Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event

bebe-pod-close-up-200.jpgTime to get comfy — and have some fun!

It is an awkward stage when baby is not strong enough to sit unsupported or use a high chair, but old enough that she wants to be part of the action! To have a place where baby can safely sit – and even eat or play – is a dream for a mom.

In our third giveaway in our “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway Event, we are featuring the the bébéPOD® PLUS by Prince Lionheart.

The bébéPOD® PLUS offers baby a safe place to sit and options to play, eat or just hang out with a removable, adjustable tray that can be used for eating, with one of the two reusable place mats, or transformed into play time with a specially designed toy by Sassy (the one that Olivia is enjoying chewing on in the photo!)

bebe-pod-green.jpgThe ergonomic design gives the baby support while she is learning to sit by allowing the baby’s own body weight to make a safe and comfortable seating position, without the need for uncomfortable straps.

Olivia adores her bébéPOD® PLUS. From the first day it arrived for us to review, the bébéPOD has become an essential piece of baby gear in our house. We use it for feeding Olivia since we haven’t started using her high chair yet, as well as using it for her to play with other toys that require her to sit up. For instance, Olivia has a toy that requires a baby to sit or stand to play with it. So I put Olivia in her bébéPOD and pull it up next to the toy. She is thrilled! She can play to her heart’s content.

bebe-pod-three.jpgThe seats are lightweight, durable, non-toxic and super easy to wipe clean.

I love the fun colors and designs of the bébéPOD® PLUS too. (They make me thirsty for summer!)

Enter to Win:

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway EventIf you want to win a bébéPOD® PLUS, all the instructions about entering the “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaways are included in the “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway post (including the code to put our “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway button on your site.)

But here is a quick run through:

  • Leave a comment on this post to be entered.
  • Post a link to this contest (it is always nice to let your readers have a chance to win too!) and/or link and post a button to our “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway post. (If you post the button and link to the “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway, you are qualified to enter in all the upcoming “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway contests. And we have two weeks of contests to come!) Non-bloggers are welcome too – we understand you can’t link – but feel free to pass the word on to your friends.

(This giveaway is open to US AND Canadian shipping addresses.)

Good luck! And we will see you tomorrow for our next “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway contest.


  1. says

    Oh I would love to have one of these! I have wanted one and now that I am having another little one, it would come in very handy!
    Thanks for doing this,

  2. says

    I’d love one of these for my 2mo old in a few months. I only hope her sister doesn’t get too jealous. I can just picture her sitting on the baby now!

  3. mama4jc says

    We borrowed something similar for #2 so I know how valuable it is to have one! Since we had to return it, it’d be great to win one. :)

  4. Laura Ch. says

    The colors and fruit tray design are ridiculously fantastic!! I love it. Thanks for the great review!

  5. jennifer bowen says

    there just so cute i love to win any way i dont have a butten do i? any way can i still be enter the contest with out one?

  6. Erica says

    My youngest daughter is in the stage where this would be nice right now…thanks for the chance to try one! gumbi1313 at msn dot com

  7. Linda Price says

    my 3 month old granddaughter Alivia would make alot of use of this prize..the watermelon one is

  8. Jodi Elizabeth says

    Awww … that is sooo cute! I know that would be a big help when Baby #2 arrives in August … please enter me too!

  9. Cindi says

    What a fantastic idea. It has so many uses and it looks great! The “Kiwi” seat is very cute. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks! Cindi

  10. gretchen says

    I would LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this seat for my beautitiful baby!!!! I have many friends who have these seats for their little ones & the seats are awesome!!!

  11. says

    I love the Watermelon, though they are all beautiful! :) Please do enter my name on this contest!
    PS: I mentioned this give-away on my baby blog; click here for that.

  12. Tanya Moyer says

    I love the fruit designs! My sister-in-law is due soon and this would be so handy! Thanks for offering this!

  13. sheri says

    I have been thinking about this for my special needs daughter who can’t quite sit on her own yet. Count me in, please.

  14. Deanne S says

    Great product and something I’d love to own. Would be great for my son who can’t sit up yet but is always wanting to be up and looking around.

