“Recharging” in the New Year…

How have YOU been recharging this New Year???

Moms are like batteries.

We are essential, but too often taken for granted.

Everyone expects us to be there, ready when we they need us. But we run out of energy, eventually.

We need recharging.

sleeping-woman-pillowsAs Rayovac bloggers, Susan and I have been far more aware of batteries the past few months then we usually are. I mean really, how often does one regularly sit down and think about batteries?!?

Most often, we don’t give them any thought until we are searching through the closet, fuming, “Why didn’t anyone notice we were out of batteries!” or fumbling in the dark during a power outage only to find burned out flashlights.

But even as much as I have been thinking about batteries this winter, I still find myself never having enough! In the past month, I have had to “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” — stealing batteries from a remote control to power the Wii remotes, and had to hand back a burned out flashlight to Olivia, saying, “Sorry honey, the batteries are dead.” (Thankfully, I have been investing in rechargeable batteries, which is definitely helping in the battery department!)

Which brings me back to me, back to moms.

I know I need to look after myself. I know I need to recharge.

But I still find myself empty some days, neglected and needed.

So this week, I had to recharge. So I have slept. And slept. And slept.

And I can feel the energy returning. I can see the green light turning back on.

But I was wondering… What about YOU???

TELL ME: How have you been recharging???

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Written by Janice, co-founder of the Mom Blog, 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    I probably SHOULD sleep and sleep. I haven’t been, but I have been re-charging all the same.

    This year I chose a theme word, and it’s “space”. I’m claiming space for myself in my own life. I find that by just taking 5 minutes here and there to do something that makes me feel good, I’m re-charging my batteries.

    • says

      Good for you Amber!!! As moms we do have to have a healthy mindset and live in the moment – since we usually don’t get huge chunks of time to recharge!

  2. says

    I have been extremely sluggish and slow to wake this week, so last night, I made myself get in the bed at 8:30 and I read for about 45 min and I feel MUCH better today. Not back to normal, but I thought if maybe I went to bed at 7:30 like the girls, maybe I could wake up at chipper as they do!

  3. says

    I’ve been recharging at the gym. It’s my ME time…it’s music and running time. My gym is new and feels like a spa. I feel good even driving in the parking lot.

    3-4 times a week, that hour is MINE.

  4. says

    YES! I agree, moms need recharging. We pulled an allnighter with a sick little one and I haven’t been able to recharge yet — until this morning. A 5 a.m. workout with a personal trainer that kicked my butt! Boy did I need that! Now I need a nap! LOL

  5. says

    I’ve been the energizer bunny for the last decade -my daughter will be 10yrs old in two weeks- and have taken very little if any time for myself. Unfortunately, now I find myself completely bed ridden with a herniated L5 disc in my lower back.

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