Win a Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

Moms do a lot of printing. There is a lot in our lives that requires printing – photos, schedules, kids’ homework assignments, scrapbook pages… the list goes on.

So we need a good printer. Make it an all-in-one printer that saves us money on printing, and we are really good to go!

When I saw the Kodak EasyShare Printers and their low-cost ink refills featured on Celebrity Apprentice, I thought, “Now, that is a product moms can really appreciate!”

At the time, we were working with Kodak on our giveaway of an EasyShare camera. So, I suggested to Kodak that you all would love an All-in-One Printer giveaway for Mother’s Day. They agreed and here we are!

kodak-esp3.jpgWhen I received the Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer to review, I was more than excited. Printing that is less expensive sounds really good to me!

Setting up the Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer is easy and intuitive and the manual quickly walks the user through it. (Although, because my old printer used a parallel port, I didn’t have any USB printer cables on hand. Since it was 10pm, I had to wait until the next day to buy a USB cable before I could set up the ESP 3.)

Once I got it up and running, I was really impressed with the quality of the prints. I chose a shot with vibrant colors to test the quality of the photo printing and I was shocked with how bright and crisp the photo came out. It was worthy of a scrapbook page for sure!

I love the convenience of having an all-in-one printer that can copy, print and scan. I seem to always need to make copies or scan items. The ESP 3 offers one-touch color copying without a PC. That will be a very handy feature – I won’t have to use my fax machine to make copies anymore. And the high definition CIS scanner is capable of scanning several images at once and automatically saving them as separate files – now that is a cool, time saving feature!

The Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer also comes with image enhancement features which can be great for users who don’t use photo programs like Photoshop to enahce their shots. (I am addicted to editing my shots in Photoshop, but for a quick alternative, these features are cool.)

The Kodak Perfect Touch Technology analyzes the color and tone in an image to create fewer dark shadows, more vibrant colors, and richer details with red eye reduction and color restoration.

The Facial Retouch Feature is a quick way to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and enhance facial features. I usually do these kinds of adjustments in Photoshop, but I can see how this technology would be great when a user either doesn’t have a photo editing program or just wants to quickly enhance their shot.

The entire line of Kodak All-in-One Printers is very affordable. The Kodak ESP 3 retails for $129.00 and the EasyShare line ranges from $109.99 to $199.99. The black ink refills are $9.99 and the color are just $14.99. That is a whole lot easier to handle than the $30 I was spending for my old printer’s refills!

If you and your family need to get a new printer, perhaps hinting for a Kodak All-in-One Printer this Mother’s Day might be a good idea. And if you want to try and win one, we have one to give away!

Enter to Win:

Mother's Day 2008 - Giveaway EventIf you want to win a Kodak ESP 3 All-in-One Printer, all the instructions about entering the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaways are included in the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post (including the code to put our Mother’s Day Giveaway button on your site.)

But here is a quick run through:

  • Leave a comment on this post to be entered.
  • Post a link to this contest (it is always nice to let your readers have a chance to win too!) and/or link and post a button to our Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway post. (If you post the button and link to the Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway, you are qualified to enter in all the upcoming Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway contests. And we have two weeks of contests to enter!) Non-bloggers are welcome too – we understand you can’t link – but feel free to pass the word on to your friends or write about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(This giveaway is only open to US shipping addresses.)

Good luck! And we will see you soon for our next Mother’s Day 2008 Giveaway contest.


  1. says

    I have been keeping an eye on these printers with interest – I would *love* one for Mother’s Day! Thanks for the contest – the button’s in my sidebar!

  2. Melissa Waters says

    Oh, this looks great, my nursing home residents would love to use this to print out their photos we’ve scanned. Please enter us.
    M. Waters

  3. says

    This looks so useful and would be wonderful for my scrapbooking projects!

    And yes, I am a US resident part-time and have a US address.

