Tackle it Tuesday — How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake…

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake… when you are short on time and talent!

You don’t need to make it as a cake designer to make your kid the perfect cake…

As a perfectionist, I used to buy cakes. I just couldn’t bear to serve the sorry cakes that my untalented hands would create.

BUT, then I figured out a kid-friendly, happiness-guaranteed, cake decorating TIP:

Use toys and figures to decorate the cake!

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake

Use Toys and Figurines to Decorate the Cake

If you are looking for kids birthday cake ideas, go one step further than a cake topper, and add some real toys that will not only make the cake look great but get your child squealing over extra presents!

My son and I chuckle over my sad attempts at the actual “decorating” of the cake — the only thing messier than my hand-writing is my cake-writing, but he loves that I try my best to make him a special cake with added fun! (Another parent actually wrote Tron for me! And I didn’t want to fit the whole Happy Birthday in, so I just put his age: 9.)

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake

It's not the decorating, it's the toys that matter!

I wanted to get some of the light-cycles and draw the grids of light, but they were all out of the motorcycles. So I had to go with the larger figures. They are a little trickier to get to stand up. And at one point, the Recognizer fell over into the icing.

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake

What falls over can just be picked up - and licked off later...

But no worries — the cake was a hit and Jackson loved the toys.

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake

Add some sparklers for extra fun!

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake

No time to smile for a picture mom -- there are TOYS on here!

How to Make a TRON Birthday Cake

Okay - one quick smile!

(And it all disappeared, except for the toys, in a matter of minutes.)

I don’t always make my kids’ birthday cakes. But I sure love saving money and having extra fun when I do.

How about you? What do YOU do for birthday cakes — homemade or store-bought?

Wishing you Happy Tackling!

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  1. says

    That’s a wonderful cake – more special and personal than buying one. And your son looks thrilled with it! I love to bake and I always make and decorate the birthday cakes, although I’m not a very good decorator. Sometimes the kids help out – they usually have creative ideas. One year I covered my daughter’s cake in little model horses (her idea). But the decorating is always a “tackle project” for me!

    • says

      THANKS Anne! I must admit, I was embarrassed at showing off my sad design skills! But it is all about the fun – not the perfection (or lack thereof!)

      Good for you for having fun with your kids! :)

  2. says

    That’s a really great looking cake. I too added toys to the cake for my #2 son’s birthday last year as I really didn’t have enough time to bake a Ben 10 one from scratch.


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