Just in Time for the Holidays – Britax B-Ready: One Stroller, 14 Different Options!

With hours of Holiday shopping, parades, and events looming on the horizon, I have to tell you how excited I am to have the Britax B-Ready stroller on my side! Here’s why…

Recently we took the Britax B-Ready with us on our trip to St. Louis. Typically my little independent toddler insists on walking everywhere, but I knew this trip would include quite a bit of walking. I also knew that, being five months pregnant, carrying a tired toddler around really wasn’t going to be an option!

Britax B-Ready Stroller

The Britax B-Ready folds up so nicely that we didn’t even give it a second thought to pack it along with the rest of the stuff filling the back-end of our SUV. Seriously, this stroller packs up pretty flat, even with the seat still attached, unlike many of the other strollers I’ve seen.

But how did the Britax B-Ready perform? Like a dream! First, the seat on the stroller sits up higher than most strollers which my daughter loved! She had no problem seeing all the sights and I think she felt more like she was a “part of things” because she was still eye level with all of her cousins and big sister.

The higher seat also allows for an amazing amount of storage space below the seat! I mean an AMAZING amount of space! I quickly became the “go-to” person for stashing extra sweatshirts, jackets, camera bags, snacks, and water bottles. And we probably could have still carried more. The extra room (and, thus, extra stuff) didn’t affect how easy it as to push the stroller!!!

Our other favorite feature, without a doubt, is the adjustable handle height! When you’re a family that includes a 6 foot dad, a 5 foot mom, a preschooler and a toddler, all who “want a turn” to push the stroller, ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT becomes a priority! The adjustable handle makes it so easy and comfortable for anyone in the family to push the B-Ready, which will be so handy when baby brother comes in February!

Britax B-Ready Stroller - Zoe

Other great features of the B-Ready:

  • No re-thread, adjustable, 5-point harness with head pad
  • Reversible top seat with 3 recline positions
  • Comfort ride 4-point suspension
  • Removable storage bag with insulated drink holders
  • Easy foot-controlled break
  • Large canopy with sun-visor and ventilation window
  • Fabric Options – Black, Green, Red, Silver
  • Included accessories: adult cup-holder, rain cover, CLICK & GO BRITAX CHAPERONE infant car seat adapters
  • That last feature, the infant car seat adapters, is so amazing because typically you have to pay extra for those! With the Britax B-Ready, you can choose to use the stroller right from birth by easily using your child’s Britax car seat and the included car seat adapters! Again, this is so awesome because it makes the B-Ready the only stroller you’ll every need!!!

    But wait, what about when that next baby comes along or what if I have twins? Won’t I need one of those big double stroller? Not at all! The Britax B-Ready has you covered no matter when that next baby comes along or if you happen to be embarking on the world of twins! With the additional B-Ready Lower Infant Car Seat Adapter or B-Ready Second Seat (each sold separately), your B-Ready easily converts to an in-line double stroller! No more big, bulky double stroller!!!

    Britaxy B-Ready Stroller

    With the additional second seat and the optional B-Ready Bassinet, this amazing stroller has 14 different configurations! FOURTEEN!!! You really need to check out the B-Ready product demo and video for yourself to appreciate everything this stroller has to offer!

    If you are in the market for a new stroller, whether this is your first baby, you’re ready for an upgrade, or the next baby is on it’s way, you will definitely want to check out the Britax B-Ready! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this stroller and I’m very excited to use it as we expand our family this Winter!!!

    Ok, now it’s your turn! We want to give one of you this amazing stroller for the holidays! Oh Yes! One of our lucky readers is going to win their very own Britax B-Ready (valued at $499.99)!!! To enter, simply tell us what feature of the B-Ready you are most looking forward to!

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    Again, all of the details are on our main Christmas Giveaway 2010 post. You will also find links there for all of our Christmas Giveaway 2010 prizes that are up for grabs.

