5 Days of Huggies® — Day 4!

5 Days of Huggies Giveaway

How Big is Your Family?

Susan and I come from a mid-size family. There are four kids. Susan and I are the babies — the BIG surprise that brought our mother to tears. (Not happy tears! LOL)

My parents already had a six year old daughter and a four year old son and they were done — DONE!

But God had other ideas. He had a fabulous set of twins waiting in the wings.

But Susan and I each have only two children.

UBP10-jan-kids-275pix UBP10-sue-kids-275

Growing up with three siblings, it is hard to feel like I am “done” after only two children. I can’t believe my baby will be out of diapers soon. (Well, I think we have many months of Pull-Ups ahead of us.)

Olivia is our last one in diapers too!
(Sophia is a very independent girl and toilet trained in about one week last month!)

And as we told you in our video of our fastest Little Mover Olivia, (if you didn’t see it, I embedded it again here. My Livvie is just SO cute, I can’t help but post it again!) we have had all four of our babies in Huggies®! (Hence our loyalty to Huggies and our partnership with them for this giveaway event!)

But as much as I get those baby longings, my rational side breaks through and reminds me that I am at my limit — physically, emotionally and financially. With two VERY busy children, and trying to work to help provide for them, I honestly don’t think I can add anything more to my plate.

Susan feels the same. Even though her girls are far less work to raise than my two kids, she has filled up her tiny townhouse to the max and can barely fit in another stuffed toy let alone another child.

So Susan and I are finished. We are packing up our baby clothes and maternity clothes and focusing on raising the four kids that we do have.

(And really, since Susan and I live two blocks apart and we raise our children together, it really is like we have four kids. Our kids have each other and if we had more, things would get really chaotic!)

Online it seems like we are odd ducks!

So many of you have four or more kids. It seems like par for the course. People don’t think twice about the moms with six children in the momosphere.

We are in amazement of how you moms of many do it! Blog on sisters — you rock!

So, we want to know, how many babies DO you have? And are you finished? What is your magic number — or do you have one?

5 Days of Giveaways with Huggies!

We are celebrating family this week with Huggies®. Whether you haven’t yet diapered your first, or you are on your eighteenth, Huggies® wants to share some FUN giveaways this week!

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Our Fourth Huggies Prize Pack

Big or small, every loving family is a beautiful thing.

Toddlers feet resting on Huggies diapers Today, we want you to tell us about your family. How many babies have you had and are you planning to have any more?

Day 4 Huggies Prize Pack

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To Enter:

To enter please leave a comment below by Friday, June 4th, and tell us about your family. How many babies have you had and are you planning to have any more?

To make entering simpler for you, only one entry per person please.

This giveaway is open from May 25, 2010, to June 4, 2010. We will announce our winner on Saturday, June 4th. This giveaway is open U.S. residents 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and is void where prohibited by law.

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Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
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  1. says

    We just have one so far, a 16-month old daughter. Planning to start trying for #2 this fall, and then hopefully there will be a #3 a couple years after that, if we can afford it and aren’t totally overwhelmed by two!

  2. Emily E says

    We have one now and are aiming for four. But how ever many children God wants us to have is how many we are going to have.

  3. says

    We have a 19 month old right now and are trying for our 2nd. We are going back and forth on whether we want 2 or 3…I guess we’ll decide after we have our 2nd. :)

  4. Amy says

    I have 2 children in which 2 boys one is 10yrs and the other is 2 today. There are no more kids for me in the future yet I do enjoy them very much.

  5. says

    Right now, I just have one child who is turning two this week! In another couple of years we’ll revisit the idea of having a second one. Definitely no more than two though :)

  6. says

    We have 3 boys- 5.5, 4, and 1.5. And I am pregnant with baby #4. We’ve always said we want 5-6, so we aren’t done yet! I grew up with 7 siblings and hubby with 4, and living in Utah large families are the norm lol.

  7. Annie says

    I have one little girl who is two and her new brother is due in just a few weeks. I am done with pregnancy, I simply don’t enjoy it, but we haven’t decided if we are done… obtaining children. We both think we’d like to adopt at some point. So we’ll see. We are both one of two, but my mom is one of six and I love watching her with her siblings (4 girls, 2 boys), especially her sisters, that I want to give my little girl a sister too. So we will see what God has planned for our family. But unless He does something to change my heart, I will not be giving birth to anymore than the one I’ve got growing now!

  8. says

    I’ve got 3 kiddos currently…with the 6 mo old the only one currently in diapers. But No, we are not done. I definitely want 4…maybe 5…6 will be my limit for sure!

  9. Celeste says

    I have two girls and two boys–all under for years old! God willing, we would love to have a bunch more. I’m not yet thirty, so we pray for more happy childbearing years ahead of us. There is no greater blessing than precious souls!

  10. Sara ( says

    2 is my magic number!!! We have 2 boys and we are DONE!! (I would LOVE one more, but, after two miscarriages I couldn’t handle anymore emotional pain, so we are DONE!)

    I have thought about adopting a child, but at this point, we simply aren’t ready for that. And foster care is something else I have thought briefly about doing.

    My boys are 6 years and 18 months old!

  11. says

    I have no magic number.. When I was a kid, I swore I wanted 20kids.. Then I found out HOW the babies got out & reduced my number to 10.. Unknowingly, I married my wonderful hubby who only wanted ONE -IF THAT.. So far I have him up to 6kiddos.. We have two biological (14 & 12), 2 adopted from foster care (6 & 5) & 2 that we are in the process of adopting from foster care (4 & 2).. Hubby is the sane voice saying 6is ENOUGH.. I dont like to listen and especially since my baby just turned 2 yesterday, I’m really deep into baby fever right now.. I’ll say 6 is probably our stopping number but if I can get Daddy Chaos talked into it, I’d take a couple more :)

  12. says

    Right now we have a 2 yo and a new baby due to arrive any day now. I’ve always felt that 2 would be it for me, but hubby keeps talking about a third. Since number 2 isn’t even here yet I told him we would postpone talks on a third until we see how we adapt to the 2nd. So right now it looks like our stopping point will either be 2 or 3.

  13. Heather says

    We have four children right now. DH insists that we’re done but I keep telling him not to do anything permanent until I’m 35 (I’m 28 now). He’s such marshmallow around all babies and he’s great with kids–such a softie! Our girls are 8, 6 and 3 and our little boy is 8 months old. I think we’re done but every now and again I get the itch for “just one more”. Our children have enriched our lives more than I had ever imagined would be possible–they truly are a blessing!

  14. Joy Grant says

    I have a 4 year old little girl and a 17 month old little boy, my hubby, two dogs, and one hamster :)


  15. Nikki T says

    I have a 16 month old son and a 4 month old daughter! Busy busy here! We are thinking about having one more but not for a couple years. :)

  16. Mary Jo Custance says

    I have two beautiful children. A 4 year old princes, Kailyn, and a 1 year old little man, Tyler. Unfortunately we are done having children :-( I am so blessed to have these two little ones though so I try not to complain!

  17. says

    I currently have 3 kids 8, 2.5, 15 months and will be expecting # 4 early next year. I love having a large family and the thought that my kids will be close in age makes me even happier. I have 2 boys (8 and 2.5) and a girl. I am hopping this little on baking is also a girl.

  18. says

    I am a stay at home mom of four. My oldest Hannah is also the most friendly outgoing, she is 9! A huge helper with the babies as we call the youngest. Troy my 7 year old is super shy until he starts talking about a game or his current book! JT is 2, he is our “little monster” not afraid to tell me when something I’ve served is “nasty”!! He’s silly like daddy. The youngest is Madicyn, daddy takes credit for the unique spelling of her name and she is his princess! We are so excited to see her personality develop. We are happy with the four we have. I say we are done and daddy says we’ll see how Madi turns out! *shaking my head* I guess he’s going to carry the next one!

  19. Cindy says

    We are thrilled to have three children! We’ve been married for 18 years and our oldest is 17. After lots of trying with and without the help of doctors we thought God’s plan was for the three of us. Fortunately, we now have a sassy three year old and adorable barely one year old, who was my thirteenth and last pregnancy. How blessed we are!!

  20. Mai says

    One baby girl. was planning on having 2 more but with the economy going the way it is we wont be having any more :(

  21. Brenda says

    I have 5 children, 4 girls ages 10, 7, 5 and 18 months and 1 boy, age 3. We never expected to have so many, number 4 was supposed to be the last but the baby just kinda snuck in, in the middle of planning the vasectomy. lol So, no more for us.

  22. Candice Nereson says

    I’ve got 2 boys; ages 4 and 2. Pretty sure we are done, but we haven’t decided 100% yet so who knows :)

  23. ashley schooley says

    My husband and I just had our first baby boy and plan to have at least one more. I had an extremely rough pregnancy and would be completely satisfied with having an only child, but my husband does not agree! We will definately have one more and I hope and pray its a little girl! I love my baby boy and right now we are just enjoying being a family of 3.

  24. Miriam says

    We have 13 month old twins who are a joy and a handful. We could totally use free diapers since our monthly expenses have gone through the roof and our salaries are less due to furlough days. The kids are great friends and love their dog, with whom they try to share pacifiers. We don’t plan to have any more children; our hands are full!

  25. Jenn Tudor says

    We have 2 girls (2 years and 5months) and may have 1 more… haven’t decided for sure yet.

  26. Marie-Ann says

    Hubby & I have been married 8 years in July. Met online (yes, we know!) We have a 3 year old daughter (potty trained) and 14 mth old boy/girl twins! We fought long and hard to have our babies (infertility) and now our family is complete :) We LOVE Huggies, but as you can imagine, twins go through a LOT!!!

  27. Holli Litrenta says

    I have a 2 year old boy and a 2 month old girl. My hubby says we are done, I’ve always wanted 3…so who knows.

  28. aubree says

    I’ve got one amazingly, patient husband and one adorable 5 1/2 month old. For now it’s the perfect size for me.

  29. Christine Micalizzi says

    I’ve been a stay home mom with my own 5 kids for 18 years and now….. I am a stay home grandmother!!! Winning would be a wonderful added Joy!

  30. Stacy S says

    I have 2 wonderful boys (ages 10 and 4) and baby boy #3 is due June 29th (yay, 5 weeks left!). I also have 4 stepkids (ages 21, 21, 18 and 13). This current baking baby is my last and I’m savoring every minute of it!

  31. Jessica says

    I have a sweet 14 month old son who thinks he can do absolutely anything..and climb anything! He keeps me on my feet constantly chasing after him everyday. I cannot wait to have more children when he gets a little older…or at least out of diapers. I’m so happy to be a stay at home mom for him so I can spend everyday with him and see everything new that he learns!

  32. danisa emett says

    I have 2 children. They are both boys age 8 months and 4 1/2 years old. We are planning to try for a 3rd very soon.

  33. Ashley Parker says

    I come from a fairly large family…. there is 5 of us kids…. I have two wonderful children right now and I dont have any plans of having anymore. I think about having more, cause I loved having my brothers and sister around. I think its amazing that my parents had 5 kids and did so great with us I just dont know that Im ready to take all that on =)

  34. Lori Baddeley says

    I’ve been married for 3 years and we had our first November 7, 2008, he was 2 months early and spent 2 weeks in the NICU but is just perfect now. He is my heart. We had our 2nd child 15 months later, our little princess. Having 2 in diapers is hard but the most rewarding adventure I’ve ever taken. My children bring such joy to our lives. We love Huggies Snug n Dry diapers and would love the opportunity to win some free, 2 under 2 go through a lot in a week.

  35. Amy says

    I am a greatfully lucky mommy of two gorgeous girls, a 4 year old and an 11 week old. Getting to a family of four was a huge struggle in itself. We are forever greatful for the two babies we have and consider our family complete :)

  36. Vanessa says

    We have one little boy, about 9 months old now and we’re hoping to give him a sibling within the next year or so. I would love to have at least a couple more children as we both grew up in large families and would love our son to have the same experience.

  37. sara says

    I currently have four kids. The first three were by my first husband who was killed by a drunk driver in 2001. I currently have one with my second husband who has taken on the daddy roll for the other three and is doing a great job with all of them, when he’s around. he works a lot so I can stay home. :) Because we only have one child together, I know there will be another one. I always wanted 4, but he and my inlaws are especially hinting for another one. The question will be…sooner or later?

  38. Melissa says

    I have 4. 14,9,2,and 1. Thought we were done after #2, but God had other plans for us. Think we are done again…but you never know!

  39. Becky Graves says

    I have 11 year old twin boys and a 9 month old boy who LOVES huggies (esp the jeans ones). We also have a baby girl in Heaven and thought we were done, but God had other plans. My baby boy brings so much healing to our family. We think we are done “having babies” but we are open to adoption one day, when our youngest is a little older! But you never know, since he was a surprise…God is in control!

