I said, Eli that’s not a caterpillar that’s you…It is where your pee comes out …He smiled and I smiled No REAL bugs thank GOD!
    A lesson in Anatomy before 8a.!
    He later told his dad. “Daddy, I know my Body!!”

  5. says

    Remember, you asked for it… so don’t go blaming me when you can’t get in the shower for the next week… and no hate mail from husbands who have to smell you after that many unshowered days either!!!


    and… yeah, for those that don’t click the link, you’re missing out on knowing just why it’s impossible to be brave and naked simultaneously – and on the tried and true spider killer that is probably in your bathroom right now.

  6. says

    14 years ago, when my husband and I moved out to Washington state with our three cats, we discovered there were really big spiders here. I mean enormous.
    Our cat, Elwood, had a chirp he would do when he had something really good to show us. One night we were lying in bed and heard the chirp. You never saw to people jump up so fast from bed when he jumped on and plopped down his prize.
    It was a Hobo spider. If you haven’t seen one, they are HUGE.
    Elwood looked up at us (I swear he was smiling) and proceeded to eat the live monstrous spider in front of us. I think it may have bitten him on the way down because he lost his voice for a few years after that. He would just open his mouth and nothing would come out!
    Needless to say, I think he learned the lesson of don’t eat creepy spiders.

  7. Kris Fisher says

    Here goes…When I was in High School my Mom developed a dagerous blood infection and had to be hospitalized for a week. That weekend I was visiting some friends in the city so my Mom asked if I could stay the week. It was dead summer and hotter than Hades. Summer in the city meant everyone was outside trying to cool off and enjoy the warm weather. So my friend and I are sleeping & BOOM! We both woke up with a shot and went to look out of the window. Seems down the block there was a fire in an abandoned building and the firetruck fell over into the building causing the loud BOOM we heard. So Im not home, scared and now wide awake…naturally I have to use the bathroom. So I creep down the hall & flick on the light…GASP roaches, big ones were everywhere. The bathroom moved. I don’t even remember turning the light off or running back to my friends room. All I remember was her saying “oh just brush them off and use the toilet”. Uh huh…not going to happen. I held it all night and well into daylight. Because between the chaos going on outside and bug infestation I did not know was going on in my friends house, there was no way I was getting any sleep. I did not eat anyting from their house and went home the next day. Empty house or no…I was was going home!

  8. Ariel Henry says

    This happened in the summer of 2001. Me, my parents, and my brother had went on vacation in Florida to go to Disney World. One morning we decided to eat some cinnamon rolls that we had brought with us on the flight. Mind you it was some brand name of food that was all packaged up. After my dad and brother had ate theirs, I took a piece out to eat…. and noticed something odd….. THERE WERE TINY BLACK ANTS CRAWLING ALL OVER IT! I have no idea how they got there…. I showed everyone, and me and my mom kept laughing at my dad and brother for eating it. My mother even said we should cut it open to see if they were on the inside, but my dad and brother protested. Thankfully I don’t shovel my food in like *some* people. I always look at it to make sure it’s fine to eat.

  9. says

    LOL! This topic is funny! Not entering, just commenting, I could only read the key words of the story cause i’m eating lunch (LMAO!) but my story is pretty gross, sorry! I have a serious spider phobia. When I moved into our house, we had fruit trees and what comes with fruit trees? SPIDERS! We had HUGE ONES! They were the kind that were HEAVY! As in, it had weight when you carried them to the trash. I wanted to move. We got an exterminator and pulled out the trees and they were gone pretty quickly, but that was TORTURE!!! It felt like spider karma!! LOL The more I wished them away, the more they would appear!

  10. says

    My husband and I rented a cabin in the Porcupine Mountains on the UP in MIchigan. When we came into the cabin, he asked me to open the windows but to check for holes in the screens just in case. UP in Michigan is home to the largest, most angry mosquitos in the world. I opened the window on my side and told him that the screen looked good. So, we go to bed that night and my husband who can be in a group of folks and take all the mosquito bites starts slapping himself cause he was getting bit. He is laying on his bunk on the other side of the room thinking that has to be the last one and then, gets bit again. I am under my window and not getting bit at all. After the tenth bite, he jumps up and grabs the flashlight. He starts looking around the cabin, wakes me up, when to his dismay he discovers that the window above my head has no screen. The bugs were flying right over my head, across the room, and getting him. He wakes me up and says “screen’s good huh”. I looked up and I swear I saw a screen when I opened it. We shut the window but to this day I have never heard the end of it. Funny enough the screen was outside the cabin in the morning by the front door. We have no idea how it got there….but my husband still thinks I did it on purpose.

  11. says

    I’ve never been afraid of bugs, but finding them in the wrong place at the wrong time can get to anyone! I think part of my tolerance is due to my mom allowing those big wold spiders to actually live IN the house when I was a kid. She swore nothing worked as well to control all the other bugs as these things would, and seeing as how they were as big as the palm of an adult’s hand, you could easily see them coming… we never had other types of bugs in the house, and the wolf spiders (only 1 or 2 were allowed to stay) lived happily in the bathroom.

    Now for the creepy, after I was married and moved away from said spider protectors…

    I think the worst was waking up to one of those HUGE waterbug roaches crawling on me. I flailed in the dark, and finally launched him what I guessed to be half-way across the room, and probably dead. I was wrong. He woke me two more times that night. In the morning I found him dead, behind the bed, where I’d finally managed to fling him.

  12. says

    West Texas is where I still call home, although I moved 10 years ago. Out there the bugs are different. They’re viscous! I was about 14 years old and as usual in a hurry. I needed to tinkle and ran into the nearest bathroom in our home. When I stood up to flush, there was a scorpion crawling up from beneath the seat. I squealed like the little girl I was and vowed never to sit on a toilet seat again without first checking it!

  13. says

    Oh my gracious! You poor thing! My senior parents used to live in Hawaii so we’ve visited there often. The most we saw was one gecko on a wall one time.

    My story is much less dramatic but did have me hopping! I was walking my young children out the door in my blue jeans that were the popular “baggy leg” type that was so popular at the time (the FIRST time they were popular – over 25 years ago).

    I stepped outside on the front porch. A second later I felt something BIG “hop” up my pant leg – which in turn caused me to start screeching quite loudly as I then HOPPED all over the house. After a couple of minutes, I managed to get my jeans off where I discovered a BIG GINORMOUS HUGE (well – at least 2 inches long) grasshopper had jumped up my pants leg. He looked as startled as me for a second – then promptly hopped towards the door and out to freedom. It’s been over 25 years and I STILL remember that moment. And now, my grandkids enjoy laughing with me whenever I’ve told them that story!

  14. Michelle says

    When I was young I went to my grandmother’s house a lot. One summer day I running around in the house and my grandmother was talking about bees. I was talking (bragging) about how I had never been stung or bit by anything and at that exact moment a bee flew up my dress and stung my knee. Everyone felt bad for me but we all got a good laugh out of it later.

  15. says

    oh mercy! Your story gave me the chills. EWWWWWW!!!

    Ok- you know I grew up practically next door to you so you know those horrible big scary hairy wolf spiders? I. AM. TERRIFIED. of those things. Actually I am terrified of all bugs but those particular spiders practically make my heart stop.

    SO one night when I was about 17 or 18 I was home with my mom and we were watching TV. For some reason I was looking around and saw a huge furry thing under the TV stand… it was an enormous wolf spider. I panicked. My mom panicked. Seriously- she was shaking and standing on top of a chair in the dining room and I was screaming and crying hiding in the hallway.

    My mom is a single parent. I am an only child. There were no other people around to deal with it.

    My mom refused to move and told me it was my job now since she had spent my whole child hood killing spiders for me. We argued at great length about this.

    So after no less than an hour of tears and panic I put on the thickest jeans I had, 2 pairs of socks, cowboy boots, a sweater and a winter coat, a hat, mittens (it was July), and wrapped my self in a sheet. Then I got the longest tongs we had and a plastic bowl. I crept closer to the hideous beast of a spider (I was certain it would jump out at me and land on my not nearly well protected enough face). I got close enough (shaking and screaming and sobbing the whole way) to the stupid beast to drop the bowl over top of it.

    Then I ran and hid in my room.

    But then there was more screaming when we realized the BOWL WAS MOVING!!

    The spider was actually pushing the bowl along our floor.

    I practically wet myself.

    My mom crawled up on top of the kitchen table.

    I grabbed books and dropped them onto the bowl and then ran away again.

    My mom and I avoided the living room for days and finally made a friend of hers come over and remove the trapped beast from our home.

    We hid in our rooms while he did the deed.

    He laughed the entire time.

    We did not laugh.

    The whole time that stupid hairy beast was in our living room I couldn’t sleep… and I still panic at the thought of that thing. And you know what? Even after 4 days of being trapped under a plastic bowl that stupid spider was still alive and my mom’s friend LET HIM GO!! I wanted him to run the thing over. He laughed at us again.

    I hate spiders so very much.

    (oh… and incidentally I had a cockroach story too- I was 15 and on a teen missions trip to Nepal and we had a layover in Pakistan and our hotel room was completely infested with them. My roommate and I sat huddled on the middle of the bed with the lights blaring and in full terror all night long… it was truly horrifying.)

  16. Sara says

    When I was a young girl, probably around 12, my family and I were spending the summer in New Hampshire at my grandparents second home. It was a lazy afternoon and I fell asleep on the couch. You can always guarantee you will see plenty of daddy long-leg spiders but what I wasn’t prepared for was waking up to an itchy feeling on my chin. I swatted and a daddy long-legs spider fell onto the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was crawling into my mouth!!!!!!!!!!! While I was sleeping!! I freaked out and have never been the same. Still tell the story almost 15 years later. Horrid!!!!!

  17. Liz says

    We had the horrible smell of rotting food that we couldn’t find the source. When we found the rotting potatoes, they were covered (and I mean covered) in maggots. Just thinking about it makes me ill now.

  18. Emily E. says

    When I was about 12, my bed was under a window that must have had a small hole in it. One morning I woke up with hundreds of ants marching across the bed and all over me! It was awful.

    Or, story 2, when I was 3, we got a dog from the shelter. A wonderful dog that looked just like Sandy from the movie Annie, i.e., lots of shaggy hair and plenty of places for fleas to hide. Quickly our house was overrun with fleas. And quickly we learned that fleas loooooove me. My mom counted 103 flea bites on my calves. Just my calves. And I was 3 so those are some pretty small calves. 103. ….

  19. says

    In November of 2010 I was in Nigeria, West Africa with my two boys visiting my grandparents, who are missionaries there and live out in the middle of no-where.

    I was sharing a bedroom with my boys, ages 2 and 3. In the middle of the night I got up to take the older one to the bathroom. When I opened the bedroom door right in front of it was something curled up – very snake-like-looking.

    Not wanting to frighten my son, and yet terrified that it was a poisonous snake waiting to bite us, I quickly shut the door, told him he had to hold his pee {not an easy feat at that age!} and went to the bedroom window and, as quietly as I could so as not to distress the boys, I started to try to wake my mother {who was also visiting, and in the room right next to mine.}

    I kept calling out “MOOOOOM! There is a SNAKE outside my bedroom door!” It took a good 5 minutes, but I finally awoke her – and both my grandparents.

    My grandpa and mom got up at the same time and I could hear their cautious conversation with each other about what to do if it was a poisonous snake and then — laughter. They both started laughing so hard I opened my bedroom door and there, in my grandfathers hand, was a centipede. A harmless, innocent, relatively small centipede.

    They have not let me forget it :)

    • says

      I wanted to add that;
      1) My grandpa was 87, so I felt *dreadful* that I had disturbed his sleep over a centipede!

      2) In daylight and/or an awareness of centipedes they *do not* resemble snakes at all. But in the middle of the night and totally unexpected it isn’t totally insane that I mistook it 😉

  20. says

    TWICE in one year this happened to me!

    A large hairy spider ran away from me inside the car. Not only could I not kill it – I couldn’t find it. To make matters worse – my 1 YO son was in the car seat, vulnerable and defenseless.

    The first incident ended after a 2 hour drive in the mountains. At the gas stop, I found the huge sucker and somehow swished it out of the back seat onto the ground. I had to enlist the help of a total stranger to actually stomp on it and make sure it wouldn’t get back in the car.

    Incident #2 was last week. Loading groceries in the back, I noticed another large hairy spider. He ran and hid right by my son’s car seat. I couldn’t find him until our next stop. He was taking refuge under my son’s leg IN THE CAR SEAT! Screamed again… swished him out… and this time I took him out!

    Somehow my son was never bitten – God Bless!

  21. says

    I for a few short months lived in a duplex from Hell. I swear there were more bugs on the inside than out! I was a young single mom couldn’t afford much rent but I can’t believe I ever allowed myself or my son to stay in this roach/spider/sweet ant hotel. I remember putting sweet and treatment by my bathtub of all places. I took my baby to a sitter when I picked him up the girl told me the box of crackers I sent she opened up and roaches started crawling out! So I went back to store to get bugger bombs and the landlord was there I told him I was trying to eliminate the bugs and sat the bombs on the counter and he didn’t even offer to pay for them! If this isn’t creepy enough, I invited over my now husband to hang out with me. I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea when he kept pointing out these massive coch roaches running across the attractive panneled walls. Needless to say we had enough. I was so grossed out when he decided to leave I left too. I couldn’t sleep. I went to my sisters’ apt. and my baby and I took up residency from there.

  22. says

    About Two Years ago I was standing in my bathroom getting dressed I looked in the mirror( I have a Mole on the left hand side of my chest).I spotted a bigger black dot on the right hand side and thought to myself (without even looking to left ) “I thought my mole was on the left” after the thought had crossed my mind it started moving I quickly pulled it off it was a tick!!It was Horrifying not even knowing how long it had been there.

  23. Angelia says

    At the time, my son was about one and a half years old, and my daughter was not quite crawling. They were playing on the floor beside my chair as I worked at the table on some small project. As I worked, I heard my son, whose vocabulary was still somewhat limited, say, “Bug!”
    I had never heard him say this particular word before, so, smiling at his new accomplishment, I turned to look at him. He was, however, peering into his tiny sister’s mouth. Instantly, I grabbed the baby and dug around in her mouth with my finger to find a rather large, ugly, black beetle, thankfully still all in one piece!

  24. Janelle says

    When I was seven years old, my dad worked for an Entomology department of a university. One day, he took myself and my little sister to see some “new” bugs that had arrived for a study one of the graduate student’s was going to be doing. They were very large hissing cockroaches. To my 7 year old eyes you could have put a saddle on any one of them and ridden it around the room.

    During the visit to the lab to see the wall of bugs (cages), my dad was paged and needed to step out of the room to take a phone call. After he left, my sister and I began to get nervous and the roaches began to get louder. We turned to leave the room, only to discover that Fingers, (the pet turantula of one of the professors) was standing in the doorway having escaped from his glass cage. Being only seven and four, we did what any little girls would do. We screamed at the top of our lungs and within seconds there were a dozen grown men wearing white lab coats standing in the doorway trying to coax the big, furry spider into a glass as we huddled together in the center of the room.

  25. says

    When I was about 14 years old, we were seated around the table eating family dinner. I’d spent the day at the barn, riding my horse. I was just stabbing into a green bean when movement caught the corner of my eye. There was something creepy, something crawly, ON MY LEG. I screamed. I screamed so loud, so long, that my dad (who is a large man at 6’3) flipped his chair over backwards and lay sprawled on the floor. Meanwhile, I was up and batting at my leg. Turns out it was a centipede. We still laugh about it today – the night dad flipped his chair.

  26. says

    I was around age nine when I begged my dad to take me along when he went to pick up my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. As he started the car, I noticed a bug on the windshield. Believing that it was outside, I reached my finger up to touch the spot . . . only to have the bug fly directly into my ear.

    The bug wasn’t any happier to be inside my ear than I was to have it there. Every few seconds it would try to fly out, and the flapping wings sounded like helicopter propellers. I was hysterical! Unable to flush it out with water, my dad took me to the ER.

    To hear my dad tell the story, he was traumatized by embarrassment as he was certain the entire hospital could hear my screams. To this day I believe they were warranted, I did after- all have a bug flapping around in my head!

  27. says

    My <1 year old daughter was in her little walker in the kitchen with my husband and me. I opened up a cabinet and found an ENORMOUS spider. I jumped backward *over my baby* and ran, shrieking, into the next room.

    My husband still teases me for "sacrificing" our baby to the spider to save myself.

    Seriously, it was the size of a silver dollar. I'd do it again.

  28. Lachelle B says

    I remember being about 10 years old and laying in the grass in my yard with my friends and watching the clouds go by. All of a sudden I had a huge fat spider land on my face! I screamed bloody murder and even though I hated spiders, I picked up that spider and flung it across the yard. I was shaking and crying and traumatized and had a hard time laying down on the grass ever again!

  29. says

    The bug story the comes to mind is our rollie-pollie (pill bugs) story when our daughter, Alexandra, was about 5 years old. One evening my husband and I went out to dinner and a shy,12 year old neighbor babysat for us. They spent the evening riding around in the golf cart and exploring and looking for creatures. When we returned home Alexandra was already in bed and the sitter said they had lots of fun but made no mention of any bugs.

    The next morning, I woke up, made a cup of coffee and moved to our living room to bask in the quietness and enjoy my favorite part of the day before everyone started stirring. As I entered the room, I was immediately upset because it looked like Alexandra might have taken a black permanent marker and drawn a line on the carpet all the way across the room — only as I got closer the line was moving. I noticed a shoebox in the corner with a piece of cellophane on top and out of it came at least 200 rollie-pollies marching across the living room floor single file. I gasped, choked on the coffee and then quickly ran to my daughter’s bedroom and woke her up to come and capture these creatures and get them outside. She was upset that her pets had gotten out of the box and deeply concerned for their welfare as they had by then scattered all over the floor. I thought vacuuming them would be the perfect solution but no, “that would be murder” according to Alexandra — so she picked them up one by one. It was a long day.

    There are many other instances when creatures found their way in to our home with a frog in the silverware drawer because he was afraid of the lightening, butterflies fluttering around the den and she use to love to put a lizard on each earlobe and wear them as earrings and come inside with a big toothless grin until I noticed there were live creatures hanging from her ears. She loved to hear me scream and watch me run.

    This is just one of many stories that happened over the years and as much as I hate bugs, I would not trade one of the episodes. My daughter is now 20 years old and studying Wildlife at a major university and will soon be leaving to study in New Zealand. Muuuaaah to my sweet girl who has always followed her heart.

  30. June says

    Back in the summer of 2008 my son and I got to see a huge Bee that is called I believe a Sacatta Killer Bee. This thing was huge too, like 3 to 4 inches tall. It flew up on a sacatta bug which they are huge also and just grabbed it up and flew away with it. We found out that my neighbor across the street had these huge Bee’s nesting under ground in his front yard. Needless to say he had to get an extermenater out to his house, because he has small children running around. I still get the willy’s thinking about that huge Bee to this day. Scary for sure.

  31. Marilyn says

    I was visiting my sister and her roommate and there was a bug crawling on the ceiling in the corner of the room. My sister’s roommate decided to be big and brave and so she needed to stand on the back of an easy chair in order to reach the bug. My sister sat on the chair to hold it down so her roommate wouldn’t topple the chair when she climbed on the back. The roommate swatted at the bug sending it down from the ceiling and onto my sister. My sister jumped up screaming and her roommate fell into the wall along with the chair – the chair left a hole in the drywall. I was observing this whole thing and just started laughing because they were so freaked out by a little bug!

  32. says

    I lived in an apartment that was spider infested. Big ol’ garden spider infested. I get the eebie jeebies just thinking about it. Good thing I was dating my now hubby because he did most of the killing. One time, as I sat on my bed, his eyes got big and he ran out of the room (He learned not to say the word “spider” in front of me. I turned around to see a giant spider crawling up from behind my head. I screamed, of course, and yelled at him to hurry. He killed it and I made him check behind my bed, where he found another one. I promptly dissolved into tears and he held me. In my head I was probably thinking, “Marry Me, so I can move out!” Well, now we are married, so I never have to kill a bug on my own.

  33. Amy Brewer says

    When I was 17 and living at home with my mom I was in the rest room. I saw this huge spider and jumped up top the toilet seat and screamed. My brother (who is only 9 at that time) ran in and said what is the matter. I told him there was a huge rainbow spider and he looked down. That spider was literally right in the middle of the floor blocking my way out of the bathroom. He said it wasn’t rainbow colored and I told him that it could be any color he wanted it to be but he had to kill it first!! Every time I thought I could possibly get down that spider would start crawling toward me and I would scream again. My brother woudln’t kill it (just to punish me) and my mom is terrified of them also, so I had to wait for my dad to get home from the store. I was trapped on the toilet for over 2 hours. That spider really wanted to scare me cause the only time it moved was to inch it’s way closer to me as I would try to get off the toilet. When dad finally come home he just laughed at how long i was up there but I really didn’t find it all that funny. Dad said,” I’ll be your hero and rescue you AGAIN”..lol…what would I do without my daddy?? I know, still be on the toilet!!

  34. says

    I spent a semester in Costa Rica and I have multiple bug stories I could tell from that time, but I think the worst was this…
    We spent a weekend at a camp up in the mountains. Playing outside in the gorgeous tropical highlands. I left my Bible and notebook on the picnic table when we went in for dinner. It gets dark early there.
    When I needed it after dinner I went to go grab it and walked outside into a literal cloud of flying beetles. Beetles that are about 3/4 of an inch long and very fat. So fat that they fly slowly and never in a straight line.
    They had all congregated near the porch because there was a window above the door and they were attracted to the light.
    I screamed, grabbed my stuff off the picnic table (while brushing 3 or 4 off that were crawling on top) and ran back inside, swatting at the ones that were flying directly at my face.
    There my friends had to pick the beetles out of my waist length hair and throw them back outside.
    Ew Ew Ew!

  35. says

    In 2008 our family of 10 went on a long camping trip through the southwest. When we returned we had, what we thought might be lice. These bugs didn’t act like lice, didn’t look like lice and were quite large!

    We went through all the lice treatments for the heads, did all bedding every day, put away all stuffed toys, etc. In fact, we did this 4 times that summer! Finally we took one of the bugs to the health department and they confirmed they were NOT lice, but they were unknown.

    Every January and August for 2 years our “mutant bugs” would return and we’d go through 3 treatments for the whole family. We even sent them to the Entomology Department of the University of Iowa and THEY had no idea what they were!

    We eventually stopped seeing them but we have no idea what our mutant bugs actually were!

  36. says

    Wow! Bug stories…I have so many…

    I have always hated bugs.

    I remember when I was about 10, and my sister and I were with the folks visiting some friends. We thought it was amusing that their property had fuzzy brown caterpillars all over. I mean SERIOUSLY all over. I settled down with my book, and a while later, my DARLING, sweet, lovely baby sister (2 years my junior)…showed me what she had been entertaining herself with for the last hour or so…by dumping a mason jar of cute, fuzzy, brown caterpillars over my head! I had them down my shirt…EEEIIISH!!!! I am not so fond of fuzzy brown caterpillars now…

    Then there was the time when I was a newlywed, and we were camping with the in laws (whom I love dearly). I had just showered, and washed my hair, and was hanging out on the porch of the cabin, when I was suddenly besieged with daddy long leggers. Every time I flung one off…another appeared. This went on for quite a while, me freaking out…finding another on my shoulder, in my hair, on my leg…then I turned, and found my Father in law, carefully scooping them up as I flung them off… and of course, sending them back my way! Ick!!!

