Celebrate Black Heritage

Every February in the United States, there is a special focus on African American history. I welcome the opportunity to focus on the obstacles that members of this race have faced and the thin116217.jpggs that they have achieved in spite of it.

I looked forward to the chance to review some of the products in the Black Heritage series of games and activities by GEEBEE Marketing. My First Matching Game gives the standard matching game a twist. For one thing, all the cards feature prominent African American heroes in the area of sports and entertainment, science, and history. Unlike some matching games, there is a board with the pictures (sorted by category), so even the youngest child could play by simply matching the card they draw to the picture. The other educational feature is that the rule book gives a brief biography of each person’s achievements. Older children could be asked to recall the facts about the card that they drew. If you are looking to teach your child (or yourself) about Black Heritage, this game is a fun way to do it.

There is a series of puzzles which feature artwork by well-known artist Annie Lee. Iimgagephp.jpgf your family enjoys puzzles, why not showcase American art while fitting those pieces in?

Look for these products in the Wal-Mart Black History area this month.  You can also find them online at Pressman Toy Company, and other sites.

If you’d like to win one of the Annie Lee puzzles, as well as My First Matching Game, please leave a comment. We’ll draw a winner on March 1.


  1. Anne says

    My kids are biracial and so are my grandbabies. They are very proud of their African Canadian roots. They would just love this.

  2. Sarah says

    This would be perfect for my little toddler! She’s learning so fast! I need more games to stimulate her little mind—I’m just not very creative! LOL! Thanks!

  3. fan says

    My 5 year old nephew stays here weeks at a time, and he get bored a lot cause he has little to do, something like this would be great for him.


    Really great prize. I work with ELL students, this would be a perfect realia to use with them. Thanks for this opportunity!


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