  40. Kara Griffeth says

    I had my first baby Dec 29, 2009! I also have a step-daughter that is 6! I love them with all of my heart! Right now I am very happy with the size of our family! So we are going to wait about 3 years and then maybe have another one! We will have to wait and see!

  41. Jennifer says

    I have one incredibly fun and energetic little boy! Kieran is 14 months old and gets into anything and everything! It keeps his dad and I busy, but we’re loving every minute of it. We would like to have one more child to complete our family. I want to start trying around December. :)

  42. Casey says

    hubby and I have 3 energetic little girls 4, 3 and 18 months and we are getting ready to welcome our 1st son into the world tomorrow!!

  43. Sarah says

    We have 2 boys – ages 3 1/2 and 2 1/2. . . they are 13 months apart and no that doesn’t make me crazy. We love it – they are buddies (most of the time). We are done having children – we are a man to man defense family – not zone defense (my hubby is a basketball coach). But then again – we are never completely in charge of that – God may have other plans.

  44. Tonya Dodd says

    I have 2 siblings and my husband has 3 siblings. We have 1 daughter and are expecting our 2nd in August. We have not yet decided how many our family will hold! Thanks!

  45. Blaine says

    I have one child, she just turned 8 months…we LOVE huggies…we definitely are planning to have more, maybe once she has her 2nd birthday!

  46. Dana Dicke says

    We have 3 daughters after years of trying, in fact, we have tried to conceive 7 out of the last 11 years of our marriage to get our daughters. Our youngest is 6 months and our family is now complete!

  47. Kendra says

    We have “big boy” who will be 2 very soon and just had a little girl in April. We’re very excited about the fun we’ll have this summer. Will there be a third? We aren’t sure yet. I would like there to be 4…the more the merrier!

  48. Rose Habart says

    I am a mother of a 21 month old and a 9 month old :) I absolutely love that our babies are only 12 months apart! It is soooo much fun!!! We have our hands full with the two of them and also two full time jobs, so there’s no time for anymore right now. But we are definitely NOT done!!! lol. I couldn’t be done. And because we don’t want to wait a couple of years and then have only one who would then be the loner. I am thinking we will again try for two back to back pregnancies :)

  49. says

    Altogether we have 3 girls! My husband has an 11 year old from his first marriage. We have been married 5 years and since have had 2 more girls… One is 3 and one is 5 months. I always thought I would have a boy but at this point I am feeling like I have a pretty full plate and so blessed with healthy children! :)

  50. Tami says

    Proud to have adopted one 8 year old from Russia and a newborn from the States! Plan on adopting at least one more!!!

  51. Avary says

    I have a son who is 18 months old; hopefully, he will be a big brother next Spring/early summer. More kiddos to follow…

  52. Sheena Fratto says

    I have one baby. Caden is almost 9 months old and he is so much fun right now. He just started learning to pull himself up to standing so my hubby and I have been going through the house doing more babyproofing. We are hoping to have one more child, though I’ve been considering having 2 more.

  53. Brooke says

    I have one beautiful 3 year old girl & another precious baby on the way! Don’t know what it is yet, but as long as it’s healthy, that’s all that matters! We love Huggies & looks like we’ll be buying them for many more years! lol! :)

  54. JIll says

    I have two amazing kids ages 11 months and 2 years. We wanted our kids close together so we started trying when our first turned one and got pregnant right away, then my hubby lost his job and I am a stay @ home mom so, we began a crazy rollercoster ride of life. Even though we have struggled in the past 18 months everyday I see those two smiling faces and it makes everything worth while.

  55. Staci says

    We have 2 handsome little men. One who just turned 1 a week ago, and the other who is 2. They keep us very busy right now, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world! We want more, but would be perfectly satisfied with these two bundles. They have enough energy to keep us busy!

  56. says

    I have two beautiful daughters who are 4 years old and 13 months. I’d like to have one more child in about 2 years. The 3 year spacing between my daughters is simply wonderful! I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on the 1st ones milestones and I feel like I won’t be missing the babies milestones either.

  57. Erica says

    We have a 10 month old son and can’t wait to have more! He is the best thing to happen to our family, and well worth the wait (It was a long one too!)

  58. Julie says

    I had 3 single-birth deliveries in 31 months. The oldest, Caroline, is now 3.5! I love it (most of the time!), and would like to have more . . . just not right now. Maybe a 2nd set of 2-3 after the kids are in school!

  59. Jacqueline Brim says

    I am a single mother, with a loving boyfriend, who takes my daughter as his own. She is 6 months, my first, but deffinately not going to the only one.

  60. Esther says

    We have 3. A set of boy/ girl twins who are 2 and a half and a girl who is 6 mos. We are done. These ones are wearing me out.

  61. says

    My husband and I will be having our first child, a son, at the end of July after trying for almost 3 years. We’re feeling extremely blessed to be given this gift, but would love to try for a second (hopefully a girl) for a second child. However if all we’re given is our son, we’ll be thankful for the opportunity. We just would like them to be as close as we can have them, but that is out of our control.

  62. Julie Thorderson says

    I am from a family of 5 and my husband has 6 in his family. We have 4 kids and wish we could have more, but this is all for us right now.

  63. Allison O says

    I just had our 3rd and last child, a little girl. That brings our count to 2 girls and 1 boy.

  64. Tina says

    Just have one bundle of joy – an 11 week old baby boy – the joy of my life. Love using Huggie’s…they fit him the best and we have little to no leaks with Huggies.

  65. Lindsay says

    My DH & I have a boy who is almost 3 1/2 & a daughter who is 19mo. Don’t really plan on more but u never know

  66. Amanda Mancilla says

    I have a beautiful energetic little girl named Rebekah- she was born via c-section. Both me and my husband WANT a big family and we are currently trying to concieve. I’m not sue how many children I will have just because a lot depends on the outcome of pregnancy #2. I plan to follow my heart and let God decide while also making wise decesions.

  67. Laura Alberts says

    We have 3 kids so far and while I’d love to be DONE, my hubby has been hinting (not so subtley) that he wants one more. We have a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and an 8 month old baby boy. I come from a family of two, I am the oldest and my hubby is an only child. I think that’s part of why he wants a big family!

  68. Samantha R says

    We have one 21 month old and a few weeks ago we found out we are having another – hopefully! We don’t have a magic number…we are just going to see how things go and how God decides to bless our family. Our first took a year and a half to conceive and we have had 2 miscarriages since having our first so we have come to realize we don’t get to control everything like we would like to think :)

  69. Heather says

    We have 3 crazy boys here! Each of them is totally unique! They all have differnt personalities. Our oldest is 8 and hes our emotional, sporty, book smart one. He palys 3 different sports and is a grade ahead of others his age. Our second one is 5 and is our loving, fun, crazy one! Hes very loving but has a onery streak in him. Our 3rd one was our last try for a girl. Hes very busy, all over the place all the time. Its hard to keep track of him and hes only 9 months old! He is learning at a amazing pace. He loves playing with his brothers, having mommy or daddy time and loves being outside.
    We decided when we found out that #3 was another boy that we were done. My last pregnancy was very hard on me and we think 3 is a perfect number. Besides we would probably get another boy anyways, and before you knew it we would end up with a whole baseball team!

  70. says

    I have 6 ranging from 12 to 1 (with 4yo twin girls!!!). I always wanted 6 kids. My husband always said 4. But we skipped 4, going from 3 to 5 with twins. After that, it wasn’t too hard to convince him that six really was our magic number.

  71. says

    We have a 3.5-year-old daughter and a 17-month-old daughter and even though they’re a little crazy, they’re just right for our family. So yes, we’re done. When I see adorable newborns and babies I get a tiny bit nostalgic… but then I remember the sleepless nights and I know I don’t want to go back!

  72. s_o_00 says

    oh my gosh where do I start? I have one of the sweetest, cutest and most darling little 4 year old boys in the world. I just love the heck out of him. He was the GREATEST mothers day gift ever because the year he was born was right smack on mothers day. You would have thought I would have gotten some kind of prize for that considering he was the only one born that day at the hospital lol. He just recently started playing t-ball and let me tell ya that is something to watch. He has never played before so he just kinda stands around looking lost in fact he didn’t even know how to put his glove on, but he is having fun and thats all that matters man when he smiles it just makes the day better.

    This november I was blessed with my daughter and for what I had to go through before she came into this world she better have been a good baby :) and she is oh man she smiles so much her eyes close I have been told her whole body smiles. Even when she was sick this winter we didn’t know it because she was still happy she just had a cough so we brought her to the dr and foudn out she had rsv and an ear infection. shes our little trooper. She just got her first tooth the other day so that was really exciting

    I want another one in a few years but my husband doesn’t want any more, and I’m sure this is due to the fact that I was on bedrest with both kids and I can understand that I just want to add one more to our family so we will have to see :)

  73. alicia says

    we have a very active almost 3 year old (June 21 she will be 3) little girl and a 7 month old girl that is already getting into everything! she has been crawling since she was 5 1/2 months old! No, we don’t plan on having anymore kids

  74. Laurie says

    We have 5 kids ages 2 to 10 and are expecting #6 in August. We never had a set number and we think we might be done with 3 boys and 3 girls.Its so much fun watching the kids interact with each other, to sit around our dinner table and every chair is full talking about our day and Saturday mornings with all the kids in bed watching cartoons is priceless.

  75. Vera says

    I have a 8 year old and a 7 month old. I would like instead of having anymore to have foster kids next. When the baby gets bigger. Both are boys, so i would like a girl.

  76. Tiffany Lee says

    I have THREE boys! They are 9 3 and 7 months. Only the baby is in diapers now but we have been using huggies for over 9 years! And with 3 boys I think we are gonna call it quits!

  77. Ashley says

    I am a mother of 2. Michael is 3 and Macie is 5 months. Sadly Macie will be our last. When I was pregnant with her, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Shortly after she was born I had surgery and will be unable to have any more children.
    Both of my kiddos are huggies babies. My son is now a huggies toddler as we use the pullups with him now.

  78. Lisa says

    We have 5 kiddos here on Earth and 2 in Heaven! After waiting 10 yrs and one miscarrriage, we gave birth to a son. About three years later, we gave birth to quadruplets! 8 hours after they were born we lost our precious Brianna, but still had her 2 sisters and brother to nurse and get big! One year later, we got a surprise package, Mr. WOW, our 5th and last child! We are very happy and Blessed!! We are not quite out of diapers but getting closer!!

  79. says

    I have two beautiful, sweet children…a boy and a girl. We are going to try for one more in the next couple of months, keeping our children 2 years apart.

  80. karel bumgardner says

    I have a 2 boys. Alex is going to be 5 on 6/4 and Kaden will be 1 on 7/12!! I want to try one more time for a little girl but if it is a little boy I have plenty of experience with that so I will be okay. 3 is my magic number!!

  81. Ruth B says

    We have one little boy who’s 2 years and change, and a little girl who is almost 9 months. My husband is sold on at least one more. . . and I’m hoping to convince him that 5 is a good number. :)

  82. Jana E says

    My husband and I have 2 kids and we feel that our family is now complete. We have many friends with 4 kids but to us we wanted a smaller family so we could always try to be there for events as they grow older and also there isn’t a financial strain of having so many kids. We love our children and we figure if we ever change our minds on the number of children we can always adopt and grow our family that way

  83. Rebecca B says

    My husband and I have a 2 week old little boy who was born 9 months and 2 weeks after our wedding:) We are hoping to have 3 more but not for a few more years.

  84. Ann Wilson says

    My husband and I have 2 adorable boys (2.5 years and 9 months). We have our hands full with them and are happy with 2 kiddos!

  85. Nicole Carlson says

    My husband and I just got married last year, and we both knew we wanted to have kids. But we had no idea it would happen as soon as it did! Our little boy, Connor, is 4 months old this week and … yes… he was a honeymoon baby! He is amazing, but gosh is he a handful. Nothing could have prepared me for what caring for a newborn was like! My husband and I hope to have one more child. But we agree, that we should wait until Connor is able to be a helpful big brother! :)

  86. Megan Hill says

    Hi! I have 4 month old daughter. Her name is Piper! She is my first and she is the light of my life. If I could go back and do anything over I wouldn’t! She is the best gift I could have ever gotten! Together we are learning something new about eachother everyday and I love this journey she is taking me on! We have our good days and our bad days but that is family: you love no matter and you are there through the good and the bad. Like the movie Lilo & Stitch says ‘Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. I like to say I liveby that! As for other children not now. Maybe in the future! Right now, I’m having too much fun raising my daughter and growing with her! I love her soo much and I’m glad she is my family!