    I now live in an area known for an invasion of the Chinese stinkbug. They are EVERYWHERE. Nothing anyone can do. They get in the house any way they can in the fall. One busy weekend, we had been doing a fall cleaning. Closets, basement…the entire family was totally beat by the end of the day. Everyone went to bed…and around midnight, I finally headed into the shower. Just me, and the quiet house…steam…bubbles…and a nice, fresh fluffy towel. Right out of the linen closet. Another to wrap my mid back length hair…wait a minute! I hear buzzing! Yes, you guessed it sports fans…cue Mom’s hysterical screaming because, there was a stink bug nestled in my big fluffy towel! Pause for a moment because I can’t figure out where it went… then the screams intensify, because, it is now IN MY HAIR!!!!!!!! Now the entire household is up, including my bewildered husband, who keeps saying…”It’s just a BUG!!!”

    I. DON’T. DO. BUGS.

  37. says

    I have actually two creepy bug stories, but this one is I think by far the most bizarre. Once when I was a little girl, I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt something flapping around in my ear. Panicked, I ran to my mom and dads’ room. I was screaming, and since I sleep walk, my parents thought I was dreaming. I finally convinced my mom that I was awake. I told her there was a bug in my ear, I just knew it. I think she was still very skeptical, but calmed me by putting rubbing alcohol in my ear. When she did, I could slowly feel the bug stop flapping it’s wings and eventually die. My mom still could not see anything in my ear, so she sent me back to bed. The next morning at the breakfast table, while I was eating I noticed my mom leaning in with a look of astonishment. There was some sort of winged ant that was dead, wet, and hanging partially out of my ear canal. At least she knew I wasn’t crazy. I was relieved, I thought I would eventually die, with an old dead bug in my ear. It took me about 6 months before I could sleep with out cotton balls in my ears, for fear of more bug attacks. To this day, if a bug gets near my ears, I panic just a bit. It would be nice to know that this horrible experience won me $500, at least some good could come out of it.

  38. says

    I grew up in East Texas. AKA: Where cockroaches abound. One day a cute little spunky girl (that’d be me) put her shoes on in her closet to head outside to play. But on this fateful day there was a little something funny feeling in one of her shoes. Something MOVING. Something SQUIRMING!! She pulled the shoe off and out fell a cockroach!!! AHHHHHHHHH!

    The end.

  39. destiny says

    About 10 years ago we moved into a new construction development my 6 year old was terrified of spiders. It was right around Halloween when we moved in so there were lots of decorations going up. One night the doorbell rang and there was a friendly neighborhood game going on where someone leaves you treats and a note on your door and you have to reciprocate to others in a way to have fun and get to know each other. My son got so excited and bent down to pick up the treat and a HUGE spider with a hard shell and cricket like jumping legs ( can you say crossbreed?) jumped on his arm when he picked up the treat. He screamed and screamed and I told him it was fake I automatically assumed that it was a joke spider because of it’s half dollar diameter and odd qualities. It started crawling up his arm and I realized it was real and I FREAKED out too. I knocked it off and stepped on in with my shoe. OMG I have never felt a crunch like that from a bug let alone a spider. I can still hear the sound lol… Now that my son is older he says he wishes he could have kept that spider because he probably would have been credited with discovering a new species.

  40. Morgan says

    My creepiest bug story?! One morning I (sleepily) got up from bed, went to the bathroom and went to wash my hands. I felt something on my chin so I just kinda grabbed it–and ended up throwing it down into the sink where I saw it was a HUGE wolf spider!!! Totally grossed me out!!!

  41. Heather says

    My bug story goes back about 20 years. When I was a little girl, I saw a spider on my front porch. As a typical young girl, I thought spiders were icky, so when I saw one on my front porch, I stomped on it. It was black and had a really round plump body. After stepping on the creepy critter, I noticed what looked to be hundreds of tiny baby spiders scattering in every direction. I was mortified, and from that day on, I never stomped on another spider, but they still really creep me out!

  42. Kathryn Ramsey says

    One morning I was still half alseep when I walked into the kitchen and poured me a cup of coffee. I opened the cabinet door to get a bowl out for cereal and a huge black spider fell out of the cabinet right into my cup of coffee. I woke up very quickly and screamed!!

  43. Stephanie P says

    The Great Millipede Invasion!!!!
    Yucky, Creepy, Crawly, Gross, Icky, Shiver, and Shake are only a few descriptions of the thoughts my family and I have had over the last 3 falls as the millipedes come creeping and searching for a new home!

    They do not arrive 1 by 1 or even 2 by 2…their thousand of little legs bring them in droves of 1000’s onto our porch and up our siding!

    I have always had a disgust for snakes and worms…so this is the most unnerving problem. My sidewalk and porch look like a war zone come fall…squishing them leaves a yellow stain …and when you are squishing hundreds…it is rather nasty! So I try to sweep them up…yes esp at night…standing on the front porch in my pjs’s with the shot vac and bug spray. The gardening store experts say…they cause no harm. But when they are invading in the thousands and getting INTO your home…I have no other choice.
    The creepiest part is that these little pests show up without warning on my kitchen counter, in the sink, sudden appear in the middle of our living room! They are fast and seem to know no limits!
    I dread the fall day when one of my daughters will announce with a yell… “Mom the worms are BACK!”

  44. Bobbi Jean says

    Not sure if this is exactly a ‘funny story’, but here goes! Every fall, we are invaded by asian beetles. Once farmland is harvested, they come at you from everywhere! Tried every green option available and nothing, they still get in. By the millions, I swear. Forgot one fall to remove the A/C from the window. Went to bed and our ceiling was CRAWLING with the little buggers. Not kidding…wasn’t an inch without 10 bugs. THAT was enough. Went to the store, bought raid max and sprayed windows, foundation, doorframes, etc. Next morning was a morgue of dead beetles surrounding our house. Inches thick. ICK!

  45. Cathy Smith says

    When I was 13, my room was in the basement- because I mistakenly believed that the risk of spiders was less horrific than having to share a room with my sister. My room was a mess, pretty much all the time. One night, I was sitting in my room and I heard paper rustling. The paper I heard rustling was the paper that was overflowing from my little trash can, and was now on the floor. Then I *saw* something… I thought it was a giant spider, so I screamed. Loud. And I didn’t stop. My dad ran downstairs to see what was wrong, and I told him my tale of horror. He immediately told me my imagination had gotten the better of me, that no spider could make paper rustle, but that he would inspect the corner of my room for any spiders that may or may not have been there. He found nothing. I KNEW what I saw, but if it was gone then what could I do? I’ll tell you what I could do-and did do- I slept on the couch that evening.
    Two days later, my mom finally forced me to clean up my pigsty. The spider incident had faded (though only somewhat) enough that I could go into my room without sitting in a ball on the middle of my bed and staring obsessively at that corner. I picked up the trash. I picked up my clothes. I picked up a stuffed animal on my floor… And I screamed louder than I’d ever screamed before. There, nestled under my stuffed bear, was a GIANT insect. It was not a spider. No, this was far more vile and nightmare-inducing than a spider. My dad tells me it was a wind scorpion. I just call it the species that forever solidified my intense fear of insects.

  46. LinZ says

    One day I was cleaning up the yard with my cousin. A fairly large weird bug landed on my leg. It was unlike any bug I had ever seen before and it seemed to be staring right at me. I was so freaked out that all i could do was let out howls as I made parking attendantesque hand motions at the bug until my cousin came and flicked it off. I was mortified and my cousin was left with yet another embarrassing tale to entertain at family events!!!

  47. Brandy Fitzloff says

    Several years ago I had my house sprayed for spiders and the “bug man” must have left one of those glue boards behind my desk without me knowing. The day I noticed it I reached down to check it for spiders and when I went to grab it IT MOVED!!! I’m not a jumpy kind of person but I was a little freaked out so I grabbed it by the middle and took a look. WELL a mouse had crawled through and got STUCK. I felt so bad for the little guy that I made my husband take a scraper and scrape him off to set him free – OUTSIDE. I will never forget that glue board moving!

  48. Lori Pike says

    Ok well my bug story happened about six years ago when we moved into our house. We moved in when it was cold outside so we were all settled by the time the warm weather got here..Well it was the first real warm day out side I was so excited about doing some spring cleaning in my new house and I had the windows open to let the fresh air in, our house is 100 years old needless to say the windows and screens have alot of cracks. So all day I kept thinking about the bugs outside and about how I hoped they werent all coming in…So night time comes and me and my son are laying in bed just about to drift off when all the sudden we heard something (his room is attached to mine), it sounded like something flying around I thought oh it must just be a big bug I will get up and kill it then go back to bed. So I get up and I see a moth well no big deal right, well right as I am getting ready to kill a bat flies by me, oh my god I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. It gets the bug but now there is a bat in my room. So i jump back in bed yelling the whole time for my husband who of course is in the barn. I am yelling telling my son to cover his head. Then I decide ok we have to get out of here, I put the blanket on top of my head get my son out of his bed crawl down the stairs, the whole time yelling thinking my husband might hear us..He didnt. We had to run out the front door and around in back in our pj’s and under a blanket cause I am so scared. We finally get to the barn and my husband pulls the blanket off us and the bug is in my hair. You know the one I thought the bat ate. So I slept on the couch for the first few years I lived here cause I was so scared. And I have never opened another window in fear another bug will get in or even worse a bat. And everytime I hear a bug at night I say just cover your head and maybe it will go away! I also freak out everytime something touched my head now, cause I think it is a bug….I am scared for life!

  49. Karen M says

    One weekend in high school I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house. She had a room in a finished attic. There was carpeting and paneling, so it looked and felt like a regular room. Being in the attic, though, there were often spiders about. She kept a spray can of RAID in her room. We were doing our teenager thing, listeing to music too loud, dancing, etc. Suddenly I started screaming and doing the icky-bug dance, grabbed the can of RAID, and aimed at the targeted spider. It was a big black one. After dousing the subject until it was inevitably dead, my friend walked over to the creature, bent down, and to my surprise picked it up! Then she said “Good job. You killed my plastic spider.” After looking a bit closer I saw it was a fake Halloween decoration spider. Being silly teens, we had a good silly laugh for an hour or so. Good times.

  50. Katrina Sanchez says

    Well, when I was 21 I lived in my first apartment. We had a pest control people come quartely year round so I never really had a problem with bugs. One day me and my friend were sitting on the couch and I noticed something slowly moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked down and all I could really see was a dustball commin out from under my couch. So I thought it was the wind cause the door was open. A little while later I was walkin into the kitchen and noticed the dustball in the middle of the floor so I leaned over and was gona pick it up and realized it was a tiny lizard covered in a dustball from under the couch. I still don’t know how that thing got in my apartment but me and my friend screamed bloody murder and jumped up on the couch. We yelled at these two little boys who were about 8 to come get it and they came in and thought it was awesome and took it home for a pet! lol I know it wasnt a bug but those are kinda insecty right?

  51. Nancy Nelson says

    I was a young married, living in a small (10 unit) apartment complex. We had a tiny patch of grass in the middle of the complex, right outside our front door, that had been really neglected. I started watering and trimming the grass & was really enjoying the patch of green. I even had a little ‘volunteer’ tree sprout up! It had been a cool winter, and I was really enjoying the spring and the return of flip flop weather. One afternoon, I was out watering my little lawn–really soaking it good–and noticed a good-sized palmetto bug. (You can call them what you like, but they’re all roaches to me! ) I tried drowning it, but that didn’t work, so I squished it. Then I noticed another. It was quickly dispatched. All the while, the ground is getting more and more wet. I noticed a small opening in the ground & stuck the end of the hose in it. All of a sudden, the little hole in the ground opened up and an absolute volcano of cockroaches erupted onto my little square of grass! They took off in every direction (some opted to crawl over my feet–a decision that quickly ended their lives) and I was out in the middle of the courtyard with my hose in one hand, spraying everything in sight, and doing a crazy Kill the Cockroaches/Get Them Off Me dance. By the time I calmed down enough to run inside to get some bug spray & return to the scene, they had scampered off. I was uneasy about walking on my lawn for quite a while.

  52. says

    I’ve had a love/hate relationship with those big flying cockroaches my entire life. I remember when I was 8 hearing my best friend yell and take off running, and then running and yelling, chasing behind her–not knowing WHY I’m running–until she finally yells and points at the roach sitting on the arm of my coat (you know, the one on my ARM!). Or the time I thought it was hilarious that my sister had to rake up the magnolia leaves (which they happened to love to lay and nest under) until my Dad made me bag them (sans gloves). Or how about the time this young, single mother went to a male friend’s house, leaving the window cracked because of the “stinky” diaper in the grocery bag on the floor, only to come bak 15 minutes later to an infestation of roaches! I hated when these things happened, but loved the laughs later. However, hands down the funniest time was when I accidently “threw” one on my 5 yr old son. My husband was at work and we had one in our house. I was trying to get it towards the cat so maybe it would go after it for me. I picked up a pillow, looking for it, and it flew/i threw it right at my 5 yr old (completely unintentional). It flew right by his head and he screamed, took off running, and was completely traumatized for a few hours! LOL

  53. Jennifer Taylor says

    My story happened just last week. I had gone down into the basement to put a load of clothes in the washer. In my path was a camel cricket (I despise these creatures). I stomped my foot at it (hoping to make it jump away), threw a section of a plastic train track at it; it wouldn’t budge. Thinking that maybe it’s dead, I used something to push the train track aside along with the cricket (it still did not move). I relaxed and continued toward the washer. When I was about 2 feet away from it, it jumped at me and then began jumped on and around my shoe. I was screaming and jumping hysterically. My sons then came to see what was wrong and killed it for me. When I was calm enough to tell them what happened, my 5 year old started singing, “a camel cricket jumped on Mom” and then proceeded to laugh at me.

  54. says

    Grasshoppers and I don’t mix. Really, we don’t. One summer before I was married, that particular insect family decided to make their move. I’m positive it was a group effort. Twice, yes twice that summer, I ended up with a grasshopper up my skirt. Let’s just say I don’t appreciate their teasing, frisky ways. Of course, both times I screamed, jumped around like my skirt was on fire and looked like a crazed lunatic. Thankfully, only my family was around to watch the show…and my future husband. He commemorated the summer of the grasshoppers by giving me a grasshopper pin as a present. Funny, since that time I haven’t had any grasshoppers bothering me. Maybe they got the message that I was already taken!

  55. tammy says

    seems no matter where I’ve lived, summer brings on the creepy crawlies! When I was young we lived in a mobile home park right across from the pool, being the brave (a bit stupid maybe) souls we were we’d open our front door and run barefoot across the scalding hot pavement and jump into the pool before our feet burned which they did EVERY time. well one summer we had an infestation of green stink beetles, discovered the first time by stepping outside for our mad dash to the pool, and feeling the squishing between our toes, hearing the crunching and smelling the most awful smell ever! They were EVERYWHERE, you could even hear them crunching under your tires while in the car, they’d fall out of trees onto you, fly at you, and you could go nowhere to escape the smell, and they even invaded the POOL!!!

    Now I’m grown, living in a different part of Utah, and still almost every summer we are invaded with creepy crawlies of a different kind! GIANT MORMON CRICKETS as big around as an adult thumb, 2 or more inches long, and they are everywhere! YOu can hear them crunch under your tires, they cover the sides of houses, fall out of trees, cover picnic areas and totally give me the heebee jeebees!!!!

    Thanks to our very wet spring, we won’t have as many of them this summer!!!! Thanks heavens!

  56. Ashley S. says

    On Easter, we were all over my moms for dinner. My 3 year old nephew went into the bathroom and locked the door and minutes later, we heard screaming and crying. We had to break into the bathroom to see what was wrong and were all worried that he was seriously hurt by the way he was freaking out. Nope. There was a spider in the bathroom with him.

  57. Amie Gibson says

    My husband works at a prison and sometimes I pick him up. Well I was sitting in the parking lot with the window down because it was kinda humid. All of a sudden I hear this sound that sounds like the rustling of papers so I look down and there is a HUGE junebug in the floor boars so I freak out and get out of the car amd scoop it out. I was good until I heard it AGAIN! I look diwn amd somehow that stupid bug got BACK in even though my window was the only one down and I NEVER saw it fly tjrought. SUPER creeped out my husband was walking out and I made him get it this time. Well we drove home with no problems but when we get home there is a junebug on my door mat. NEVER have I seen a junebug around my house and really just one??? Creepiest experience ever and since I can’t stand junebugs. Ugh lol

    • ANN C says


  58. Jen Brockman says

    Well, my worst bug experience was one day when I was about 6 months pregnant with my son. I had horrible “morning” sickness that, unfortunately lasted all day. My husband and I had decided that it was just too hot out to cook, so we went to a local restaurant for dinner. Dinner went well, up until it was time for dessert. I had ordered a big bowl of ice cream – Choc Chip Cookie Dough – and made it about half-way through the bowl before I got a giant “crunch” in my mouth. I had a frozen bug of some sort in the middle of my bowl of ice cream. I spit the thing out into my napkin – and honestly, I’m not sure how I kept the rest of my dinner down. We had to prove to the restaurant staff that it was even in the ice cream before they believed it as well. (I can still taste that awful flavor in my back teeth when I eat cookie dough ice cream!)
    I know that’s not necessarily a creepy, crawly bug story, but that’s my worst one. Now…if you’d have asked about rodents, that’s a whole ‘nother ballpark! :)

  59. Nikki H. says

    One night, my 5 year old daughter (at the time), was laying on my lap. I was rubbing her hair as this was her nightly ritual to get to sleep. I rubbed her beautiful little curls back and looked down at her. Inside her ear, tucked firmly right in the opening was a water bug. I wanted to scream, but instead, I slowly took my gigantic fingers and pulled out what looked to be the Guinness Book of World Records largest water bug to ever live. Luckily, she never knew about it, because I had already gotten her to sleep.

  60. says

    Funny that this giveaway should pop up today of all days… i had quite the interesting morning here at the house as we are getting some renovations done and things are all out of place. I was busily feeding my two-year-old twins while scurrying around the kitchen taking things off the counters to prepare for the work crew. I took down the cereal box as usual and doled out some “O’s” to each girls without a thought. A minute later I heard a lot of slamming and kicking and “mommy? mommy! my cereal is moving!!!’ i ran to their chairs to see that i had had just dumped about 15-20 black ants *each* onto their highchair trays…. GROSS (gives me the creepy crawlies just typing it) I am *not* a bug killer by any means, but they were everywhere. I put on my shoes and was stomping and screaming around the kitchen in my husband’s shoes and my pajamas when the work crew arrived. How gross *and* embarrassing!

  61. says

    I have so many, but my most traumatic was when I was in Belize on a Mayan Indian Reservation. I was eating dinner outside by lantern and talking with 4 friends. There was no electricity or running water in this village. Suddenly something flew in front of the lantern and caused the area to get dark. We all looked and I saw what I thought was a bat. But one of the friends said “WHOA! Its a HUGE….” and before he finished the sentence, the largest roach that has ever existed on earth LANDED ON MY BACK. I knew it was on me and every one jumped up from the table. I was afraid to scream, what if it ran into my mouth?!?! One of the friends started hitting at it with a broom. Yeah hitting my back with a broom. Well this was making the roach run all over my body, I was about to die! Finally it got knocked to the ground and some brave soul stepped on the head. I took a picture of it next to a $5 bill for scale. Because it was the same length as the $5 bill. I didn’t want to finish my taco pie.

  62. Nadi says

    I grew up on an island in the South Pacific where like many tropical islands, bugs were king. We constantly had a multitude of different insects as unwanted pets, but for me none were as disgusting and terrifying as cockroaches. They were ugly, carried diseases, emitted a foul odor, and worst of all, could crawl at amazing speed and had the ability to FLY! I remember when I was 10, when one such nasty creepy-crawly infiltrated the sanctuary of our home and, when sensing that its presence had been detected and that my Dad was reaching for a rolled up newspaper, it started flying all around the house like a crazy deflated balloon. And I could have sworn that beast was aiming for our heads! After about 5 minutes (but it seemed like an eternity)the bug was dead, but not without its share of victims. I had stubbed my big toe while trying to escape the flying monster, my Mom’s crystal vase was in pieces and my Dad had to clean up squished cockroach guts from the wall. I am SO very glad I don’t have to deal with those anymore!

  63. Alison V. says

    When I was 16, I went to school for a few weeks in Australia and stayed with my uncle’s parents in Sydney. One night while sleeping I woke up to a tickle behind my ear, and it was enough for me to get up and turn the light on. I looked on and around the bed and just as I decided it must have been in my dream, a 3 inch or so long cockroach crawled out from under my pillow. I asked my causin to help take care of it. He knocked it to the carpet and put a glass over the top of it and went back to bed. It was quite the night. I couldn’t sleep very well knowing what was crawling around a couple feet away and thinking about how had been crawling on me..

  64. says

    Here’s my pest story… It still gives me the willies! :) I blogged about it a while ago:

    But somehow our kids came home from grandma and grandpa’s house with frogs.

    It’s my fault, actually.

    I said they could.

    However, I distinctly remember saying they could bring two.

    They brought six.

    I could’ve intervened, I know. But when I saw how tiny the frogs were, I figured, two or six–what’s the difference? They’re actually pretty cute.

    Besides, it’s not the frogs that are the problem.

    It’s the crickets.

    A couple of days ago, my husband woke me up with a gentle shake and a…

    “Gen, I’m so sorry, I have a meeting that I can’t be late for and I just noticed there are crickets all over the house.”


    Not exactly the sweet cup of coffee he brings upstairs most mornings. It took me a second to understand what he was saying.

    See, we’d bought this thing for the frogs called the Bug Box.

    It’s a whole little cricket ecosystem, all in one box. Tasty, plump morsels that stay fresh, too. And when it’s time to feed the frogs, you just open the little trap door on the side of the box, shake a cricket out, then close the door. Or at least that’s what I did.

    I even taped over it for good measure.

    Apparently, crickets eat tape.

    And after they escaped through the hole, they proceeded to gallivant around our kitchen. And our living room. And our dining room.

    The picture doesn’t do the scene justice. This just happens to be the only cricket that would stop hopping long enough for me to get a shot.

    I don’t know how many crickets come inside those Bug Boxes, but let me just say there was a great turnout at the cricket party at our house that morning.

    The nice, little 6 a.m. cricket party.

    There I was, on my hands and knees (without coffee, I might add), chasing crickets around with a paper towel and tossing them into the frog cage. Except for the crickets that were a little too fast or a little too big.

    Those I might’ve pinched a little too hard.

    At least the frogs were happy, though.

    Even if I wasn’t.

    Until I had my coffee.

    Then I felt better.

    Mostly. Because, still, all that day and the next, we found crickets around the house. Running along the baseboards, lurking in the corners, hopping across the carpet.

    And, call me weird, but that gave me the willies more than finding my daughter’s mouse in the laundry basket.

