Tackle It Tuesday — What to do with all those Valentine Candies…

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackling all those Valentine’s Candies and Chocolates!

Valentine Candies and Chocolates

What to do with all those Valentine candies?

Did your kids come home with a box or bag full of Valentine candies and chocolates? Mine did!

Jackson had a fun idea for his candy — use it to decorate a Valentine cake.

Since the poor little guy had bought 5 dollars worth of Cake Walk tickets today at school and hadn’t won the cake he bid on, I conceded and began baking a cake at 7 pm when I should have been having him finish his homework while I put Olivia to bed. But what can I say? I am weak and sentimental!

So my kids were up way too late as I tried to get Jackson to do his homework, while the cake baked!

Tackle it Tuesday - Homework Time

Homework Break

Then, after it cooled and I got Olivia to sleep, Jackson decorated his cake — while I took photos.

Tackle it Tuesday - Valentine Cake

Jackson decided he wanted a triple layer cake!

Tackle it Tuesday - Valentine Cake

And he was very particular about decorating it all by himself...

Tackle it Tuesday - Valentine Cake

We both consumed much icing!!! (Real Butter Cream! YUM!)

Tackle it Tuesday - Valentine Cake

Did I mention homemade butter cream icing???

Tackle it Tuesday - Valentine Cake

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tackle it Tuesday - Valentine Cake

He had eaten so much while we made it, he ended up only eating half his piece!

Jackson fell asleep after 10pm, while I sat in his room uploading the pictures from our impromptu cake making session. It was a little crazy and a little stressful because I had him up way too late. But, in the end, it was a sweet Valentine night that I am sure both of us will always remember.

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Wishing you Happy Tackling!

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  1. says

    Thanks for putting this up for me! As soon as I get the linky to load (has anyone else been having trouble with these the past day or two?) I will link up.

    I wanted to let you know too, that your image above is spelt incorrectly. You have 5minTUesformom instead of minutes. I would want someone to tell me. : )

    Happy Tacklin’ Tuesday!

  2. says

    You’re such a great mom! That cake looks delicious and your Jackson is going to be a heartbreaker, if he’s not already! My youngest is in 4th grade and they already have boyfriends/girlfriends. I bet your Jackson is going to have all the girls swooning over him.

  3. says

    Thats such a gorgeous idea for left over candy! I found your blog when Iw as looking for a Tuesday meme, so I will be following as it looks like an awesome blog!

  4. says

    my baby girl licks the floor. it’s like an addiction with her. so my tackle-it-tuesday was to clean the floor. however, i started off with a smaller goal in case i didn’t accomplish this bigger goal (because i like to keep my expectations low). that small goal was to wash my kitchen sponge. there are two best ways to wash a kitchen sponge, which i share at the end of my blog. anyways, long story short, i didn’t accomplish the bigger goal… oh well. but i did accomplish the smaller goal! yay ME!


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