    This giveaway is open to US and Canadian addresses and closes on December 4th. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

    We want to thank the very generous people at Britax for providing us with a B-Ready stroller to review and another stroller to give away.


    1. says

      I would love to have a stroller than can carry a tired child plus all of the stuff that three kids bring with them. I also love how much this stroller can be adapted to individual situations and needs.

    2. says

      I have to say that pretty much all the features but the option for an additional seat is perfect for me since I have a 9 month old and another one on his/her way!

      Thanks for the giveaway.
      I put the button on the sidebar of my blog and I also ‘liked’ you on Facebook.

    3. says

      While I’m still waiting for child #1 through adoption, I’d absolutely love to win this! My favourite features of this are the sun visor, the child AND adult drink slots, as well as the abundant storage space beneath. I <3 all things Britax.

      I'm a FB fan, I'm subscribed to the newsletter, and subscribed to your feed.

    4. Natasha says

      I love the versatility of this stroller! Beyond the different configurations the large storage space is what I would look forward to most!

    5. says

      I can only pick 1? OK I would have to say the adjustable height. I am 5’0 and my fiance is 6’1. With our first child he could never push the stroller. We are now going to have our 2nd and need to buy a new stroller and the adjustable height would be heaven.

    6. Torey says

      I love that the seat is reversible! The versatility is great and seems awesome for 2 little ones! I would love to have one. :)

    7. nicole j says

      So many things to like! Currently the seat height… my toddler likkes to see all the action :) Also the options to add for when# 2 comes our way!

    8. cheryl ellis says

      I subscribed to the newsletter and a fan of the page. I love the fact that it has lots of storage space for the up coming shopping trips I will be going on. I also like the second seat since I have baby # 2 on the way. I would definately love to win this giveaway.

    9. says

      i would love to win the stroller! i babysit and i have a child of my own and yes a stoller would really come in handy around here! im always taking my son and my brthers kids to the park and a new stroller would help me out a lot! when i had my son i couldnt afford a new stroller we bought one at a yard sale , it works but not the nicest thing you see out there! lol. but please this would mean the world to us! thanks ! love the facebook page !!

    10. Julie says

      Oh my word! This is awesome! I’ve never heard of this stroller, and only thought Britax sold convertible carseats! I LOVE the adjustable handle, and would love to have a stroller with that feature!

    11. says

      I like the adjustable handle. I also love that you can add a second seat if you need room for two kiddos – pure genius! Thanks for a chance to win!

    12. says

      Wow! We are expecting our 4th baby next summer, so this would be perfect for us! Our single stroller broke and our double stroller is so big and heavy, I don’t like taking it everywhere. This would be perfect to use with the new baby or our toddler, or both!!

    13. says

      I love that fact that it is a double stroller. I have a daycare and I have my own kids, and my youngest is 1 and the next youngest is 2. this would really help when we go on walks, and not take up much room to store! Plus we are planning on haveing another kid and this would help when that happens as well.

    14. Alison S. says

      I love the adjustable height of the handle, and the double feature. Really, there is nothing I don’t love about this stroller! :-)

    15. Heather Adams says

      I would love to have the height of the seat. My daughter is a very clingy girl, and I’m sure the closer to eye level I could get her to her four sisters would be just awesome! I don’t like the Graco stroller I have at all, especially the seat and the buckle.

    16. Rebecca Orr says

      Hands down….the 14 different ways of using this stroller is what I am most looking forward too. It really make sit the most versatile stroller out on the market. Thanks!

      bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

    17. Holly Stillwagon says

      Love it! We are foster/adoptive parents. I love the add-on second seat! We never know if we will suddenly need a double stroller. No nine-month notice for us. :-) Right now we have a single and a double stroller in the back of the van with no room for anything else. The Britax B-Ready is brilliant!

    18. Jessica says

      I would love to win this! I am an RSS Feed subscriber-via Google Reader! I have an 11 month old and am already TTC #2!! I need to find a good two seater that won’t be to difficult for me to take both kids out by myself!!