    Way more.

  65. Amy says

    When I was a teenager we moved to a new home in a new town. It was a brand new home with absolutely no sign of any creepy crawlies. One summer night we had a thunderstorm. I was sleeping in my room when I heard a commotion in the hallway. I really didn’t want to go investigate but someone burst into my room and dragged me out. The hallway was filled with swarms of flying insects and my family was frantically trying to swat them with fly swatters. The problem was that when swatted the bugs’ wings fell off and they continued scurrying around on the walls and floor. In the bedlam one of the still-winged things flew into my ear! It was horrible, it was buzzing and flapping around in there and I started majorly freaking out. I can’t even describe how awful it was. It seemed like it was in there forever and I couldn’t get it out. I started to think I’d never get it out and I’d completely lose my mind. Finally someone thought to hold a light near my head and it flew out. To this day any time a bug flies near my ear I freak out like a crazy person.

  66. says

    No, Seriously, I came home one afternoon. Approached the door with key in hand to unlock it and go in. To my shock sitting right there on the door knob, right over where I would put the key was a huge spider. This thing was as large as the door knob. I jumped, tried to find anything to get that thing to move. Now I am so afraid of spiders I can’t even stand to kill them. What to do? I sat in the car for nearly 15 minutes hyperventilating before returning to see if that creepy thing had moved. No, it was still there, hadn’t moved a bit. I finally jumped back in my car, drove to the store bought a can of bug spray…probably raid, don’t remember just bought something to kill that spider, it was too hot to stay outside forever. Returned back home, the stupid spider was still there in the same spot, of course I had hoped it would be gone. I used the entire can of bug spray and still had to find a stick to knock that ugly thing off the door knob so I could unlock the door and go in. The funniest part was I was staying at my brother’s house, I never did tell him what happened because I knew I would never hear the end of it. YUK!!

  67. Melissa S says

    I woke up in the morning and felt a little tickle on my leg. At first I thought it was nothing but I kept feeling it. I pulled back the covers to find a huge black spider crawling up my leg! The thing that grossed me out the most is I probably had that spider in my bed all night!

  68. robin says

    Once in junior high, there was a HUGE water beetle in the hallway of our school. My history teacher stepped on it to kill it, and the innards went squirting across the hallway and hit the wall. Bleahhhh. I also remember my sister’s prom – there were June bugs all over our concrete steps outside the house, and as she went up the stairs, several latched onto her gown and began crawling up the inside of her gown.

  69. Erin Oberfeld says

    When I was younger, my family moved to a ranch. We were raised for the first 9 years of my childhood in the “Big City”, so moving up to a ranch in the middle of nowhere was quite the adjustment. In the summer, we would have to get the horses in the barn to groom them. We would have to pick off all of the woodticks, which was fine, except when woodticks are stuck on a horse for a couple of days, they get really huge. They look kind of like rotten grapes actually…but here’s the kicker…when we would pull the big ones off, we would take large rocks and drop them on the fat woodticks to watch them explode. Now that I’m an adult and think back to how nasty that was, and that I actually could touch something that gross, it kind of makes me want to puke. I guess us city kids adjusted well to the country lifestyle and found our own entertainment in the middle of nowhere…

  70. says

    Okay — creepy bug story… I am not sure I will be able to sleep tonight after writing this… but here goes. My first serious boyfriend had an odd scar on his back. I would see it when we went swimming or if he was mowing the lawn… and I always wanted to ask. I thought… oh, he’ll tell me someday. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Here’s what happened… he was visiting a friend for a week’s vacation… sleeping on a couch in the three-seasons room. On about the third day, he started getting an itch on his back. Then it turned into a large pimple, almost blister-like. Another day, it was growing bigger and more painful… until it opened up and a bunch of baby spiders came out. A female spider had found an existing blemish and planted her egg sac in his back. The couch was not used a lot (obviously). He went immediately to the ER and they clean the wound and stitched him up (yep, stitches). They weren’t giant wolf spiders or anything – but this is just gross enough to make a gal scream. I still look for spiders when I lay on furniture that I do not know is clean and bug-free… or sit outside in a lawn chair… and so on and so on. I think a good dose of Raid in that three-seasons room would have created a wonderful barrier to block any crazy female spiders from taking up residence in the aforementioned couch. Holy Toledo!! I have the heebie jeebies now!

  71. says

    When I was younger, I used to attend a horse camp close to where I now live. One summer, I had left my wet bathing suit out for a day without hanging it up to dry. When I went to put it on again, and had it only up to my knees, earwigs started crawling up my legs. Gross! Gross! Gross! I got them off of me (somehow) and put on my spare suit (thank God my mom made me pack it!). Gross! Now I’ve got the heebie-jeebies again! Gross!

  72. Debbie C says

    I once had a job where I had to visit people’s homes and take lengthy reports on appliancesthat took quite awhile to complete. I would keep a cold bottle of soft drink in my bag that I took in with me. One day, I had an assignment at a house in a kind of shabby area, not dangerous, just shabby. I was about halfway through the questions when the homeowner went into another room.

    Good time to get my soda out, I thought and I did. I opened it and took a drink, then the homeowner called out to ask if I would go into the utility room and look at the appliance. She said it was just beyond the kitchen, go ahead. I went to the kitchen, flipped the light switch and started to walk in, then froze in absolute horror and disgust. In the middle of the kitchen was an open can of cat food. When I turned on the light, hundreds, and I am not kidding, HUNDREDS of roaches started running away from the can.

    I couldn’t make myself walk in there. I went back to the sofa and sat down… AFTER I looked for roaches on it. I reached my soda, meaning to take a drink and calm myself a little. As I got it about halfway to my face, I saw a pair of twitching antenna. A roach crouched on the lip of the soda can, ugh, I could have swallowed it had I drank. It took all the control in me to just set the can down, call out to the homeowner that I had all the info I needed and SCRAM out of there.

    When I got home, I actually undressed in the garage, put my clothes in a trash bag and threw them away, went inside and straight to the shower. Horrible, horrible, disgusting.

  73. says

    If you have roaches in Ohio, it is usually because your house is dirty. In Florida, they are inevitable. We moved to Florida and my Sister-in-law who lived there told me about palmetto bugs. HUGE roaches at least 1.5″ long. She told me I would step on them at night when I got up to go the bathroom. We had a water bed that was on a double high pedestal. I would have to sort of roll out of the bed and put my foot on the ground and push myself off the bed. Each night I would look down at my wood floor before putting my foot on the ground. I did occasionally see a palmetto bug in the daytime and I would quickly dispatch it. I looked at night because there was NO WAY I wanted to step on one with a bare foot. I did this for over a year and was actually beginning to think I would stop being so paranoid. One night just before I put my foot down I saw a dark spot. My first thought was… “I don’t remember a knot hole (wooden floor) there.” I turned on the light and there right where my foot would have come down was a HUGE palmetto bug. I killed it and decided that checking before you step down was a good thing. :)

  74. Pam R says

    A few years ago, I was living and working in Singapore. Being a Canadian, I was used to the smallish bugs we tend to grow in the cold and although not a huge fan, I am generally able to cope with them when outdoors. I have to admit though that before moving to Asia, I had never been unlucky enough to meet a cockroach and I had NO idea they could fly! In Singapore, however, I saw more cockroaches than I ever cared to, especially when I swear they were the size of Canadian mice (maybe not quite, but they certainly seemed that way to my squeamishness). I could share quite a few stories of jumping from couch to couch with a friend to avoid the cockroach jumping around her apartment, or of jumping out of my seat on the bus when a cockroach ended up on my leg, or quickly jumping back into a taxi much to the amazement of the driver when I noticed a cockroach on the ground next to the door. The story I’d like to share, however, is one my friend and I still laugh about nearly 10 years later…

    My friend, Tanya, and I had gone out for drinks one evening. Now, she’s originally from South Africa and is certainly not freaked out by a bug like her Canadian friend. Before heading home, we decided to visit the cafe across the street for a late night snack (or “supper” as the Singaporeans liked to call it). While sitting enjoying the conversation at a table on the patio next to a culvert, I noticed a cockroach on the other side of the culvert. Trying to be rational, I had myself convinced that it was a good 3 feet away from me and couldn’t harm me as I was certainly a lot bigger than it was. That worked really well for a few minutes and then it decided to fly towards our side of the culvert. I freaked out, jumping out of my seat, knocking my table, and screaming. In doing so, I managed to not only attract a tonne of attention from the other patrons of the cafe, but I also managed to knock the glass ketchup bottle off the table, smashing it and sending ketchup everywhere. To strangers passing by, it must have looked like this crazy white woman lost her marbles and killed someone; my shocking display certainly frightened our poor waiter. It was a rather embarrassing scene for a bug that was all too frequent a sight in Singapore…..

  75. Jen H says

    My sister and I are deathly scared of spiders and will evacuate our houses for hours with just the sight of one of creep little guys. One year while at a flea market I found a spider catcher. Which was a long plastic tube with a bunch of bristles (like on a hair brush) and attached to the other end was a trigger, when you pulled the trigger the bristles would squeeze together, catching the little guy. Not thinking about how you would get rid of them once you caught it, I gave my sister her new spider catcher. My only thought was keeping my sister safe from the eight legged beasts that terrorize us. Later that week my brother in law came home from work noticing the spider catcher lying out in the middle of the front lawn. When he asked my sister what happened, she went on to explain that she got the spider in the catcher and didn’t know what to do, she was running through the house, trying to flush it down the toilet, but it wouldn’t come out of the bristles, she put it in the garbage, then realizing it was still in the house, she got the catcher back out of the garbage, went to the front door and threw it across the lawn. Then she locked the door (you know just in case it decided to visit again). Needless to say we no longer use the spider catcher and we stick to evacuation, bug spray, or using the can of bug spray as a weapon and throwing it at them.

  76. Vilmarys says

    I have always hated bugs. Last year I was carpooling with my mom to work. It was my week to drive which was always fine with me. We were on our way back home from work when I entered the on ramp for the highway. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see a huge white spider crawl from under the space on the roof of the car. I immediately swerved almost crashing into a car as I was merging. Screaming and panicking and leaning to the side, my mom yelled to pull over. I was afraid to do anything that would involve the spider swaying anymore to my side. It started to crawl to my mother and she began flipping out. I finally pulled over and as we are rummaging for something to kill this horrifying bug without taking our eyes off it, it slipped right into the space in the roof of the car. It was like it knew we were going to kill it. We couldn’t get to it and I began to hit the roof with my hand to get it to come out again where my mom can kill it. There was no way any part of me or my clothing was coming near that thing. I wanted to cry because we couldn’t kill it and I didn’t want it to come out again. I began begging my mother to drive. She started laughing at me and when she saw that I was serious she agreed. Well don’t you know that when she started to drive that little bugger came out again only it didn’t come out on her side. She started crawling out on my side. I was screaming for my mom to pull over and she refused just laughing because it wouldn’t go to her side. It disappeared and when I didn’t see it after 15 minutes I began to relax a little however, I never took my eyes off the roof. When we got to my mother’s house, I ran out of the car and brought everything I could hold just in case the spider decided to come out again. I ran to the house begging my father to come out and kill the spider. Needless to say, he never found it. After awhile, I decided to go home so I put my daughter in her car seat and kept my eyes on the roof of the car the entire time. As I drove home I realized that the spider must have come out before. A day or two before this incident my poor daughter kept looking at the roof of the car on one of our rides and kept screaming and pointing. I had no idea what she was seeing. Well now I know. Thank goodness I never saw the spider after that. I’m afraid my little phobia rubbed off on my daughter.

  77. mandy says

    I was pregnant with my first child while we were remodeling our home. We had closed off a few rooms and crammed furniture into our bedroom. The desk with computer was right beside my side of the bed. As I went to bed, I saw a huge wolf spider crawling on the keyboard….inches from my pillow. I screamed…of course….and my husband came running….thinking my water must have broken!!!! He saw the spider, grabbed a shoe and smushed it. As he did, baby spiders went EVERYWHERE!!!!! All over the floor, bed and desk! Moma spider was expecting too! Needless to say, I slept in a different room that night…and still get the “spider shivers” everytime I think of it!!!!!

  78. says

    On a long ago vacation to Brazil, we drove for 14hrs to get to the beach! You can imagine how tired I was after such a long drive. When we opened our rented beach house, it seemed pretty big and beautiful until we turned on the lights!!! You’re thinking right now that I’m about to say that there were millions of cockroaches scurrying across the floor, right? OH NO!! It’s much worse. I saw 2inch long cockroaches FLY across the room. YES, you read correctly, FLY. OMG, you have no idea how loud I screamed and ran out the door!! Needless to say, I slept in the car that night.
    The next day, people explained that the beach house has to be hosed down (it’s all made of cement), and that there wouldn’t be any more cockroach issues. True enough, however, there were millions of mosquitos! That night, I went to sleep in the beach house…as I lay in bed (side table lamp on), I finished reading and placed my book on the side table…I lay back in bed and happened to look straight over me at the ceiling …. um … that’s when I noticed a medium sized lizard directly above my face!! Yup, they were right, no more cockroach issues.

  79. Tonya K says

    When I was younger my mom and I went on a vacation to the Kentucky mountains to visit some family. Well we stayed at this motel that was already not our favorite because it had the outside doors. We are always afraid that somebody could just break in. Now our fear is ants! The reason is that we both had a drink the night before and we left the can sitting open overnight. Apparently ants came in and wanted to get some sugary beverage. In the morning we both took a sip of our drinks only to drink ants. Yes ant bites in our mouths…can you imagine?!?! It was absolutely awful! I am horrified thinking about it now.

  80. Daisy Marsh says

    Yesterday morning, I walked into my 4 year old daughter’s room to get her up. Her light was on and she was sound asleep, which I found strange. I walked around her bed to pick out her clothes and saw this giant spider! I’m not afraid of spiders, so I knelt down to kill it with a towel. The spider jumped and crawled over my hand. I could feel where it was all day. I finally was able to get it and kill it, and then I took a picture: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=104028006352536&set=a.104391296316207.14095.100002360114891&type=1&theater
    When my daughter woke up, I asked her why her her light was on. She said she turned it on the middle of the night because there was a big giant bug and I had asked her to stay in her room all night. I didn’t show her the picture of the actual giant bug that was in her room!
    I then posted the picture on FB and Cafemom and proceeded to freak out every one of my friends. :)

  81. HappyMomC says

    On one crisp summer afternoon, I was reading a book and there was a slight breeze from the window across. All of a sudden, a bee came in and I saw it and from then my eyes were glued to its movement. I was waiting to see if it would go out the same way it came in. I came towards me and I ducked. I could see no sign of it and was happy to continue reading but then saw that it was on my book and before I could move – it stung me straight on my nose Ouch!

    I hate bees :(

  82. dawn says

    One morning in Cali. i was walking down the stairs in an apt we lived in. When i was rounding the last step, something caught my eye. I looked over and next to the front door was this huge, about the size of my open palm, SPIDER!! I calmly called for hubby, who came around the couch and he noticed it also… We didn’t have shoes nearby, and didn’t want it to escape.. Hubby quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed two cans of bug spray..
    hahahaa we were each armed with a can and at the count of “3” blasted away at the spider..
    We could not believe how long it took for it to die.. We had a huge pool of spray next to the front door..

  83. Christine Jensen says

    I don’t have a super crazy story, but out here by the Great Salt Lake we get lots of gnats (they look like a smaller mosquito) that make their appearance in the Early Spring. The fly in swarms and seem to be everywhere for a month or so. As a runner, I usually run in the evenings and the gnats seem to like early evening like I do. It is inevitable that I will run through many of these swarms of gnats as I make my way along the trail. I can’t tell you how many bugs I have eaten while on a run, but I am sure the number is staggering. It is tempting to run with one of those medical masks 😉

  84. says

    My 2 year old son knows that I am scared of bugs so he always teases me and tells me he sees a bug or a spider and when I go try to find it there is nothing there. Well one day he told me there was a bug and I didn’t see anything, he was laying on the floor on his belly and laughing hysterically so I grabbed the video camera. All of a sudden he stops laughing and slowly puts his finger on the floor (or I thought he was putting it on the floor, he was actually touching a bug!) and a bug started jumping around!! I screamed and he started laughing and it’s all caught on tape! *lol* I can’t believe he touched a bug…still gives me the chills! haha

  85. Denise Neil says

    When I was 12yrs old i visited my father in Jamaica WI. We visited my aunt who gave me a jar of tamarind balls which is one of my favorite treats. It is the tamarind from the tree mixed with sugar…yummy!!.. It was night and my father stopped to visit his friend and I waited in the car. I was so anxious that I ate a few while waiting. It was crunchy but I thought it was due to the brown sugar. The next morning I again opened the jar to enjoy some more and to my DISGUST it was filled with LIVE weevils aggressively enjoying my tamarind balls…..I was so grossed out because I obviously ate the crunchy weevils the night before…..I have NEVER eaten tamarind balls in the dark/night again…

  86. says

    I have always had a great fear of creepy crawly creatures – bugs and spiders, this fear caused me to have dreams (nightmares) where I wake up and find my floor covered with bugs and spiders. The summer before my senior year of high school I was chosen to go on a missions trip with my church youth group to Aruba to host a Vacation Bible School. I felt honored and was excited about going. We went through a couple of months preparing for our trip that included several meetings with a missionary who use to live in Aruba. In one meeting we were told to pack lots of bug spray and a bug net for sleeping because bugs and spiders are very common in houses and building in Aruba. We would be staying in the church building where there would be no air conditioning and windows are left open all the time and we would be sleeping on mats on the floor. I almost backed out after this meeting. Fast forward to our time in Aruba, all the girls slept upstairs in a loft area of the church building, we all sprayed the floors, walls, ourselves, etc. every night before going to bed and we carried our bug spray EVERYWHERE, even to the bathroom. My first and thankfully only major encounter with a creepy crawly thing was while I was in the shower. I freaked! I was enjoying my shower time (there were 20 people sharing 2 showers) and noticed that there was a HUGE spider right by the water faucet. My shower ended very quickly, I got out without turning the water off, dressed and ran screaming out of the bathroom. Several of our “manly” boys said they would go in and turn the water off and they chickened out once they saw the spider. Our group leader and former resident of Aruba was the only one brave enough to turn the water off. We were all very hesitant to shower the rest of the trip.

  87. Julie M says

    This just happened last night. *shivers* I was lying in bed watching a little TV before falling asleep when I start seeing a rather large bug flying around the TV (which is right by the bedroom door). So I go to the bathroom and turn on the light hoping that will attract the bug into the bathroom so I can escape down the hall for a weapon (aka fly swatter). No such luck the bug would fly around for a minute and then disappear. I am mildly panicked at this point but trying not to scream or squeal because my 3 girls are asleep across the hall. So finally I get up the courage to make a break for the door and go get the fly swatter. At this point I am seriously considering abandoning my room and sleeping on the couch but I know all that will do is give me a back ache and delay the inevitable. I know I MUST rid my room of this bug (I am still unsure what it is at this time but assume it is an early june bug). So I listen in the hall and I don’t hear anything so I quickly head back to bed and cover up so the bug can’t get me. Still nothing, so I put the swatter in bed next to me and try to relax. Then it was back. I hear it buzz around the ceiling fan a time or 2 and then it stops. I keep watching for it all around the ceiling and next thing I know, it is crawling around my bed by my feet. I smacked 3 times w/ the fly swatter to make sure I got it and then carefully lifted it to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. I am a single mom who is terrified of bugs. ESPECIALLY June bugs. I hate this time of year.

  88. says

    I was lost in thought, minding my own business, tidying the kitchen after dinner. My daughter was happily playing with her ponies at the kitchen table. Things were nice. And quiet. Almost too good to be true.
    That was when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. Just inches from my face, a spider dangled from his web on our track lighting.
    Everyone always told me, when I was growing up and exhibiting obvious signs of major spider fear, that spiders are more scared of you than you are of them.
    This old line is sure hard for a person to believe when a spider lowers itself down like that out of nowhere. I mean, they have a number of eyes. Am I supposed to believe that he was fearful of me? That he didn’t see me?
    Perhaps he was trying to make peace with me. To show me, spiders need love too…
    Either way… His little stunt found him a one way ticket to a kleenex-induced spidey heaven in my garbage can.

  89. MichelleS says

    I used to be a live-in nanny for a couple with three children, and I would *dread* the coming of Spring (I slept in their basement). What caused me to dread Spring in their basement? Centipedes. It wasn’t like they could fumigate with little children in the house and me living in their basement. It would always be interesting to be sitting in their basement on my downtime and watch a centipede scurry across their floor at random. It freaked me out! Not only that, I would go to bed worrying that I would wake up with centipedes crawling over my body *shudder*.

  90. Jennifer P says

    We have been having spiders in my house lately. A couple of weeks ago, my middle daughter came flying up the stairs saying that my oldest daughter needed me. I asked her what was wrong & she just said I needed to get downstairs. I though she was really hurt because she has been accident prone lately. So I ran downstairs to find my oldest daughter standing on a chair & my youngest son standing on the couch. A spider was hiding in some clothes. It was HUGE!!! YUCK!! It started to crawl away so I trapped it under a bucket. I called my husband on his cell & luckily he was on his way home & he took care of it.

  91. Heather says

    I have many bug stories anywhere from being bit on a lower extremity by a hornet yes it was swollen and owie for a week but thats not the worst. We moved into a house on a desert hillside. After unpacking I had our house sprayed inside and outside by a professional company. Well aprox 1 week after they sprayed our house I was looking for the Remote grabbed inside the cushions of the couch and felt something bit it wasn’t a stinging feeling but a holy ouch swear word swear word type bite. As I brought my hand out I seen a little red spider bite. Within an hour my hand was swollen and the skin was turning black Rushed to the ER they put me on Antibiotics said I had been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. Not once but twice on the hand. Luckily the Antibiotics kicked in but the skin did die and turn black about the size of a 50 cent piece. I am grateful to have my hand but haven’t dared spray again I think I pissed the spiders off. I do use raid for our huge ant infestation and spray them on spiders that I see but will never spray the outside and inside of my house again.

  92. Yvonne Joy says

    My sister’s house had a very bad roach problem. I made some hot chocolate with marshmallows and rested on the table…I was talking with my sister and drinking. I tasted something weird in my mouth ..and spat it out…it was a teenager cockroach that crawled into my hot chocolate…eeewwww..thank goodness i realized..

  93. says

    I was thirteen years old, and it was just mom and I in the house. My dad, my little sister, and my little brother were out on some errand. My mom was cleaning the living room, and no doubt I was shut inside my room writing in my diary about some boy.

    Then I heard my mom scream.

    When I ran downstairs to see what was the matter, my mom was pointing at a large and disgusting looking spider that was hanging out on top of our piano. Being the calm, cool, collected women that we are, we totally panicked and got our next door neighbor to come over.

    He was a gruff old man, but he wasn’t afraid of spiders.

    He cautiously and slowly approached the piano, then GRABBED the spider and picked it up. With his bare hands! There may have been some screaming on our part.

    He went outside with it, but came back a few minutes later totally perplexed. He showed us the spider’s underbelly. It said “Made in China”.