  4. says

    My printer is lousy. I must admit it has been for the four years I’ve owned it. I would love to have a new, dependable printer…

  5. Krispy_Kremer says

    This is just what I need! Perfect for the little printed t-shirts I make for my little boy and all his friends!

  6. says

    Hello! I’d like to join but I’m from the Philippines…but I have a friend who will be willing to receive any prize that I will be winning and she’ll ship it to me. She’s in Missouri. Please let me know if it is okay.

  7. Sandy - Em's mommy says

    Wow… my printer is on it’s very last leg… this would be so nice… thanks for such great contests!

  8. says

    This would be great, I’m doing all my children’s photographs with my digital camera! So now it’d be easier to print them out for family and friends!

    Your linked on my blog!

  9. says

    My husband works on his computer in the basement, and I’m on the second floor. We’re always fighting over where the printer should live. This would solve that battle.

  10. ~Lana B~ says

    Affordable ink AND great quality prints??? Pick me!!! I would love to be able to print all my pictures w/out filing for bankruptcy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Kim B. says

    I just want to say that Kodak printers are incredible and having an all-in-one is really great! They print and scan pictures and documents beautifully! Please don’t include us in your drawing as we already have one – but I just wanted to comment that we feel our’s was a very worthy investment!

  12. Dana says

    I could really use this as I don’t have a printer and I am missing out on printing family photos and all those great coupons out there. Thanks.

  13. Deanne S. says

    Oh…I need this soooo bad. 10 bucks for ink is awesome! Buying ink ranks up there with having to buy stamps..UGH.

  14. Cheri says

    Wow, what a great give away. I could use a new printer, I am printing all the time for with my rubber stamping hobby. Thanks!

  15. says

    I’ve used Kodak cameras forever, and I’d love one of their printers so that I can finally print my own pictures. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Barbara Richards says

    I’ve never had a printer.I just got my computer 2 years ago,but it would be a welcome addition….Thanks for the giveaway !

  17. says

    I just recently started doing a bit of scrapbooking and this would be wonderful to help me print my pictures rather than ordering them. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  18. Margaret Smith says

    What a great giveaway. I could really use this. We just recently got a digital camera and now we need a printer.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  19. Maggie Mannwieler says

    I do a lot of printing and would love to win this printer! I run out of ink constantly on my HP deskjet 845c, and the cartridges cost nearly $74 dollars now. Whew! Please consider me for this drawing even though I don’t have a blog or URL to post to.

  20. Jill Myrick says

    Thank you so much for the wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win this as we desperately need a new printer !

  21. Bailey's Leaf says

    What a great gift! We have an all-in-one, but my mother in law is in major need. Her’s is a very old HP and it is a dinosaur. We’d love to give this to her! Thanks!

  22. Catherine copeland says

    i could really use a new printer. this is why i love this site not only do you have great contests but you also have so much information. thanks so much

  23. Cindi says

    Happy Sunday! Wow! How super is this Kodak Printer?!
    My sons could both use it, my husband and myself! We would no longer need to use our old scanner to send documents or pictures. I like the facial retouch feature and the image enhancement one because we don’t have Photoshop! Please enter me in your drawing. I really appreciate it…..Thanks,Cindi

  24. Sharon Wolfgang says

    This looks like a great printer. You can’t do anything anymore without a printer. It is a major necessity

  25. Dianne says

    Oh boy! Our printer just broke and this one sounds great. The printing cartridges are what kills you. If this one has inexpensive ink cartridge whow! Enter Me Please!

  26. jules says

    I had it and loved it..used it in of my kids knocked it over and well you know now I need a new one..thanks for a great giveaway..I’ll spread the word.

  27. Betty King says

    This would make a wonderful Mothers Day gift to myself so I would love to win it. It has fantastic features and I have a multi-tude of pictures that need printed out.

  28. Kathy Mullins says

    As a graphic designer, this printer would be perfect for me as I work to get established in the industry. Having a scanner would be most helpful so I can work on getting some of my fine art projects on my website which I will be putting up in the near future.