    19. Jennifer S. says

      This would be fabulous for us. We have a 9 month old and another on the way. Plus, I’m about 5’5 and my husband is 7’0 so the adjustable handle height is essential!!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    20. christy davis says

      i would love love love to win this the feature i love the best is the double stroller option i have a 2 year old and am due in may with baby # 6 and this would be awesome to have!!! i could never afford to buy one but i sure would love one!!! please please please :)

    21. says

      I love that this stoller can be adapted for two children. Right now I’m still on the first kiddo, but I’m already keeping my eye out for things that can be reused or altered to accommodate a second mini me!

    22. Nicole Portee says

      I love the adaptor for the car seat! I have a second one on the way and the first one starting to walk but not for long ways this would be perfect for my situation! Luv it!

    23. Jen N says

      I love the seat adjustments as the baby grows and the adjustable handle. Plus it is a great looking stroller! Baby is due in April…great walking weather!!!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    24. Lachelle says

      I LOVE that it has the option of being a double stroller! So nice when I sometimes have two kids but other times only have one with me.

    25. Jenn says

      I love that this stroller has the 2nd seat available! I’ve never had a double stroller, but with our third coming soon I’m going to need it for the 2 littler ones! This would be amazing!

    26. Shannon says

      I like that my child can be sitting up higher so that he might feel like he is seeing thr world as the rest of us see it. I have a friend with a similar stroller. Hers is really expensive but was given to her as a gift & it also has where you can add a seat on & also a skateboard looking thing to make it a triple stroller. I like that this was also has an add on seat option & the price is much better than my friends was. I hope I win!

    27. says

      This stroller sounds AMAZING!! I love that it was be used for 2 kids. #2 is coming mid-February so the timing would be perfect for my little family!

    28. angela m says

      i am looking forward to the Removable storage bag with insulated drink holders

    29. kristen huss says

      I love the extra seat! It looks so sleek, we would be able to stop referring to double strollers as “buses”!
      husskl at comcast dot net

    30. Thu Thao Dinh says

      Love the reversible top seat and the feature of how this stroller convert from single to double stroller.

    31. Renee Holden says

      I am most looking forward to the adjustable handle height on the stroller, what a great idea! I hope that I win :) Renee

    32. tennille says

      It looks like it holds a ton of stuff-great for farmers market when I come home with a buggy load! Very greatful this is open to Canadians-thanks Britax!

    33. Debby Morgan says

      I love how the B-Ready stroller folds so easily. It is just the perfect size and looks much lighter than most traditional strollers. My five month old grandson would love it!

    34. Evelynn says

      I love how adaptable this stroller is! It seems like it can fit all the needs of a parent of one or two! That makes it a stroller that can grow with a family!

    35. says

      I am hoping to get pregnant with #2 in the next year so the double stroller feature is a must! What a neat concept the way they added the attachment.

    36. says

      I already LOVE Britax ever since I’ve heard of the brand when I just had my baby (In fact, I would not settle for anything else for a carseat as the safety of my child is paramount). What I love about the Britax B-ready is the B-ready second seat! Buying quality strollers can be an investment and having the option for adding another seat to an existing stroller can save us moms a lot of money without having to give up the safety and quality of the stroller. Ultimately, we moms love the best for our children and Britax just allowed us to give them the best without breaking the bank! Britax Rules!

    37. says

      I love that it’s the size of a smaller stroller yet can do both of my girls like a double. I have 3 different strollers because each one serves a different purpose. One is small, easy to travel with. The other bulky yet comfortable for the baby. I could easily get rid of them all with this one.

    38. says

      Love tons of the features. I love the fact that it can easily convert to a double, that it folds with the seat on (that the Vigour their old stroller doesn’t), the easy access to the basket.

    39. Malinda Davidson says

      I love the height of the stroller. Even better is the ample storage! I really hope that I can win one. Baby #5 will be arriving around 12/24/10.