  15. Annette says

    My sis is having a baby this summer and they are really struggling financially. I think she would really appreciate a seat like this.

  16. says

    I actually registered for this with my daughter but never recieved it. this would be great for my little one…especially to help her learn how to sit up! thanks

  17. Marissa says

    These are fantastic, I’ve always given them away as baby shower gifts… but it would be nice to win one for myself!
    Marissa :)

  18. says

    This would be so great to win for our new little boy coming in July! This would have been great to have when my first son was born.

  19. fostermom1961 says

    my fosterbaby is 9 monyhs old and just started to be able to sit up in his activity center. I would love to win this for all my future foster babies.

  20. Casey H says

    I would love to have one of these for my new son coming this summer- Everything I own is PINK from my daughter and thats just not gonna fly with this little boy!!

  21. Teri Meairs says

    I visited Prince Lionheart to learn more about their products. Research, -thats my gig-. I had no idea how comfortable the bebePod is! Like a cushion that fits your baby! The Kiwi was our favorite!


    I want one of these so bad!! I wish they these when my other son was born. They have so many uses. This is an awesome item!!!!

  23. Margaret Smith says

    This seat is so adorable. My sister is having a baby in July and this would be great for the new little one. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  24. says

    What a coincidence! I was just considering getting this for my 5 month old, but hubby is going to go crazy if I bring one more “short term” baby item in the house. He can’t complain if I win it though!!

  25. Autumn Howard says

    I would love to win this for my godson, my best friend has been hinting that she wants one for her baby shower =)

  26. Aimee says

    I’m not a blogger but will surely tell friends about this! I heard about these seats recently while pregnant and proceeded to research them and check them out. Everything I have read has been full of praise. They look amazing and I look forward to my baby girl being big enough to try it! Thank you for the contest!

  27. Sheena says

    This would work perfect for our family we travel to see family alot so to take that along would be great!

  28. Jai says

    This would be so useful right now! My baby is just starting to sit up with a little support. Would love to win this thanks.

  29. says

    My son is experiencing developmental delays. His physical therapist recommends that we get a bebe seat for him. Please sign me up for the farm! Thanks!

  30. Debbie Criss says

    Love the watermelon one. That’s my favorite favor. Have a granddaughter 2 months old. Also have 4 friends and relatives expecting this year. Would make a great gift. Please enter me, thank you

  31. Carmen says

    I’m due to have my second child in Sept and I think this would be a great seat to have to keep the baby entertained with toys while I deal with his/her older brother. Please enter me – and thanks for the giveaway!

  32. priscilla haynes says

    So cute and useful. I have grandkids living with me including a new baby coming any day.. I would love this product.

  33. says

    How wonderful! My little boy wants so bad to be in on Mom and Dad’s action, but it’s hard to include him in mealtimes, etc., when he can’t sit up yet.

  34. AMANDA PERRON says

    These are SO CUTE!!!! I love the watermelon seat!! Please enter my name into your great contest, THANKS!!!

  35. Crystal Chapman says

    We are expecting my 1st grandchild this year, all the baby gear is still needed. Love this item, count me in!

  36. says

    My daughter is just entering this stage of wanting to be part of the action of her siblings.. this would be great and keep her from getting stepped on!!
    I would love to win this

  37. Beverly R. says

    I have a baby shower to attend in June and this would make a perfect baby shower gift. I would love to win

  38. says

    This is too cute. All the new things they come out with makes me want to keep having children, just so I can have the cool new stuff. I know a mom who would love this, though, and I’d love to give it to her.

  39. says

    I’d love to win this- esp that green seat. I am actually not in the US/Canada now but if I win, the prize can be delivered to a Canadian address. I hope that’s okay.

  40. grams says

    The bebepod looks like it would be great for one of the many people I know having babies. Now who to give it to…

  41. Nicole Mytels says

    I think I like the orange one. It reminds me of when kids bite into an orange wedge to make a silly rind smile.

  42. says

    I would love to win this for my son! They are really beautiful products. It would be handy to take to Grandma’s house as well. Thanks for the review.