  87. Shandiin says

    My husband and I both came from families with 10 children. We have 5 children (8, 7, 5, 2, 1) and are expecting #6 in Dec. I’m not sure how our mothers did it because 6 is looking very good to me! We love each of them and they are truly amazing. Our oldest has autism and we think our 5 yr. old may have asperger’s. We have learned so much from each of them and they always help each other.

  88. Dana says

    I have two girls – a 2.5 year old and an almost 4 month old. I would love to have a 3rd…but I was laid off during my maternity leave….so that thought is on hold until I get a good job! Love my girls!

  89. lrpurple3 says

    I have a 5 month baby girl . My plans are to have 3 in total even when I had a very hard pregnacy & most likely I will again if I get pregnant . Having a child overcomes anything.Even when it involves risking my life.

  90. Sarah Davis says

    My husband and I have 2 kids! The oldest, Ashton is 15 months old and the youngest, Amillia, is 2 months old! She was a suprise and thankfully a girl cause we couldn’t agree on another boy name. We still are up in the air as to if we will ever have a third child but for now we are done. We have thought about when they get a lot older maybe adopting another one but we’ll see. We still have years before that comes up. I’m the oldest of 2 and my husband is the oldest of 3 and while I wasn’t planned, my husbands parents planned him. As far as our parents go though my mom was adopted by a wonderful family that had 4 kids already and even had grandkids when they adopted her and my aunt, then later adopted my aunts son also. They fostered hundreds of kids in their life time so my mom comes from a large family as does my dad who has 5 siblings. My mother in law has 8 siblings though so we both have large families.

  91. Jen says

    We have a 17 month old daughter, she has absolutely made our lives so much more exciting! I’m lucky enough to have a husband that works hard so I can stay home with her. We are trying to have another soon, as we’d like them to be close in age growing up.

  92. Marie says

    We are the proud owners (haha, parents) of our 1.5 year old daughter Lucy, that has more energy than a nuclear power plant. We plan on having one more, a long, LONG, time from now. Maybe when she’s 4 and doesn’t throw as many tantrums when daddy has to leave for work. She keeps us incredibly busy, and always makes us laugh. Between her own rendition and dances to Lady GaGa, and her love for playing outdoors, we’re trying to hold off for a bit longer on a little brother/sister, though I think she would have more than welcoming arms for a playmate.

  93. Lori says

    We just had our third, a little girl named Claire! We also have a five year old named Halle and a four year old named Malachi. My hubby wants to try again for another boy. He is fourth of sixth himself so I think he may believe that it is the magic number! I am a typical tired new Mom but I am still in love with those squishy little cheeks and tiny toes – four will probably be the “magic number”!

  94. LingaB says

    I have 2 children. a 9 year old and a 1 year old and we plan on TTC this fall for number 3. Most likely that will be it(since I have always said that i am done at 30). But if God wants to give us 4, that would be ok too! :)

  95. Rachael says

    We have an 18 month old son and another on the way in November! We don’t have a magic number but talk about having 3 or 4 kids.

  96. Jesika says

    I guess we would be considered a small/mid-size family. We have a 3 year old daughter who will start preschool in Sept. She was our surprise child. I will never say a mistake because she made our life something so much better than what we had ever planned. We were married when she was almost two and she walked me down the isle with my father. Two months after being married we found out we were pregnant and continued to have our Son June 1st 2009. He will be one next tuesday and although I never pictured myself with a little boy I cannot be happier. Then on March 23rd we were blessed to find out we are expecting our third after 4 months of trying. I always wanted two under two and my wishes are finally coming true. I love our little family. I am a stay at home mom and my husbands job barely pays the bills, but we make it work because it is important to us. When our children are all in school I will go back to being a teacher, but as of right now THIS, raising my family is my job.

  97. StarLae Hein says

    I just have one beautiful princess!! She is going to be 3 in August. My hubby and I wanted to have alot of kiddos but Jamiee will be our one and only. She was born with a rare heart condition and they believe that it came from one of us. So Jamiee gets to be the only one and be SPOILED rotten. But that is ok, my hubby and I come from small families so one is just fine!!

  98. Missy D says

    My husband and I have 2 boys, but we’ve talked about adding 1 more to the mix. I come from a blended family. I have a brother that is 3 years younger-our parents divoreced and each have another child. So, I have a brother 3 years younger, a brother 16 years younger and a sister 20 years younger…..talk about an age difference!

  99. Melody N. says

    We have a 6 month old son, and are hoping for one more child! I waited until I was 34 for my first, so the second will need to be soon. I love being a mom!

  100. Kathy says

    I have 3 boys ages 8 6 and 3. Two are disabled they have Fragile X Syndrome and my 8 year old still uses goodnights and pullups. I am not having more babies since I have a 50/50 chance of having another child with FX and that I have to be on Bed rest and am in severe pain when pregnant. I need to be a mom to the ones I got and can’t do that pregnant very well. We are looking to adopt possibly so far nothing has panned out, but you never know.

  101. Erin says

    I am an only child of a divorcee. So when I marred my husband blending in with his 2 sisters was a whole new ball game for me! And when we were asked about how many children we would want I always said an even amount so no one felt left out!
    I hold true to that with my 2 beautiful children my son Jackson who will be 4 in June and my princess of a daughter Piper who will be 2 in August! We plan on having no more because they are enough for me to handle complete opposites but handfuls!
    I love my family crazy at times but it is mine and I love it!

  102. says

    I am the oldest of 4 … the last two, my sister and youngest brother, were both “surprises” – after a vasectomy! Can you imagine?!

    I am mommy of two little girls: a three year old and six month old.

    My husband and I have made the decision to consider our family “complete” – however, if like my parents, there are other plans for us, that would be okay, too :)

  103. Jenny Wittmann says

    We have five kiddos and I think I am at my limit for now. Three boys and two little girls tacked on the end. They are 7,6, 3, 22 months, and 9 months. Three of them are still in diapers and my life is pretty hectic and wild. So for now… I feel complete and it’s the first time I have felt that we are done having children and that just maybe our family is complete. So for now we are embracing that and I am kind of excited about the idea of just raising the ones we have now and about selling all of the baby stuff we have been storing for 7 years! LOL

  104. Danica says

    We have three beautiful kids, we have 2 boys and then we had our little girl in September 2009. My boys, Nathan (6) and Derek (3.5) are very active, fun-loving kids. They constantly make me smile. My girl, Audrey (7 months) is the sweetest, most happy go lucky child I have had. We are done having kids… our 3 keep us busy enough.

  105. Sharon says

    My husband and I have three children, two boys, 5 and 3 years old, and one girl, 1 year. We know we will have more, but not sure how many. We love our kids, though and the idea of stopping now just dose not seem natural.

  106. says

    To enter please leave a comment below by Friday, June 4th, and tell us about your family. How many babies have you had and are you planning to have any more?

    We have two babies on the way, twins, our first(s)! Right now we haven’t discussed having more children, but I imagine we will try at least one more time for a girl. :)

  107. Miranda says

    I have one, and that is my limit. I too am in amazement of how my great-grandma had 9, but mostly just wonder how in the heck she did it, and did it so well. Here is to shining examples for us to guide our lives by.

  108. says

    As a 23 year old mother of 3 who has just lost 52 pounds since June of last year I can safely say I am FINISHED having babies! Although, a year ago I would have told you that there is NO magic number for me! I will have as God, my body, and my husband will allow! 4 months after my youngest, Braxton was born I decided to make a change in my life. I started changing my lifestyle and losing weight. 11 months and 52 pounds later, I have had my tubes tied and I am enjoying every moment with my 3 little boys while I can! I am a stay at home mommy and a college student. My oldest is 5, the next will be 4 next month, and the youngest 15 1/2 months. I have been married to their daddy and my highschool sweetheart for 6 1/2 years-since I was 16 and he was 18! I have always wanted a big-loving family and I think our family of 5 will be just that!

  109. KimberLeigh says

    We have 2 miraculous boys: ages 8 and 1. Both from IVF. I definitely want a third and possibly a fourth. I’m 37, so it will be within the next 2 years.

  110. Vanessa says

    We have a 17 month old son and another on the way. We don’t have a magic number. When we feel like God has made our family complete, we will be done!

  111. Denise says

    I have a 15 month old baby boy who is the pride and joy of our home. He’s precious and spunky. We plan on having one more in the next few years

  112. Keri says

    Right now we have 2 (very) active boys and a baby due any week now. Our oldest is almost 6 (and yes, he was a Huggies baby), and our youngest is 2. We haven’t quite made up our minds if we’re done after “Baby Sister” gets here. When we were dating/engaged we always talked about 3-4 kids, but of course I thought by the time I was 30 we would be done. God and life had other ideas – our road to bringing our kids here has been a rocky one to say the least. This pregnancy has been our easiest/least complicated thus far – so in some ways I’m afraid to jinx ourselves, but then when you look at our kids – it’s hard to say we’re done too…

  113. natasha mann says

    My husband and i have to 2 beautiful boys! One is 4 1/2 years old and is hoping to start pre-k this year and we have a 3 month old, smiles all day!

  114. gaitha says

    I just had me second child, he is 2 months old. I always thought I would have 3 or 4 kids, but since him I am leaning more towards just the 2. I have my girl and my boy, and like you dont know if I can handle anymore :) Havent fully decided, but am leaning towards just the 2.

  115. Mindi says

    So far we are a family of 4! I have a 4 year old boy named Mason Riley, and a 19 month old little girl named Rowan Arianna! Maybe in a few years we will think about adding to that!

  116. sheena smith says

    well lets see after 3 miscarriages we had a baby boy whom is 2 which then followed another miscarriage of twins, and i am currently 9 months pregnant with our second baby boy i said i would keep trying until i get a girl but overall the morning sickness hemmroids back pain varicose veins have whooped me and ive decided 2 boys is enough :)

  117. says

    We went from a family of three to five in the last two years. Us military wives jokingly call it “deployment virus” because so many of us get pregnant right before they leave or right when they get back. With our last two we caught it on both ends. We got pregnant with our first daughter when he got back from OIF V, and then found out we were pregnant with our second daughter just before he left for OIF VII.

  118. Kelly says

    My family at the moment is small. I have a handsome, helpful husband, Dennis and I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. We both are hoping for more children later on down the road. We are excitied about meeting the little new member of our family in July and look forward to the little ones that will join us later.

  119. Beverly Hall says

    My Husband and I have three beautiful little princess’s. Our oldest is Rebekah she is 4yrs old, Judith is 16months and our littlest is 18weeks. They are a true blessings to our family. My husband is in the Army so having our little princess’s here in our life makes it alive and not one minute of boringness.. We are opened to whatever God has planned for us as for if we will have more children we would love more though… But it is up to Him not us!!!!!

  120. Jennifer peoples says

    My husband and I have two beautiful children. The girl whom I call monkey is 5, and the boy goober will be two in sep. We beleive two is enough for us but I have my moments that makes me think differently, mostly when they are asleep lol.

  121. Sarah Hamilton says

    My husband and I celebrated the birth of our first daughter on Feb 16, 2010. She is our first and will (hopefully) not be our last. I think for now we would like one more unless we are blessed with more than one in our next pregnancy. But for now we are enjoying our little one and cannot believe how fast she is growing!

  122. Heather Young says

    I am a single mom of a 15 month old, who was born prematurely. My husband and I separated before I knew I was pregnant. I had already had two miscarriages, so went straight to the high-risk specialists. At 16 weeks I was placed on modified bed rest because of a shortened cervix, at 20 weeks I was hospitalized and placed on full bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy. My daughter was born when I was 30.5 weeks along. I want more kids, I know that for sure, but I know that unless I remarry and am able to be on full bed rest again, it may not happen, at least for me to birth more children. At some point in the future, I’d like to adopt as there are so many children that need good homes and I want to fill my home with children.

  123. Stacey says

    We have 3 right now 10,8,&2. I would really like to have 2-3 more but not sure the Hubs is on board with that. I would be really happy with at least one more.

  124. Jamie Clark says

    My husband and I just had our first son in April and we are planning to have at least one more fairly soon. The rest of our family consists of 3 dogs (one mutt, one bulldog, and one golden retriever), 3 cats, a turtle and a hedgehog.

  125. Jackie says

    Me and my husband have two boys, a 2½ year old and one that just turned one. We plan on having five. We are thinking about trying for number 3 sometime soon.