    I wonder if my brother knew how much havoc his fake toy spider had wreaked when he carelessly left it on the piano?

  94. gingela5 says

    One lovely, summer evening my husband and I were enjoying a night at home. I had gone out in the backyard to let the dogs in and just went along with my business. Now I should say here that my husband hates bugs of any kind. Hates. Them. I had gone to shoo a bug out of our house and as I’m shooing this bug out, my husband stands up, screams, “BUG!” and shoves me out the door. As I’m standing on our front porch wondering what just happened I looked around to find this bug. My husband peeked out the front door and said, “You have a junebug on your butt.” And lo and behold there was a junebug, clinging for its life, attached to the rear of my sweatpants. Unlike my husband, I don’t mind most bugs, so I swept it off and went on with the night. Between junebugs, cicadas, spiders, flies, and worms we’ve had bugs from all walks of life in our household. Uninvited of course.

  95. McKim says

    It was after midnight and I was still fixing food for my daughter’s graduation party the next day. I was making baked beans in a big electric roaster and had dumped two BIG cans of pork and beans in the roaster. I turned around to get more ingredients out the frig and cupboard and just as I was about to add them here is a big old bug crawling across the beans. Yuck! I had to dump them out, head to the store which thankfully is open 24 hours, and start all over again!

  96. kathyluman says

    My worst bug story happened when I was aroun 8-9 months pregnant. We had a snow storm so I went to my moms to wait for my husband to pick me up. I fell asleep and this bug ( the one that you put on its back and it flips over, had a hard body) got deep into my ear. I remember screaming and banging my head on the wall trying to get it to come out. It was horrible. I could hear it crawling magnifies 100’s of times. That was the worst sound I ever heard. I was terrified. I finally got it out after banging my head in the wall. We tried tweasers and couldn’t get it. I never want to experience that again.

  97. Stephanie Phelps says

    My funny story is about my Dad and my chihuahua.(Brandi is her name) I had taken Brandi out to potty and when she came back in she ran to my Dad who was laid back in his recliner relaxing and she jumped up in his lap and did her normal all over shake. Well when she did she shook a tick that she had picked up in the yard right off on to my Dad’s nose. He went completely nuts shouting,screaming and waling around like a mad man when his recliner completely fell over backwards with him in it. Needless to say she was no longer allowed to jump in his lap anymore without an inspection first. Although I laughed at him as hard as I did I would have flipped out as well.

  98. Marilyn Wons says

    A cricket was behind my bed making a very loud noise. It was unbearable trying to sleep. Something came over me, I jumped out of bed and moved my king size bed with a headboard and got the cricket. After deposing of the cricket, I returned to the bedroom and could not even budge the bed. There was no way I could move it back to it original position. I must have used every force inside of me when I moved that bed!

  99. Rebecca D says

    I have many bug stories, but my most recent encounter involved spiders. About a month ago, I was dreaming I was being attacked by spiders. When I woke up, I noticed I had two spider bites on my arm. ICK! There must have been one in my bed. I was totally creeped out.

  100. Thomas S. says

    When my mom & I moved to Houston we stayed in our cousins home. Our cousin was remodeling his home and I stayed in the far back bedroom. I awoke to find several large roaches crawling throughout the room and had two on top of the comforter. This was the first time I had ever seen a roach which made for an interesting introduction.

  101. sarah says

    I was visiting my favorite cousin in Florida. While take a shower I noticed this HUGE bug about a foot from my head. I nearly killed myself trying to get a towel around me and get out of there. I swear the thing chased after me and ran across my luggage. I realize I’m bigger than the stupid thing but there is something quite terrifying about bugs in the shower!

  102. Patricia says

    We had just moved to Georgia and were settling in when I went to get a cup out of a cabinet and this huge bug was in there! I screamed and later learned they were palmetto bugs. Ugh! I never!! Raid to the rescue!!

  103. says

    I absolutely hate spiders they are my biggest fear. I was cleaning my bedroom one day and while dusting the TV I started to see these itty bitty baby spiders, 1 then 2 then 20. Now I am not afraid of spiders the size of a speck of dust but there were litterally hundreds of baby spiders coming out of my TV which was just horrible but I also knew the nest with the mother spider must be somewhere near possibly in my TV. My husband came home in the middle of my freak out and I made him take the TV outside (32-in not flat screen, this was before flat screens). When we got it outside we turned it over and on the bottom of my TV was a nest with the mother spider needless to say that TV stayed outside.

  104. Margaret Smith says

    I really have a strong dislike and fear of bugs. I had found a good sized spider in our family room and called my brave teen son to remove the creepy bug from our house. He grabbed it with a paper towel and went to toss it out our backdoor. I had followed him out, and kidding around, my son tossed the paper towel (now empty, though I didn’t know it) towards me. I jumped back, and fell down the steps, hurting my knee in the process and needed surgery. Needless to say, my son at the time didn’t think it was funny, but now we all laugh at how creeped out I get.

  105. Jonathan says

    For the last 4 months when we lived in this apartment we had a roach problem, we were clean people so I would have to say they came from our neighbors down stairs. They were basically in the kitchen and had to be hundreds of them so for those months we basically had to eat out since we couldn’t cook in our kitchen (yes that’s how bad it was). But the last 2 months we were there they started migrating to our couch and a couple of times one would crawl on me while I was in bed asleep for the night and that was gross. Everytime we would be home we couldn’t help to feel like something was crawling on us even though nothing was really actually crawling on us. Just knowing that we knew there were all those roaches in the kitchen that’s how it would make us feel. We actually would leave the kithcen light on all the time since they refuse to come out when the lights are on but they still would. When we finally moved out we had to throw away all our appliances because most of the roaches lived inside of them: deep fryer, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker it was disgusting and toxic.

  106. addrienne mertens says

    didnt happen to me but i was affected by it non the less:

    My daughter is horribly afraid of Stink bugs.(they do nothing but bounce off the walls, buzz and smell funny) One night after she went to bed all was quiet, a stink bug decided to change positions, even in the dark..she woke up screaming, i mean loud! woke up the baby and everyone in the house. the windows were open so of course it echoed out into the night. the neighbors were outside banging on the door wondering what was goin on. over a bug! we found the culprit and quickly got rid of it. geez what a night! she still freaks out when she sees or hears them. but doesnt scream that loud..hehe, ugh
    zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

  107. Janice Whitaker says

    My friend and I were talking to boys on the phone late one night. We were 13 so we were not supposed to be doing this..lol Had the telephone cord stretched to the back deck. I hear this sound. Its pretty loud. All of a sudden this BUG clamps down onmy leg. It was huge. I was screaming. My dad runs out and bust us for talking on the phone..lol I really think it was half bat!!

  108. says

    My husband has never let me live down this story. He now claims I have super pregnancy ears! When I was pregnant with my first son, I woke up one night in the middle of the night and shook him awake because I had “heard something.” He thought I was crazy and tried to ignore me. I insisted that I had heard a noise and even specified that I was sure there was a roach in the trash can in our bedroom. He laughed at me and told me to go back to sleep. Once again I insisted that I was sure there was a roach in our trash can. I had heard paper rustle, and paper doesn’t rustle in the middle of the night by itself! He grumpily got out of bed, just to prove me wrong, took the garbage can to another room, turned the light on, and sure enough there was a roach and a small piece of paper in the trash can. He kindly killed it for me, admitted I was right and went back to bed. Now 8 years later he still doesn’t understand how I could have known that there was a roach in our garbage can and says that pregnancy does weird things to me, like give me super hearing pregnancy ears!

  109. Adrienne Gordon says

    I have a continuing story, everytime my daughter sees a spider she screams.It has gotten to the point where she will let out the most blood-curdling scream from another room and if we have company they will freak out as my husband and I just sit there and say, “Spider.”

  110. Mami2jcn says

    This creeps me out just thinking about it. The last time I visited my mother’s home country of Colombia, my cousin presented me with a box of chocolates as a gift. I opened the box to find what looked like chocolate-covered raisins, and I’m not fond of raisins so I thanked him politely and closed the box. He kept urging me to try one, and I kept telling him no. My mother eventually tried one, even though she’s not into chocolate, and then my cousin burst out laughing. He told us they were chocolate covered roaches, an actual delicacy sold in another region of Colombia. I’m really glad I didn’t try them!

  111. Denise S says

    I grew up in the mountains and could sleep on the deck in summer. I was in my sleeping bag with the top pulled over my head. I heard a loud and strange tap tapping sound. I slowly pushed up the top of the bag to see an enormous beetle marching up the bag and had just reached the edge and was about to fall onto my face. I screamed and threw the top of the bag back so the thing went flying off me and I never slept on the deck at night again.

  112. Kristal says

    Raised in the Caribbean, our home was under a mango tree and throughout the homes there were ventilation blocks which are essentially holes in the wall to circulate air. My grandmother had a live and let live policy with regards to spiders.Me? not so much but my pact with these spiders was: If found in my room, I will not be sleeping until it is killed. One morning in a rush i grabbed my towel and rushed in the showerstall. Hung the towel on the shower door, stripped and proceeded to bathe. Suddenly i saw movement and with 20/400+ vision I knew it had to be big for me to see it. There on the door latch next to my towel was the biggest, spider I have seen with a white eggsac. Yes it was that huge that I saw it without my glasses. Commence the screams of bloody murder. Suffice to say I remained naked in the bathroom until my dad climbed over the wall and rescued me.
    Here is a pic of my captor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_huntsman_spider

  113. says

    My hubby and I were on a romantic camping weekend in The Keys. Our tent was set up near the ocean where we could hear the waves and see the sunset. Perfect!! Our tent has mosquito netting allowing us to leave the flap open and take advantage of the breeze (it was the middle of summer and hot). We crawled into our cozy little nest and settled in for the night. Since it was so warm, we didn’t sleep with blankets … we just laid on top of the sleeping bags and went to sleep. Well, about an hour later, we woke up to something biting us … seriously biting us. Our mosquito netting worked well for mosquitoes but didn’t prevent “noseeums” from flying in. Those little devils played havoc on us. It got so bad that, at around 3:00 am, we quickly tossed the sleeping bags and tent into the car and headed home. Ahh … nothing ruins romance like bugs!

  114. says

    My cat knocked over my sad looking plant again and dirt went everywhere. I vacuumed up the mess with my little hand held and emptied it out into the trash. I looked down and seen a big spider and started to panic. I quickly vacuumed up the spider and went to the back door to let it go. The spider was fine climbing around the rocks outside which was fine with me. As long as spider stay a safe distance away from me I’m happy, but if one lands on me I scream and jump around.

  115. Angela A says

    I remember when I was about 12 yrs. old and was spending the night with my best friend’s house. While I was preparing to go to sleep, and my bff was already asleep, a roach proceeded to creep up on a nearby wall. Somehow in my bff’s sleep she grabbed the roach and threw it so hard that it splattered against the wall. She continued to sleep all through this. It was as if she does this all the time in her sleep.
    I knew she was asleep, b/c she would have NEVER grab or come near a bug while being awake. I laughed so hard. The next morning I told her about what she did in her sleep and couldn’t recall, I guess she was “sleep walking/trance.” I never forgotten how she threw that roach so hard that it smashed. LMAO

  116. says

    I try to act all cool around bugs. I don’t want my kids to inherit any bug-phobias from me, but sometimes being the “cool mom” that taught her kids to respect bugs does NOT pay off.

    One such time was when the kids found a praying mantis egg sac on a piece of wood that the neighbor was going to burn. I carefully lifted the egg sac off of the wood, but little did I know, my daughter took the egg sac in the car.

    Let’s talk about how in the spring, the inside of your car is like a green house, warm & cozy, while outside, it is still very cold & everything is asleep. Let’s talk about how that might prompt some SEVERAL HUNDREDS of praying mantis babies to wake up & hatch. We’re 10 minutes into our 30 minute drive to town & my tiny daughter, says “Mama there are bugs all over my bear…..Mama there are bugs all over my pants….Mama….there are bugs all over little brother….”

    At this point, I’m frantically trying to find a place to pull over on the highway, to rescue my children from heaven knows what sort of bug plague in the back seat.

    HUNDREDS of praying mantis babies are covering my 4 year old daughter & 6 month old son, happily cooing in his car seat. They each look like a tiny, perfectly porportionate adult praying mantis. I tell my daughter what they are & she starts yelling “DON’T SQUISH THEM, MAMA! SAVE THEM! SAVE THEM!”

    So there I am, side of the road, “gently” scooping up hundreds & hundreds of the little buggers.

    And when my daughter isn’t looking, I’m doing the bug dance on the side of a busy highway, hundreds of people driving by. You know the dance, the one where you feel something crawling on every bit of you? lol I’m sure I was quite the sight.

  117. Charity S says

    I have a very creepy bug story. I had a nasty bug crawl in my ear as a child. I fell asleep on the floor at my nana’s house and a bug crawled in my ear. I couldn’t believe that something was actually moving around in my ear. It was nasty, creepy, and just very annoying to go through that. However, my nana used a homemade remedy to rid me of my ear bug. I still can’t figure out why it crawled in my ear.

  118. says

    Oh my!! That is crazy!! I HATE HATE HATE bugs and always have tons of stories of them…I remember one time when my sis and I were in college we were in a park and found a whole TON of tiny almost microscopic bugs ON US…I think they were some sort of ticks because when we took showers to take them off of us, we literally had to SCRAPE them off!! DISGUSTING!!!

  119. melissa n says

    My creapy bug story is when one time we went to see my dad. We had driven 5 hours and we went straight through. I was starving when we got there, so we decided to stop and get something to eat. We went to a fast food burger place thats name starts with a H. so we order our food and go and sit down to eat and i am starving. right after we start to eat i start to notice that there are all kind of those small flying cocoroaches flying around the restaurant. Well of course that was it for me. I now live in the town that this happened in and i have not ever went back to that place and that was 6 years ago.

  120. says

    Oh I HAD to share just ONE more…one night when my hubby and I were first married, we were laying in bed just falling asleep…we lived in the middle of nowhere (still do but not in the same place) and weren’t used to company coming by esp at almost 11 pm. All of sudden a light shone through our window, looked kinda like a flashlight shining in the window…my husband and I just froze there in bed, not even daring to move!! Finally it seemed to kind of go away and he got the nerve to turn on the light…imagine our surprise when we saw a large firefly sitting on the outside of our bedroom window!!! And my did we breathe a sigh of relief!! 😉

  121. Kathy Scott says

    I was putting on my pants when I felt a sting on my belly. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I went on to work and about an hour later I went to the bathroom. There was a spot the size of a baseball. I was taken to the hospital and they figured out that I was also allergic. It was not a pretty few days.

  122. Pat says

    Okay, so I’m different, but when I find a bug in my house I capture it in a special glass and release it to the outdoors.

  123. says

    I was doing laundry one day and noticed a dead yellowjacket in the laundry sink. I scooped it out and tossed it into the garbage can. When I went down to do more laundry, there was a yellowjacket floating in the water again… so I scooped it out and tossed it into the garbage can. It wasn’t until the third time I went down to the laundry room and found a yellowjacket floating in the sink that I realized that we didn’t have an infestation of yellowjackets… we just had one that kept reviving once I got it out of the water and tossed it into the garbage can!

  124. manelook says

    I was moving my family into a new home in the country. My husband had been deployed to Saudi the previous day and therefore got to avoid the joys of moving. After all my recruited help had left for the day and my sons were in the back yard playing I relaxed on the front porch with a nice glass of iced tea. I could tell I was going to enjoy the country living. I could hear the horses neighing in the corral and my life simply couldn’t be much better. Well, except for the fact that my husband was not there to enjoy it with me.

    The sublime, blissful life ended there. I saw something scurry across the driveway toward the garage. I turned to see what it was as I thought it was surely a mouse that had been frightened during the commotion of moving our belongings in. I mentally added mouse traps to my shopping list.

    What I saw was immensely more frightening than a mouse. I tossed my iced tea over the railing and ran and put the plastic drinking glass on top of the most gruesome, hideous, gigantic, eight-legged creature I had ever seen.

    Once I had my regained my composure (and made sure the monstrous spider didn’t run away with the glass) I hustled to the kitchen and threw the phone book on the counter. I quickly flipped to the “exterminator” section of the yellow pages and started dialing. One by one – exterminator by exterminator – I was told that it simply wasn’t an emergency and they didn’t work on Saturdays. I finally talked to one exterminator who tried to talk me down from my hysteria.

    He asked me what the spider looked like and I described what could only be envisioned in science fiction movies. We finally told me what I had was a “cat” spider and that they were “good” spiders. I informed him that there was no such thing as a “good” spider and I wanted it, and any family it may have had gone. He said it was called a “cat” spider because of the two points on its rear end. I didn’t look close enough to verify that fact and plus I was sure it was aptly named that not because of the points; but because it was as big as a cat.

    I reluctantly hung up the phone and returned to the front porch to ensure the monster was still safely enclosed in the walls of the glass. I sat there wondering what to do as the dragon slayer was not going to arrive and save me from this deadly creature.

    Suddenly, help arrived. It wasn’t the dragon slayer, but instead the realtor who had sold me my house. I frantically told him the story (from the steps of course; I wasn’t going down there by the monster) and he promptly lifted the glass and with one quick move he stomped the eight-legged creature into oblivion. He tried to return my glass back to me and of course I refused to take it. After all, that “thing” had been in there. My savior left and quickly came back with a can of bug spray and went through every nook and cranny in the house and barn so he could banish any remaining monsters.

    Needless to say, I bought several cans of the monster repellent and kept a can within quick reach at all times. My house eventually returned to the sanctuary it was meant to be.

  125. ana gomes says

    My dad god bless his soul was always stealing my mom’s hairspray so he could use it. One of us teenagers left a brand new can of raid foam in the bathroom. Before mom got home from work ,my dad runs upstairs to use her hairspray. He was in a rush so he took the raid and sprayed all over his hair. Mom gets home,he comes walking down the stairs all kool and stuff thinking he used her hair spray and she wouldnt know. he had this white afro! omg the laugher was too much. we finally had to tell him before he walked out the door.

  126. Karil Whetstone says

    My Bug Disaster , I lived in a duplex one day went to work when I came home I was horrified when I opened my door my apartment walls were covered with cockroaches, I opened my fridge and their was roaches were inside I felt like I was at a horror picture show not in my home, two days prior my landlord evicted the other tenant next door, come to find out she was hoarding cats and her apartment was infested with cockroaches and bombed her apartment with raid when he did they all came running into mine, I moved out that night, scarriest thing i’ve ever experienced in my lifetime.

  127. Amber says

    My creepy bug story is when once there was a huge spider in my dorm room and I was desperately trying to find somebody to kill it for me but to no avail. Finally, when it crawled under my favorite poster, I smashed a book against it, killing it….but now there are spider guts all over the underside of the post. I haven’t looked under yet because I know it’s sure to be disgusting, but it’s been weeks. I think I’ll just leave that poster on the wall when I move out!

  128. Christy says

    A group of us in college decided to go camping by a lake one summer weekend. We had to row out to this little island where one of our friends already had some tents set up. It was dark by the time we got there. We climbed out of the boats and checked out our tents for the night . We lit up the insides of the tents with our flashlights. To our horror, there will little black spiders everywhere and I mean everywhere in that tent. On the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and crawling on the ground. We sensible girls refused to sleep there that night so we found a new campsite where there were no spiders. To this day, I get creeped out thinking about the spiders hanging in that tent.

  129. Tracy C. says

    Was once eating a salad from a popular pizza chain, when I found a dead bug in it. At least it was a cute ladybug, instead of something creepy.

  130. nan says

    i had just met my now husbands grandpa for the first time and he lived in beautiful California with a peach tree in his yard. Which he was very proud of…Well he picked me and special peach and it was deliscious however when i looked down it was also completely full of ants!!! Have no idea how they were IN the peach but they were and i had no idea what to do cause i didn’t want to offend him, but didn’t want to eat ants…boyfriend to the rescue
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  131. hippie4ever says

    We would go camping as children in the woods of Pennsylvania, one night after an extremely hard rainfall we stepped out of the camper into the screened in awning to find the floor undulating with daddy long legs. I have no idea how they all got in but I guess they saw a large umbrella and wished to use it :)

  132. says

    (thanks to MomSpark.net for telling us about this contest)

    First a little sidenote: I usually try not to kill things HONESTLY…. but spiders… well they have to go, I am such an arachnophobe)

    OH yeah…. this is definitely up my alley… Scary/Creepy bug stories… I actually have two that I tell often about spiders!

    The first one is about a huge spider that wasn’t as huge as I first thought. My youngest dd and I were sitting watching tv in the dark one night. She was probably about 4 at the time and I was trying to get her to sleep. The TV got bright right as a huge spider creeped across our floor…

    I proceeded to stand up in the chair we were rocking in and gasped…. turned the light on and I swear the spider grew…

    The only thing I had beside me was a bottle of rubbing alcohol…. so I poured the entire thing on this spider….. good thing I did because as I did about a bazillion baby spiders started crawling off her back…. she had “grown” as the light was turned on… the babies had changed position to make her look bigger as a protective mechanism (I’ve researched this).

    After the rubbing alcohol started slowing them down then came the swatter…. all 999 bazillion spiders were dead.


    The second one involves the Wolf Spider (same type in picture on MomSpark.net)

    My daughters were going out onto the back deck one day and screeched as they opened the door.

    On the outside of the main door between it and the screen a Mommy wolf spider had made her egg sack overnight.

    This spider was the size of a saucer…. she had to go…

    Had ran out of my Raid…. so next thing I thought was HAIRSPRAY AND LIGHTER… Yep… I made a fire thrower… she and the egg sack got sprayed really deep with hairspray first…. got the fire extinguisher (just in case) then I proceeded to light the hairspray ( I don’t recommend anyone try this at home!) She lit like a torch as did the egg sack.

    My girls were screeching the entire time!

  133. Ami Jordan says

    Once when camping out in our backyard I sat down in the tent and felt something poke into my rear end. Needless to say I had sat on a yellowjacket. The only time I have been stung by a yellowjacket and it was my own fault for sitting on him :)

  134. Stephanie V. says

    My last time camping awoke to what felt like thousands of “tickles” crawling over my face. Tried to ignore it but finally turned on the lantern and OMG – massive ingestation of bugs crawling over all three of us! To this day no idea what they were but we left the tent and slept in the car until the morning and drove home as fast as we could. Haven’t camped since.

  135. nickie says

    I had a traning at my first job (science musuem) to present a rose trantuala (not really a bug, but creepy crawly just the same) I took him out like the trainer did, the trantuala must have been annoyed by the constant holding that it started spinning a web in my hand, so I freaked and dropped him, luckly the trainer caught him (there very fragile because of there exoskeleton). I got back on the horse next training and it was much better, but that first time was..interesting to say the least lol


  136. tennille says

    I had a boy from church over to watch a movie and noticed a cricket in the living room but decided to let it be. Half way through the movie my leg was a little itchy so I scratched it a few items. Then I felt a pinch-the cricket had climbed up the inside of my jeans leg and was now biting me. I started screaming a tearing my pants of and I scared that poor boy so bad he never asked to do anything with me again. As a side note I also had a cricket climb into bed with hubby and I and bite my bum! They are the only bug that can incite fear in me.