  43. says

    My nephew could use this prize. He is a very bright baby who seems to be super advanced for his age. His grandparents care for him while his mommy and daddy are working. They would all appreciate his having a place to sit!

  44. Tabitha says

    This is so needed! I can’t believe something like this hasn’t been put out sooner. The wobbly stage is such a fun time, but the babies (and parents) can get so frustrated.

  45. Melissa Goodwin says

    I wish I had this when Ursula was younger, but I have a friend who really could use this!

  46. Lois S says

    My son just announced that after selling all their baby equipment – they are due with number 3 in December – this would be a great addition for everything he needs to purchase. The watermelon color is so pretty. Thank you.

  47. Daniel Johnson says

    This is a great device to help keep our little one in just the right mood and just the right height for all of us.

  48. Tammy Kennedy says

    Would love to win one of these for my grandson.
    Once again you did it, offered another great prize.

  49. Catherine Kim says

    My son is starting to sit up and he will love to play with his toys while having some help sitting.



  51. Paula Harmon says

    I WISH I had a seat like this for baby 1,2 and 3. Now its time for baby 4 to get this.

  52. Sharon Concidine says

    my grandson lane would love this. i have been looking at these and this would be a great thing to give him.

  53. Susan Ledet says

    What a great invention. This would make a wonderful present for my girlfriend who is expecting.

  54. Beth says

    With baby #2 on the way this would be great for making my life easier! Thank you for the chance to win!!! :)

  55. Sierra Rendon says

    My good friend is having a baby this summer and this would make an awesome gift for her! I love the green :)

  56. Judi in New Jersey says

    This is the most adorable baby pod ever! First grandchild on the way. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  57. Patricia says

    I thought my to-be-grandchild had everything, but I was wrong………I like the little seat!

  58. Erin Daly says

    The bébéPOD PLUS looks great! I love the versatility between a seat for playing and a seat for eating.

  59. ELSIE MANGERI says

    My friend who is pregnant with her second child could really use this for her first child. Thanks for this opportunity! (where were these adorable baby seats a few years back?) Thanks again.

  60. says

    This day has been so exciting as I scroll through your many giveaways expiring today. Of course I love to win but just learning about all the toys being given away is fun for this 58 year old grandmother. Many thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to ALL. Best of Luck!!!!! SW

  61. Rossana V says

    This is way better than the Bumby which is not as easy to clean and I don’t find it sturdy enough.

  62. Jodi Adams says

    This would be perfect for my niece, she is expecting her first baby soon. Thanks for the chance.

  63. * * ALiesa * * says

    The bébéPOD® PLUS offers baby a safe place to sit and options to play, eat or just hang out.


  64. prego07 says

    I have one already but w/o a tray so I would love to get another for my daugher w/ a tray. She loves her Bebepod!

  65. Robyn C says

    This is a great item! We don’t have a high chair so this seat would also serve as a place we can serve our new addition his food. It will also help him to sit up – and he could use some practice!

  66. Jenny Finster says

    I am a first time grandma and am so excited. I have been researching the bebepod compared to the bumbo (?) I have heard nothing but great things about the bebepod. Would love to enjoy my Lilly’s smile in one. Thanx for the entry..

  67. Kayla Spicer says

    I would really love to have something like this for my son, it is really neat, cute and very handy. We just don’t have any money to spare right now though…..

  68. Mercy Lund says

    I’m a fan of Prince Lionheart products, so I’d like to win this item for my 5 month old little girl. She’s still trying to sit up but is not ready yet.

  69. Murky Lund says

    I’m a fan of Prince Lionheart products. For me the bebePod is the best baby seat when the baby is trying to strengthen his/her sitting. My husband is currently unemployed and I’m a stay-at-home mom/housewife (we have 3 little ones). At this time, it’s really hard to even spend a dollar on something that our kids need. So I’d like to win this item for my 5 month old little girl. She’s still trying to sit up but is not ready yet and I can see how she struggles. Well she’ll get there fast with the help of a bebePod.


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