    THANK YOU so much for having such a nice all in one printer that would come in so handy for a graphic designer who is graduating next month from the graphic arts technology program at Springfield Technical Community College!!

  29. Judith Hopkins says

    I love my Kodak digital camera and I am positive a Kodak printer would be a wonderful machine to own!

  30. Nichole says

    Ooooh! I’d love this! Mine is older and they don’t sell the ink for it anymore! *darn* I’ve been eyeing a new one :)

  31. beverly isaacs says

    my printer just quit working. sure could use a new printer to print out my family pictures. please count me in.

  32. Sheree Warner says

    I don’t know how to post buttons yet but maybe this will be the 1 lucky entry! Thank you for offering this contest!

  33. says

    Super Giveaway! With my busy eBay biz, I could definitely use new printer ~ plus, DD#2 the college student is pushing my old one to the limits when she comes home! Blogged about the contest, too! Thanks!

  34. says

    My photo printer died two weeks ago and I don’t have the money to replace it yet, so this would be awesome! Fingers crossed really hard.

  35. cynthia mccoy says

    i’m a photograph student and I’d love to win this! Printing photos and papers for school on this would save me so much time!!

  36. says

    I’ve definitely added the button to my sidebar – right up on top! I think this is an absolutely wonderful contest, and I really appreciate you doing this for all of us! Thanks so much for letting me participate – much love and God Bless!

  37. Deborah Rosen says

    That looks like a great printer. I don’t have a blog but I’ll be yakkin’ about you later today.

  38. pauline jones says

    love the kodak easy share!! they have such great products and the cameras are outstanding!!! happy mothers day to all!!!

  39. Cathie says

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!! An mother or grandmother would b so happy to have one. Count me in please and thank you for oppotunity to wi such a wonderful prize

  40. Anna Ladd says

    it would be great to win i have 11 grandchildren the parents are always sending pictures email so i could print them out

  41. Nicole Hauck says

    I need a new all in one printer. I been without one since my little girl broke my printer 4 years ago on accident.

  42. Susan Chester says

    I was buying ink the other day, and saw how much less the Kodak ink cost. I had to pay double for my ink.

  43. Karen A. says

    My old printer doesn’t do photos….I would love to win this so that I can finally get started on printing photographs.

  44. Claire says

    Wow, what a great printer! I’m always holding back on buying printers because I’m afraid they will become too expensive when it comes to buying ink cartridges. This one sounds great, though!

  45. Trish says

    I saw an informercial on this printer once and I’ve wanted one ever since, asked for it for Christmas but as usual it fell on deaf ears! Thanks for generously giving one away!

  46. Demetra says

    My printer went out a while ago and I always used it for scrapbooking, invitations, and other crafts. I don’t have my own web blog, but I love reading all of yours! What a great way to share a lot of information. Thanks!

  47. says

    Oh, this would be awesome! I think our printer is at least seven years old and has seen a lot of pages in its day. I have blogged about your giveaway on my site and included a button.

  48. Ronni Fox says

    My printer REALLY needs replacing. My office is really small so an all in one like this one would be perfect.

  49. Jenni says

    This is a wonderful giveaway! Everyone and anyone could use this printer, and especially me, since I do not have a printer of any kind right now. You have a wonderful blog going here, and wish I was a blogger so I could add the button. But alas, the closest to blogging I get is doing this and reading them, lol.
    Well I will be waiting with excitement and anticipation to see who wins. Good luck to all, and Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

  50. says

    Funny – literally this morning my printer died. When I told my husband his response was “Well, Mother’s Day is coming up…”. I figured I had to enter myself into the giveaway!

  51. Sue Farrell says

    I would really like to be able to print some of the photos hiding in my camera, so this would be a perfect win for me.

  52. says

    This would be awesome!! I especially love the less expensive cartridges! I am putting your button to link up now!


  53. Ann says

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway! Good luck to all of us as a lot of people really want this!