  137. Wendy Nalder says

    I live in Montana and the spiders here are HUGE (well maybe I’m exaggerating, just a little). One night we were all hanging out in the heated garage and relaxing from the day. There was this daddy long leg spider that wanted to join in on the fun……but I dont remember inviting him!! The first person he climbed on was our friend, he didn’t mind spiders, so he gently brushed him off and went on with his night. The second person was my husband. (5’11” big guy) He felt something on his leg!! yells: “AHH, spider”…(jumps and kicks leg, karate style!) Spider was gone, but where? We went on with our night. Then, the spider was back, and this time was not playing around anymore………He picked the biggest guy in the bunch (6’2” Construction Guy). He crawled up his pants, onto his bright yellow “safety” sweatshirt, and crawled around. I looked over at him, and couldn’t even say it, I saw it, but couldn’t get the words out….it was just some funny noises. I squealed as the spider got closer up his arm and was going for the neck………..ahhh!…….the guy looked down, locked eyes with the spider, and then it happened! He began jumping around, flinging his arms and legs in all directions, spinning and screamed like a little girl….oh ah oh ah…..spider landed on the ground and large man stopped screaming just in time to squish the spider. We now call him “Spider Man”. Funny Stories aside, I hate creepy crawly flying bugs with a passion. They ruin my summer. Please help bring back my summer love, and pick me for your prize for Bug Spray….I promise that each and every drop will be used to saturate my house, garage and surrounding. Thanks!

  138. Soha Molina says

    My grandmother’s house had big flying roaches. One morning I woke up and put on my shirt that had been at the foot of my bed all night. I walked into the kitchen and saw everyone was just staring at me. There was a huge cockroach crawling on my shoulder towards my neck. I screamed and repeatedly asked someone to kick it off. My brother brushed it off my shoulder. I still shudder to think of it.

  139. Jessie C. says

    DDs have a thing for spiders, they don’t afraid of them but enjoy chasing them around the house. There was this time DD2 chased one out of the house and said goodbye and asked that spider to come back tomorrow.

  140. Jennifer Short says

    One time we had a wasp infestation in our house in the early 1990s when I was a teenager. They were in the walls, and the theory was the bee bomb would send them OUTside, but they prefered the comfort of our living room. We killed 52 in one evening. Well, as the swarming of the bees inside our house was DYING down, I was on the phone having a chatty conversation with my best friend. My mother picked up the phone and announced, “Jennifer, there’s a bee in here.” My first thought was “Only one? You should be thankful.” I told her to kill it, and I heard the sound of the Raid being sprayed by coughing. She said she had the can pointed in the wrong direction and sprayed herself.

  141. simone says

    When I was at Girl Scout Camp (e.g. worst experience ever) back in the long long ago when I was young, I woke up in the middle of the night to a pulsating mass of daddy long legs dangling from the ceiling above my head. That would have been bad enough, but then the mass reached its peak and the whole mess of them fell on me. Trauma galore. I can hold them now, but worst experience ever.

  142. says

    Oh gosh…this may not qualify because it isn’t a bug but, it needs to be told! ha ha. I lived out in the country for awhile and I got ready for bed, and had just turned the light off and crawled into bed when I felt something moving that was small and furry in the bed. I knew it wasn’t my cat, so I flew out of bed and flipped the light on. A mouse was waiting for me in the bed….AHHHHH. I squealed and got my cat to get it out of my room. So digusting.

  143. jjenkins1090 says

    Bugs are CREEPY and I got to say Stink bugs are my least FAV at the monent…they started once we shut the house up for winter! And they appear out of nowhere, while I’m sitting a the computer they fly into my hair;eating dinner land on my pasta…Uuuuuug. and they collect in the light fixtures.I dislike them immensely.And the worst part is there’s NO defence against the Creepies.

  144. says

    I happen to have a creepy bug story that ‘creeps’ me out to this day.

    I was 15 years old and left alone for the first time for the weekend when my parents and brother went to the cottage.

    Ever since I can remember, I have had an inherent fear of anything that did not walk on two legs.

    In our house, the freezer was in the basement. The basement was not finished, it was just a concrete floor and walls.

    Mum had left me some of her incredible homemade spaghetti sauce in the freezer downstairs. The freezer was also where the waffles were, my favourite breakfast.

    They left around 4PM on Friday and by 6PM, I had a craving for spaghetti.

    I turned the light on and headed down the stairs. I stopped cold in my tracks when I saw a humungous bug of some sort right on the mat at the bottom of the stairs. I could not tell if it was a spider or some other terrifying creature, but I did not stick around to find out.

    The sight of that huge bug made me literally shake. I sat at the kitchen table not sure what to do. I did not want to call anyone to come and dipose of the horrid creature, hence they would have a very funny story to tell about me for life.

    By 8PM, I had finally worked up the courage to do battle.

    I suppose I could have just forgone the spaghetti and waffles, there was other food in the house, of course, but I was not letting a bug stand between me and my stomach.

    I took an encyclopedia from the shelf (the biggest, heaviest book in the house), put on a pair of rubber boots and gloves and started down the stairs. The damn thing was still sitting there on the mat. I dropped that book as hard as I could right onto the bug. I think it was just a huge spider, but I did not take long to look as I knew my courage would be short lived.

    Now able to get to the freezer, I was able to eat, but I had to wait a bit for my stomach to settle.

    I left that book there until my parents came home. My Mum and Dad were sympathetic with me, thank goodness. Dad disposed of the remains and, thankfully, neither of them ever told my brother.

    To this day, I still shiver when I think about it. Silly, huh? Well, it did not feel silly at the time, but as I get older, I can laugh about it. But only a little.

    Thanks for the giveaway. ~Pauline

  145. Cynthia C says

    When my son was just learning to talk my husband brought live lobsters back from a trip to New England. When he pulled one of the wiggly creatures out of the box, my son excitedly cried, “OOH, BUG!” So, I guess we had bug dinner that night.

  146. Tiffany says

    (In honor of my own mother) My mother has this strange habit of opening up all of her sandwiches because she thinks something weird might be in them. We’ve gotten used to it but we all think it’s a little strange. On this particular day, we were eating a local “greasy spoon” known for having AMAZING burgers. Well, she’d gone through her usual burger inspection ritual and we’d enjoyed a wonderful, and calorie-filled, lunch. After slurping down the last of her Diet Coke, she decided to chew on the ice- you know, the good, crunchy, crushed kind. Well, she opened up the lid and there laid the biggest, green dragonfly-looking creature I ever saw. It nearly spanned the diameter of the cup. I bursted out laughing; she nearly lost her lunch and now, we have to endure TWO strange habits because she is compelled to inspect her sandwiches AND her drinks!

  147. Gabriele Wood says

    Well I got fooled by a spider a few years ago and you’ll understand why I am saying “fooled” after reading my story . I was laying on my living room floor on a mattress covered with a blanket watching TV and spotted something black in the corner of my eye but didn’t pay close attention , I was so into the movie on TV. A few minutes later I looked over for other reasons and that black spot was half way up my blanket, I froze up realizing its a spider. I couldn’t move for about 5 min ( lol ) and the I got brave. I moved my hands and threw the blanket up a bit hoping it would run or at least fall of my blanket or something, it did NOT. Instead this BIG spider ( so I thought ) transformed itself into a TINY spider right in front of my eyes. It was no big spider, it was a tiny spider with a zillion tiny babys on her back and they ran across my blanket in all directions, it totally freaked me out ( lol ) that mad em jump right up and run into the kitchen to get my RAID spray (yes I used Raid) and because I was so fast I managed to get about half of them, no clue where the rest went !!! I have never ever seen this many spiders in my life and we still talk about my funny story today, my kids laugh every time. I can laugh about it now but when it happened , not so much! So I got fooled by a tiny spider carrying her zillion babys making herself look BIG, ha ha I am such a fool lol.

  148. T. Lawson says

    I spent a week at a friends house at the shore. I slept on the sofa. One day after I got up, I was putting my blankets away and notice a huge water bug in between the blanket and sheet. ICK. I had a hard time sleeping the next few nights.

  149. says

    Once when I was driving my car I felt something weird on my ankle, then my calf, all the way up my leg, like a tickle sensation. I was trying to remain focused on the road and just reached down to scratch. I glanced down quickly and almost ran off the road. There was a HUGE brown SPIDER crawling up my leg and was already on my stomach before I saw it!! I screamed so loud and hit the brakes, all the while wiggling and swiping at my stomach. I had to pull over I was so freaked out and I got out of my car and jumped around until I got the creepy all out of my system, LOL. I never found the spider but I’m sure he must have bailed as soon as I opened my door.

  150. stacey dempsey says

    i was backpacking around mexico when i was in my early twenties, and had stopped in a local cafe to have some lunch. It was a very small town and i dont think many travelers ever went there.As i was waiting for my food and soda i saw a cockroach on the ground and had raised my foot to step on it when the man who owned(or worked) in the cafe yelled NO! I could not make out all he was saying but with my limited spanish i made out that it was a “pet” and it was unlucky to hurt them LOL I guess you just never know in a different country how they will view things soo different than us. I dont know what would have happened had i squashed it, luckily i didnt have to find out

  151. Georgia says

    Well, I know this was not as funny to my daughter as it was to me. In fact she ended up crying really bad over it but it happened so fast and how it happened had me laughing. My daughter and I were driving down a fairly busy road and all of a sudden, she went in to a full panic and couldn’t talk. I was driving and turned to see what was upsetting her and right there was a tiny spider crawling down the window as a tiny little spider. Because she was so scared, I reached over her and tried to squish the spider but it fell down the side of the seat. My daugher, in a full blown panic, went flynin backwards in to the back seat. It all happened so fast that I just burst out laughing and when I turned to look at her, she was crying. She was so scared on that little spider, I think it took her a week to get back in to my car. I never seen anyone move that fast in a moving car. Poor girl, I felt bad she was so scared but the whole thing was really funny too.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  152. says

    My bug story has to do with dead bugs: Years ago I was on a natural eating kick. I purchased some Amaranth cereal at a health food store. I was midway through eating my bow of cereal when I looked at the box and realized intertwined with the cereal was spider webs and larvae :-( Never been able to eat that kind of cereal ever again!

  153. Jennifer Marie says

    Ewwww just thinking about this creeps me out!! About a year ago it was warm outside and we had the windows/doors open for a family get together we had. Evidentally a small little fly decided she wanted to join our party. A few days after our party my husband was cleaning out the cat littler and he said he found maggots in the cat littler! Not only was it there, but it was also in our diaper pail where our sons’ used dirty diapers were! I felt so incredibly dirty and embarrased! We cleaned everything very well, kept the trash and diapers outside and that problem resolved very quickly. I hope that NEVER happens again!

    Thanks for the chance!

  154. Jeff says

    I remember taking my dog outside to relieve herself . While doing her thing, her paws were covered in fire ants. She had decided to stop and start her thing right near a fire ant mount. I had to pick her up to safety and rub her paws to get the fire ants off.

  155. says

    When I was in my teens, I had very long hair. We were on a camping trip and I saw/heard a big beetle flying pretty close to my head. I thought I moved far enough out of it’s way. About 15 – 20 minutes later, I gathered my hair off my neck only to find out that big beetle was stuck in my hair! I screamed and ran in circles until someone got it out for me!

  156. says

    My Dad married my step-mom when I was 8 years old. He and I lived in an old house in the country in Texas – home of huge cockroaches. My Dad regularly bombed the house because it was infested with the things – we lived in it rent-free for a year in exchange for cleaning the place up and making it inhabitable again after about 5 years of being vacant. After they were married Mom protested the monthly bombing until she opened the cabinet above the stove and had a dozen cockroaches fall into the pans on the stove ruining our dinner!

    My worst bug experience was when I was stung by a bee a few years ago and developed the same reaction you get from a brown recluse spider bite – it was awful and my leg swelled up to twice it’s regular size. The doctor recommended that I avoid bee stings in the future… well obviously, huh? :)

  157. Christina says

    Jumping Centipedes!

    I was in the basement looking through some boxes of old books and deciding which ones I wanted to keep. I didn’t hear anything but felt this odd presence, and before I knew it, a centipede had JUMPED from a desktop right onto my opened book (which I attempted to close on it, but that didn’t work, as it jumped away again!). I was shocked and it was the largest centipede I’d ever seen (larger than my hand!) Later, when I could bear to do so, I did some research on the internet and there indeed is a breed of centipedes that can jump, so watch out, Ladies!

  158. sandy says

    Well, we were at a famous hotel, and were carrying our bags in the room, turned on the lights and heard little clicks. Went to check out bathroom, check bedding- first in the bathroom saw the creatures run into the drain of the tub- ewww gross then went to pull back bed and there were a ton of cockroaches…I immediately grabbed the bags and walked down and checked out- they said oh let us give you another room…they gave me crud about creditting back my card…I told them I had pictures and would be contacting the health dept as well as the companys hq. I was so grossed out I checked out and we drove 6 more hours until we got to our destination without stopping at a hotel. Yes I did contact the hq of the hotel, they did not seem to care and local health dept said they would forward to proper people…never heard I am sorry and had to fight the credit card bill- cc company gave it back but hotel pissed and moaned. I was told that is why hotels have lights on the rooms they are using- do not know if thats true but got me real cautious of hotels/motels…and this was a highly advertised one.

  159. Judy Bradley says

    When I was in high school we lived in a house on three acres, lots of trees, plants, etc, but also lots of bugs, spiders especially. One night when I went to bed, I put my hand under my pillow & scrunched it up as usual, I heard kind of a crunching noise but I had a feather pillow and they are kinda crunchy sometimes, so I didn’t think much of it. The next morning when I lifted my pillow to make my bed (some teens do that!) there were the remains of a huge, hairy, black spider!! I was totally grossed out! I still get shivers thinking of that thing under my pillow – in my bed – and my HAND scrunching it up!! Yuck! Great, now I have the shivers to start my day! LOL

  160. says

    My creepy bug story just happened yesterday….My husband forgot to close the sugar shaker completely after making his cup of coffee. So, after I got up and got the kids out the door, I was ready for my morning cup of coffee. As I went to put sugar into my cup, a HUGE, and I mean, HUGE, spider comes out of the sugar shaker! So, here I am, screaming and sugar flying in the air all over my kitchen…..Now, I have ants even though I cleaned up all the sugar…lol

  161. says

    Here’s my story (not sure if it published)
    Lil Ms Snarky vs Rick Moranis

    Ok, so – I get home from work and notice my shower curtain is ajar – which is unusual.

    “Perhaps someone is in there,” I think and shove the entire curtain back, Clue-style (like when Miss Scarlet takes on the Ballroom drapery).

    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But the GIANT CARPENTER ANT from Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

    I’ve always had a slight problem at my condo with ants getting into my shower, so I strategically placed duct tape in those “entrances” to solve the problem. This dude? Plowed his way right in. I even felt a bit bad. He was so large that I almost felt ghetto for not rolling out a red carpet for him to make his shower entrance.

    So, now I have to kill the GIANT ant with the pinchers. How do I proceed? Call dad!

    I get Dad on the phone who finds this whole thing comical. “Knit him a saddle and ride him to work tomorrow,” he suggests. Not funny. I need to KILL this thing.

    “Just think of it as killing a large pony.” STILL not funny, Dad.

    He assures me that if I make a big enough wad of TP, I can snatch & squeeze the ant before he unleashes his pinchers on me. Nope. Not happening. It’s too big to even CONSIDER touching. Smacking it with a shampoo bottle seems like my only defense. So I ready, aim and FIRE the Garnier Fructis bottle at it and the ant falls into a mug full of water and my shed hair.

    OK. I can just pick up the mug & dump it in the toilet. Pick up. Dump. Flush. Simple right? WRONG!

    Does anyone remember my “little problem”? Yes – I have a fuzz phobia. Any free-floating fuzz frightens me. This includes my OWN shed free-falling hair.

    So, now I’m REALLY panicking. As I dump the mug into the toilet, a woven hair ladder keeps the ant & the mug connected. My only hope, since Obi-Wan is not around, is to (gulp) actually touch my own soapy matted hairball. Eww!

    Making whimpering sounds, I quickly try to unhook the hair ladder from the mug before Mr. Ant can climb his pinchered way up to my delicate hands!

    After 3 tries, I FINALLY free the hair from the mug & flush the ant down 3 times, just to be sure he’s absolutely NOT going to be climbing up my toilet like an alligator.

    I called my bro to relay the harrowing story only to hear him say, “What if the rest of the ant tribe comes looking for him?” Not. Cool.

    End of storytime with The Snarkster.

  162. marina says

    Cockroaches definitely creep me out thanks to a “close” encounter I had when I was about 11 years old. It was summer and I was resting as I was recovering from a bad cold. The congestion had blocked my nasal passages completely so I had no other go but sleep with my mouth open. Half way through my siesta I felt something crawling up my ear, thinking it was part of my dream I just brushed away the feeling. The “ticklish” feeling moved from my ear,to my cheek and then started to feel too real for comfort. I felt something crawl to the sides of my mouth and quickly swished that area several times. Imagine the shock and horror when I saw a juicy brown cockroach scurrying away in fear. Ugh…..needless to say I screamed murder and since then I get shivers down my spine when I see a cockroach anywhere in close range….Yuk…imagine that icky creepy crawler could’ve been in my mouth….UGH!!!

  163. says

    Well last year as I was weeding my garden, I was pulling weeds in the cukes, a snake ran over my hand, I quickly jumped up and ran to get my hoe, I come back and it was still there so like any good Southern gal would do, I cut his head off with the hoe.
    Later that day when my husband came in I told him about the intrusive snake in my garden, he went out to see, and lo and behold it was not a little garden snake as I thought, but a pygmy rattle snake, EEK… I tread light now when in my garden, and do not take any thing for granted, I have killed several since then, but Georgia brown snakes, not rattlers.
    Hope you enjoyed my little tale of the snake in the cuke patch. ♥

  164. Lim says

    I was cleaning out the garage and I got to the wall where an air mattress was lying in an messy pile. As it had a huge tear in it I decided to toss it. I started to pick it up when it erupted with huge black ants. I almost tripped over the mower getting out. After a few minutes I calmed down and decided that it still had to go so I grabbed the big tongs from the grill and slid back into the garage. I cleared a nice big path to the overhead door and went after the mattress. The tear was the easiest thing to grab, but when I pulled the tear opened up, revealing a nest, hive, whatever you call it. It took me about 7 tries to get it all the way out, but I finally did it. When the man of the house got home I had him toss it in the back of his truck. I took a loooooong shower, but I could feel them on me all night.

  165. says

    A couple of summers ago we had a huge bee problem. They were everywhere. We got them in the house and they were always buzzing around us outside. The kids were totally freaked out. One night we decided to eat out on the pool deck. We brought all the food out and the kids and as soon as we sat down about 100 bees flew at us from under the deck. They covered the food and buzzed all around us. The kids were screaming and took off running back for the house. We just left the food for the bees and ran into the house ourselves. Hoping this year isn’t so full of bees! LOL!

  166. says

    An interesting time for this contest – right now. This very minute I have a huge, ugly spider trapped under a bowl with a can on top to hold the bowl down. The kids found it first and wouldn’t walk through the hall – that’s how big and ugly it is. Then the dog chased it out in the open and I slammed the bowl down on top of it. Question is – what do I do with it now???

  167. Tracy P says

    In college I lived in a one room apartment with my then boyfriend. While he was sleeping in bed and I was watching TV on the couch a bee flew in the window and landed on his nose. Trying not to wake him up or get him stung I tiptoed over. When the bee landed on a window next to the bed I tried to hit it with a book. The bee still alive fell into the bed and the glass in the window broke. He flew out of bed when the bee stung him on the butt. He was mad at me for awhile over that one!

  168. says

    I am absolutely terrified of cockroaches…around here they call them palmetto bugs. They’re big and creepy and smart. If you dare to spray them, they always fly right at you…it’s as if they know they’re dying, but they’re going to take you with them! anyway, years ago, we lived in a tiny little town, you know the kind, EVERYONE knows everyone else’s business *eye roll*
    One Wednesday evening, I was coming in from a midweek church service and went to the door leading in from our carport (which was surrounded by bushes that were crawling with palmetto bugs) My husband heard me approach and turned on the porch light. As I came up to the door, one of those dadgum roaches flew right at me and landed on my leg….well, I had stockings on and they have this horrible sticky things on their legs, I let out a blood curdling scream and tried to brush the thing off….it was stuck tight to my stockings…..so I yelled louder, doing some kind of insane dance around the carport which eventually led to me pulling my dress up to my waist and shucking out of those hose! (it was the only way to get that thing off of me!) you know where this is going, don’t you? After I caught my breath, I looked up only to see several neighbors outside watching the entire debacle and laughing! i’ve never been so humiliated! picture it, pregnant girl, naked to the waist, screaming her head off over a cockroach. NOT a pretty sight….funny maybe, pretty? not!
    Thank goodness….we moved shorty after that


  169. says

    My husband is terrified of ticks and as a teenager he called his Mom home from work, telling her employer it was an emergency and all that happened was that he had found a tic on their kitchen floor. His Mom was so freaked out, only to find her teenage son was afraid of a tic crawling on their floor. Mom flushed the tic and all was well. We all still laugh about his emergency call about a little, teeny, tiny tic!

  170. andrea says

    Ok this was just gross… When we were building our front deck to our house, we had to remove some of our siding to place the ledger board on the house.. Anyways under the siding there must have been thousands of bugs.. I think they were lady bugs.. all dead.. it was disgusting..
    Thank you for having the giveaway.. :) Happy moms day to us all …

  171. amanda hellen says

    While watching my mother do laundry down in our basement, I decided to show her some of the dance moves I had learned at dance class that week. I spun around on the ball of my foot, while wearing socks, and realized I had twirled on a slug!!! I started crying and had my mother peel off my sock, slug guts all over the bottom of it…. so gross!!

  172. Blossom says

    I am terrified of all bugs, other than spiders or ants. My husband and I moved into our first apartment some years ago, only to find the place infested with roaches (we did not see any before we moved in). I went to the bathroom one morning, felt something on my foot, and saw a roach on my foot. I nearly had a heart attack! The management company exterminated the apartment, which didn’t help, but luckily some boric acid did, or we would have moved out. Thank God I’ve never had to experience that again!

  173. danielle donohue says

    When we first moved into our home, (which had been foreclosed), we had a super nasty cockroach problem!!!! I was pregnant at the time, and thought I was going to die every time I saw one of those nasty creatures. They would come out at night..as soon as we turned the light on in the kitchen, we would see them crawling back into the dishwasher….ewww…I get chills just thinking about it. It was so disgusting!

