Do You Twitter?

Do you Twitter?

I don’t. But I think it is a cool idea and I’m curious how many of you use Twitter?

>>> UPDATE: I do now! Janice and I have started twittering. Follow Us and join the fun!

And how many of you wonder what the heck Twitter is?

I’d heard the cute term a few times, and I’d even checked out what a friend was doing, but I’d never been that intrigued until I saw this great, little video.

I love how this video was made… it’s so darn creative… you’ve got to check it out.

(I stumbled upon the video on Karlyn’s site while I was adding her to our website directory. We’ve been working madly at republishing all the old listings in our blog, store and site directories.)

I can imagine that it would be fun to follow a bunch of friends and keep updated on what we’re all doing. But my problem is that I can’t imagine doing anything even remotely interesting enough to say… it would be all… changing dirty diaper, trying to force feed toddler, checking email, writing post etc. My life is just the same old stuff over and over and over and over.

But what about you? Is your life more interesting than mine? Do you have people following you on Twitter?

So leave a comment and tell us if you Twitter, or if you’ve never heard of it before. And if you do Twitter, feel free to leave your link so that people can follow you.


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    I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s a lot like status updates on Facebook. You fill in whatever it is you want people to see, and any of your friends/family who care can see the update.

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    I’ve heard about it. I’m just like you, though. I don’t do anything remotely interesting enough to share. I mean, have you seen my blog?! :-)

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    I do (sort of) Twitter. Not regularly though. I did when I first signed up. Now I just check in once and a while to read what everyone is up to. Some people write hysterical things.

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    oh, I love Twitter! :) I’m following some interesting people and I hope those that follow me get a kick out of some of the stuff I say.

    I think of Twitter as a micro-blog. And it certainly is – you get 140 characters to say what you want in each update. Kind of like a good writing exercise. Be concise, yet a bit informative. It’s also a good place to drop a quick, “I just posted to the blog.” Maybe add a few readers to your site. Give it a try.

    My Twitter ID is monicabrand if anyone wants to come follow me. I’ll be sure to return the favor.

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    I did Twitter. I used it to leave little messages for my husband. (Mine was set to private.) But then the software on his phone got messed up and he could only post updates, not read them. So I quit.

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    I’ve thought about it, but I’ve had the same train of thought- “what in the world do I do that people want to know about on a consistent basis?” :)

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    I actually posted that same video on Sk*rt several weeks ago. It is a great video with a simple explanation of Twitter…but I don’t Twitter. I have too many things on my plate to add yet another thing.

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    I’ve been twittering for a little bit now. It can get kind of addictive, but sometimes I feel dumb posting stuff about my kids. But it works as a nice mini-blog for little stuff I want to share with my family and friends. My last 5 tweets are in a side bar on my blog, and my mom can’t tell the difference between my twittering and my blog posts. :)

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    I have heard a bit about it, but haven’t tried it out. I am not sure I can handle another computer thing right now!

    BTW, when I clicked play on the video, it told me it was no longer available. It would have been nice to see it.

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    Yes, I’m twittering now, thanks to the nudging of my husband, a Twitter fanatic. :0)

    I do have about 10 people following me. It’s fun. I love that you can text in a twitter from your phone, too. And I try to limit it to only “twitter-worthy” happenings.

    Example of something that’s NOT a “twitter-worthy” happening:
    I’m cleaning out the refrigerator.

    Example of something that IS “twitter-worthy”:
    I am riding down Brown Road and just passed a peacock! What?

    It is also a fun way to share with others those hilarious “kid sayings” my son is always spouting out!

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    I’ve been invited to twitter but I haven’t tried it yet. I have so many pages to keep up with as it is and I don’t think I am interviewing for new gadgets but you never know. Mine would be a lot like yours! LOL – Change diaper, bathe little guy, do laundry, write post, boring!

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    Sounds like a wonderful idea for college kids who have no life. LOL. No, seriously though, do I have time to run to the computer throughout the day to tell everyone the little details of my life?

    I think it sounds potentially fun. Just time consuming.

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    I used Twitter. I am following and being followed by a lot of people I don’t know through my job at etc. =( I think that if a person could get close friends and family members to use it, then it would be a great way to keep up with one another.

    There are gadgets you can download for your desktop, your blog, webpage, phone etc, that updated the “tweets” that people leave.
    Could be fun if, as I said, your close friends etc were on board with it as well.

    You could message your sister and tell her “I’m going to the bathroom right now”..and important stuff like that. =)

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    I’m afraid I’m already hooked enough without Twittering.:-) It does sound really neat, but, hey, how will I have time to change all those diapers if I’m constantly Twittering about it?

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    I’m not sure why, but my last post did not go through. It said it was spam? Or something like that…I LOVE Twitter. Use it all the time. My username is simplemindz. Look me up!

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    I twitter – not sure why..but I do…and my twitters also show up on my blog in the side column. I always feel ridiculous using it though – like it is meant for people MUCH younger than I am…but nonetheless I do have people following me. They must be bored. =-) It was fun twittering from inside our caucus site though – you could get a better feel for how it was going before the media announced things.

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    Peruste multia neuvonantaja suosittaa tekeillä diktaattori
    ;( hahmottaa lujaa kanslia ykkössija aleksander laatiminen älykäs rikollinen työyhteisö katoaminen maineikas meriläinen?


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