  126. Kimberly says

    We have 4 kids and two grandkids. Our oldest will be 20 years old this year and he has a 171/2 month old daughter (our first grandchild). Our second child will be 17years old this year and she just had a son 1 1/2 months ago (our second grandchild). Our third child is almost 2 years and 4 months old. He was born a month premature and had alot of medical problems when he was born. Our last one is almost 7 months old and was a very big suprise. I wasn’t wanting or expecting to have anymore but God said we were having another one. He was born 2 weeks early. We have three boys in diapers and all three in cribs and bottles. We are trying to get the toddler off the bottle and hopefully try to potty train soon. It’s hard having to always change three boys in daipers.

  127. says

    I have an almost 5 year old and and almost 7 year old girls. (Their birthdays are in the beginning of June.) My husband always wanted 4 children and I always wanted 2! The last four years he was pretty resentful that I wouldn’t go for that 3rd child. So, after much time and deliberation, I finally agreed! The funny part was the very first month we tried I got pregnant. I will be having another baby girl next month on June 23rd! So 3 girls born in June and we are done! Hubby is thrilled with the compromise, and I am happy to welcome another baby girl.

  128. Joy says

    I have 2 boys–2 years old and 6 months. I grew up with 3 siblings and would love to have at least 3 kids. However, my husband grew up with only 1 sibling and is ok with a smaller family. He had originally “agreed” to 3 kids, but our 6 month old has been a difficult baby and he’s not sure if he can go through the baby stage again. We’re still too close to when it happened and things are still fresh, so maybe we’ll see how he feels in a year or so. My OB said that they woman usually wins this debate, so we’ll see if he’s right :)

  129. Stephanie Ellis says

    We have just one child and are done….for now. We may change our minds down the road but right now we are perfectly happy.

  130. Kim says

    I have 2 children…almost 5 and 2 1/2. I am anxiously awaiting next month when we plan on trying to add to our little family! Thanks for the chance to win this.

  131. Sarah says

    My husband and I have a son, William. He was an unexpected surprised — we’re both getting our Masters of Teaching, and were going to wait a few years to have children… if we were even able to. My health issues will likely preclude us from having another child, but we’re hoping to foster-to-adopt after we get settled into our teaching careers.

  132. says

    My husband and I have five – four boys and a girl! We have said for a long time that we would like six, but our daughter was born with multiple medical problems for which she will need care for the rest of her life. So, while we are not opposed to another baby in the future, we are waiting to see what life will look like in the next few years before making that decision. Our oldest boy is now 8, and we have been Huggies fans from day one. Love, love, love Huggies products!!

  133. Jackiw says

    I have an almost 2 year old son, Karver, who is the love of my life. We were surprised to find out that our little girl decided to come on his birthday and so in July we will be the proud parents of 2. It’s hard to decide on a number of children right now. I think we will just see what feels right-but not too many.

  134. says

    We have three children – a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 10 month old…with a baby on the way!!

    I hope this will be all the biological children we have, as we hope to adopt in the future! 😀

  135. Brenda Compton says

    After 9 years of trying to have a baby we were blessed with our son who is now 9. Since his birth we have adopted 3 more children. Our daughter is now 6 and the two “babies” are 25 and 22 months old. We’re busy, but having a wonderful time! Are we finished????? Hmmm, not quite sure. Being a mom is the BEST!

  136. Shannon M says

    I have a 3 year old and 1 due in just a month. I used to say I wanted 3 and adopt one. Now I realize we can’t afford what we have :-). I used to say I was done after my 1st than I got a wild hair and thought why not another. There both girls. I really wanted a boy and so did my husband but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. I am 36 weeks so I’m almost there!

  137. Sabrina LeBeau says

    When I was married my husband made me promise to wait 2 years before we got pregnant. He want to really enjoy our time together and make a firm foundation with the two of us before we had kids. My husband is also nine years older than me and I was married at 26. I have always had a deep yearning for children, at one point I wanted six children although I realized that would never happen at this point. We waited two years and I got pregnant after two months of trying. I was so elated. It was a high-risk pregnancy for me because I am a diabetic. I had a somewhat difficult pregnany but after Faith was born it didn’t remember any of it. Faith is fifteen months now and is the joy of our lives. We are on month 3 of trying for number two and I am getting somewhat discouraged, but all I have to do is look at Faith and she makes me smile. Thank you for running this contest. Sabrina

  138. Whitney M says

    My sons name is Lennox and he is 3yrs. My daughters name is Bettie and she is almost 4months. My last pregnancy was very stressful. Besides the economy in CA almost completely crashing our son was diagnosed with Autism while I was pregnant and I recieved the news that I may not be able to have any more kids. We would love to have a large family but I have come to the realization that it may not be written in the stars for us. If I am meant to have more children it will happen, in the mean time I am enjoying my family now and feeling so blessed to have two wonderful children and a happy home to raise them in. So many things happening in our lives, you have to just stop and be thankful for what is right in front of you. Which I am. So cheers to all the mommies out there and double cheers to the stay at home mommies who are working the HARDEST job in the world.
    sincerley, Whitney

  139. Nicole says

    I have two babies – an almost 3 year old and a one year old! We do plan on having one more in the future sometime.

  140. Keb says

    I have given birth to 4 children and have one living. I would LOVE to have more babies. Hopefully soon we will be able to go for another IVF. I come from a nice big extended blended family and would love to have a big family of my own but it seems that time and years have gotten away from us. We would love to just have one more.

  141. Talitha Rieken says

    My husband and I have been married for five years this weekend and now have a one and a half year old little prince. He is the joy of our lives but it’s often difficult to have family time with him let alone time for just the two of us to keep the romance alive. I work full-time to carry the family medical insurance and my husband is a full-time musician. With our simetimes opposite schedules we often think that Max will be our only child but I suppose only time will tell.

  142. Mariel says

    We have one daughter who is eleven months old, and will be a year old June 6th. She was the greatest surprise of my life, and I cannot manage my life without her. I would like one more child, a little boy. But I enjoy focusing all my time on my daughter who is so amazing!!! Even through the hard times, being a young parent, she manages to make me smile.
    But one more would be nice in a year or so after I finish college.

  143. Jennifer Bellis says

    I have a 10 month old boy and want to have a girl…but since there are no gaurantees and I DON’T want to push out another one, we are considering adoption. Then maybe we can get a girl who is already in school and out of diapers and formula……and no babysitter required! lol. Love my fam.

  144. Vanessa L says

    We have a four month old at home and want to have one more. I am a little late to the game so we hope to start trying right after her 1st birthday.

  145. Paulette S says

    I have a two daughters (4 yr old and 2 yr old). . .I am a mother who had a difficult time staying pregnant, so after my first successful pregnancy at 37 my husband & I decided we would try to have another but if “it” didn’t happen before I was 40 then we would be done. . .needless to say my 2nd snuck right in there and is our last. I’ve wanted 2 daughters my whole life since I can remember and God finally blessed me with my wishes.

  146. samantha says

    I have 2 boys. One will be one in a week and the other is 2 1/2. We are pretty sure we are done. They are 20 months apart and keep us very busy!

  147. Rachel says

    I have four kids – boys ages 7, 5, and 3; and a little girl who’s turning 1 next week. I thought I was done when she was born – 4 kids has always been my plan – but now that she’s getting bigger I miss those baby days!! So, am I done? That’s the question of the month – one that my husband and I seem to keep coming back to. I don’t know. Being the mother of four is stressful, but I love them all and I LOVE BABIES!!!

  148. sydnmacsmom says

    I have been truly blessed with two beautiful girls, ages 2 & 4. Our 4 year old was a breeze so I never thought I’d ever have a problem with a second child. My 2 year old daughter, Mackenzie, was born 3 months premature, with a grocery list of problems and was in the NICU for 68 very long days. She has come out of everything with NO affects and is literally a walking miracle! Needless to say, we aren’t having anymore children, but I am certainly reminded daily what miracles they are!

  149. Kineshia Leasau says

    Im a mother of 2 and 1 on the way. Ive used huggies with all my children and plan to use them with this one. My kids are 8, and 3 and im due in Aug. I have all boys and we plan on trying one more time in the next 2 years for a Princess… Fingers crossed.

  150. Amy Marble says

    I always knew I wanted to be a Mommy. When I was a lil girl, I would have my mom buy me a pack of Huggies to diaper my pretend brood. Now I’m grown and I have 3 children. Our oldest girl, Lola, was a surprise and has continued to be a delight for the past 6 years. Our middle son, Landon was planned and he is a red-headed spit-fire, he’s 4. And Finn is 1. I had to beg my hubby for one last baby and I have really enjoyed EVERY moment with him.

  151. Shari Hoffman says

    We have a 2 year old daughter, McKenna and hope to try for another sometime in the near future!

  152. Heather J says

    I have 2 of the best, beautiful kids in the world!! My son is 3 1/2 years and my daughter is 3 months. They get along great so far and think the world of each other. My husband and I haven’t decided if we want another one yet, especially since we just had one. It is already hard on him with 2 kids because he doesn’t get to spend much time with them. He has been in th Army almost 2 years now and has already been to Iraq (during my whole pregnancy). We are stationed in Hawaii and from South Carolina, so we ar very far from home and family.

  153. Brittney Marcum says

    My husband and I are joyfully expecting Twin Boys due July 2010. We feel we are very blessed and thank the Lord for them! We have experienced miscarriages and fertility treatments in the past 2 years and now we are in the homestretch for when our boys arrive :)
    We would be very blessed if we won this giveaway!

  154. kelly says

    We only have one son right now but would love to have another within a year or two. Can’t wait to do it all over again! ;o)))

  155. says

    We have 2 children, 3 yo boy and 18 mo girl. We want to have 1 or 2 more, but not sure if biological or adopted. Pregnancy and child birth were very hard on my body, but it was so worth it for the 2 beautiful children I have now. All I know is I don’t “feel” like we’re done. My family does not feel complete yet =)

  156. Ashlie says

    I have only one daughter she is 5 months old. I would love to have three or four children. I am the oldest of 5 kids and we had a lot of cousins around growing up I believe that is where I got my love for children I believe it is important for kids to have someone their age to grow up with and share memories with. I plan on spacing my kids around two years apart so they are close but it still gives mom a little break between pregnancies!

  157. Amber says

    Ive been blessed after having a daughter to now be graced with a son almost 2 after 17yrs! one in college and one in diapers! crazy i know but god works in mysterious ways.. I wouldnt change anything…..I dont think anymore are in store for us as I also inhareted 2 step children ages 10 and 15…upon marring my now husband..

  158. Julia Sayrie says

    We have a big family…to me. I have a 16 year old daughter, 15 year old step daughter, and then started over again with a 11 month old daughter and a baby boy is due here in a few weeks!

  159. mai see says

    I have 2 kids. A 3 year old girl and a 11 month old boy. We woud love to have more children in the future when the time is right.

  160. Yuset R says

    I am a single parent of a beautiful bouncing baby boy who is now 2months and 17 days old named Aidan. He is the joy of my life even though I am a young mother. I desire to have more someday. But at the moment one is more than a handful. At the hospital they introduced my to Pampers, don’t get me wrong they arent that bad but they didnt work for me nor my son. So I switched to Huggies and I never looked back. They worked so well for the hectic home schedule I have. And I love them. I will surely use Huggies for any future children! =D

  161. Jessi says

    Our family expansion project began August 2006 when we welcomed our firstborn, Josiah. Since then the Lord has blessed us with two little girls…Laney was born 21 months later (May 2008) and Hannah entered the world 19 months later (November 2009). All of my babies have been ‘surprises’, but we wouldn’t trade it…God really *does* know what He’s doing. 😉 While we do have our hands full, my husband and I have always talked about 4….so we’re not quite done…we hope to have news of M4 to share within the next 3-6 months. :-)

  162. Faith says

    We have a 15 month old named Olivia. (Great name huh Janice) Love Huggies right from the start! We are planning baby #2, but not right now! LOL, we will be waiting a while for that one!

  163. Katherine Barnett says

    I have been blessed with my first baby girl who is now 1! But we are no where near done, we actually want 3 more.. and if God allows it, it will be another girl and two boys!

  164. Alyssa LoGreco says

    I have two boys ages two and a half and one month. Though we have decided that two children are just right for us I would love to give my children more siblings as both my husband and I come from large families and love it. We are very close to all of our siblings and are so fortunate that we all live with in an hour of each other.

  165. Joanna Ravlin Dye says

    I have three amazing kids and a sweet husband who, although he isn’t the birth father to my oldest, has always loved him and treated him as his own. I’m blessed, truly. My children are 14, 5 and 2.
    I’m not sure why but people tend to assume that 3 is all I will have, or all I could want. I’m always stunned by comments insinuating that my youngest, (My only girl) must be my last. Comments like, “You finally got your girl and now you can stop.” I wasn’t trying for either gender in any of my pregnancies. I wouldn’t have been sad or disappointed if my 3rd had also been a boy. My goodness, my boys have been a blessing and a delight! I would love to have more children and possibly even adopt.
    By the way, this afternoon I am anxiously waiting to hear word about my cousin who has been induced and should be having her baby today. Best wishes to Emily, can’t wait to meet your new blessing soon!
    I grew up with 2 siblings but my mom is from close knit family of 13. My cousins, growing up, were more like siblings. There is always room for one more in a big family. Everyone knows how to hold a baby, change a diaper, sing a lullabye. Everyone pitches in. I don’t want 13…unless I win the lottery maybe. But 4 or 5 doesn’t seem impossible.

