Dyson Has Gone Pink — And We’re Giving One Away!

DysonDyson is helping to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

They have created a limited edition, oh-so-fashionable Pink vacuum and they are donating $40 from each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The pink beauties are exclusively available at Target… but you need to hurry because they are already 50% sold out! And since these Pink All Floor vacuums are a limited edition, once they’re gone… well you know the end of that sentence.

DysonWe know every woman dreams of a Dyson — the effortless steering, the high-power suction, the clean air filter, the lightweight design.

  • The vacuum cleaner that doesnโ€™t lose suction; 250 air watts; Root 8 Cyclone technology deep cleans; lifetime HEPA filter included
  • Certified asthma friendly according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • Bagless design with easy-empty dust compartment; 46Hx13Wx14L”

Now is your chance to indulge yourself and at the same time support breast cancer research.

But yes… of course… one of you will get one for free. And not only that, since so many of you participated in our last vacuum giveaway, Dyson has offered to also donate the full retail value of a second DC07 Pink vacuum ($400) to the BCRF in honor of our giveaway.

If you want to be the lucky lady who gets this free Dyson Pink All Floors vacuum, please leave a comment and also link back to this post from your own blog. (If you’re not a blogger, we understand you can’t link back, but then perhaps just share the buzz with some friends.)

We do have to limit this giveaway to US shipping addresses, but Canadians if you’re close enough to a US border, you could ship it there and go pick it up.

We’ll draw the winner on Monday, Oct 1st.

But, don’t wait until then… hop over to target and pick up one of these limited edition pink vacuums. And then if you win our giveaway, you can give one to your sister! :)


  1. Terri says

    Oh my gosh wouldnt this be super to have. My youngest daughter got her own apartment near the college she goes to. She is a pink person and would love to have this.. Thank you for having such a great contest..

  2. Laura W says

    Are you kidding me? I so need a vacuum, and may as well go in style! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m in! (and no blog for me, but I’ll spread the word.)

  3. Ginamarie says

    Wow Pink (my fave color) and a Dyson!
    I love products that are colorful and more unique! Plus a new vacuum would be a such a treat!
    love the site & all your giveaways!

  4. ~Lana B.~ says

    OMG! I would be HONORED to use a vaccuum that I know all of the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research!!! My DH refers to Oct. as “booby month” around here…our whole house goes pink! This would be a PHENOMENAL addition!!!
    Thanks so much, ~Lana B.~

  5. says

    I have dreamed of having a Dyson since we lived in England and that was the only place that had them. No way was I going to pay English pounds for a vaccume I would have to get rid of in just a couple of years. Count me in!!!!!!

  6. Lisa says

    Between our allergies and living in the dusty country on a gravel road, we sure could use a Dyson! And since I’m a breast cancer survivor, even the male members of this family would be happy to use a pretty pink Dyson. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. says

    Oh please pick my number! I would love a dyson and a pink one would be awesome! (Oh, and I TOTALLY need a new vacuum!)

    Thanks for the chance!

  8. says

    This is my dream vacuum….if I won it I don’t know what I’d do with myself! Probably jump up and down and all around :) I might even vacuum the floors ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Amy A. says

    I have been coveting a Dyson for a LONG time. I just can’t convince Hubby that I really NEED a $400 vacuum cleaner. So PICK ME! PICK ME!

  10. tammy b says


  11. says

    Aaaaaah! I want one!! Pretty, pretty please!
    Would you believe that I just borrowed my Mom’s Dyson this afternoon to try it out. She’s been telling me how wonderful it is. I am completely sold. Then I hopped online and found out that you’re giving one away. How awesome would that be!!
    I will definitely be sharing this on my blog!

  12. Jill H. says

    Wow! My old vac just bit the dust, this would be a fantastic replacement! (And sure beat the pants off the cheepie I bought to use in the meantime!

  13. says

    Gorgeous vacuum. I have the purple animal, and the hand held. LOVE THEM. Talked our church and 2 friends into buying one too!

    I have always dreamed of having a 2nd one for the upstairs, so I don’t have to lug it up and down. Since I recently sprained both ankles (see my blog) I could really that second one! LOVE the pink!

