Back-to-School Meal Makeover with Pyrex

Wow! The end of September already! That means that many of our kids have been in the ‘back-to-school’ routine for more than a month now and the honeymoon period of new clothes, new classes, and new friends is coming to an end. That also means that our families are now knee-deep in the busyness of life!

With school activities, sports, and fall events in full swing, time becomes very limited and something needs to “give” from our hectic schedule. Most often that thing that gets pushed out of our schedules are home-cooked meals. Let’s face it, it’s just too convenient to grab drive-thru as we go from one event to another or to just grab a pizza on our way home. Even if we do get a chance to make a home-cooked meal, it often ends up that everyone is eating at different times! *Sigh*

Thankfully Pyrex understands this dilemma and has created an amazing line of glass storage containers that allows you to easily take your home-cooked meals with you anywhere you like!

The Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage system features a leak proof and air tight seal making the containers so convenient and safe to take with you on the go! No need to worry about messes in the car as you travel to and from those afterschool events! Each of the lids also feature a handy vent for microwaving that makes reheating a snap!

Even if you’re not a family-on-the-go, you’ll still love the Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage containers for their square and round shapes! If you’re limited on kitchen space like me, you’ll definitely appreciate how easy it is to store or stack the Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage containers, leaving your shelves and refrigerators nicely organized!

But here comes my favorite things about the Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage containers — the varied sizes and clear glass! The clear, nonporous glass means that I’m not wasting time searching the containers in my refrigerator for a specific meal. I can quickly grab what I need, reheat it, and be on my way!

The varied sizes also make it super easy to take appropriate sized portions with me when we need to eat dinner on the go. I certainly don’t need to take a 7-cup dish for the bowl of soup my daughter is planning to eat while she waits for her sister to finish gymnastics glass. Instead I can take the smaller 2-cup round dish! The Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage system offers 2-cup, 4-cup, and 7-cup round and 3-cup, 6-cup, 11-cup rectangle. Truly giving you a size for any need!!!

Our Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage containers will definitely be put to use more and more as our busy Fall schedule picks up and I’m already planning out ways I can use them to pre-make meals and store leftovers when baby #3 comes this Winter!

Now that you’re in love with the Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage containers, you’ll definitely want to check out the complete line of Pyrex products! After all, Christmas is less than three months away!!!

Wouldn’t you just love some new Pyrex products for your kitchen? I thought so! We are giving away an amazing gift bag with a variety of Pyrex kitchen products, including some of the Pyrex® No-Leak Lids™ Storage containers!!! To enter, simply leave a comment below. This contest closes October 15 and is open to both US and Canadian addresses. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

Pyrex Giveaway Prize

Thank you to Pyrex for providing myself and our winner with these great kitchen gift bags!


  1. Amy Brewer says

    I would love the chance to win some Pyrex products. I haven’t tried them and this would be a great way to start and see if I like them. Thanks for the chance..

  2. Sheri Simpson says

    Oh, how I could use these! 2 kids at home, 2 away (but get dinner from Mom every night to take home with them), and a husband who works out of town for the week and comes home on weekends. These containers would come in handy for sending meals home with everyone!

  3. Liz says

    Oh, how we need this. In fact some other friends and I were just having a discussion about containers with lids. Moms talk about the strangest things…

  4. says

    I would really love some new glass storage containers! Even though the lids are plastic they’re not usually coming into contact with your food as much!

  5. tennille says

    OOOOHHHH as I scrolled down I was thinking please please please don’t be US residents only! So happy to enter this contest-this would be a lovely prize.

  6. Susan P. says

    I have one of these Pyrex rectangular dishes that also have an insulated case so you can take a dish to a pot luck – either hot or cold.

  7. katklaw777 says

    WOW…luv to win this one,,,I am getting tired of all the ungreen plastic I have.
    Great giveaway, thanks.

  8. Sherry H. says

    I would love to win this! I have some Pyrex that I got when I was married in 1997 and it still looks new!

  9. Snowflake07 (Audra) says

    Pyrex is always a great brand to have in the kitchen. I wasn’t aware they had containers with no-leak lids; that’s great!

  10. Tina Riley says

    I am trying to switch from plastic to glass so winning this would be great

    I am slowly switching form plastic to glass so winning this would be great!

  11. says

    When I was first married at the ripe ol age of 21 one of my beloved grandmothers gave me a pyrex baking set as a wedding present….. I am now 46 and I still have that set! Pyrex is known for it’s quality and durability (believe me I’ve proven that over the years in the kitchen). My children, 5 of them, now in their teens and 20’somethings have also used these same beloved items as they began to “cook” and meal plan in our kitchen. Pyrex still going strong – LOVE it! LOVE them!

  12. Brandy says

    I LOVE pyrex of all varieties! I love to use glass rather than plastic for food storage. I have a collection of vintage pyrex that I use and would love to add some new pyrex!

  13. says

    I love the quality of Pyrex! These would be perfect for getting dinners ready ahead of time and keeping in the fridge to bake or heat up before we leave for school events or soccer!

  14. says

    Thanks for the review, Stacey! I’m a big fan of Pyrex. I have one of their 9×13 pans that comes with a case for carrying. It’s so handy when I want to deliver a meal to a friend or when we’re bringing a side dish to a party.

    P.S. I just read your mini bio at the end of the post. I love dark chocolate too. It’s the perfect treat at the end of a long day.

  15. Katrina says

    I always try to use glass for reheating as I’ve read terrible things about heating things up in plastic containers. Gotta love Pyrex! :)

  16. Tracey says

    This is a fabulous package! I really want to replace all my plastic containers with glass – especially the containers my daughter’s lunch gets heated in at daycare.

    Thank you!

  17. Jody says

    What a great giveaway. I love using Pyrex. In fact, yesterday I purchased some loaof pans and today some pie plates…yup all Pyrex. I wouldn’t miss this chance for anything. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Christina says

    Pyrex is the best (and the lids are pretty amazing – mine have held up after many trips through the dishwasher). Thanks for this great giveaway!

  19. Ophia says

    This would be greatly appreciated. All the containers, spoons, etc. in my house have either gotten broken or have been lost. Anything helps!

  20. JOYCE says

    I have just broken my most favourite pyrex dish (deep rectangular dish with blue lid) and I am devastated. I have not been able to find a replacement.


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