  166. Emily says

    I have two daughters, my older one turns three next month and I have a 2 month old. I’m pretty sure I’m done.

  167. Kimberlee says

    I have a son who is almost 21 months! And we are expecting a baby girl is early September! We are absolutely thrilled to be adding a little girl to our family! Our son will be such a great big brother! We do plan to have more children… we would like to have 4 in total! So we will be in Diapers for a while! I sure hope we win!

  168. Stacy says

    My husband and I have a wonderful baby girl who was born in December. She was our best Christmas present! We want at least one more but maybe two. If we get a boy next, then we will be finished. We are truly lucky parents! P.S. We Love Huggies!

  169. judy myers says

    My comment is reagrding my Daughter in Law ( Jennifer) and what an awesome Mom I think see is- She is the Mother of 3 and is expecting another in june- This will be her last – But she has been through a lot in the past year- She raised 3 kids while pregnant and worked – While her husband served in Iraq for 10 months and instate for 2 months.. She really loves you product and this would be a great present for her… Keep up the good work Huggies…

  170. Julie says

    We have a 3 1/2 yr old little girl named Paige and a 7 month old son named Gavin. Our plan is 3 children! I would love more but realistically 3 is all we can afford and all my body probably can handle as my babies are 9 lbs + and delivered via csection. Huggies brand is our number one choice we love, love, love them!

  171. says

    We have three little ones – almost 4 years old, 2 years old, and 4 months old. The debate is on as to whether we are finished having babies or not, but 4 is definitely my limit.

  172. Jessica E says

    I have a 11 year old daughter, 7 year old son and a 8 month old baby boy. i had my tubes ties so no more babies for me.

  173. says

    We have two. One boy, 4 years old, and one girl, 7 months old. We are done. (Well at least done with them coming out of me for sure!) We are still considering adoption, as we were before we had our daughter but right now that is on hold until the current children are a bit older. And then we’ll see how things are then.

  174. Leslie Lloyd says

    I have two boys that are 5 and 3 and a little girl that will be here in 4 weeks. That is all for us. We are very blessed!

  175. Buffy Santos says

    My husband and I have a blended family. I have 2 boys from my first marriage and he has a girl from his. They are 12, 8, and 6. I had my tubes cut after my first two boys, but my current husband and I wanted more of our own children since we have to share our other 3 with our ex’s. I had my tubes reconnected and we were blessed with two more children. Our little girl is 2 and our boy is 8 months. I have had a c-section with all 4 babies plus the tubal reversal so I can’t have any more myself, but sometimes I think it might be nice to adopt an older child at some point. We love our big family!

  176. Becca says

    I have 3 children – a 6 year old and nearly 3 year old twins. I am done! My luck would be if I got pregnant again I’d probably end up with triplets!

  177. Shann says

    I have one beautiful baby boy who is almost 8 months old. I would love to give him a brother or sister in a year or so…but I’ll have to convince my husband!

  178. says

    We have two children, a two and a half year old boy and a 10 month old daughter. Our son isn’t potty trained, yet. We will work on it as soon as he gets over his viral infection. Poor little guy has rashes on different parts of his body, he is achy, and he has a fever to boot. I think we are done having children. I don’t know, it’s up for discussion in November. :)

  179. Danielle says

    I am blessed to have 2 children. My daughter is 3 years old and my son is 15 months old and they are my world. We are unsure if we will have any more children in the future but if we do that would be our last.

  180. Teri King says

    I have a wonderful daughter that just turned 10 years old and while we thought our family was complete we were blessed with a son who has just turned 6 months old. He is the last child for us as he has completed our family.

  181. says

    I have three beautiful children! 8, almost 6 and 2 years old. We have wanted one more, but I don’t think it’s in God’s plan as of now. That being said, I don’t know if we are done. And I’m complete and happy either way!



  183. Rebecca says

    I currently have 2 in diapers. My oldest is 16 months old and we started our adoption process for him within a month of “trying” to in essence have “twins”. It worked and we also have a 10 month old. They love each other and won’t know life any different than without the other. We are definitely not done, thinking 3 more… hopefully all adopted.

  184. Amanda says

    My husband of almost 8 years and I have one son, Alex, who is 15 months. We would LOVE to have more, since I have 4 siblings and hubby was an only child. He doesn’t want our son to be our only, but right now it is at a “let’s see what happens” stage. It took 6 yrs for Alex to show up! I’ve got my fingers crossed that it doesn’t take another 6 years!

  185. Beki Smith says

    I have a 22 month old little boy Reagan and am 29 weeks pregnant with our little girl Taylor :)

  186. says

    We have been blessed with three beautiful little girls ages 1,2 and 3. We want to have 5 or 6 but we are waiting for a little while! We were planning on having the girls a little more spaced but someone else had different plans and now we are VERY busy but we love it.

  187. Erin Wolfe says

    I have a gorgeous 12 month old named Aiden Christopher, who is sick right now w/ his 6th ear infection (yes, 6th…..you read that correctly…..no worries as we finally have our ENT referral for tubes…yeay!). He is the light of my life! We plan to have 1 or 2 more to add to our fun. We go through 6-7 Huggies a day, but love them! I was born in Neenah, WI, where Kimberly Clark is HQ’d, so I love to support them! :-)

  188. Elise H. says

    Well I’m 23 & my fiance’ is 28. We have been together for 5 years & have 2 little girls. Kyra is2 years old and Mia is 17 weeks old. They are our world & everything outside it. We are wanting to ‘try for a boy’ in a few years. We will be just as happy with a girl too! We are pretty sure we will stop at 3 but you never know!

  189. Heather says

    I have 5 wonderful children. Four boys and a girl. Thankfully my girl is no longer the youngest. My kids range in age from 11 years old-3 months. We are done and love having a large family. With two still in diapers this is a great giveaway.

  190. says

    We are d.o.n.e. We have two. Years ago an older gentleman stopped me in the mall when my kiddos were 2yrs and 2 months or so and began to chat. Long story short, he told me that b/c we had 1 of each gender, that according to the depression era standards “we had the million dollar family”. That was HUGE confirmation for us!!!

    BUT, I have a dear friend who just found out she’s pregnant with TWINS and due Christmas Day – all after three years of infertility!!! I’d just LOVE to bless her with something like this!!!

  191. Adrienne says

    We currently have 1 18month old son and will be discussing our future child(ren) when he turns 2. :)

  192. Rebekah Frusti says

    So far my husband and I have been blessed with 1 child – our almost 6-month old boy, Jacob. We would love to have at least 3 more of our own, and adopt at least 1. However, we know that it is all in God’s hands, and we will be happy with whatever He grants us. :)

  193. Kristen says

    I have one sweet daughter and an active baby boy on the way. They will be 16 months apart so I will definitely have my hands full the first couple of years. We hope to have three children, though I’m still trying to convince my hubby that by three we really mean FOUR!

  194. Heather says

    I have two children. And ‘how many kids are you going to have?’ is a pretty loaded question for those of us with fertility issues, so I’m going to leave it at that!

  195. nicole says

    Right now I have 2 boys. Almost 3 years old and a 3 month old. I would love one more someday, hopefully a little girl. :)

  196. Sarah says

    I have a 4.5 year old daughter and a little boy who will be 2 in June. The oldest is out of diapers, thank goodness, but Charlie still has no interest in potty training! We aren’t planning anymore, unless we adopt. I had to have a hysterectomy a month ago. i think we’re done though!!

  197. Amanda Martinez says

    My fiance and I have a beautfil 2 and a half month old daughter named AnnaGrace. She is the love of our lives. She’s so smart and brings so much joy to everyone around her. As I type she is “talking” to herself in the mirror from her baby gym. We would love to have two more children of our own and then adopt 3. My boyfriend and I were both raised by people who weren’t our birth parents and we feel it is only right to give other children the loving encouraging homes that we came from. We are big believers in blood not making family, love makes a family. It doesn’t matter who gives birth to the baby, anyone can be a parent, it takes a real person to be a mommy or daddy.

  198. Tess says

    God blessed me with 2 wonderful and lovable babies. After having 5 recurrent miscarriages and almost giving up, he bless us with a son- he is now 19 months old and our daughter is 7 months old. It is so adorable how my son loves on his baby sister, he gets her- her pacifier and hands her dolls and kisses her. Me and my husband are complete. Two kids is the perfect number for us.

  199. Deanna Sena says

    I was pregnant with my third…and last child….God had other plans for us though….my first appointment with my OBGYN revealed that I was expecting twins!!!! Now I have four beautiful children.6,4 & 1yo twins..and feel very blessed!!!

  200. Rebecca says

    I love children, thats why i worked in child care for 7 years…I have 3 wonderful boys.. Nicholas is 8, Jonathan is 4 and then there is Christopher who is all of 7 months old. I’m still not sure if were done..i still want my girl, she would have a hard time with three older brothers :) We’ve also talked about adoption of an older child…so many out there that need love!

  201. Kim West says

    Well…We have a unique story! My hubby and I always thought we we were done at 2 little boys! My mom has been deceased for 9 years, but year ago had her palm read that one of her daughters would have 3 boys…HA! WHen I became pregnant with our 1st I told my maternal grandmother, who informed me that he would be born on her birthday. This was 2 weeks after my due date, in the summer and I thought she was crazy! After being admitted and induction attempted twice, Cole was finally born on my third visit to the hospital, on my grandmothers birthday! THen when I because pregnant again, my repeat C-Section date was given to me, which grandma told me later, was grandpa’s birthday! NOW…for weird! I have been on birth control since we thought we were done. But, I woke up one morning and informed my hubby that I was “late”, 10 minutes later my father called to tell me my grandmother had passed that am. My mom will be getting her three grandsons to look down on from heaven, and they are all connected to my grandmother in some way!

  202. Lori says

    I am pregnant with my first & so is my sister. We are due 4 weeks apart. Our mom couldn’t be happier if we’d planned it this way. It has been amasing sharing this with my sister. We have talked about each a having 3, but may change our minds after having the first one.

  203. Chantel says

    I am a 34 year old SAHM with 5kids amazing kids 2 boys 14 & 12 and 3 Divas 8, 3 & 3months… I have my hands full I no but I wouldn’t have it any other way

  204. kaygan says

    I do not wish to do this for myself, but rather for a friend of mine. She is 20 years old and have a beauiful 4 month old named Madison! (Dont get me wrong, I do have a 1 year old! But winning this would help her out way more than it would help me!) When my friend was 4 months pregnant with little Madison she was diagnosed with overian cancer! The babys father walked out on her shortly after, forcing her to go through pregnancy (one of the happiest times in a womans life) alone. Its so hard for me to sit back and watch her struggle to get the things that she needs, let alone things she may want (ie pictures) This woman is so strong and keeps her head held so high! She deserves a break! Her medical bills are through the roof because of the drs. apts. from her cancer! She works 2 jobs and has to live with her grandparents because she has no where else to go! So to all of you other moms entering this, that knows how hard it is to be a mom and a single mom at that, please just say a little prayer at the end of your day for my friend! and Huggies, please consider her as your winner! Thank you!

  205. Sherry says

    We’ve got a modest family. My baby girl, Lucinda, her daddy and I! We live in an itty bitty house near the beach and love the life we have!
    My Lucinda is a whole 3 months, her eyes are sparkling brown and her caramel tan skin tone makes me jealous! She is our angel that came after a fertility scare about a year ago. She continues to amaze me everyday with her AHA! moments. Just like me, Lucinda is a daddy’s girl. She simply loves to gaze into her daddy’s eyes while he sings to her. I know that with him she is the most content child in town!
    My fiancee and I love each other very much and we have both grown individually and together into this wonderful, beautiful family.
    Both my fiancee and daughter continue to create such an inspirational world of love and laughter, I feel so lucky!

  206. Abby K says

    My husband and I have two beautiful little boys. We are undecided as to whether or not we will have another baby, but we are most likely done. My first baby was delivered via c-section and the recovery was just awful. My second baby was a VBAC with back labor and 4th degree tearing… the recovery from that was much worse then my c-section recovery, and took much longer. Although I have had wonderful pregnancies, the deliveries and recoveries have just been awful. As much as I’d love just one more baby, I don’t think it would be good for me– physically or emotionally. We’ll see where life takes us, and if we decide to have that 3rd baby… well… I’m just lucky to have the amazing husband I have because I wouldn’t be able to handle it without him.