    Please enter me! Thanks!

  14. Angela Watson says

    I want this pink vacuum soo0 bad but my husband said there is no way he will let me buy one. That being said maybe I can win one!!

  15. Kimberly Colville says

    I really really need this. My kitchen is retro Pink! I love the retro pink stuff. My old vacuum is over 15 years old and really stinks and doesn’t pickup that well anymore. Please pick me this would make my millenium.

  16. Lori McRoberts says

    I would love to win this lovely pink vacuum but if I don’t, Thank you to Dyson and 5 Minutes for Mom for Breast Cancer awareness

  17. Rhonda Holt says

    Pink ALWAYS makes me think of women who are battling breast cancer. Having a few scares myself, I would be honored to win this vaccum.

  18. adina weinstein says

    What a great idea and a wonderful color. Would be a wonderful addition to my home. Would let me be so proud of my very clean home. This would make life so much easier for me and my kids and husband could help a lot easier with such a coooool vacuum.

  19. Michelle says

    Yay to Dyson for joining in the fight against breast cancer, and especially to doing it in such a fashionable way. I so want a pink Dyson, so please count me in. My family, dog, and floors thank you!

  20. says

    I really need a new vacuum…and since I’m a breast cancer survivor, what better to have than a pink one LOL.

    Seriously though, please enter mem to win :)

  21. Michelle Davis says

    Wow.. this is the coolest ever, a pink Vacuum and its a Dyson and its for a great cause!!! !! dog hairs and kids messes WATCH OUT, THE PINK DYSON IS OUT TO SUCK YOU UP!!!

  22. Margaret Smith says

    I could so use a new vacuum and this would go great with my pink living and dining room.
    Thanks for the contest.

  23. says

    You have no idea how bad I want one of those Dysons!! I am always checking them out when we go to the store. I know my chances are slim, but please count me in!


  24. Theresa Kelly says

    I’ve visited your site many times. It’s an awesome site and I love the contests as well!

    What a great cause to donate to as well!

  25. shelly says

    I sure could use a new vacuum. I have used a dyson but I just can’t afford one. They ar e fantastic. I also think it is wonderful how you are donating to such a wonderful cause.

  26. Pamela Brint says

    Give me a pink one to go with my pink loving dog. I love it. It would be in remembrance of my grandmother who had breast cance and my best friend that is still fighting it.

  27. says

    i absolutely love MY Dyson and i’d love to give this pink beauty to my mom! she’s using a 20 year old vacuum and since she is a cancer survivor, this would mean so much to her. thanks Dyson for the great idea….

  28. says

    Oh my!
    I have a pink home…I love pink roses and everyone who knows me knows that Pinky was my high school nickname.

    I MUST HAVE a pink vacuum cleaner…and it’s a Dyson!

    *crossing fingers*

    Thanks you!!

  29. Ally P says

    Ohhh please let me win… I want a Dyson SOOOOOOOO bad… my 1970’s hand me down vacuum from my grandma is on its last leg (I literally have to fix it almost every time vacuum)… I really hope I win this one :)
    Good luck everyone!!!

  30. says

    Oh please draw my name! I just mentioned today that I need a new hobby while my husband is overseas for the next 15 months. This would be way better than just sitting around passing kidney stones (see my blog).

  31. Linda Schorel says

    I work hard but never have a penny for myself. My daughter is in college and gets the majority of my money. I would love to win this vacuum. I clean all the time with 2 cats, 4 dogs and 2 birds. It would make cleaning a little more effortless.

  32. Carolyn Dudgeon says

    The belt on my vacuum keeps breaking! I need a GOOD one…like this! And in pink too! I LOVE it! One problem….how do I get my husband to use it???

  33. Sandy says


  34. Brenda Shields says

    My current vac is on it’s last leg being held together with duct tape I could really use an this awesome Dyson since my house is getting ‘hairier’ by the day!

  35. Wendy Wilber says

    “I have wanted a Dyson since they first appeared on the scene!” said the tired, underpaid, single mother of one while her dirty carpet purred “Oh, a Dyson! Now wouldn’t THAT be a dream come true!!!”