    40. Amy Brewer says

      The higher seat and the extra storage is something that I am really liking. Not to mention that it can be made into a double cool stroller..So cool..

    41. Kristen M. says

      I love the adjustable handle. I’ve also heard that that the stroller is easy to open & close – which is very important when juggling baby & baby gear.

    42. Etelvina says

      This stroller looks great! I have a nine month old son and am looking forward to start planning for baby #2 within a year. This stroller with the second seat would definitely meet our needs as our family grows.

    43. says

      I love everything about the B-Ready! By far though my favorite is how easy it looks to go between a single and a double, as well as the option of having my little one face me or forward face when she wants to look around. Being a mom to three is hard in the stroller department when finding one that is functional and easy to maneuver

    44. Amanda Herndon says

      I love how the handle adjusts and has so many different configurations to fit every phase my daughter will go through. I also like that it has the second seat as an option in the event #2 comes our way.

    45. says

      Can I just say Wow! What features don’t I love? I really do like the room under the seat for storage. Our Chicco has almost no room. I also like that you can add a second seat for the next baby. That is nice.

    46. Holly Cha says

      I am entering this giveaway for my Best Friend. She is due soon with her 3rd child and her son is only a year old. Obviously he is still needing to be in a stroller as well. She only has a tiny little Saturn and can not fit a huge double stroller in the back and groceries. I think my favorite feature on this has to be that she can clip the infant seat to the stroller AND still have a seat for her son. You can not IMAGINE how much this would help her out right now.

    47. Andrea says

      The one thing I love about this stroller is you can have the baby facing you as she grows older! This is one thing I have been looking for in a stroller! shadygrove79 at aol dot com

    48. Kimberly Christ says

      My toddler typically won’t stay in a stroller, we tested this one out in the store and we couldn’t get her out of it. She actually made us push her around the store in it while we shopped. With baby #2 due in a couple months this would be ideal stroller for our family, it’s got everything the other brands of inlines are lacking!

    49. hippie4ever says

      I love the second seat including location, and that baby can face you GREAT STROLLER! silenttributary at yahoo dot com

    50. says

      I am entering this for my step-daughter. We just found out she was expecting and this will be our first grandchild. She just completed school and still lives with us, a house full of 8 now, in July we will be expecting one more tiny member into our family. The Father is a runner and has been working with her on running. This stroller would be great for her.

    51. amy h says

      I am most looking forward to having a double stroller without it dwarfing me. :) I also love the fact that it can be folded with the second seat attached. Awesome!

    52. Sheila Hickmon says

      I love that you have the option to make a second seat, this would be perfect for us! I also like the storage area, I always have a ton of stuff to take!
      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    53. Shannon F. says

      I’m pregnant with a toddler too, and the carrier just isn’t cutting it! I really like the fact that this stroller can be single or double, there are phases of familyhood when you need one or the other, and this is so much more functional than buying two different strollers!

    54. kim says

      I am in love with this stroller! I am expecting twin boys at the end of February and have been looking for something more compact then the traditional double strollers. This stroller has all the bells and whistles!

    55. katklaw777 says

      Fantastic giveaway, thanks.
      I like the Included accessories: adult cup-holder…….got to have a place for my latte!

    56. Mary Belen Anderson says

      I love the fact that this stroller puts the kids up so high so that they are able to look around. Also the adult drink holder and that it folds so flat for easy transport in the car. Awesome!

    57. Aura says

      I have a nice month old and two year old twins in a tiny apartment with way too many strollers. Going out can be quite hard so we have a stroller for every circumstance (well besides for the triple which i couldn’t store or afford) we have the side buy side double, front and back double that took two car seats (the limo), a single umbrella, a snap n go, a carriage. This stroller really seems like the answer to my stash of strollers. It can be used as a single stroller when taking my baby out alone, it could have held a bassinet when he was younger, can be used with his car seat and when I take out the twins it can be used for them as well. I love the no rethread harness adjuster which is great when switching between the twins and baby and all the cup holders would really come in handy

    58. says

      I think the thing I most like about it is the fact that it can be both a single or double stroller! That is awesome!! It would also save me a TON of money only buying one nice stroller!