  174. Sharon Harmon says

    It was during a family picnic and we were eating picnic fare and drinking juice. Well, out of the blue, my husband hollers, “Beetlejuice!” (a movie) and sure enough, there was a beetle in my juice! lol! 😉

  175. says

    OH MY GOD your story is right out of a Stephen King short flick! YUCK.
    The story that jumped into my mind pales….We had just moved to Charleston South Carolina. I was about the same age, 9 or so. I was showering (yes this is a shower scene) and from the corner of my eye (as suds rested on my head) I see a dark items. Hmmmp, there is nothing dark in my tub when I got in?? I reluctantly opened my eyes, SCREAMED like a crazy women, jumped out of the bath tub, grabbed the first towel I could fine (which for some reason was a hand towel…not sure where that bath towel ended up) and ran into the living room and jumped on the ottoman! My mom and younger siblings stared at me…I said there is a BUG in that bathroom (the size of my foot!). They tiptoed in and looked down and wtih a cup scooped up the biggest Palmetto BUG you ever saw and put it into the drain. Palmetto bugs not only can fly but you can dress them up they are so freakin’ big. We had moved from Idaho, land of no bugs….to the land of bugs that can give me a ride to school. Needless to say our bug ‘man’ said we put it right back into our water system and I showered on my tippy toes, eyes open and in my mom’s shower because the drain seemed ‘tighter’….I can’t stand them, those little non-harmful but incredibly ugly bugs.

  176. says

    Ok first I have to say that I am the biggest bug chicken that ever lived. I hate them all, they make me cringe and scream lol.
    My story is from about 5 years ago when we first moved into the house we live in now. The house had been empty for quite some time and though we did some work on it before we moved it we had to move in before the work was finished. We didn’t have a shower in the bathroom when we first moved here but since this house was built for the old Dupont workers like 100 years ago lol there was a shower in the basement that worked. So this is where I had to take a shower the first night we were here. I gather all my supplies and towels and head to the basement and right when I went to set my soap and things up on the shelf there were these OMG creepy looking things all over up there. I didn’t know what they were I just know one jumped at me and I dropped all my stuff right where I stood and ran for the upstairs. I fell up the stairs I running so fast and screaming the whole way. Of course this freaked my husband and kids out lol.
    So I send hubby down there and he comes back and says “oh they are just cave crickets” I am like WHAT ? WTH is a cave cricket lol. apparently they take over basements of vacant houses ahaha. So needless to say I really needed a shower, I mean we had been moving all day long. So I make him go down there with the trusty can of raid and spray the crap out of that shelp and all around the shower and then I made him stand down there with me holding a flash light in one hand and the can of raid in the other ready to fire at the next creepy crawly I saw while I was taking a shower. I think that was the fastest I have ever taken a shower in my whole life.
    To this day he still tells everyone about this and of course they all get a good laugh on me LOL

  177. says

    There’s a corner in the kitchen (by the microwave) where this huge cockroach likes to hide. We’ve tried several times to catch the culprit but it has always flown right by as.

    One day we saw the creepy cockroach shoot in that corner and we concocted a plan. One person we lift the microwave and shoo it, one person will stand by the exit on the right blocking its path and one will hide on the left (the direction it always crawls to) with a house slipper and exterminate! That’s right… we all in position, yelled SPARTAAA!! and within 5 seconds we did the deed.

    X( Cockroach: 0 Abitnerdy: 1 tee-hee-hee

  178. says

    Ugh… I never feared bugs till I lived in Japan…

    I taught English for 3 years in a small coastal town in Southern Japan. I remember hearing about pest prevention during our initial orientation, but didn’t think much of it. I had never had a problem with bugs.

    During my first week, I came home and collapsed on the bed. The time change, the humidity, I was spent. Then I saw a giant cockroach on the ceiling directly over my bed. Now, cockroaches in tropical climates get VERY big. It was dark and I thought about how disease infested they are. I ran and grabbed a bottle that had a pic of a cockroach on it (at the time I couldn’t read it). I stood on top of my bed and sprayed the roach. BIG MISTAKE!! If you spray it straight on it will fly right at you! It landed on my head and I lost it! I was screaming, running, shaking. I woke up half the apartment complex and had several neighbors trying to bang down my door. I finally got it off me and saw it scurry across my entryway and into a shoe. I threw the shoe out my front window and had to explain to my new neighbors that the blood-curling screams were due to a common bug. I couldn’t sleep all night!

    I ended up not sleeping well for weeks, bleaching all surfaces I could find, bug bombing and throwing away the roach hide-out shoes. I am now terrified of cockroaches!!

  179. Victoria Lester says

    My daughter & I were sitting on a couch in our Living Room area and one day out of no where a HUGE creepy spider was sitting in between us on the back of our couch. I jumped up so quick & started screaming. My daughter also jumped up and we were in disbelief on how big this spider was. It seemed to be running inside the couch. I didn’t know what to do, because I didn’t want that thing loose in our house and wanted it dead! My daughter was about 8 years old and she doesn’t like spiders either. This spider was the Biggest and fastest I’d ever seen and I had to move the couch pillow so I could find the creeper. It reappeared running back to the top. I think my daughter swatted it with something and killed it. I was amazed that she took the initive (poor little thing) to do that. It died. YES!!! We never sat on the couch again because of the incident. We always referred to that couch as the SPIDER couch afterwards. EWWWWH!
    flophasit at yahoo dot com

  180. nikki hatfield wilson says

    I am not really scared of anything except BIG East Texas woodroaches/waterbugs. We lived in a house surrounded by pine trees and these bugs liked to hang out under the bark. When it rained we would occassionally find them in the garage and Lord forbid you leave a window open after the rain. The moved rather slow, but could fly. They could not fly far by any means, but just knowing they could jump at you was enough for me. They crunched really loud if you dared to get close enough to smash one. Bleh! I was so paraniod that when it would rain, I would spray Raid around my windows and around my bed just in case one attempted to crawl into bed with me. For the most part, it was rare to find them inside, but I for one was not taking any chances. When I was in my early 20’s I worked for the Sheriff’s Dept Downtown and my co-workers were aware of my waterbug fear as we would often get them in the basment of the building. I made it a point to scan the room when I came in each morning so that I would not get any surprises. I had a co-worker who found a dead waterbug, fully intact, and went through the trouble of wiring a paperclip through its body and setting it up inside my desk drawer. He rigged this in such a way that as I opened my drawer this thing jumped out at me. Needless to say, I freaked, screamed and jumped around dancing much to the delight of all the male officers. I even drew the attention of other officers and and staff from different floors. It must have been quite a sight because I never lived it down. I can assure you that from that point forward, I stood far away and opened my desk drawers using a yard stick. I always kept a can of bug spray too.

  181. Rebecca Braswell says

    Two summers ago, my best friend got married. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in June. Everything went beautifully until the preacher said,”You may now kiss the bride”. At that moment the bride let out a loud panik sounding shrill and danced a small jig. The groom looked shocked. I looked at the bride and there crawling up her gorgeous white gown was a quarter sized bug! We all laughed until our bellies hurt. Good thing she is a good sport.

  182. Lindsay says

    This is short, but there was one time where I was sleeping with my mouth open (apparently) and a fly flew in my mouth. I was dreaming and must have dreamed I had something good in my mouth because I began to chew. It took me a minute, but I woke up and realized it wasn’t delicious, but a FLY!! Lots of rinsing, flossing, dry-heaving later, I got it out.

    So sick!

  183. says

    I have many creepy bugs stories. Let me start with this one where I’ve the scare to prove it. We were on vacation in Malaysia, I was only 6. We were at an outing in the evening and the only light were from candle and fire torches. I was reaching for my rubber band to tie my house and I picked up what I thought was a broken inelastic rubber band when I grabbed a centipede instead! I was stretching it thinking I can fix it by tying a knot on it! It wasn’t until I saw all the legs against the candle light and the scratchy tickling feel to my fingers did I realize it was a centipede I was holding. I believe I lost my voice for screaming so loudly afterward…

  184. Lynda E. says

    Unfortunately we live in a state that has been invaded by the dreaded stink bug. At the end of September when it was starting to cool off my husband discovered that they had congregated in our son’s room, which gets the most sun, to hibernate. Seriously, there were hundreds of them on the backs of pictures, up in the blinds, under the stereo, everywhere. You’re not supposed to vacuum them because the smell is nauseating, but there wasn’t anything we could do. I called my son to take his study group to Panera after school for dinner while we worked on it. I was carting everything out of the room, opening windows, hooking up fans and lighting every scented candle I could find, while poor hubby donned a surgical mask and had at them with the vacuum. It took us three days to restore order – it was totally like something out of a horror movie! If you haven’t experienced stink bugs, thank your lucky stars! They have no predators and there’s no spray that works on them.

  185. says

    Bee Attacks in the House!

    I opened the door last week to air the house. As I opened it, I felt a blanket of pellets hitting the door then gush into the house. It turns out there was a bee hive on the ledge of the roof. It was quite terrifying made worst with screams of my kids and the drama afterward. We were scared to leave our house; not to mention how costly it was to take care of it.

  186. says

    Just last week, as I was heading out the back bathroom door to our backyard, I spotted a huge spider near the ceiling. I took off my shoe to smash it, but noticed just how big and ferocious looking it was. As I was about to smash it, I let out a weird, “uuugh” sound, kind of like I was trying to go to the bathroom, but much louder and intense. I was really freaked out. Well, I got the spider and walked outside where my neighbor was watering at his by his fence. He looked at me very odd. I told him I was trying to kill a spider, he thought I was trying to go to the bathroom! I’m still not sure if he believes me, but thankfully I got to that spider before it got to my daughters!

  187. says

    Last Memorial Day we went on our annual hike. We forgot to use bug spray. I dutifully checked my husband and the children for ticks before returning to the house. I forgot to check the dog. That night we had no fewer than 20 ticks crawling in our bed (our dog USED to sleep with us). Worst night of sleep ever!

  188. Steph says

    Bug stories. Hmmm. Ok. I was camping once and a wolf spider planted itself on the see thru mesh part of the tent and would not leave. The body was roughly the size of a softball and it was aggresive. Horrifying. The last time I went camping! At home we have a tent worm invasion every 5 or so years which can freak people who arent used to it out. They literally cover everything. Spraying them works best outside. My kids are pretty freaked out by bugs in the house so I am not looking forward to this summers invasion.

  189. Helen Stockwell says

    I was staying over at my parents place for the weekend and discovered they were having a Ladybug war in their house… they were crawling and flying everywhere. We worked all day to get rid of them and thought we had accomplished our goal… woke up the next morning and I had ladybugs all over my bed and in my hair… it made me jump out of bed and scream! It was the one time I was seriously considering shaving my head.

  190. Josie says

    The creepiest bug thing that happend to me was last year in Mexico. I was lying on a chair at the pool and my daughter screamed at me. I don’t even know what kind of bug it was but it was on my cheek. It was disgusting. I couldn’t feel it, thank goodness but I was completely creeped out the rest of our vacation. I couldn’t close my eyes anymore!

  191. says

    this one time i had woken up to go to the bathroom. and i looked up and there was a huge spider on my wall. i screamed but i had to pee real bad. so i made someone go get it. but my dad put it in a jar and then it was put in the pantry so everytime i looked at it i screamed. and i did the icky bug dance. it was so terrifying.

  192. Deborah Rosen says

    When I was 14, I had serious spine surgery and it was a couple of months before I would be able to get in and out of bed without help. I also had to wear a corset if I wasn’t lying down, which I did a lot the first few weeks after I got home.

    Well, one morning I woke up and thought I was having some kind of flashback to the heavy drugs I had been on in the hospital, because all around me on the bed were crawling things. Nothing was on me, in fact nothing was within one inch of me, but the rest of the bed was covered, and so was the wall behind my bed.

    Terrified, I didn’t care what might happen, I jumped up on the bed and literally jumped over the bugs to land on the floor and run, screaming, out of my room. My poor mother almost had a fit, I scared her so, and she, too, thought it was a hallucination, but it wasn’t.

    It was termites, swarming. Ugh, it creeps me out to tell the story.

  193. says

    I never minded Spiders, didn’t love them, but didn’t scream when I saw one. In act I would often scoop them up and move them outside when I found one in my house. Until one day, I saw this huge Spider in my tub as I was about to get in for a shower,. So I went to get something big enough to scoop her up and take her outside as usual. I forget what I got, but I went in and carefully trued to scoop her up, when I touched her, nine million (well maybe not that many) teeny-tiny baby spiders scattered everywhere, I mean my whole bathroom was covered. I had no idea that baby Spiders attached to their Mom’s legs. I screeched bloody murder and since then Spiders totally freak me out.

  194. says

    I was camping on the beach in San Felipe, Mexico. There was a full moon. I woke during the night, looked up and right on the tent above my face was a huge tarantula silhouetted in the moonlight. Yes, it was inside! I scrambled out in a hurry and took a moonlight beach walk until dawn.

  195. says

    My favorite bug story happened when I was a little girl. We had a wasp nest inside of an old hollow tree in the yard, and my dad is very allergice to stings. So we needed to get rid of it.

    I also had a dad who was a bit crazy :) His solution was to light fire works, and set them off up into the inside of the tree! Wow, right? That brought down a lot, but not enough. We then set a fire in the hollow at the bottom, and let the smoke go up into the tree to reach the wasps. That brought down more!

    We kept going, with crazier and crazier ideas, all night. By morning we had gotten rid of all of the wasps, and pretty much destroyed the old tree in the process. But I was SO proud of my dad for being so “smart” and fixing the problem.

  196. Kristen says

    My fiance and I just moved into our apartment a few months ago. Well, we have a 9 month old baby girl. We never really noticed any bugs inside our place, but we always noticed them outside… and in our daughters diaper! I didn’t think anything about it, just maybe she was playing with them (which was gross first of all) so I was cleaning CONSTANTLY! Well… long story short, there were no bugs in my house because my child was EATING them! As soon as I seen her eating one, I freaked and went straight to the ER, because I was not about to let her get sick by eating anything! Well she was fine, nothing poisonous or anything that could severly hurt her. Thank goodness! From here on out, I still clean constantly and she will NOT eat bugs anymore, I think she KNEW I was very scared!

    • Kristen says

      Let me remind you… she ate a JUNEBUG and was choking on it when I freaked out and went to the ER. Sorry I didn’t put that in the story!

  197. says

    My creepy bug story happened when I was about 8 years old. I woke up one morning and went downstairs to breakfast. Half way through my pancakes I realized I’d left my beloved stuffed dog upstairs. He needed breakfast too so I bounded back upstairs to grab him. As soon as I opened my bedroom door I screamed! My room was swarming with wasps! My dad had to come up, close himself in my room, and vacuum them all up. It turns out they had burrowed through the side of the house, nested in our attic, and burrowed through my roof. Had I woken up 10 minutes later they would have been swarming all over me! It was not a fun morning to say the least.

  198. cathy miller / rewcath says

    Usually everyone loves lady bugs and think they are cute. Not me, when my husband and I bought our first house it was way out in the woods, when the weather started to get warm a few lady bugs started to land on our sliding glass door to our deck – the mob of lady bugs grew and grew until in about a week the sliding glass door looked as it it was a curtain of lady bugs. Since then I have never been fond of lady bugs.

  199. says

    My icky bug story is from childhood. My sisters and I were all in elementary school at the time so that means we were 12 years and younger. I was the last to reach the table for breakfast and my mom was still cooking away. So when my sisters hadn’t finished their cereal I thought nothing of it and half-asleep poured myself a bowl. As I munched on the first couple bits I realized it didn’t taste quite right and my sisters were holding back their giggles. Then I looked into my bowl and saw that it was covered in weevels and flipped out. Then my mom flipped out and they were in trouble. UGH! Not too tasty of a breakfast.

    cindyloumagee at yahoo dot com

  200. Erin Walsh says

    I was at work one weekend, and I get a telephone call from my then six year old son. It seems that he and his dad, were outside and had somehow managed to irritate a swarm of bees. Being really smart, Alex didn’t even wait for his dad to tell him to run, he took off inside, grabbing the phone and closing himself in the bathroom, before proceeding to call me at work and calmly explain that his dad was outside with the dogs, fighting with bees and that he was all alone in the bathroom. And then looking out the window and describing what was going on.

    Luckily I worked closed to home, at a vets office and managed to rush home in about five minutes. By that time Alex’s dad and the dogs were also in the house, so we just decided to take the dogs back up to work to have them looked over for bee stings. They had never been stung before and we didn’t know if they might have a severe reaction. As it turned out, the dogs never even got stung, and neither did Alex, just his poor dad. The vet actually ended up doing temporary first aid on his wounds.

  201. Kayte CookWatts says

    I have a few stories- but I’ll go with the funniest.When I was about 12, we moved to a big house in Oregon and we were really excited. It was the first time ever we had our own rooms and a “kids bathroom.” Early in the morning, I got up to use the bathroom and started freaking out, screaming and slapping at myself. My dad rushes in, thinking I was being attacked. “There’s bugs- bugs everywhere!” I panted. My dad looked at me, perplexed. He didn’t see anything. “What do they look like?” “I don’t know, little,black-they are bugs!” My dad looked again, saw nothing and went back to bed. I went out to watch cartoons, thinking maybe I had imagined the whole thing. Twenty minutes later, I started yelling again, basically replaying the earlier incident with my dad, but this time he looked like he was doubting my sanity a little. “I’m telling you, there are bugs all over this house- and they BITE.” My dad went back to the bedroom and I could hear them laughing together nervously.
    Well, 24 hours later, my parents finally stopped teasing me and believed me. Turns out the house was invested with fleas- and I wasn’t crazy.

  202. Crystal F says

    I have so many that it’s hard to choose. I will go with some that happened last week. I’m in line at school picking up my girls. They get in the car and get buckled and then start screaming their heads off. There was a bee in the car. There was nothing I could do at the time because the line was moving. My girls are screaming and climbing over the seats, everone is looking at us like we are crazy. It was not fun. Then, two days later I’m in the line picking up my girls and the whole thing starts over. It’s a spider this time instead of a bee. I know everyone else in the line had to get a good laugh while I was having a small heart attack. You wouldn’t believe how loud these girls can scream.

  203. says

    As a child, my sister was terrified of all things creepy and crawly. If there was a slug on the ground she would stand paralyzed, unwilling to step over it because it might jump on her. One morning my mom was thwarted in her attempts to give my sister a shower by the audacity of a daddy longlegs taking up residence in our shower. My sister, looking like a daddy longlegs herself, braced against my mom’s attempt to shove her through the bathroom door by planting each hand and foot on the frame of the bathroom door. Later that year, we realized my sister’s fear of bugs was gone when she started eating ants; well, until one bit her tongue. Haha!

  204. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Very early one morning, while the kids, teenagers at the time, were still sleeping, I decided to take the opportunity for a long shower. I whipped back the shower curtain and found a huge, black, shiny spider!
    Shiny! (No really, like plastic, only it moved)

    I screamed like a slasher victim in a movie!

    One of the boys bolted out of bed and ran in. I could barely stammer out the word “spider.” He grabbed something and smashed the spider. My hero!

    Then I noticed my savior’s weapon against the monster—

    A VHS copy of “The Silence of the Lambs”

  205. Stephanie Baker says

    I absolutely hate spiders and I think it all started when I was 9 or 10. I was visiting my cousins at their house and we were running around playing outside. It was warm out and we went inside to get a drink of water. I filled my glass up and took a big drink of the refreshing cold water. Then as I was drinking, I looked down into my cup and I saw it…a big yucky daddy long leg spider!! So began my love-hate relationship with spiders…they love to find me and I still hate them LOL To this day I still look into my cups before I drink out of them.

  206. Annie says

    Oh. I was about 8 I think. It was time for bed, I was in my Pj’s and needed to run down stairs for something. I’ve no idea what. Anyway I hit the second step at the top and saw a little rock. I don’t know what I thought I would do with it, but I reached down and picked it up. It moved. I screamed. I am not and was not a screamer. I threw the bug (just a harmless waterbug). My parents came running. I told them what happened. My dad laughed. I wouldn’t go down the stairs. They made me. I still don’t like things that move unexpectedly.

  207. Patrice says

    My bug story happened very recently. I was watching tv and holding a big bowl of popcorn. I suddenly felt something crawling on my leg . I looked down and thought it was a roach. I jumped up so quickly in a panic that all of the popcorn in the bowl went flying. It was everywhere. It looked like an explosion had occurred in a popcorn factory. I looked down at my leg again and this time got a good look at the bug. It turns out that it wasn’t a roach, but was a stink bug. By now it had crawled onto my sock. I ran to the door, grabbing a magazine on the way. Once I got outside on the porch, I used the magazine to knock the stink bug off of my foot. Then I went back inside to clean up all that popcorn.

  208. Jennifer says

    While my husband was in graduate school we lived in a very old house up on the hill just down from the campus observatory. He worked up at the observatory most nights and he was working on this particular night. I was sitting in my chair watching TV, unaware that I had been invaded! I saw my cat acting strangely. He had his nose on the ground and he was walking around slowly not raising his head. I got up to investigate only to find that he was pinning down a HUGE spider. Think tarantula size spider. I quickly put an empty box open side down over it and put something heavy on the box. I don’t know why, maybe I though it was super-spider or something and could lift the box up. Anyway, I left the house and walked up to get my husband to help me remove said spider form my house. I got up to the observatory and asked nicely for my DH to accompany me back to the house to help. He rolled his eyes at me but came along. I moved the box and my DH jumped about 5 feet. It was quite funny. The spider jumped several feet into the air and started to climb the walls. We eventually caught the spider in the box and my DH threw the box outside and shut the door fast.

  209. Elaine Kontra says

    I have several I could use for this, as I too have a major fear of spiders and have my fair share of run-ins with them, but I chose one involving my daughter. My daughter was a little over a year old and had been walking for a few months so she was regularly on the go. While my house was baby proofed, apparently it was not cricket proofed. My daughter had been walking around making noise like always, then it got real quiet so I thought I better go see what she was doing. I found her at the end of the hallway sitting down turned towards the wall real quiet. I went up to see what she was doing and she turned away from me. I had to peek over her to see that she had a cricket in a death pinch between her fingers. I’m not really scared of crickets but it was really gross seeing it between her two fingers being squeezed so hard it looked like it was gonna pop. I managed to get it away and then I had to be real careful about teaching her what bugs are ok, because black widows and scorpions are common where I live. She is 10 now and still obsessed with bugs, but thankfully not spiders.

  210. says

    One night we came home from a party and the whole kitchen was full of ants. I thought “Oh My God” where did they all come from? They came from under the molding in front of the kitchen. I just started stomping my feet, trying to kill all those ants and I sprayed Raid. Then got the vacuum out and then mopped. That was gross.

  211. crystle tellerday says

    we were camping and i had a open can of soda on the table went to take a sip there was a yellow jacket wasp in my can and it stung me and my lip was swollen for over 2 hours

  212. Judy S says

    Unfortunately I grew up in a home that had all kinds of little critters, so now I am deathly afraid of them! If I see anything moving or crawling I instantly cringe! I would be so happy to win this so that maybe I can rid my fears of bugs!! :)

  213. Sarah Hirsch says

    I once opened the dishwasher to find it crawling with ants. It was the worst thing I had ever seen. I sprayed the whole thing with ant spray, and though I ran the dishwasher empty a few times, I worried for months about using our dishes, thinking we’d be poisoned by ingesting some of the ant spray. It was horrible.

  214. says

    I’ve never liked bugs, but my distaste for them wasn’t as bad until I moved from the dry deserts of California to the moist environment of Oklahoma. I’ve seen some of the largest, nastiest bugs ever out here.