  54. says

    added a button in the sidebar and a post with a picture for the first contest! What fabulous prizes, I am a mom of 4 boys and after all there needs, not much extra for my wants or even needs for that matter- but this would be a great addition to our family!

  55. says

    definitely need a new printer for opening a practice. i take so many photos of my son, but it’s so expensive to print them…that i just leave them in digital format. this would be great for sharing memories with others in a more affordable fashion.

  56. Barbara Fox says

    I need one of these so bad so I don’t have to drive 10 miles to develop pics for our Animal Rescue.

  57. Barbara says

    I’d love a new printer! My cats walked over the paper holder on my present one, and now the paper doesn’t load correctly and I’m constantly getting an “out of paper” error message. Thanks for the contest!

  58. Renee Griffin says

    Great I am Soo Excited my printer hasn’t worked in Months and I wasn’t able to replace it. What a great Contest, I really hope to win this one.

  59. says

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  60. Nikki Evans says

    I would love to have a printer for pictures! This would be so much better than what I am doing now.

  61. says

    I added a button for the very first time to my My Space blog, lets hoping this works, I have never done this for anything ever. I cannot tell you how much this Printer Rocks

  62. says

    Boy do I need this. I was just thinking today that I was going to hook up my broken printer b/c I can still scan, make copies, and view pictures and keep my other printer hooked up so I can print.

  63. Cathy Reed says

    I love to take photos, nature and my kitties and would love a new printer. I can only afford the cheaper ones and after a couple uses they stop working it’s very frustrating.

  64. says

    I would love this. I don’t feel like I have enough pictures of my kids around! I’d love to have more… and send more, and make funny scrapbooks, and coloring pages, etc.

  65. James says

    My printer got jammed a few weeks ago, and I’ve been unable to clear it, so I could really use a new printer. Thanks.

  66. Kathy L. says

    My family loves Kodak. We’ve never had any problems with their products, and we would absolutely love to win this great item. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. Amber says

    Looks like a great printer – Kodak always has good stuff!! I’d love to win this for myself or my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. (She has 3 grandsons that are 14 months old and loves to print pictures – needless to say she could use a great printer!!)

  68. Christine Groce says

    I would love to win this for my daughter who has a 3 year old and newborn and would put it to very good use. Thanks!

  69. says

    Please enter me. I want to do scrapbook pages! Plus a better scanner for old pictures would be great.
    I put the button in my sidebar.

  70. Mel says

    Great giveaway! I’d love to win this–maybe it would inspire me to take more photos than I do now, which I really need to start doing.

  71. says

    Fabulous prize. I don’t have a blog, so I can’t add a button, but I after reading all the great blogs available, I am thinking I have a different perspective and might be starting one.

  72. says

    Ohhhhh how I want and need this all in one! I got the Kodak easy share camera yet I still have to go online and print out 2000 pictures every 5 or 6 months and wait for them to be delivered. Darn it… This would be soooo good to just have at home… I’m adding the button to my blog… :)

  73. Kristin says

    You’re so right about the high cost of printer cartridges. This would really take a load off my mom’s back and her wallet. :)

  74. Kathy S says

    What a great giveaway! I’m ready to finally buy my first digital camera, and truly will need a printer to make copies of all the pictures I’ll be taking of my 2 beautiful little granddaughters!

  75. CLifton Wade says

    My children would just love this and so would my wife of more than 38 years. Thanks for all the great contests!

  76. says

    Oh I so need a new printer!!! I can no longer print pictures off on mine because it is just shot.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  77. Marsha says

    Thanks for the great opportunity! I enjoyed watching The Apprentice episode that Kodak was featured in. I just wish Gene Simmons hadn’t been fired so early in the season.

  78. LaDonna says

    I’d love to be entered! It’s been ages since I’ve been able to get to the store to print pictures off so this would be awesome!