  207. says

    I have the all american perfect family. I have four little kids: 2 girls and 2 boys. My daughter Madalynn is 6 years old and just graduated Kindergarten yesterday. Haylee is 4 and is attending a preschool at BYU-Idaho. My son Nathan is 2 and is just potty training ON HIS OWN this week and has been extremely successful and Quinton is 9 months old and is our miracle baby. He joined our family 2 months early and has some struggles to face in his future life but we are so grateful to have him. I always wanted to have 3 kids and i was blessed with four. Since Quinton was delivered in an emergency situation, I am not able to have any more children, however, I am completely in love with my family and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  208. Chelsy Bradshaw says

    I quit my job to be a stay at home mom with my first baby, a spunky lil girl, Madison Leigh. Madi was born 3 weeks early and thankfully had very little preemie problems. She is now 9 months, developing greatly, and keeps me on my toes! To help make ends meet I also babysit for a friend who has a 9 month old boy so its like having twins Monday thru Friday! My husband and I have been married almost 5 years (Aug) and he works 80 miles away. He drives to and from work everyday so most of the money I earn goes to gas, but its his dream job so I cant ask him to quit. Since we have little family time during the week, I look forward to the weekends. My heart melts whenever Madi and Daddy are together, she is definitely a daddys girl!

  209. Courtney J says

    I have 2 little boys. . .a 3 1/2 year old and a 14 month old. They keep me ever so busy and I can’t imagine having another baby anytime soon, but something inside of me just doesn’t feel done yet. I was one of two kids for part of my childhood, until my parents divorced and I gained two stepsisters when my dad re-married. I have to say, I preferred having 3 sisters growing up versus one even though I’m still closest to my “real” sister today. So with all that said, my husband and I are still planning on adding one more to the family, but not for at least a few more years.

  210. Becky Kalo says

    I have to beautiful children. Alexandria is my oldest. She is 5 going on 13 :) Rylan is my youngest. He will be 5 months on the 4th. Hopefully I will have 1 more in the not so distant future :)

  211. Heather Adkins says

    I have a wonderful baby girl named Minna and she is now 4 months old. She is rolling over constantly and has already started to crawl. My husband and I are not planning on any other children.

  212. melissa s. says

    I have 2 beautiful babies…my daughter Elizabeth is 3 and son Jack is 1. Thanks for this opportunity!

  213. crystal B says

    WE are a family of four i have ahad 2 beautiful children my son nathan who is 6 and my daughter emma who is 2 yes i plan on having 1 more in a few years i have my hands full right now with my 2 year old


  214. Jillian says

    My husband and I got pregnant with our first child in 2003, while I was pregnant my husband had a seizure he was rushed to the hospital and we found out he has brain cancer! He had surgery and radiation done all before we had our daughter, Madisyn in Feb. 2004. We have been through lots of MRIs and check ups and all was going good, so in Jan. 2007 we got pregnant with our 2nd child, we had our second daughter, Brycelyn in Oct. 2007. I really wanted one more so in Mar. 2009 we got pregnant again and we had our 3rd and last daughter, Gracyn, in Dec. 2009. Things are still going good for my husband and we enjoy each and everyday with our kids. The cancer is still stabilized and we hope that he can continue to be the great father he is to our childeren!

  215. says

    Right now I have a 6 yr old and a 1 yr old and we’re hoping to have another next year! I’ve got 2 boys and we’d love to have a girl. We’re a navy family and money is always tight so it’d be awesome to win this!

  216. ashley says

    We have two amazing a beautiful little girls. Talia is four and is SO healthy and so full off energy I wish I could use some. She loves life and is always happy, well, unless she’s sleepy.
    And, Mya “Papaya” who is 5.5 months. Our miracle baby. We had a home birth with her, hoping to save money and keep me out of my most hated place, the hospital. At her 24 hour check my midwife informed us the snorting noise she was making was not “cute” but a sign of breathing difficulty. We went to the doctor who directed us to our Children’s Hospital. Long story short, with this part, we kept being released with doctors assuring me it was just congestion and she was fine. It wasn’t…my husband watched her stop breathing twice on Christmas eve as he sat her in a bathroom with a hot shower running as we were told would “clear her up”. On the 27th (my husband hadn’t told me about Christmas eve thinking I would freak and ruin our first Christmas in our house.) I took her to a different children’s clinic. Again, I got the run around about congestion when I informed them I wasn’t leaving until they fixed my baby. Then she stopped breathing there. We were rushed to the PICU where they did a CT scan revealing a large mass in her sinus. The next morning we got some of the worse news I think a new parent could get, “She has a tumor”. Luckily it was benign, and they removed as much as they could, though still at almost six months it is shrinking on it’s own.
    So, sorry for the rant, we have two amazing daughters. This will be it for us, but the gift would be huge.

  217. Anna says

    When we got married and discussed having children, both Glenn and I wanted around 6. We both had 2 siblings each, but I always wanted more brothers and sisters. Things haven’t exactly worked out as planned, due to various circumstances, but we’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. We would like to have more children, but not right now. We don’t want to wait too long (our daughters are all 2 years apart, with the youngest almost 2 now). So we’ll see what God holds in store for us. I would definitly say we’re not done yet :)

  218. Andie says

    We have 2 wonderful little girls. Our oldest is 7 years and our youngest is almost 4 months. They are so cute to watch when they are together, they love each other so much and you can tell just by looking at them!

  219. Monica Jones says

    I am 45 with a 2 year old. Yup you read that right. I woke up one day somewhere in my 42nd year and realized I had forgotten to have kids. So I ran right out and took care of that (more or less.) I feel pretty safe in saying that my little angel puss will forever remain an only child. That’s okay though, he’s about all I can handle. Believe me, having a 2 year old is a young woman’s game.

  220. Crystal says

    I am the youngest of two girls and my husband is the youngest of two boys. We originally thought that we only wanted one child, but with our daughter being six months old now and really starting to grow & learn we are realizing that we would like at least one more child. We both came from smaller families, but both of our fathers came from large families and we really enjoy the large extended family. We already have three nieces, and know there will be more nieces or nephews added in the mix as well!

  221. Amy says

    I am married to my best friend Eric, we have 2 awesome children – a son Caleb who is about to turn 7 years old this summer, and a daughter Ava who will be 2 years old in September. Caleb is our t-ball player who just started Karate and Ava is in dance. Both kids keep us on our toes and cracking up laughing all the time! We have decided not to have any more kids b/c of my health problems during pregnancy but if we were to have a “surprise” baby or have the opportunity to adopt we would love it!

  222. Michelle says

    I have 3 babies, and I don’t know if I’m done! I used top say I wanted 5, but we can’t afford more right now. Maybe in 10 years I’ll have two more!

  223. Cynthia says

    I just had my first baby boy. I really wanted twins but when I found out that I was only carrying one child I decided I wasn’t meant to have two children so I have decided that I am going to stick with my little prince. If later on I want another child I think we will look into adoption.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win….

  224. says

    We have five between us starting at age 22 down to a baby. We are definitely finished and are cherishing every moment!

  225. Jennifer says

    Just one beautiful little 4 month old girl so far! We are planning on another one within 3 years.

  226. lynn says

    We have 4 precious blessings, ages 12 down to 2. Regretfully, we are done. We’d love more, but practically speaking, it is out of the question. However, we are so thankful for the ones with whom God has blessed us!

  227. Ashley says

    We have a 2 year old little girl and plan on working on baby #2 as soon as hubby gets home from Iraq!! Counting down the days!! If baby #2 is a boy then he would probably be our last, but if not we may try one or even two more times! 4 is my limit though! 😉

  228. says

    I have one 4 year old princess, and one on the way, which we are thrilled about. I’d love to have 5 kids, but I don’t know if that is going to happen – we’ll have to wait and see!

  229. Jennifer says

    My husband and I have a son, 21 months, and a daughter, 8 weeks! We are delighted having them since we found each other later in life, so our family is complete. Unless we have children in our forties! Who knew that two children under 2 years would be this much fun and exhausting?!

  230. jessica says

    I am married to my middle school/ high school sweetheart we have an amazingly beautiful baby girl who will be 2 in july… cant wait to have another!

  231. Laura says

    My husband and I just had our first baby three months ago today! His name is Aveian and he is the best thing to happen to the both of us. We would like to have more someday but, someday may be a ways away! Wow, babies are a handful but, good handfulls!

  232. Sandra Dee says

    I have a 2 year old boy, he is full of energy..loves to gives hugs and kisses..After a long day at work all I want is to pick him up from daycare. As soon as he sees me he runs to me and gives me a big hug and lays his head on my shoulders. That is the best feeling in the world. He is the greatest gift God has given to me….I never really understood the love a mother has for her child until I had one of my own….I have learned to really appreciate my mother so much because of him….Also, I would love to have 1 more baby, but in this tough economy…I’m not sure…I’ll just have to leave it in God’s hand.

  233. Andrea says

    We have a boy and a girl right now. I think we may try for one more, but not for another 2 years or so….that way I can have a little break in between!!

  234. Christina says

    I have a beautiful 5.5 month old daughter that was a BIG surprise. She wasn’t planned, nor even thought about, but I can’t imagine my life without her. One day I hope to give her some siblings, but I’m in no rush!

  235. Sarah says

    I have a wonderful 10 1/2 month old little boy and I just found out last night that I am expecting baby #2 sometime in late January or early February. My husband and I can’t quite agree on how many children we want. But we want at least 4 children (he wants to stop at 4, I would like 6). We will see how things go after baby #2 arrives.

  236. Kat Poth says

    My hubby and I currently have 3 beautiful kids, two boys and a little princess. I am also expecting another boy in September. We are so blessed and have faith that God is in control of how many children we have.

  237. says

    My husband and I each have a daughter from our previous marriages. His daughter will be 12 in June, my daughter will be 10 in September. We have two living children together, our daughter will turn 7 in June and our son will turn 3 in December. In December of 2006 we lost our first son by miscarriage. My husband’s daughter doesn’t live with us and will be visiting us for the first time next month. When people ask us how many kids we have, I usually say 3 (that’s how many live with us) and he usually says 4 (he never leaves his daughter out). My daughter’s biological father wasn’t much of presence and he died recently, so my husband will probably adopt her, that’s what she wants. I’m guessing after my husband’s daughter visits us for the first time, it won’t be long before she comes to live with us permanently as well. So how many kids do we have? 3 or 4? Either, I guess. lol

  238. Annabell Cordial says

    I have two children. A daughter who is 9 years old and a son who is 9 months old. My husband and I are at the moment planning our last child. I waited too long to have a second child and now my daughter is more of a second mother than a sister. I would love to have more, however with both kids I needed a c-section. So my doctor said for my safety and the safety of the baby I would need another c-section, that’s why when we get pregnant, it will be our last. Family is really important to me, so my father lives with us. The good thing is my children will know their grandfather, ( My grandfather passed before I was born) but he is elderly and at times it’s like I have 3 kids. The house is a little chaotic at times and sometimes the laundry doesn’t get done or sometimes I’ll realize I haven’t showered in a day or two, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a parent is the most incredible job!! I love my kids with all my heart and I hope when they’re older they understand all the things we have done for them. Every weekend we have family time. Go to museums or the park, anything as long as were out of the house and enjoying life that’s all that matters!!! Since my son was born we have not spent a weekend at home, my kids have been exposed to some of the great places in Los Angeles. At times it is hard and I get tired but seeing the look on their faces makes it worth it. Being a mother is’nt a easy job but no one said life is easy!!! Enjoy the precious moments because before you know it their all grown up. Take plenty pictures and write things down, their appreciate it and you’ll enjoy it also.

  239. Karen says

    I have a wonderful 15 month old little boy. We are definitely planning on more and would like to have two more children in the future. I was an only child and I would like for my son to have siblings. However, we are not planning on another child for at least another year or two.

  240. Christy says

    My husband and I recently welcomed a beautiful little boy names Nathan on January 10th! We are getting ready to try for#2 this summer!! loving motherhood!

  241. Marie says

    I have had 3 babies! All three are girls! They all have birthdays coming soon! My youngest is 11 months, my middle child is 3 and my oldest is 4! In July they will be 1,4, and 5! We will not be having anymore children. Time to concentrate on the ones we have as they go off to school and start getting into lots of activities!