    One night was rather humorous. It was late, everyone in the house was asleep. I came downstairs, already barefoot & in my pajamas, to use the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, behind me I heard a “thud.” Knowing no one else was up, I wondered what it could be. When I turned around, I saw a massive hairy spider sitting on the ground. It had to be at least 2″ long (with it’s legs). I still have no idea where it fell from to make such a loud “thud.” I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large jar. I put it over the spider, but then had to figure out how to get the spider IN the jar. After trying to get a paper under it, somehow the spider managed to sneak out of the jar. Several of the spider’s legs got cut off somehow (from squeezing out of the jar? I don’t know!). So, here was this spider crawling around with a huge body and just a couple legs. Talk about creepy. I eventually managed to get it picked up and flushed down the toilet. But, in the meantime as I was trying to catch it again, several other smaller spiders were crawling out from under the sink. I was seriously grossed out. After smashing them, I turned the light off and ran upstairs. It was rather hilarious to try to explain to my sister (who was laying in bed listening to me gross out at the spiders) what was going on. LOL. So, there is one “creepy story” :).

  215. Jeanette Jackson says

    Do spiders respond to CPR? Well, maybe. I was getting out of the bathtub and had pulled the plug to let the water out. I pulled down the towel from the bathtub curtain rod and as I did a spider fell off the towel and into the water. Without thinking I reached over and scooped the spider out and drained the water through my fingers. It was curled up in my palm and I just blew on it a couple of times then put it down on a small stool. After waiting about 5 seconds it uncurled its legs and walked away. Even stranger still is that I am an aracniphobe.

  216. says

    When I was 15, my stepfather was transferred to Texas. I’d grown up in Hawaii and was used to the cockroaches you described but was totally alarmed to discover that in Texas, they can fly. Also, in the summertime, there are plague-worthy swarms of crickets EVERYWHERE. Chirping and buzzing and ricocheting off of everything, including horrified teenagers. When I moved to Washington State in my 20s, I was pleased to discover there were significantly fewer creepy crawlies around. You could always tell which of my friends were Texas expats because they kept all of their food in the fridge, whether or not it needed to be kept cold…

  217. Emmy T says

    Nothing has happened to me, I just find them and put them outside, but my husband had a really gross experience. When he was 7, he woke up because his ear was hurting. Yup, his mom looked inside and found a big bug! She had to pull it out with tweezers. Gross!

  218. says

    My daughter LOVES to smash ants that make their way inside the house. She makes me smash the spiders though, and in turn, I call my husband if it’s a big spider! She also likes to play with worms…which I guess aren’t bugs, but it does show that she is a tomboy! We definitely have lots of spiders and ants around our house, though – we just kinda have to put up with them…I have to buy ant traps every year. oh, and mosquitos LOVE me. Seriously, no matter what I do, I always get bit. One time last summer, I got 12 (yes, 12!) and my husband got zero! I have learned that toothpaste and tape work well :)

  219. jennifer b says

    My creepy story is I was sitting here on the computer when a spider came down from the ceiling and landed in my eyelashes. I thought i was going to die for real

  220. Kristen M. says

    I’m not usually grossed out by bugs but when my daughter was one we rented a house that was infested with cockroaches (had we known, we wouldn’t have signed the rental agreement). Our neighbor sprayed the area every couple weeks however the cockroaches multiplied too quickly to get rid of them. During the day they would disappear but at night they covered the floors, particularly in the kitchen. It was so disgusting when I’d need to get up in the middle of the night to tend to my daughter. I learned quickly to have shoes nearby – and to check them before putting them on!

  221. linda lansford says

    Years ago we bought a home that had been sitting for a while, I saw a few bugs so I called an exterminator. After a treatment thousands of bugs started climbing out of hidding places, Still gives me the creeps.

  222. Barbara Fox says

    A few years ago we lived in a house out in the country with a cement front porch. The porch had a large crack in it. We were swinging in the swing on the porch when we saw a tick walking across the cement. Didn’t think too much about it. Then we saw one crawling up the side of the house. Kind of strange. Then we started looking around….there were HUNDREDS of ticks coming out of the crack in the porch! It was so horrible that I am shuddering as I am typing. Somehow my husband managed to use hairspray and a lighter and burn them all. EWWWWWWW!!!! I hope I never see that sight again!

  223. says

    I met my sister in Osan, Korea, because I was non=military we stayed in a hotel off base. I was in my room getting ready for bed and this bug that looked like some kind of a roach was at least 1 1/2 inches long went crawling up the wall. I tried to get it with a shoe and it ran so fast I got creeeped out and ran out of the room to my sisters and beat on the door and asked her husband Fred could come out because there was a bug big enough to ride in my room. He did finally get it but I fell asleep sitting up in the middle of my bed!

  224. says

    My favorite bug story involves our son, Joel. When he was in kindergarten, Joel developed a sudden fear of spiders. At night, he’d ask me to search his bedding for hiding spiders. I was to look on the walls and floors surrounding his bed as well. I rarely saw any spiders.

    When I did see a spider, it was usually tiny and non-threatening looking. They were clearly scared and would scurry away. Joel would almost hyperventilate with worry about these tiny spiders.

    Finally, I said, “Joel, a teeny spider won’t hurt you. They are too small to bite a big person.”

    He replied, “I’m not scared of spiders biting me when I sleep. I’m scared they’ll poop on me.”

    I never thought about spider poop until that moment. Thanks, Joel. Now every time I see a spider in our home, I have to wonder…

  225. Heather S says

    We moved from Florida to Georgia and we moved into a house with a big yard. The house was older but it looked ok. We unpacked and went to bed. I got up in the middle of the night as it was super hot and I was going to take a shower. I turned on the light and thought I saw something moving but wasn’t sure. I reached into the shower to turn on the water and saw the roaches well to be clear I saw the roach fly across the shower as it was on the shower head and when the water came out it shot it across to the wall. They were all scurrying to get out of the water and I was back peddling as fast as I could. Then I saw there were some in the sink and in the drawers. I was so completely disgusted. I turned off the shower and ran out of the bathroom. That house was a constant bug problem no matter how much we bombed it and sprayed. I hated being there and was scared to go to the bathroom at night for fear of another encounter. They say when you see a roach there are probably hundreds of others nearby…I believe them.

  226. Charity L. says

    When was a child, around 6 years old, I was staying with my grandmother in florida Florida is known for the palmetto bugs, or really big flying cockroaches. I had seen them once or twice when I had gotten up in the middle of the night and turned on the lights to the bathroom and I was scared of them because they wouldn’t run, they would fly toward you. That isn’t where my fear of them comes from though. I’m terrified of them because morning I woke up and when I went to stretch my arm, I opened up my palm and there was a dead, squished palmetto bug in my hand! Apparently it had crawled under my pillow that night and in my hand and I reacted in my sleep by crushing it to death. I was so freaked out all I could do was scream and cry. I never sleep with my hand under the pillow anymore and I can’t stand the sight of those flying roaches!

  227. Kyl Neusch says

    waiting in line for a boat, when some cockroach type bugs start to swarm all the people in line. Bad day.

  228. Heidi Gail says

    My first apartment was cockroach infested. They were so brave that they didn’t scatter when the lights came on. When I showered, they would fall off the walls into the slow draining water in the tub. If that wasn’t gross enough, at night they would fall off the ceiling onto the bed that I was in. It was a horrible experience.

  229. says

    The weirdest bug experience I ever had was when a cockroach ate my printer. My printer at work stopped working one day, and when I opened it up, there was a big roach inside. He apparently electrocuted himself chewing on the printer wiring. I work in a old (they like to call it historic) building in the deep south and unfortunately, we have a lot of bugs to contend with. I learned an expensive lesson out of this–I now spray my office with insecticide every week.

  230. says

    If you are looking for FUNNY stories I won’t tell you about the Brown Recluse Spider that bit my mom and eventually killed her (the toxins from it’s bit destroyed her organs… long story).

    Funny story? Humm… is there anything funny about bugs? Ewww… they are creepy crawlies and they give me the heebie jeebies just thinking about them.

    I have a few interesting stories. Like the time my cousin and I stepped on a hornets nest (that was NOT funny either), or the time we found a zillion ants in the closet in our rental home in Florida (and in our suitcases too!). Or worst yet the weird creepy crawly bug that ran across my bed right now.

    A GROSS story would be the time I ate a mouthful of ants!!!

    When I was a teen and living home with my parents I got a bad case of late night munchies. I rummaged around the kitchen in the dark so as not to wake anyone up, looking for something to eat. I found a package of cookies in the bottom cabinet. I opened it up (it was very dark) and grabbed a cookie and put it in my mouth. As I chewed it my mouth kept getting a horrible stinging feeling, like I was being stung a million times. I quickly spit the cookie out in the sink and turned on the light. What I found was BEYOND gross. Ants had some how made their way inside the package of cookies and were on the cookie I put in my mouth. What I was feeling was the ants BITING the inside of my mouth.

    Ewww! Ewww! Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    I also ate corn on the cob once and bit into a worm. I didn’t realize it at the time, not until I found the OTHER HALF of the worm still inside the cob.

    Are you ready to throw up yet? I sure am!!!!!!!! 😉

  231. Tina M says

    When I was young, I was sleeping over at a friends house. His mom was a bit of a hoarder. In the morning I went to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal. When I poured the box of cereal 2 big ole cockroaches poured out! I lost my appetite instantly !!

  232. says

    Once we were on a camping trip with about 25 high school students. I HATE bees, and am deathly afraid of them. Because there was a hive somewhere near our site, I spent the entire trip hiding in my tent – especially during mealtimes when they would come out after smelling our food. On my last night there (I had to leave early to come home), I took a bite of my salad, and felt the most horrible sting on my tongue. I spit out my salad, and a bee flew out of my mouth. My mouth and tongue were in so much pain, my eyes welled up with tears. A nurse was with us and said that there was no stinger in my tongue (thankfully), and gave me a popsicle to suck on. That did absolutely nothing. I drove home by myself that night with a migraine that lasted the entire night and whole next day. This experience did NOT help me get over my phobia of bees! I only wish I had RAID with me on that trip or that might have never happened at all!

  233. janna says

    When my hubby and I started dating, we were sitting outside talking in the summer. I noticed he was looking at my shoulder while I was talking and I looked down to see a HUGE beetle crawing out of my shirt. I started doign the panic dance and ran in the house striping down to nothing as I went! I was so scared and he thought it was HILAROUS. He had seen the bug go in my shirt but didn’t want to tell me because he knew I was scared of bugs.

  234. says

    My creepy bug story makes me get itchy all over just thinking about it! My husband and I had two Husky dogs that loved to go make friends at the local dog park. We went every day and let them run and play with the other dogs until one day, they brought home some extra “friends” in their fur…FLEAS! Unfortunately, we did not realize there was a flea problem until these little critters had completely invaded our home. They were everywhere – hopping on our skin, furniture, carpets. I’m talking total flea infestation. My husband, young son, and I were miserable and literally covered in itchy, bright red flea bites from head to toe. The dogs were scratching constantly, too.
    We had no idea what to do – who would have thought that humans would get a flea problem? Not us! In a state of frenzy, I went to the store and found the aisle of Raid products. I cried tears of joy when I saw the Raid Flea Killer Plus Fogger – and immediately bought several to take home to get rid of our bazillion fleas. We followed the simple directions and set the fogger to do its job and kill all the fleas and their hatchlings.
    Miracle of miracles, the Raid worked, and our flea infestation drama was over once and for all.
    I will never, ever forget how terrible and itchy those flea bites were for all of us. And I will always be grateful that Raid produces an effective solution for flea infestations – it truly saved our family from real-life nightmare! Thank you, Raid!

    • Nicole B says

      oops this tweet in comment #382 didn’t use the hashtag so I deleted it and retweeted with the hashtag and commented in #383 with the correct tweet link.

  235. says

    When I was a teenager visiting relatives in Paraguay, I went for a moped ride with my cousin. I was excited to be in a foreign land experiencing so many new things — especially the thrill of driving a moped without a license since it was not required there. I turned around to smile at my cousin who was riding a moped behind me. As I turned around I saw a tarantula on the moped fender crawling towards me.

    I panicked and started swerving back and forth as I drove — frantically trying to shake the tarantula off the moped. But to no avail. The big, hairy tarantula continued crawling towards me and was about to climb up onto my seat. I was so scared that I didn’t even think to stop the moped. I was actually speeding up — maybe thinking that I could outrun the tarantula?!?! Common sense was left behind in the dust.

    My cousin drove after me on his moped as I swerved all over the road. He commented “Crazy Canadian” as he chuckled and kicked the tarantula off my moped. The tarantula hit the tire and shot off into the air as we continued riding on.

    From that point on I closely inspected every moped before I rode it and also began checking my bed before getting in it and shaking my clothes before putting them on. I did not want to come that close to nature again.

  236. says

    WOW!!!! I would be freaked out!!!!!!! Your story brings back memories of my childhood. I have always been terrified of bugs. NOT thinking they would bite me or anything…but that they are SERIOUSLY gross, and I did not want them ANYWHERE near me. I would dodge bugs if I saw them in my path as I walked to my bus stop…and I would get up and walk away from a picnic table if one landed near me. I never really “FREAKED” per say…unless one landed ON ME…then I flipped out. It was rare, though, that an actual bug landed on me, so my freak outs were kept to a minimum, Until my big brother did what big brothers do best. He FOUND my weakness and used it against me. He would catch bugs to freak me out with…showing them to me and occasionally tossing them in my general direction…Laughing hysterically as I freaked out, jumped and ran. Well, the day came that I was to be married. My Big Brother, rather than giving us a wedding present, he gave my husband a little tid bit of embarrasing information about my bug weakness. It was about a year before my husband used the information…but he did, oh YES he did!
    We were painting our newly purchased home, and I was up on a 6 foot ladder. ALL THE WAY across the room was a large “wood roach” crawling on the wall. I was ok as long as it did not come near me. My hubby tried teasing me, but I maintained a level head and ignored him. UNTIL…he caught that roach and threw it on me!!!! He THREW it in my HAIR!!! OMG!!! I fell off the ladder barely landing on my feet and ran screaming bloody murder from our front door. He was laughing hysterically and I was horrified! I can onky imagine what my neighbors were thinking seeing me run from my front door screaming like a banche, hands both wildly rubbing my head, hair flying everywhere, trying to make sure that bug was GONE. Yes, I am still married to him 17 years later, but I will NEVER EVER forget that moment, when my husband became just like my big brother, if only for a moment. No WONDER those two are such good friends!!!!!

  237. Kathleen says

    I had just moved into a new apartment about 2 years ago. Apparently I had dropped a few crumbs of food on the floor and didn’t notice. I looked into my kitchen one afternoon and thought “What’s that black thing on my cabinets and floor?” Um yeah, it was a few thousand black ants. Took forever to spray and get them cleaned up. Still freaks me out to this day. YUCK!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  238. Heather M. says

    This past Fall my family and I discovered the horrendous “house centipede” had invaded our home. I was working from home one day and saw this absolutely disgusting-looking three-inch long thing with about a million legs RACING across our living room floor towards me. I was so freaked out, I jumped up and ran out of the room and called my husband to ask him what to do. Of course he told me to kill it, but by the time I got back in the room I didn’t see it, so I did my work from the kitchen for the rest of the day. My husband found it when he got home and killed it, then teased me mercilessly for the next few days, until he found one on the ceiling above our bed one night. I’ve since learned that they’re actually beneficial, as they kill other small insects that may be in the house. They look hideous though and still freak me out when I see them.

  239. Ashley S. says

    My daughter and I called my husband into the bathroom to rescue us from a thousand legger. He can in all tough and macho as we watched him go in for the kill. All of the sudden the thing ran up his pants and he screamed like a girl! SOOOO FUNNY!!!

  240. says

    I had a recent icky bug story. I was sitting on the couch holding my baby and felt something crawling up my leg. When I looked down, I saw that it was a little black spider with a little bit of red on its back. I am deathly afraid of spiders so I jumped up (ever so gracefully) and tried to kick it off my leg while still holding the baby. It fell onto the top of my foot. I had to wobble over to the sink and kicked my foot over the sink, and then turned on the water and the garbage disposal. That is one itsy bitsy spider I don’t think will come back up the water spout!

  241. says

    My 3 year old daughter is deathly afraid of bugs. She shrieks at the tiniest of them.

    A couple of weeks ago I meet her in the stairwell and the look of pure fear is welling up in her eyes. I can’t understand her words as she’s sobbing, but I understood her to say “A man is downstairs”.

    It’s 8 pm and the thought of an intruder now has my heart thumping uncontrollably. I was literally shaking as I push her behind me and make my way to peek around the corner.

    She then begins shrieking, “It’s there! On your shoe! There! Momma it’s on your shoe!”
    I remember exhaling when I realized what she had originally meant…

    “An ant is downstairs”.

  242. says

    OMG! just thinking about bugs and critters makes me crinch! ehhhekkkurhhhh!!!
    last year we had an ant infestation our entire home was being invaded by these lil guys and some were not so little! we bought all kinds of sprays to get rid of them, thank godness there were gone, then over easter guess what. our little friends came back to vist. i was cleaning up after easter that monday morning and i picked up one of the kids basket and to my horror ( gag) millions of these ants were crawling all over the basket,the candy, my kitchen table, the carpet…….. (gag) ewe!!! so i got the vaccum cleaning connected the attachement hose and suck’em all up with great joy, lol! bye-bye lil’ ants!!! i hope to never see them again! well at least outdoors is ok. 😉 lol!!

  243. Kristen says

    This honestly is my FIRST memory. I was about 4-5 years old and my family lived in Texas. Well, i went to my friend’s house to play. Her house had an enclosed, screen porch. Me and my friend were in that porch playing, when she had to go in the house for something. So i continued to play, by myself. Then all of a sudden, this HUGE scorpion came out of nowhere and started crawling toward me! I swear, it was stalking me. I was too little to reach the door to get into the house, so i started screaming my head off until her dad came out and swept it away with a broom. Like i said, this is my first memory, and i know i’ll NEVER forget it!
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  244. says

    When I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first child, my husband had to take a weekend trip away. So my mom came down to help me with things and keep over very pregnant me.

    While we were bringing in her luggage, I told her she had to come in the second back gate, because the first back gate had a visitor I didn’t want disturbed- a rather large spider.

    It was about as big as my fist and had decided to make it’s home on the gate latch! There was no way I was going to make it move, for fear I would be bitten (I had no idea if it would bite me).

    My mom insisted a MAN come over and deal with it, so my BFF’s husband (also a cop) was dispatched to my house where he was armed with some spray and something to smash it with. Ick!

  245. Ashley says

    My worst experience was the night I found a big black spider in my bathtime right before I was going to sleep. I had a panic attach over it and ended up shutting the door and putting something under the door and I went to bed. It was gone in the morning, thankfully!


  246. Dorothy Priess says

    At about 5:45 am, the sun was just coming in the horizon.
    I am heading out to my husbands Ranchero (car/pickup thing) to drive to work.
    I open the car door. I noticed a can of soda pop sitting in the cup holder with a small foot holding onto the can opening with a small thin whitish tail hanging out of the opening also. My first thought was to wake my husband and have him handle it, but it was really early so I figured I could handle it myself. Being the smart person I am, if I were to pick the soda pop can up and throw it in the trash can that was about 50 feet, I could be on my way. Needless to say when I picked the can up and started toward the trash can, (only took about 2 steps) I screamed and threw the can away from me as the mouse ran up my bare forearm. Not sure who was more scared the mouse or me. I had screamed loud enough that I woke my husband anyway, all he did was laugh after I retold him the story. We still haven’t figured out how the mouse was able to get into the truck, but realized that if it can fit into a soda pop can opening it probably can get into anything.
    I wasn’t too freaked out to go to work, but had to wash my hands and arms a few times.
    I sure wish they had a can of Raid that would repel mice.

  247. Monique Luetkemeyer says

    I worked in a psychiatric hospital in Seattle back in 2002. We were having a lot of problems with spiders and mice so the company called an exterminator. As I clocked in to my shift I saw a crew of men descending from a ladder completing the task. Later that night as my shift progressed I heard a screech com from the area of the front desk. I unlocked my unit door and poked my head out. The secretary was on her desk telling someone she “had to go” on the phone, and the charge nurse was stomping furiously. A large spider had fallen from the vent above the secretaries desk onto her head as she was taking a phone call. Laughing it off I thought nothing else of it until the patients started complaining of spiders coming from the vents too. It was like a full on scene from that bad 1990’s movie Arachnophobia. The staff and all the patients spent a good half hour killing spiders as they crawled from various vents. Thinking the trauma was finally over I lined up my unit of adolescent patients to take them to the cafeteria for dinner. While in line I heard screeches and screams coming from the girls. When I asked what was wrong they said there was a huge spider on the ceiling in the cafeteria. Thinking they were being a bit overly dramatic as teenagers can be I made a sarcastic comment, “It can’t be that bad,” as I turned the corner to see what all the fuss was about. Now let me just say that I do not, as a general rule, curse or use foul language but the sheer size of the spider that greeted me shocked me into letting some unsavory language escape. It was, quite literally, the biggest spider I have ever seen. That includes tarantula in the desert, those big orb weavers in zoo’s etc. It was larger than the old fashioned sprinklers which hung from the ceiling. It was about twice the size of my hand, including fingers. When a male staff member knocked it to the ground to kill it you heard it HEARD IT land and click on the linoleum trying to run away! The exterminators said it had been eating rats in the facility. RATS!!!!!! *shiver*.

  248. says

    Until I was 13, we lived in my grandpa’s basement. It was an old house and I can only imagine the ways cockroaches found their way inside. I still hate the crunch they make when you step on them and the guts oozing everywhere! My family was on a budget and as a result, for years my parents slept with their mattress and box spring on the floor.

    One night, shortly after my dad had had surgery on his knee, mom was asleep in bed when suddenly she felt something crawl into her ear…all she could think about was the Star Trek episode where aliens crawl into crew member’s ears and eat their brains or something nasty like that. She ran out to the living room where dad was sleeping because of his knee and handed him a pair of tweezers screaming that he get it out. Having just had surgery, Dad was very drugged and incoherent and to this day wonders what mom was thinking handing him tweezers to use in her ear, in his condition. He got as much of the COCKROACH as he could out and Mom spent ages in the shower.

    I think it’s safe to say she slept on the other couch for several days after this incident.

  249. beth says

    when i lived overseas a decade ago, my roommate and i used to go into the kitchen late at night. we would keep it dark until we were armed with the bug spray and paper towels…then switch on the lights and watch the cockroaches scurry as we blasted them. the spray saved us that awful crunching sound that occured when we had to smash them. i am so thankful to live in a cockroach-free home now!

  250. says

    I’ve been bug-phobic all my life. Scared to death of them. I went to a 4-H summer camp once and they had to call my mom to come get me by the third day because I was sick from no sleep at night – those cabins had spiders in all corners and I couldn’t sleep knowing they were in the room with me!

    But now that I’m a mom, I can’t show my fear as much. I don’t want my girls to see how scared I am. So most of the time I bravely kill any bug that gets into our home while my girls cower behind me.

    Once my older daughter saw a smallish, fat spider near our front door. Crying, she begged me to get rid of it. I put on my brave face, grabbing a shoe and remarking, “Oh, it’s just a little spider. Nothing to get so upset over!”