  79. LaDonna says

    Hi again,

    Not sure if we have to leave our email addy in the comment section or not but just in case here it is:


    Thanks again!

  80. Eva D says

    please add me this would be so great to own. I take lots of pictures that stay “forever” in the memory card

  81. says

    Yes! I am in need of a new printer. Mine has decided to take a permanent vacation.

    I’ve posted about the giveaway and put the button on my sidebar, however the button doesn’t seem to be working. I think I will try to post it again in a couple of days to see if it will work later.

  82. Melanie says

    It would be nice to be able to print photos at home rather than always uploading to Costco. Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Molly Capel says

    Oh, I soo need to win this one! My children tried to help me “fix” my last printer. Needless to say, that poor printer has moved on to a better place. lol

  84. says

    Added the button to my homeschooling blog’s left sidebar and will post about this great contest on Friday! Thanks for continuing to offer such wonderful and exciting prizes! Keeps me coming back again and again. Very cool blog. :)

  85. zmama says

    oh WOW!! This printer would be amazing!!
    I desperately need a printer and this all in one
    would be fantabulous!!! Thanks so much!
    zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  86. Joanna Smith says

    Right now I have no means for printing my pictures at home. That is why I am so pleased to have found your giveaway! I actually own 2 Kodak Digital Cameras so I know they will work just perfectly with this printer. I am used to going to our local drugstore and printing pictures from there, but with the cost of gas rising so much, and the time it takes to do the printing, I would be so much more inclined to print pictures if I had the convenience of being able to do it from home. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway! Oh, and thank you Kodak!

  87. says

    Wow, this is a popular contest! I’m in the process of putting the link up in my sidebar…I’m having a problem with the code, but I’ll get it worked out!

  88. Amy C. says

    Are you kidding me? I’m a practicing ameteur photographer and I’m ALWAYS printing pics of my little man. Enter me, please!

  89. says

    This would be a welcome switch from my old printer I’m using now. I know that my technologically advanced son would appreciate it more. He thinks everything we have is a dinosaur. He says that my cell phone looks like a portable telephone booth, and I should stick a quarter in the end of it to use it or dial out. It’s not really that bad, and it still works:)

  90. Amanda says

    This would be great for our camera and to print out all the cute shots of our son! Thanks for the chance.

  91. Tanya Moyer says

    How cool is that printer! I’d love one! Enter me please!! Thank you!

  92. Barb Flickinger says

    i need a new printer that doesn’t use up it’s cartridges so fast. print very little color, but the color cartridges on my epson cx6000 are empty within 2 weeks. very expensive. i would love a new printer with low cost ink. thanx for offering.

  93. Marsha (at JustMe1947) says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this printer! I would love to have this!

  94. says

    this peinter looks soo cool i just imagined all the great pictures of my beautiful grandaughters that i could take and they would love it too thank for the opportunity “shells”

  95. barbara wild says

    i am a scrapbooker…and would love this printer to finally catch up on prints. This would also enable me to give my old one to my cousin that has NO printer.

  96. says

    Awesome giveaway…how I would love, love, love this. I’m having trouble getting the button to work, but I’m writing a post about the contests with a link to the giveaway post. Thanks!

  97. says

    Please enter me! I’ve been shopping for a printer/scanner and this looks perfect! I hope I win so I don’t have to buy it. BTW, I’ve got you linked!

  98. Michelle Berry says

    This is a very wonderful giveaway. What a Snazzy little invention =) Just think I could print all those pics of my family and friends in those poses they’d love to never see me in…

  99. says

    I’ve never had a printer. Just got my first laptop computer for xmas. Not sure how to hook the printer up to the computer. But I’d love one so I could enter more contests that require photos…Thanks for such a nice contest, Dianna Murrah

  100. judy folk says

    What a great way to save those special moments; each and every mother’s day is special and every moment and memory should be savoured; this is one prize that will enable you to do that

  101. John OBrien says

    Finally a printer from a company that’s cutting the cost of the expensive part – the refills.