  242. Becky Grabowski says

    Our little family started out with fur babies: a cat (Kitten) , then a cocker spaniel (JD), another cat (Grissom), and then the the biggest black lab ever (Sirius). Now sometime around July 2, 2010 we are expecting our first little human baby. A girl in which we intend to name her Ginevra Noreen. Our little princess is already so spoiled and we already love her more than I could imagine. Some day in the not to far distant future I would love to have another baby or two or three, but we will start here and see where life takes us.

  243. Trina C says

    I am an only child and my husband is an identical twin with two additional half brothers. We have two boys one who just turned 6 and the other just turned a year. We have decided that our family is complete. As much as I would love to have a little girl I think the odds are against me and we would probably end up with a third boy.

  244. Kaela says

    I am 26 and my boyfriend is 36. He has one child who is 16 and on Sept. 22 we had our little child together. He is a blessing to us. I would like to have another child atleast by the time our little man turns 2 or 3. Would love to have a little girl so I can have one of both. But it would not be the end of the world if it was another boy.

  245. Karlie Groan says

    My husband and I have an amazing little baby girl named Ariah. She is a few weeks shy of 6 months old. It’s hard to believe that its already been half a year since becoming a mommy. I love my growing family. My husband and I will try for #2 shortly after her first birthday. We hope to have one or two more after that.

  246. Amanda Abate says

    First I would like to say THANK YOU!! This is a wonderful opportunity and I look forward to seeing the winners, Good Luck Ladies!! Now, on to my family…My husband and I started our lives in a very unconventional and somewhat difficult way. I was only 18 years old when we where married and at that time we where already 3 months pregnant with our little girl. Things where tight for us for a time and we couldn’t have made it through without the help of our own wonderful moms and their unending faith in us and God. When our daughter was 15 months old I was bit with “the baby bug” lol. It took some convincing but my husband agreed that it was a good time to start trying for another baby. Nine short months later we where blessed with a son. His arrival was not uneventful, to say the least. I started having contracitons the day after our daughters 2nd birthday party. Of course I passsed them off as only the start up to labor. This was a natural thought considering I was barely 36 weeks along. After a call to our OB my husband decided I was going to the hostpital. After a long 32 hours of labor we where blessed with our boy. We look forward to celebrating his first birthday only 5 days after his sister’s 3rd! We do plan on having more children, we do hope to space out the birthdays a little more the next time around. :) I would enjoy atleast 2 more but my husband is stuck on only 3 in total, only time can tell. Until then we want to enjoy chasing our little movers, and celebrating this wonderful thing called life!

  247. Emily says

    My son and I welcomed a beautiful boy into our family on April 10th. He is the first child for me, and the third for my husband who also has a 12 year old daughter and 15 year old son. The older kids are enamored by their baby brother! We hope to have one more child next year.

    • Emily says

      I meant MY HUSBAND AND I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family!!! Blame my mistake on having a beautiful 7 week old and the lack of sleep he brings :) Wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  248. Aleshia says

    I have a wonderful family! I am a proud wife of a United States Sailor. I have a beautiful two year old boy named Johnny and I have another on the way! I want as many kids as I can afford. I love my babies and I can’t see stopping. I am a stay at home wife and mother. I take care of the bills, cooking, cleaning, laundy, errands, grocery shopping, the dog, cat, and of course my son! After the military my husband plans on becoming a police officer. I couldn’t be more proud of my family.

  249. says

    My husband and I have 2 AMAZING little boys, ages 3 and 1.. We would like one more, a girl would be wonderful, but honestly, I don’t care.. 3 is our “magic number”, but we are not ready yet. I just started back to school to get my masters in human services, so time wise and financially, it is going to have to wait!

  250. Heather M says

    My husband and I have a beautiful, very active 10 1/2 month old! We plan on having one more. I am fortunate to stay at home. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who is happy to have me stay at home with our beautiful baby girl!

  251. sara says

    My amazing husband and I have two children. A beautiful 6 year old boy who keeps growing up even though we’ve told him not to, and an 11 month old son. we are very blessed; however, I had horrible post-partum depression after both of my son’s were born and another bout of that would be too much to bear. Also, the baby has “broken” us 😉 At 11 months, he still doesn’t sleep through the night… I’m ready to sleep again :)

  252. says

    We have two girls and our youngest (2yrs) is still in diapers at night. I hesitate going for a third child because I don’t know that I want to enter the diaper stage again!

  253. Danielle H. says

    I am married to my best friend, lover, and companion. We had our little miracle child on July 09 – she’s the result of a successful 18 year old Vas Reversal (I’m my husband’s junior by several years and his 3rd wife). My husband likes to tell our little sunshine that he waited 20 years for her to come along and she is worth every second of it now that she is here. She is our first and she may unfortunately be our last as we were blessed with her but the doctors said not to hold our breath for another. That’s ok – we’re going to enjoy every second we have with her!

  254. Alicia Morgan says

    My husband and I have a 4 year old daughter, Kaitlyn and are expecting twins in July. I do not think that we will have anymore after they are born, but we will see what God has in store for our family. Our plans are not always the same as his!!

  255. Candice says

    My husband and I have a two year old boy that is the love of our lives. We recently found out that we are expecting our second child in January!

  256. says

    I have a 4 1/2 year old son and we just found out we are expecting our second…very early in the pregnancy so not sure if it will be a boy or a girl. We will likely be done after this one.

  257. says

    I’ve got two kids, a boy and a girl. We’re thinking about having a third but can’t make up our minds — depends on the day!

  258. Tara says

    My husband and I just had our first…Michael. He was a blessing that we had to wait quite a while to have. If God chooses, we definitely want more!

  259. sami porenta says

    I am 9 days and 22 min and some seconds tell we have are first little baby or at least that my due date. I can’t wait tell this little boy gets here. I want 4 kids but we will see how one goes first hope he comes on time.

  260. Jenn says

    We have 2 children so far, a beautiful little girl who is 3 1/2 and an amazing little boy who is almost 2. I am also pregnant with our third! We’re hoping to have four, but we are also open to adoption at some point. So maybe more! We’ll see where God leads us!

  261. michelle c says

    My baby turns 28 today….however our other baby has twin boys 8 mons. and a crazy 2 year
    old gril.

  262. Lauren H says

    My husband and i Have a beautiful baby girl who just turned six months old… for right now thats all we have planned until i am done with nursing school… but we would like to have 1 or 2 more after that!!

  263. says

    I have 3 children, ages 6, almost 5, and almost 2. Some days I think I’d love one more, and other days I hink having a 4th would be crazy. ime will ell, I suppose!

  264. rachelhorlacher2 says

    Technically I have three, one on earth and two in heaven and plan on having three more

  265. Corinne says

    One baby and I would like to have another but pregnancy complications really scare me to the point of birth control. I almost lost this one.

  266. Nadine Matieda says

    I have been married for past 6 years to my high school sweet heart. After planning for three years, we have a beautiful little princess. She is two months old. We do plan to try for a second one as soon as she turns 1 and 1/2. Two will be it. If we are blessed with second one.

  267. Anna Cahoon says

    We are blessed to have two beautiful girls. One is 2 and one is 4 months. Both are God sents to my husband and I. Every day is such joy seeing them explore and learn about the world. This year I lost a very special woman in my life five days after my second daughter was born. It was like trading one blessing for another. My Grandma is now our angel above watching my beautiful family blossom.

  268. Andrea J says

    I’ve always wanted 3 kids, and now I’ve got them. Still get an occasional baby itch (my baby will be one tomorrow) but we’re done.

  269. Rebecca P. says

    We are a family of four. My husband, daughter (2), son (3) & myself. We’ve decided we are done having children as we’ve been blessed with a boy & a girl. The idea of being outnumbered is a scary thought as well.

  270. Nicole Potter says

    We have 3 amazing boys and not sure yet if I’m ready to try one more time for a girl! They are all 5 years and two months apart. Very crazy how it all worked out!

  271. Michelle says

    We only have one boy, but would like to have another. I think we will stop at two. Thanks for the giveaway.

  272. Kim says

    We have a total of 3 boys and are expecting our baby girl in Aug. My husband has a son that is 27 years old, I have a son that is 21 years old. We weren’t supposed to be able to have any children however, I discovered I was pregnant after my husband and I reunited (we had actually been divorced.) That son will be 3 in July. I think baby girl will be it for us…2 children 3 and under… At least we don’t have grandchildren at this point!

  273. says

    I have one adorable little guy…We would love to have a few more kids but since our son was diagnosed with autism we are very scared. Adoption is always an open option =)

  274. Carly says

    I have 2 little boys right now- 2 years old and 8 months! I would like to throw another one in the mix at some point!!!

  275. Carolyn says

    I have 2 wonderful children. A boy and a girl. 2 is enough for me. My husband and I don’t want to be outnumbered… :)

  276. says

    After being told I would never be able to have babies when I was younger I remember alot of tears and prayers. Having several miscarriages and many heart aches. God answered those prayers because we have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. Even though baby # 1 is 16, baby #2 is 10 and baby #3 is 9 months I don’t think I would want it any other way. Not to mention we will be having baby #4 in 5 months. I am thinking girl but whatever we have I know am the most blessed mama of four beautiful children with the best husband in the world. I love my little ones I hold in my arms as I will always love my little angels up in Heaven

  277. Adrianna says

    right now its just my boyfriend, our son and me. our son is turning two in august and we cant wait to try and have another one. we are hoping to have five kids total. we love kids and want a big family.

  278. Adonica says

    I have 6 children, 2 sons and 4 daughters. I am a foster parents and have adopted 3 out of the 6 children. I don’t think that I’ll be having anymore, but I will continue to take in children from the state and give them good loving homes, until a permanent placing can be arranged.

  279. Alexia Christensen says

    My first child is due in three weeks. My husband has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. She is so excited about getting a baby sister. We all can’t wait to meet her. We plan on having at least one more eventually, but we are going to wait a few years so we can enjoy our time with our new baby girl!

  280. Kirsten T says

    I am blessed to have two daughters, a 3 year old and a 2 month old. However, this baby making factory is going out of business, I am sooooo done. But then why haven’t we taken a permanent step to prevent a 3rd…hmmmmm. :-)

  281. Lachelle says

    I am a mom of 2 kids right now and I know for sure that we would like at least one more. We’re still in debate about whether we will have 4! We’ll see. I think it’s definitely a personal choice and moms are busy no matter the number!

  282. says

    We have one darling (yeah, i admit i’m a little biased!) boy and definitely want another. While Samuel is only 4 1/2 months old, we’re already thinking of number 2. I can’t imagine 3, but then again, I couldn’t imagine 1 not too long ago, so who knows?!

    Thx for the chance. Love your site!

  283. Alham D. says

    I am a mother of three; two toddler girls and a 6 week old baby boy (newborn). The older two are ages 2 and 1. I am a stay at home mom. It is very hectic esp. nursing the newborn can be quite a challenge. My husband comes home from work and helps me with the three. So we both don’t get a break. He was on paternity leave and let’s just say he could not wait to go back to work! In God’s willing; we plan to have one more child in a few more years. Hopefully it will be a another boy.

  284. Donna says

    I have 3 crazy, energetic, wonderfully great kids. 1 boy (6) & 2 (4 & 1) girls. When we had just the 2, we were pretty sure we were done. We were at that point where everything in our life was where we thought we wanted it to be and with me able to finally think about getting a job and start helping out financially. God had other plans and granted upon us another beautiful daughter. During the pregnancy though, I was still in shock and in disbelief of having a 3rd until probably 8 1/2 months in!! I couldn’t imagine life without her now! After having our blessed 3rd child we decided that that was all that we could handle and afford financially. My brave solider volunteered to lose his manliness. :) Now we know we are DEFINITELY done! But there is always the option for adoption in the future :)

  285. CharrysMom says

    We have three and that’s all we can manage. I think hubby and I are on zone defense at this point!

  286. Bridget says

    I have 5 children. Two boys, two girls and one angel. My family is complete because my husbad said so :( I would love to have more but honestly we can barley afford the ones that we have. You never know though one day we may have great cash flow again and God may see it fit to bless us with another bundle of joy. ~Thanks

  287. Tausha says

    We are extremely blessed to have two boys ages two and a half and 5 weeks. I would love to have at least one more. Hubby says no but I say we are still negotiatiing! : )

  288. Heather Goll says

    We have two girls Grace is 5 and Ruby is 19 months. If we are blessed with another child we would be grateful, but we aren’t trying to have anymore.

  289. says

    I have three older girls ages 27, 23 and 21, then we adopted our granddaughter (then 8 months old, now age 7) and we are currently caregivers/guardians to my 2 year old grandson.

  290. Amy Brewer says

    I have 2 daughters ages 11 and 8 and 1 son who is 4. I was only planning on having 2 children but then decided maybe one more would be ok. I am so happy my husband and I decided to have just the 1 more. Life is so much more interesting…

  291. Rebecca Hammer says

    I am a single parent of two beautiful boys. Calvin (3) and Josiah (1). I love my boys more than I ever knew I could. I would love to have more children one day, but even if I don’t I will always treasure the ones I have.