  36. julie from ky says

    I would LOVE to have one. I could really use it my son has asthma and we have old carpet. It would be GREAT!!!! Thanks for the chance.

  37. Nelson McClain says

    My wife would be tickled pink (pun intended) to receive a Dyson and pink is a wonderful reminder to support breast cancer research. God bless any person/family that is faced with breast cancer.

  38. Janele says

    My ds would just *cringe* if he had to use that lovely pink vacuum during his daily chore of vacuuming–lol, wouldn’t that be great?!

  39. says

    Oh, this is GREAT!!! I’ve always wanted a Dyson. I think the idea of a pink one for breast cancer is just AWESOME! Hope I win!

    Happy Thursday!!!

    Jennifer H.
    Greenville, SC

  40. says

    How cool is this vacuum??? The coolest and inspired, for sure.

    My best friend was just diagnosed on the 11th. To say that many things in my life are making the pink transition would be an understatement. What a gift this would be. While I have a Kirby myself, I would certainly give this to my own inspiration and fighter.

  41. Alissa Gray says

    I love how dyson is donating part of their profits to breast cancer awareness. I think they are an amazing company. Thanks for having this contest. It would be an honor to win.

  42. Jennifer Metzler says

    My fiancee and I wanted to put a Dyson on our wedding registry but opted not to because it’s too expensive!

    And my fiancee’s aunt died of breast cancer, so, while small…this would be an awesome way to remember her.

    TOTALLY count me in!

  43. Kimberly says

    I have always wanted a Dyson and now they are celebrating women everywhere! We all know people that are affected by breast cancer and I think its great they are donating money for research for men and women everywhere.

  44. Amber says

    Well im on moderate activity till december when i deliver my little boy. So in the mean time the husband has to do the cleaning… Wouldn’t it be great to see him sweep with a pink sweeper!!

  45. Lisa Weidknecht says

    I just lost my second friend this year to cancer, one to breast cancer and one to ovarian cancer. Please ladies, if you don’t win, please go buy one to support research. Thank you!!

  46. Catharine McElwain says

    I love the dyson I have, this would be a great
    gift for my stepdaughter…..sometimes it seems
    like her whole house is hand-me-downs & it would
    just be nice to be able to give her something
    really great and NEW and pink just takes the
    cake, it’s her favorite color.

  47. Louise Frost says

    My good friend has one and raves about it and how good it cleans, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to try to win one. Thank you.

  48. rebecca spiers says

    I trully am one of those who dreams of a dyson. I would love it, and my dogs (and their constant shedding) would no longer be a time consuming pain in the patoot. They would much rather have me spending the extra time petting and loving on them.

  49. Nadia Wilder says

    Being a military housewife with 2 kids and 2 cats, a vacuum is essential. And dyson is a well known brand. I think it’s great that
    pink vacuums are being given away in thought of breast cancer awareness. It’s great that money is being donated to do more research. Us women need that. Hope I win one, I have not had any luck winning anything.

  50. Brian E. says

    …a great idea by Dyson and Target to support the cause; if you can spare $20, or $10, or even $5 then send in a donation to assist in research for more effective Breast Cancer treatments, perhaps even an eventual cure.

  51. Diane M. says

    With allergy sufferers in my home, this would be perfect for my home. Thank you for supporting the Power of Pink and Breast Cancer research.

  52. lisa walsh says

    My vaccuum broke using a push sweeper now. would love to own a pink vaccuum and especially since I could count on it working for a long time

  53. Jean Fischer says

    I love this vacuum and the color! Breast cancer is so prevelant in my family – my mother, my 2 sisters, my paternal aunt and my maternal aunt

  54. Tracey Byram says

    I’ve never thought about a PINK vacuum before but what a fine idea to support breast cancer awareness. Fashion colors on a vacuum cleaner- who would have thought?

  55. Tari Lawson says

    I have wanted one of these for a long time. I just cannot afford to buy one. Would really like to win this. I also like the fact that the full $400 will go to breast cancer research.

  56. Melissa Roth says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win – even my pink-crazy daughter will get in on the action if we owned this cute vacuum cleaner. (and I can use the help!)