    59. says

      I honestly love all the features! I love the adjustable handle bars due to my daughter who is 2.5 will constantly want to push her baby sister around. I love that the seat is higher. I love that I can put 2 kids in knowing that my 2.5 year old will want to ride in it with her sister. Crossing my fingers tight!

    60. Debby Morgan says

      This is an awesome stroller. If my daughter in law were to be so lucky for me to win it for her, she would think she was a movie star! This is just want she wants where she can begin to get back into shape again. Babies are worth it though! Thanks for such good information,

    61. Debby Morgan says

      I have signed up for your newsletter and I am in love with this site. This stroller is such a great prize and whoever wins is going to have a great time using it. Wish it could be me and I would be strolling my brand new grandson around town in style!

    62. Tamara B. says

      Favorite features are Large canopy with sun-visor and ventilation window,Simple fold with automatic chassis lock, Adjustable handle height with comfort grip

    63. says

      The adjustable handle height feature is awesome!

      Added your giveaways button to my giveaways page!
      Subscribed to your feed!
      Signed up for your newsletter!

    64. Jane Noir says

      I am looking forward to it’s large canopy with sun-visor and ventilation window! I love going on walks with my nephew, and it’s nice to have the visor for keeping the sun out of his eyes and the vent from keeping him from getting too sweaty!

    65. says

      This stroller will be awesome to have for my 3rd baby! My 2nd child will only be 22 months old when my 3rd is born in May! So this stroller will be fabulous!!

    66. Jennifer Olvera says

      I love that the stroller can be a double stroller as well. I am pregnant with my second set of twins. (The first are 20 months right now.) The double stroller that I have now is big and bulky and doesn’t fold or unfold easily or conveniently!

    67. Krista Myers says

      I love the two seat option. Hopefully we will be having another little one soon and this would work out great! So convenient! :)

    68. Natalie Flores says

      I am so excited about this stroller!! I did purchase the Phil and Teds Vibe and then I started doing research online and came across the Britax B Ready! I was soooo sad I had purchased the P & T that I immediately posted it on Craigslist I even went as far as listing it for less than what I paid!! When I saw the reviews for the Britax I couldn’t believe all of the wonderful features I have a 2 year old and another one on the way in January:) My little guy takes a 2 hour nap everyday and I was so concerned with getting him to sleep in the vibe back seat without a recline:( So when I saw that the Britax both top seat and the bottom seat fully recline FIREWORKS when off in my head!!!!!!!! That is the feature that called my name however I also love that you can access the bottom from every angle and that the back seat has a sun canopy!! Now I have my fingers crossed that someone will buy my P & T!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks so much,

    69. says

      I love how easily it folds and that it can be converted into a double, on the off chance that I can convert my husband into becoming a dad for the second time…
      Posted the giveaway button on my blog!

    70. shel says

      My favorite feature is the 3-position seat recline and that great roomy storage basket underneath that’s accessible on 3 sides.

    71. Jaimie K says

      I love the compact double stroller feature! I have 4 little girls, the oldest is 4, so I could really use it! Do they come in quadruple strollers?? :)

    72. LInda says

      I love that it can be a double stroller! I have a 2 year old and a baby on the way so I’m in need of a stroller like this.

      Thank You for this great offer:)

    73. Kathy says

      What’s not to like about this stroller! We’re adopting our second baby soon and this stroller would be perfect since it’s a double with LOTS of storage space. Britax products are wonderful and I would feel safe placing my new baby in the bassinet. My two-year-old would love sitting up tall in the front and I love the adjustable handle so that my husband will be comfortable pushing it too!!!! LOVE IT!

