Memorial Day Weekend 2010 Link Up

What did you do this Memorial Day Weekend?

memorial-day-link-upMemorial Day Weekend — the “unofficial start of summer” — a time for cookouts, family and friends, and most of all, remembering.

Did you write a post about your Memorial Day Weekend?

Whether your post was a tribute to fallen soldiers, a trip to your local parade, a collection of photos from your family barbecue, or a mix of everything, link up the URL to your Memorial Day Weekend post below and visit others who posted about their weekend.

It is way to extend the celebrations of Memorial Day Weekend — virtually — with new friends and old.

memorial-dayWe are so blessed to be free — thanks to the incredible sacrifices of soldiers all over the world. We can never fully express our gratitude to those who died so that we can live our lives in freedom. “Thank you” will never be enough.

As I told you in my post this weekend, I am Canadian and so I watch your Memorial Day activities from afar — feeling a bit lonely and craving some Hebrew National hot dogs!

Once again, Hebrew National, makers of the only national all-beef, kosher hot dog made with 100 percent premium butcher-quality cuts of beef with no by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or colors, are partnering with us to celebrate an American holiday!

(Hebrew National hosted our July 4th Virtual Backyard Barbecue last summer.)

As I told you on Saturday, I can’t even get Hebrew National hot dogs in Canada! So in order for me to indulge in their delicious hot dogs, I have to drive across the border to get them! But hey it is worth it. (Anyone want me to join them for a barbeque while I am down there?)

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hebrew-national-logoTo add to the barbecuing fun, we have TWO giveaways in our Memorial Day Weekend with Hebrew National. The prizes are $100 Amazon Gift Cards – one card per giveaway.

In the first giveaway this weekend, I asked, “What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans or traditions?”

For today’s giveaway, we have a Linky for you to join in and share your Memorial Day Weekend posts. If you aren’t a blogger, you can always share about your weekend in a comment below.

BOTH giveaways are open until June 11, 2010
, so feel free to enter both.

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Add Your Link Below

Add the URL to your Memorial Day Weekend post below. Your post does NOT have to mention anything about this post or contest or link back. Although you are free to of course! We want to provide this linky to you so you can share your post and find others to enjoy.


    • says

      Oh gosh – you don’t have to be a mom!!!

      Sue was actually infertile for three years before she had her first. And she too called herself a full time auntie!

      We were so concerned about naming our site with “mom” in it because we didn’t want to alienate those who weren’t “mothers.” Please participate here – you are MORE than welcome!!!

  1. Lachelle says

    We celebrated by putting up our American flag, saying a prayer for our soldiers throughout the world and having a bbq. We also put the day to good use by catching up on some house projects!

  2. Donna C. says

    When I lived in the city, we would go to the Memorial Day Parade. Living in the country now, we remember our heroes by putting up small American flags along the drive. This year we had a quiet weekend, no family or friends visiting. It was nice to have a 3 day weekend

  3. says

    My family and I spent Memorial Day at my parent’s house for a potluck lunch. My dad was in charge of the barbecue and we were in charge of bringing desserts!

  4. helenlam says

    We spent Memorial day with family and friends. Spending time with those that you love in a relaxed, loving setting is all you need to remind yourself of how blessed we are to live in this country.

  5. Mami2jcn says

    We spent Memorial Day weekend doing what we usually do, shopping, cleaning, yard work, and playing with the kids.

  6. racergirl1313 says

    I thanked those who had served or were serving for their service and sacrifice. My parents are bothVietnam era Air Force vets and raised me with an appreciation for the sacrifice that our military men and women make for us every day.

  7. says

    My dad smoked a 10-pound pork shoulder and we ate some amazingly sweet onions! Aside from the food, we had a great time hanging out as a family!

  8. Vickie Couturier says

    I usually take my mom to the graveyard to put flowers on familys graves an we have a cookout this year it rained an we had a cookout indoors,it was nice an quiet

  9. Summer says

    This part Memorial Day, we had a great lunch at Chickfila and then saw Letters to Juliet. It was my birthday so, we had a little celebration before the bbq at my FIL’s. It was a great relaxing day. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. Jaimie K says

    Being away from all family, we didn’t do much this year to celebrate the holiday (and I haven’t blogged anything because I am SO behind…). I did, however, just get to enjoy the day with my little family. I also like to think about the soldiers who have died fighting for us. My little brother just got back safely from Afghanistan, which has helped me feel a lot closer to those other soldiers who also fight. It’s also fun to reflect on ancestors who have brought my life to where it is. I love Memorial Day to just remember…

  11. says

    We celebrated by DRIVING from our home in Michigan to my aunts house in Maryland with our two month old. It was for my grandmothers surprise 60th birthday party. She did so much for us during my pregnancy that we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Then on Monday we went to the annual family reunion at a park where we said a prayer for all military personnel: past, present, and future. Then we sang patriotic songs and had a wonderful flag shaped cake, along with another cake for my grandmother. It was an awesome trip and so wonderful to see my daughter with her great-grandmother for the first time.

  12. Kara G. says

    We celebrated with family and friends by the pool! We had a couple of cookouts and we just enjoyed the weekend and the sun!

  13. Aimee W. says

    On your other Memorial Day giveaway post, I wrote about our Memorial Day family tradition of having breakfast at my grandmother’s house. Very, very sadly, this was the first in my 34 years that we did not stick to this tradition. My 90 year-old grandmother entered hospice about a month ago. On a happier note, we did bring a home-cooked breakfast to her!

  14. Marci says

    We always have a BBQ with friends and family. it’s a time to reconnect and welcome summer. And eat a lot!

  15. Alinga says

    We lined our yard and walkway with American flags and then say a prayer as a family to all of our past, present and future soldiers. Then we went to my inlaws house for a BBQ. My husband is a Marine and my dad is Army as well as my grandfathers, so Memorial Day holds a special place in our hearts.

  16. Marie says

    We always have a BBQ on Memorial Day and then we go to visit my great-grandfather’s gravesite as he was a career soldier, the only one in our family so far.


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