  57. DarrylAnn says

    I’ve gotta gotta gotta win…I rarely have found a vacuum cleaner to be “pretty”, but this one is too pretty to hide in a closet:)

  58. Melinda Toungette says

    We are getting new carpet in the house and my husband is in a panic about keeping it clean. This would be a wonderful gift for him.

  59. says

    Seriously? I would love to see my husband vacuuming with a pink dyson. I didn’t know they were good for asthma sufferers…. Maybe we’ll have to budget for one. Unless we win.

  60. says

    Boy – this can make you feel good every time you vacuum! Whether or not I win, Dyson’s generosity will come to mind every time I hear their name!

  61. Rebecca says

    I was just telling my husband last night that our vacuum is on it’s way out and we need to start saving for a new one

  62. SarahHub says

    Since my daughter finds every tiny thing on the carpet, I would love to have this! And pink makes me think it could even be fun to vacuum! (???)

  63. Sharon says

    Thanks Dyson for helping find the Cure! The pink vacuum is a great symbol for us “working” moms and reminds us of others who need more help then just cleaning the house.

  64. Melissa Nesbitt says

    I have been wanting a DYSON since they came out, but now that they have a PINK ONE that BENEFITS A CURE FOR BREAST CANCER, if I don’t win one, I’m seriously going to consider buying one.

  65. Mary says

    I never thought a vacuum cleaner could be cute! Cleaning would be so much more fun with one of these, and I’d feel even happier that a portion of the profits are going to a very good cause. Too bad I don’t have a Target near by…

  66. Patrice Pruitte says

    I could really use a good vacuum like this to get up all the pet fur in my house. Besides being a fashionable color, I like the fact that part of the proceeds are going to a good cause.

  67. RJ says

    How neat! My mom just recently completed her treatments for breast cancer and though their is a high risk of more, we are hopefull. I’d love to be able to give her this pink vacuum!

  68. Erika says

    My sister-in-law is a breast cancer survivor going on three years and I’d love to win this for her! She’d be tickled PINK!!!

    I have no blog, but will spread the word!

  69. Donna Pfeifer says

    Pink? I’d prefer any color BUT pink. Aside from that, count me in for the drawing. They are awesome vacs for us asthma types.

  70. Diane Kroese says

    I have heard such great things about Dyson, I would just love to win one! Also, with my mom, myself, and my sister all having had breast cancer, and still worrying about a recurrence, we need a cure!

  71. says

    Don’t care about the color, although pink and purple are my 2 favs, I just need this because of the 14 cats. I actually don’t want to vacuum them up – just their excess fur. (:-)

  72. mickeyfan says

    Dyson vacuums really SUCK…but in a wonderful way ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I get to use one at work, but would LOVE to have one at home.

  73. Aaron says

    If i brought this home too my wife she wuld be the happiest pregnant woman in the world. She has been wanting one since they came out.

  74. Courtney Pessel says

    My favorite color is pink. I love to vacuum. Breast Cancer run on both sides of my family and anytime we see things related someone always buys it. My whole family supports the active research. We attend all the walks and fundraisers. I am happy to see Dyson helping the fight.

  75. says

    WOW! What a beautiful vaccuum cleaner! (Um…I don’t know if I ever thought I’d be making that statement in my life-hehe) Please enter me in the drawing! Hopping over to my blog right now to link back!!

  76. Misty Brown says

    I could never afford a Dyson! Would love one! Especially a pink one. I would be vacuuming in sytle & it would be pretty funny to watch my fiance vacuum with a pink vacuum! Good Luck ALL!!!

  77. gale says

    What a nice gesture. I’m so happy to see so many companies participating in the pink cause. Breast cancer touches everyone somehow directly or indirectly. I would love this fabulous pink Dyson too!

  78. says

    I am about to move out for the first time. I will need a vacuum. And my aunt is a breast cancer survivor, so it means a lot to me to do something for breast cancer research. So, please pick me, I really, really, really need a vacuum. Money will be extremely tight. I may not be able to buy one.

  79. Dina says

    I’ve wanted to buy a Dyson for a while. I need a powerful vacuum like Dyson to pick up fur from 3 cats! It would be wonderful to have a pink one!