    74. Kat Miller-Riggers says

      this would be a tough one :) I have a 3yr old daughter a 4 yr old grandbaby and another grandbaby on the way. The multiple combinations would be perfect for all of us

    75. says

      Oh, we just found out we’re expecting our baby number three. The thing is, we thought we were done at two so we need to start over. This would make a delightful Christmas gift! :)

      (Button on my sidebar)

    76. says

      I have a now 1 year old who is all about being at eye level so i love the fact that the seat is higher then a normal stroller and also i have a 4 and 5 yo so additional storage is always a plus!

    77. Krista Zsako says

      What a great stroller! I’ve seen these around and they are so nice! I would love to have one for my two boys!

    78. says

      I love the additional seat! I have an 8 week old and a 2 yr old. I don’t have a stroller that can fit them both and because of that we rarely venture out. The 2 yr old runs too fast these days!

    79. Christine Roeske says

      Have a two year old and a 10 month old and would love this stroller as an alternative to our larger side by side stroller – love the second seat – cool!

    80. says

      The option to add an additional B-Ready Lower Infant Car Seat Adapter is wonderful! I like that you can push around two kiddos but not have the bulk of most two seater strollers.

    81. says

      We don’t need it right now, but are wanting another child. My daughter would have a hard time giving up her “seat” I love the lower seat. I also love that it isn’t a big bulky double stroller.

    82. Josh says

      I would love to win this! I’ve always loved Britax, not only for their innovative design, but also for their incredible safety features.

    83. Aura says

      I love that it’s a great single stroller when taking my baby out alone but if one of my 2 year olds want to tag alone all I have to do is pop on the second seat and voila! its a double stroller

    84. Stacy says

      This would be so great I have 2 children older (11 and 10) and am now expecting a little on in May. With having nothing this would be a great start to have cause I need everything.

    85. Leslie Talley says

      I like that this stroller has the second seat option; which is just what I need now that I have three kids 5 and under! =)

    86. cctine says

      a friend of mine is about to have a baby it’s been so long that she doesnt have the things she needs this would help so much

    87. Eileen says

      Well, the feature that allows it to become DOUBLE stroller capacity had got to be the best for most, but for ME I like the height adjustment. I have always wondered why that was not available on all equipment…I mean really, a lot of people can have a full foot variation from one stroller user and another!

      thanks so much!

    88. Elaine Montalvo says

      I just found out I am going to be a first time grandma, so I am now shopping for baby stuff! :)
      Living in Floriday, the large canopy with sun-visor and ventilation window would be an added bonus.

    89. says

      The feature I really like best is the second-seat option. With 4 grandbebes 5 and under, they usually visit me in sets of two. The youngest set (Amira and Makayla) are 3 and 1 years old. Amira’s little legs can’t always keep up with Gigi, and she gets tired, so having a seat available for her would be awesome!

      Thanks for the chance to win!


    90. Angela A says

      My three young kids would surely need this to ride smoothly in. I love this brand.
      finger’s crossed
      brownatural@ gmail dot com

    91. says

      I love that there are infant car seat adapters so it would work with a newborn/young infant and also that the second seat so this could be converted into a double stroller without having to buy a completely different one!! This is a seriously awesome stroller.

    92. Victoria says

      I love the higher seat. My little guy will love being able to see more of where we are going and what’s going on. I also love that the higher seat will allow for more storage space. This is going to be awesome. My husband and my 13 year old daughter are always shoving stuff in the stroller storage and there never seems to be enough room.

    93. Brenda Vicario says

      Wow, that stroller looks amazing! Great review. I think this stroller can be added to my list of things that look awesome, but cost way too much for me to own…unless :)

    94. Kevin says

      My wife and I are adopting our second baby soon and will definitely benefit from all the features of this stroller, especially the 2nd seat.

    95. Christine Fox says

      this is an awesome stroller. I love that you can carry 2 children including a carrier….so perfect for a 2 year old and a baby :)