    But apparently that spider was about to be a mommy spider, because when I hit it with a shoe, hundreds of teeny-tiny spiders poured out of it and scattered in every direction. At that point I screamed and jumped back, horrified at having my single enemy transform into hundreds of feared bugs. My daughter then screamed even louder from my reaction. I didn’t know what to do at that point – keep hitting them with a shoe or leave them for a moment to find bug spray?

    I frantically swung the shoe at as many as I could as I still screamed, my fear kicking in a fight-or-flight battle response that momentarily squashed my squeamishness as I squashed the baby spiders. There’s no way I got them all, and I spent the next week hunting baby spiders in every dark corner of my house.

    I can laugh at it now, but seeing that spider erupt into a wave of little spiders felt like something out of a horror movie!

  251. DEBIJOT says

    My daughter was almost nine months pregnant when this bug story occurred. She and her husband were sitting on the couch at her mother-in-laws house. The in-laws and her husband’s grandfather were also in the room. It was in the evening, the lights were low and they were watching a movie. Now the house is lovely, but very isolated in the woods. Creepy crawlies have been known to sneak in. As they were watching the movie, my daughter felt something creep across her shoulder. She stood up and screamed “Spider, Spider – very loud and long. The grandfather stood up and screamed, “?&^% She is in labor!” (This is a grandfather who never cusses.) Her husband starting laughing and told everyone it was his fault, as he had just put his arm across the back of the couch and graced her shoulder. (She did go into labor the next day, still not sure if the previous evening attributed to this or not.)

  252. Suzanne K says

    My daughter was about 4 and already not liking spiders. One night, she screamed from the living room about a big spider on the floor. I was doing something and figured it wasn’t such a truly big spider so I told her to get up on the couch and that I’d be there in a minute. When I went it, I realized that she wasn’t kidding! It was huge… a large tarantula was crawling across our living room floor! Poor kid! No wonder she was screaming. I gently ushered it out onto the patio and then went in to calm my daughter and apologize!

  253. Eileen says

    I was always the Tom Boy….the 4th of 4 girls in a family of 9 kids. My brothers seasoned me well. I could slay an animal while hunting, catch tadpoles in the creek, lose my footing in a pasture full of (well, you know) and even “feed” the spiders that inhabited every corner of the grain room by tossing flies into their “nets”. I could mostly handle all the work and dirt every little prank and dastardly deed my brothers could dish out on the farm. Except one. We lived in an old farmhouse where the wind squealed through the crevices of the old windows, and so too, BEES. Honeybees set up residence in the walls and hornet and wasp nests clung from under the soffits. One day my brother (#4 I lovingly call him) came into the bedroom as my sister and I snoozed on a summer morning. He didn’t appreciate the fact that he was up at the crack of dawn to feed out the calves and help milk . I remember him telling (not ASKING) us to get up and cook some breakfast. I rolled over and replied something I am sure I heard on Happy Days (a show most of you wont remember because it was a zillion years ago). He went to the window and grabbed a lazy hornet and flung it at me. (now this is a guy that is deathly allergic to bees but he was THAT mad at me). The “dead” hornet stung me on the chin and promptly landed in my PJ top. I jumped out of bed and peeled off my top and screamed out to the bathroom. My dad came running up the stairs, as parents of 9 kids who hear screaming like that usually have broken something or need stitches. He was so mad at ME for giving him the fright of his life but DID ground my brother. Ever since then I am TERRIFIED of bees and unfortunately have passed this fear onto my kids. You can bet our windows are tight in our house and I keep bee killer lined up on our garage shelf, in our back porch for the “bee season”.
    (And just so you know, “#4” never EVER was mean to me again and grew up to be the most loving father to his 3 kids).

  254. says

    I used to live in Northern Queensland where a lot of sugarcane is grown. Along with the cane come cane beetles that feed off the cane. They are HUGE. They fly. They stink. When one flies into you, it is like getting hit with a rock. At least, I think it was cane beetles, you can’t see them at night.

    In order to control the beetles, cane toads were introduced to Australia to eat the beetles. Like most invasive species, the cane toad has no natural predators in Australia. Moreover, it releases a venom when it is attack that kills just about everything that tries to eat the toad…

    Although I love N. Queensland, there is no shortage of bugs…

  255. Tiffany Wilson says

    The most entertaining stories of my life always start with me trying to do the right thing. I was volunteering at the Georgia Special Olympics Summer Horse Trials. In that environment, we are no strangers to bugs. On the second evening, after all the stalls were cleaned and all the horses fed, I got into my car and was waiting for our team coach. She was standing with my passenger door open (so the interior light was on) giving directions to the rest of our volunteers. As she’s doing this a GIANT locust flew into the car!
    I was kind of frantically looking around for it, but I’m a VERY calm person so I’m not saying anything. As she puts one foot in the car I say, “Wait! There’s a big-*$$ locus in the car!” She proceeds to get in and close the door, then looks at me and says, “What?” Incredulous, I reply, “There’s a BIG-*$$ LOCUST IN THE CAR!!!” (Imagine a shrill screeching). She responds, “Really? Where?” and at that EXACT moment it lands on her thigh. Not skipping a beat I say, “There.”
    Next thing I know, the passenger door of my car is violently thrown open, my friend is literally sliding, in slow motion, head first out of the car, screaming, “OH HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL NO!!!”
    By now I’m laughing so hard I can’t see the locust any more for the tears streaming down my face. And, as retribution for my gaiety, the instant her butt contacts the ground, the locust leaps onto my lap. So, I squeal and throw myself to the ground through the driver’s side door.
    After recovering from our hysterical laughter, convinced that the locust is now safely dispactched from the car, we climb in and head on our way. We hit the interstate and, “Bzzzzz!’ right over our heads! A few seconds later, “Bzzzzz!” in the other direction! The stupid locust is STILL in the car! So I’m driving and rolling the windows down, screaming at my friend to “shush it out! shush it out!”
    We finally make it to the hotel parking lot, thankfully only one exit down, and the thing has the audacity to sit right in passenger side window frame looking at us! My friend grabs her clipboard and prepares to flick it out of the window. Just as she makes her move… the stupid thing leaps to the back seat!
    We safely escaped the car, that night, but I swear that locust lived the rest of his days in there and his carcass is probably still somewhere in that car! Well, I was never satisfied with the vehicle after that so I got a new one the past Christmas. It was the only way to escape the trauma!

  256. says

    I think the funniest and creepiest thing that’s happened to me in regards to bugs is pretty much just living where I live. I will never forget the first time that I saw a camel cricket after moving to Tennessee. I come from Chicago where they don’t exist, and if you’ve ever seen one you know they look like monsters. They look so much like monsters, I dubbed them “Monster Crickets” until I learned their true name. They’re ugly, they jump like crazy and they terrify me!!!

  257. Jacob says

    My wife is madly afraid of crickets. I’m not sure why but they terrify her. She starts screaming and running and I usually have to catch it. She seems to be afraid they will hurt her somehow and she is even protective of our boy from these killer crickets.

    Well, one day when our boy was 1 I heard a scream from the other room and my wife was in there paralyzed with fear because there was a cricket between her and out boy and she did not know what to do. She called me in because this dangerous cricket was viciously keeping her from her boy and I think she was afraid it might turn on him as well. So I walked in a picked up the cricket and cupped it in my hand and reminded her that crickets can’t hurt you and she just responded what if it did something to our boy.

    At this point we heard a crunching noise and looked. I guess a second cricket was in the room and tried to “go after” our boy who quickly ate the cricket. I turned to my wife and said “I think he’ll be fine.”

  258. says

    We were camping October 1st-3rd 2010 in Bowling Green KY. The last day of camp we began taking the tent apart and our son River who had just turned 5 years-old said “Look Mommy, I see an ant!” We knew it might not be an ant because River had gotten into the habit of calling every insect he saw an ant. However, we didn’t expect it to be the biggest freakin’ SPIDER that I have ever seen outside of a zoo or pet store tarantula.


    I snapped a photo of it (above) and then tried to throw a quarter down to take a picture showing size comparison. The spider was bigger than the quarter, but got scared and ran under the ground tarp to our tent before I could get a another snapshot.

    We never found that spider, but I was looking really hard while putting our tent away. My wife is scared to death of spiders, so I’m glad we found it on the last day. I doubt she would have slept in the tent if she knew a creepy eight-legged were-wolf spider was lurking beneath.

  259. Allison says

    MIne is short and sweet..err…no thats not it..short and creepy. For me at age 5, I was afraid of crickets. I would panic and go hide in my parents bed. One night I heard a cricket. It sounded close but I couldnt tell where it was coming from. I started to get up to look for it and found it sitting on my pillow UNDER MY HEAD!!! IT CRAWLED IN BED WITH ME! I made my dad chase it around for like 30 minutes in the middle of the night. I was terrified!

  260. Ginny Williams says

    reading all the stories has caused a bad case of the creepy crawlies. ewwwww
    okay I actually have two stories that have forever traumatized me from EVER liking bugs or spiders.
    My first one: We were living in Tennessee when I was about 7, we were in a single wide trailer in a wooded area. The family was sitting around watching a program on tv and my sister got up to go down the hall to the bathroom. She had just started down the hall when she comes running back in a panic. Once dad calmed her down a little, we were able to get out of her that there was a HUGE spider with 20 legs crawling up the wall. Me being the big sister told her I would go get it out of the house ( I was not scared of spiders then). so I head down the hall and see where this HUGE spider with what looked like 20 legs were crawling up the wall. I swear, it was the size of my fist. It was going very slowly up the wall. I swear it turned and looked at me. I backed up and screamed. I went back to the living room told them it was as big as my hand and it had hair all over it, my mom let out a big sigh and said “now girls, its just a spider, we’ve seen them before” I kid you not, she saw this spider and yelled for my dad. I think my dad was even worried by now that this might be something else he needed to worry about. He headed down the hall with a mason jar, and I remember crying that he needed to stay with me, that the spider might eat him.
    I heard him say “holy crap, what the hell is that?” my little sister is hysterical and saying that she is moving away from here. My dad goes outside to the shed and walks back in with spider killer spray, He must have sprayed half the can on this thing. it would hit the ground and start back up the wall. after 4 attempts, dad goes back to the mason jar and manages to scope it into the jar and takes it outside. I followed to make sure this thing didnt eat him I’m sure, or maybe it was morbid curiosity. He dumps it out of the jar and picks up a rock that he needs two hands to pick up. He drops it on this spider. the rock started to move. This thing would not die. My dad finally put it back in the mason jar and took it down to the river and let it float away on a stick .
    we have NO idea what kind of spider it was, it was big, it was hairy, and it was a determined bugger that it was NOT going to die. I think of that thing everytime I see a spider. I dont do well with them, I will let anyone else get spiders out of my house.

    My second experience was oddly enough, in Tennessee as well. I was older,about 11 now. As a family, we go camping every year, sometimes frequently. We went to one of our favorite places in Tennessee. My sisters and I were sleeping in the tent outside of our camper (just like we always did). My sister woke up crying, and I asked her what was wrong. she told me something bit her. I grabbed the flashlight to see what it could be. I freaked out on her when crawling all over her pillow were TICKS, thousands of them. she pointed to my pillow and I could see the same thing. By now, my parents were awake, they could hear us squealing. as they were unzipping the tent to see what was wrong, I noticed a ticklet underneath my waist long hair. My mom was the first to see that my neck line was crawling in ticks. I was yanked out of the tent, as were my sisters. The three of us were soaked down by a hose at 11pm to try to get these ticks off of us. were were then taken into the small camper and physically checked for additional ticks that may have burrowed into the skin. I was the only one with ticks that had taken hold. we packed up that night (threw out the tent and bedding inside) and went home, there was not going to be any sleeping outside for years. I WILL NOT sleep on the ground since that night. I have to be up on a cot at the very least. I was never so glad to move from that state to a climate that doesnt have ticks

  261. Sara says

    Okay, so years ago when my ex and I were still together we lived in a really crappy part of town in the cheapest rental we could find, in SOUTH FLORIDA. So, as you can imagine, all sorts of bugs were continually breeding and waltzing in and out of our apartment. We had a horrible problem in particular with roaches…. One night, my ex is in the recliner and I am sitting across from him watching TV in the dark after the kids were asleep. I see a roach on his shoulder.
    “Honey!” I say “theres a freaking roach on your shoulder!”
    He freaks and reaches for it and IT RUNS INTO HIS EAR! My ex was in a complete panic! he could hear it scritching and feel it wiggling but we couldn’t get it out. My ex bangs his head, shakes it, gets in the shower to fill his ear with water and try to flush it out. Then he tries a q-tip but tha only pushes the thing against his eardrum and causes intense pain. So my e is standing there with a COCKROACH in his ear canal, smushed up against his ear drum wiggling its antennae and legs trying to get out. My ex says lets try to smoke him out. So, I sit there, blowing cigarette smoke into his ear which actually DID kill the roach …. we had to go to the ER to get the roach out… turns out, it was stuck in a hunk of ear wax in his ear.

  262. Mia says

    My mom FINALLY worked up the courage to kill a Daddy long legs spider. Well, daddy was a mommy cuz when she hit it with her shoe, hundreds of lil babies went running out all over. SMy mom lost it! I had to run, get the bug spray and kill them all while she breathe into a brown paper bag.

  263. Laura Lee says

    One time I sittin outside mind my own business when I see a big spider drop by my head. I start screamin and jumpin up. I think I’ve gotten away from it when My sister yells its on you. At that point I was ready to rip my own boddy parts off to get that thing off me. I’m running and screaming like a crazy lady trying to get that thing off me. I watch very carfully now when sitting outside.

  264. says

    I was about 10 years old and I remembering being in my Grandpartents driveway. We were getting ready to go home after a visit. It always took forever to actually leave because my Grandmother and my mom always had to get one more thing, or say one more thing and them someone had to go to the bathroom and so on. I was sitting in our big read truck and I decided I wanted some gum. I grabbed a stick of gum without looking at it (it was Juicy Fruit), took off the wrapper and popped it in my mouth. I took the first chew and it was bitter and my tongue started to feeling like it was on fire. I yelled and as I opened my mouth my sister screamed that my mouth was full of ants. I freaked out and tried spitting them out as they bit my tongue. Of course all of the grownups came running outside. My Grandma and mother started laughing once they figured out I was fine. To this day I can still taste those ants and I check my food all the timw to make sure I don’t eat any bugs.

  265. renee says

    I remember being at my sister’s house many years ago and getting several years taken off of my life thanks to a frightening creepy creature. My family and I were watching television when one of us spotted a nasty looking spider near the front door. My brother-in-law, who is always up for a quick game of stomp and drag in the presence of an arachnid, grabs his sandal and closes in on his unsuspecting (or so he thinks) prey. He says to my sister and me, “Come look at this thing! I’ve never seen a spider this big!”, and for some reason, in a moment of insanity, we actually get up to go look at the spider. I know it sounds crazy, but this is true: that spider jumps straight up in the air from the floor like it is trying to attack! My sister and I scream and scare my young niece half to death as we leap onto the couch and cower. The spider is jumping toward my brother-in-law, who has dropped his sandal and is trying to bat the spider out of the air with a hat. The spider continues to leap, my sister and I continue to scream. Finally my brother-in-law traps the creature under the hat, and with eyes as big as saucers, he dispatches the attack spider. This happened over ten years ago, and we still shudder when we talk about that strange, hopping spider from hell that even scared my brother-in-law, a military veteran who saw war time!

  266. says

    On the happy family vacation we took annually to the Californian Sequoias : Our tradition before we leave is to always visit the creek to collect rocks and objects to remember the trip!

    I was only 4 years old excited to find a good rock. So I happily dunk my hand into one of the creek’s deep puddles grasping onto a handful of “rocks”. A scream soon followed because not only had I disturbed a giant black creature’s dwellings but it looks as if all his bug-friends & family ended up in my grasped hand!! It quickly became apparent that the twigs, floating black things in the puddles were bugs and spiders all around me. I cried and cried as I realized nature is a horrible place.

  267. says

    Last summer I jumped in the car to drive down to the corner to get a couple of Slurpee’s for the kids. I barely got to the corner when I swear I felt something on my head. I brushed my head and the feeling went a way when I leaned to the side and grabbed my purse and sat back there was the biggest ugliest spider coming down right in front of my face. Almost landed on my nose!!!
    I swatted it and it landed on the steering wheel and tried to run around it… Mind you I’m driving the car. I slammed on the breaks and it flew to the window. I grabbed the closest thing I could find…. my Money and I slammed it against the windshield. Now I got spider guts all over my $. I went inside and put it on the counter and mentioned the story briefly to the man behind the counter as he laughed while I told it. He picked up the money and pretended to lick it. Yes you can say it…. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Thankfully he took my money and I bought slurpee’s but I didn’t drive home until I inspected the car.

    Does anyone know if raid has anything for spiders in a car??!! we get them a lot here.

  268. Doris C says

    When I was about 14 we went camping to British Columbia and after days of travelling on a forestry road we stopped at a campsite and of course they just had outhouses, we had arrived at around 10pm so my Mom, sister and I went together to the out house with a flashligh and next to it was a young guy camping all by himself so I was kind of watching him and my Mom said shine the flashlight in here and as Iooked up I seen a spider that looked like a black widow and was about the same size and because of the light he started moving down at first my Mom thought I was joking but when she looked up and seen it she ran out of the outhouse with her pants down right where the young guy was camping!! He caught it and gave it to the ranger who confirmed that’s what it was!! He said someone probably dumped it there. No more outhouses for us and we made my Dad move at 2am he was not happy!

  269. Sarah S says

    I was living in Japan, and my husband was out to sea. It was the middle of the night, and I couldn’t sleep, so I was cleaning my house. I walked into the living room and on my wall was the biggest centipede I had ever seen (Okay, I had never seen a one before), it was at least 8 inches long. I started screaming and freaking out, so I called my Dad back in the states to ask what to do. He tells me just to smoosh it with a paper towel. NO WAY am I going to get anywhere near that bug. So finally he tells me I can vacuum it up. Great plan, I have a brand new vacuum with a long hose attachment. He gets sucked up like a charm. But then I realize I have a giant centipede living in my brand new vacuum. So I ride the elevator down (I must have been quite a site in my cleaning clothes in the middle of the night holding a vacuum canister as far away from myself as I can). I go out into the courtyard and open the lid to release him and I shake it out, but he isn’t in there. I’m looking around for him, maybe he jumped out when I took the lid off. Finally I find him, he is on the lid I’m holding, nearly touching my hand. I scream a blood curdling scream, throw the canister as far as I can and run back up to my apartment. Later the next day I went down and had to find my vacuum parts, but luckily there was no sign of the giant gross bug. To this day I still shudder when I think of that centipede.

  270. Steve W. says

    One day at work I was walking down the hall towards my office and a female co-worker was in front of me. She saw a big cockroach on the floor coming towards her. She turned around and just about climbed over me to get away from it.

  271. Loi says

    It was the spring of 1990 and I have been having labor pains for about 4 hours. I decided to shower and then wake my husband and told him he needed to get ready it was the time we had waited for. I went downstairs with my bag and decided to tidy up the house while waiting. I flipped the light in the kitchen and low and behold a stinky cockroach went under my fridge. Well no mother is going to leave a house with a two year old with a cockroach. ( I knew there were several but until I would see them, they could stay) This was no ordinary roach, we were living in Hawaii out by the sugar cane fields. These roaches averaged 4 inches in length. Try as I might the roach was just out of my roach was just out of my reach, belly and all. There was only one solution, move that fridge. And so I did, it was on, it was me or the roach and frankly at 9 months, I knew I had him on size. I moved the fridge some, he went deeper., I moved it out and here he came, I missed. He went for cover one last time so I moved the fridge back and he had no where to go, he was mine. I was the queen of killing fast roaches. My husband came down just as I was moving the fridge in place and he asked what in the world I thought I was doing moving the fridge, after I explained the story, he rolled his eyes and said to remind him the next time we got in a fight to surrender, there was no way to win when I was determined.

  272. sasha says

    This past summer while driving my daughter to a Doctors appointments she starts hysterically panicking in the back seat. I finally turned around when she unbuckeled her seat belt and reached for the door while in motion. “what are you doing” I yelled at her “there’s a huge spider and it’s crawling on me she was crying. I pulled over the car and we got out to investigate sure enough there was a HUUUUGGGEEEE SPIDER but it was still in her hair which insued her running away. Finally after catchignher and killing it she still refused to get in the car she had to ride in the front seat to that appointment and home. Nice right lol…sasha

  273. says

    My bug story is a Christmas bug story. We have always lived in apartments and never had a real tree. One year we decided to get a real tree. Oh it was wonderful, the smell of pine, it was so christmasy. The one morning I noticed all these little flies, teeny little flies EVERYWHERE. All over the walls and windows. After freaking out and enlisting hubby’s help we killed them all. Until we went to take the tree down and all of a sudden we had thousands of them again!! Apparently they were hibernating in the tree, as it warmed up the first load came out and when we took it down the rest of them came flying out it it like some crazy bug horror movie. We had to wash the walls and windows because although blood is is red and christmasy, smears of dead bug blood on my walls did not add to the decor. Needless to say we stick with artificial trees since!

  274. Melissa Chase says

    here is my bug story that I now think is funny…. I was driving down the road with my two kids in the backseat and as I turned to go down the road from a red light…a spider came down on his web from nowhere and landed on my NOSE!!!! Now since you dont know me I am completely terrified of spiders! I decided to hit the spider off of my face and as I did I must have pulled the steering wheel because I than promptly hit a fence and did 5,000 dollars worth of damage to my car but of course the kids and I were fine! I now check around the car for spiders before I get in and that was over a year ago!!! LOL I also will never live this one down. At every family gathering it is …..remember the time Melissa hit the fence because of a spider?? UGH!!! :)

  275. Janet brown says

    Here is my bug story….
    I moved to nc from co two years ago. For those of you that have been to the south you know bugs thrive down here. Well, my husband was away at a military school so I had to close on our house and move us in by myself. My first day at the house, with no furniture or anything I may add – just me and my son, I started seeing the awful dreaded cockroaches. I started killing them and told myself that I would call the bug people the next day. Well, I went into the bathroom and that’s when o saw it. This crazy looking, long legged bug. I didn’t know what it was but I told myself I could do it, kill it I mean. I moved towards it with shoe in hand and that’s when it jumped towards me. I screamed and ran. I immediately called the bug people and explained in a crazy person tone that I needed them now bc of this crazy bug. They finally understood the emergency and came over after I told them I would pay extra. Lol. The name of the bug is a camel cricket to anyone that wants to look it up.

  276. Timbo says

    Heh heh, the worst time was when my gal and I took off to visit San Diego for a short little vacation and we had made sure to dot all our I’s and cross all our T’s, and basically make sure everything was in order before we left. Unbeknownst to us, we had, um.. forgotten one or two things. When we got back, we walked in the door, turned on the living room lights; no problem. We went to go put our stuff away and she went to wash her face and use the restroom. She turned on the light in there, and there were about 20 cockroaches piled up on a spilled soda bottle that we had forgotten had been left in there. Needless to say, it was an interesting night of extermination and decontamination 😉

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com