  292. Rachel W says

    I am a new mom of beautiful 5-month-old Gavriel (boy) who looks like he’s a year! We’re hoping for at least 5 or 6 G-d willing, we love these kids!!!

  293. Sharelle says

    I am a first time mother. My adorable son Brytton was born on December 3rd last year. My husband and I are so lucky that our little angel survived the pregnancy. I have Multiple Sclerosis and a seizure disorder both of which caused a few complications. My strong little boy survived and beat all of the odds. I dream of having two kids but I am unsure if I want to risk it again. My wonderful husband takes care of us as best as he can. We have decided that whether or not we have a second child we want to be foster parents to help other kids have a better life. I want to teach my son how to eat right and play soccer! Just because I have a disease doesn’t mean I can’t be the best mommy! I love my little angel with a love that only moms could understand!

  294. Sarah Keller says

    i have one boy who is 9 months and i plan to have a couple more when i can afford them financially. i love kids so much and cant wait to have more

  295. says

    We have had 8 children, 7 living and we are def done. Although, I do have to say that I said that after each of the last 4 children LOL!

  296. Michelle says

    We have 6 month old twin boys, and it was a total surprise (both the pregnancy and the fact that there were two!). We feel our family is complete at this size, and honestly can’t foresee a time when we won’t have our hands full!

  297. susanna says

    I have a 2 year old son Riley and am expecting a girl at teh end of July. After this I am done, I always wanted 2 kids adn God has blessed wme with them. I am the oldest of five adn although I loved having so many siblings, time for each of us was hard. That’s why I decided 2 is all I can handle!

  298. Edyta Olow says

    We are the very proud parents of a beautiful baby girl that just turned one in April! Although we are thrilled to be parents at our age ( almost 40! ), we are now talking about trying for a sibling for our little “bundle of joy”! But I think that two is our limit…babies are a LOT of work! :)

  299. xinzhang says

    I have a 6.5 months daughter, my husband and I hope we could have one more child. God bless! Thanks for Huggies!

  300. Stephanie says

    My husband and I have 4 kids between the two of us. My husband and I have a daughter together she is 2 months old! My husband has 3 children; 12 years old boy; 6 year old girl; 3 years old boy! We aren’t planning on having any more children at this moment in time. But I love kids! We might have to go for just one more!

  301. Sarah G says

    We have one (a two year old), and we’re still debating whether to have another. :) I got very ill with the pregnancy…but, I would love for my daughter to have a sibling!

  302. Trisha Lynn says

    I am a single mommy o a little girl and I am undecided on having anymore I guess it depends on if I end up ever finding love again!

  303. says

    Hope this isn’t a repost. I was having internet problems yesterday when I tried to enter. Baby #4 is due in August! I’m thrilled to be having him, and I’ll take just as many more as my body feels like popping out. My magic number is whatever number we finally stop at!

  304. Nicole Roberts says

    We have 2, some days I say “2 too many!” hahaha, and other days, I get the longing, so now we have two cats and a puppy. If I keep getting the longing, we’ll wind up with a farm!

  305. Jennifer Howard says

    This is my first child, I work at a daycare and I love kids. Not sure if we can afford to have more as everything is so expensive.

  306. says

    I am super blessed to have 5 gorgeous and amazing children. I would really love to add one more to our crew, but we are having a very hard time conceiving this time around – which is crazy for this “fertile mrtyle.” I grew up with just one brother, and all my life I wanted more. God has truly blessed our family, and I’d love it if He decided to do it again. :)

  307. says

    We had ‘planned’ on two children and then ended up having 3 in two years! We have 3.5 year old twins and a 16 month old, also. It has been a crazy ride but I wouldn’t change a thing (& I think our family is complete!)

  308. Vickie Couturier says

    I have 6 grown kids an have 5 grandchildren with 2 more on the way,so I have a big family an we use lots of Diapers!

  309. Barb W. says

    I have three wonderful children and do not have plans for more, but I’m soon to be a grandma! This prize pack would be a blessing to have, I’d love to gift it to my daughter and her newborn, when the day arrives.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  310. Alethea says

    I have three children. A girl 7, a girl 2 1/2 and a 5 month old baby boy. Our two youngest were our Happy surprise babies. WE love them so much, but they challenge us every day. WE don’t know if we are completely done, yet, but we are trying to prevent anymore for the time being, but we don’t want to go the permanent route yet due to the fact we might want another to even it out. Three children is a lot to deal with but we do it and we love it. The two youngest I think will be very close in a couple of years. Kudos to all the families out there with 1 or 20 kids.!!!

  311. says

    I currently have 3 girls ages 4, 2 and almost 9 months. I want more. Not sure how many we will end up in, we are just trusting God and enjoying each blessing as they come!

  312. Beckie Perreault says

    My daughter is an only child and will remain as such. We never thought we’d have her. The drs. all told us repeatedly we couldn’t have children. They finally told us that even IVF wouldn’t work. We felt it was God’s way of telling us our neices and nephews needed us more. Until……..
    A month before my 40th bday, I hadn’t been feeling good. Not sick, just off. As a last resort, I did a digital EPT. It came up “pregnant” almost immediately. I stared at it for 20 mins. waiting for the “not” to show up, but it never did. My dr. did 3 more tests (blood and 2 u/s) to confirm. He said he didn’t understand it. There was no medical explanation,,,I shouldn’t be able to conceive. They watched me closely, fully expecting a miscarriage or a child with special needs.
    At 30 weeks, I became full-blown eclamptic and after 18 hrs. of trying to stabilize me, my daughter was born via emergency c-section. We both almost died, but I’m thrilled to say we’re both just fine.
    However, the drs. now say it’s “extrememy improbable” for us to have any more. But my health would be in extreme jeopardy if we were to conceive.

  313. Jen C. says

    I come from a family of 3 kids. My husband was basically an only child as he has 3 half-siblings that are quite a bit older. I look back and even through the fights, can’t imagine not having siblings. My husband enjoyed being an only child. Right now we have a 19 month old son. We’re not really sure if we are going to have another. Some days I just enjoy hanging out with my little buddy while daddy is at work. Other days I imagine him running and playing with his own “little buddy”. What I do know is that I’m enjoying the moment. When and if the time comes to have another baby, we’ll know. Until then I am just appreciating the blessings we have.

  314. Carrie says

    I have a 5 month old son, a 7 year old daughter, and 8 and 9 year old sons. We are going to try to have one more in the near future.

  315. Jaime says

    I have two girls and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE another baby! I am a stay at home mommy, so my husband isn’t in love with the idea of another baby just yet. I know the financial part is the toughest to get past.

  316. says

    I have an 11 year old son and am currently expecting; we’re due Dec. 23rd. :) We could really use these items for our new little one since we are pretty much starting over from scratch on baby items.

  317. says

    Our family is a wonderful family of 4 right now. We have two boys, Phoenix, who is 4, and Gryphon, who is 18 months old. We would love to have more and adoption is always a possibility, as well. We have set a number of kids we want because God has out family in His hands. He will give us as many as He wants for us!

  318. Lois says

    My oldest will be 6 next month, she has special needs, and my second is 2. I am pregnant with my 3rd (and last) on July 27th! Coming from a large family (9 children) it’s hard to think that this will be my last.

  319. Misty says

    I am a mommy of a beautiful 9 month old little boy. My husband and I feel blessed to have him. We have been married for 7 years, we tried for 6 years to have a child. I miscarried 3 years ago, that was very hard for us to deal with. We honestly stopped trying and gave up on having children… well that’s when I got pregnant. We are so happy to be parents. We are totally satified with only having 1 child and don’t plan on having anymore (although it doesn’t always work that way). I come from a family of 4 children, me being the oldest. My husband comes from a family of 3 children, him being the youngest.

  320. Mrs. R says

    I am blessed with a beautiful 13 month old son. I mean blessed literally. My son was born to us through adoption. He has been in our arms since he was 4 days old. I’m enjoying every minute of mommyhood and can’t wait to add another member to our family in the future………just waiting until we can afford it again.

  321. Tracy P says

    I have one 2 year old son. We did IVF to have him. We would love to have one more but are happy if we end up being a one child family. Born at 28 wks 2lbs 5 oz he’s our little miracle.

  322. says

    My family consists of Me, My Hubby, and our daughter Little Miss Diva in Training. We are hoping to have another baby sometime in the near future, but if Miss Diva is out only child then we are more than happy too!

  323. Margaret says

    I have two grown up sons. My youngest son has a not-quite-two year old and my oldest son and his wife are expecting their first child, a daughter, in August!

  324. chkn_grl says

    I have three kids, two girls ages 7 and 9, and then our newest arrival, our son who just turned six months. We had only anticipated two, but our little man has really brought balance to all our lives. We are done now though. No more babies for us:)

  325. Kristen says

    I have 3 daughters. I am done with 3. IF I was not a c-section mama, I’d probably entertain the idea of more, but realistically I always saw myself with only 3.

  326. Diane says

    I have 1 and not sure if i want to have more at this point. My daughter is 7 months old. I might have 3 more, but we will see.

  327. says

    I’m a single mom with one 8 year old boy. Since I am not married, I have no plans to have anymore children. Plus I am almost 40 years old so I really do not want to have anymore at this age. lol. But I do have a sister who has 5 boys. One that is still in diapers. She and her husband struggle a lot financial so if I won I would give this wonderful prize to her. These diapers would really be a blessing to her as well as the other prizes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  328. Chana says

    I have one at the moment, trying for more, I’m the oldest of 7 so i feel like we’ll see where we’ll get!

  329. says

    My name is Misty. I have 2 kids. My son, Dain, is 4. My daughter, Rory, is 18 months. My husband is a firefighter, and I’m a Business Manager. We do not plan to have anymore kids.

  330. says

    I have three boys, 4, 2, and 2 1/2 months old. We are contemplating having another one, but since we just had one that is still a distant thought. I came from a family of five kids and my husband, a family of four kids and we liked our family size growing up.

  331. Linda Kish says

    I had only 1 son who is grown now but one day I hope for grandchildren. They are not in a hurry. In the meantime, my great niece could really use this for her baby.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  332. carol y l says

    I am older but have had 2 girls and one boy. I lost one of my sweet girls.
    No more, too old, which is sad, but I am entering this for diapers for my daughter who has two little babies-both still in diapers.

  333. Amber Davis says

    Well honestly I think I have a really special family. I am a 22yo Army spouse at Fort Stewart, GA and my husband (23yo) is currently on tour in Iraq for the 2nd time. He left in October of 2009 and I gave birth to our first child December 30, 2009. My husband could not come home for the birth of our daughter Jordyn but we were able to record the birth as well as take pictures for him. We are a young family but my 5mo has everything she could need.
    My mother had 4 children with me as the oldest. My husband’s mother had 2 with my husband being the youngest but she passed away when he was 9yo. He strongly desires a large family and he is extremely family oriented. He tells me all the time that everything he does is for my daughter and I. We want to have 3 more children with all of them pretty close. Since he has been in Iraq, he has expressed that he really wants to try for our 2nd child when he returns but I was looking more on the lines of them being spaced about 2 and a half years apart. I’m debating on whether or not I should jump on board with another baby soon. He returns in a few months and the reason he said he wants another soon is because he did not get to experience my last months of pregnancy with me nor the birth or first few months of our daughter’s life. He came home for a 2 week vacation from Iraq while my daughter was 4mo. So he missed a heck of a lot.
    Anywho, Huggies is all that I have used. We save Huggies codes for the website and everything (lol) and I go to play the games. I only buy Huggies wipes as well as their size 3 diapers. They are absolutely the best!
    Well that is the story of my family!!! God bless you all mommies!

  334. says

    I have 2 amazing children, 1 & 4 and I would have more if my hubby decides to want more ;)- working on that as kindly as I possibly can. LOVE IT and would love some extra photos! Also love studio shots, can’t always include that in the budget!

  335. susan says

    We have 3…the last one is our newbie @ just 4 weeks old. I think we are DONE. 😀 (but I never say never) 😉

  336. Jaimie K says

    I have 3 girls and baby girl #4 coming in August. Originally we were thinking about having 5 kids, but now my husband is starting to say he thinks 4 might be enough. Me–well, I’m not so sure about that. I guess we’ll just have to see what God has to say about it. :)

  337. Kelli Weisman says

    I have 3 children myself. Mydaughter is 22 and due with my grandchild on Christmas Day. My oldest son is 20 and is currently living with me. My youngest son is 2 and my oh my am I a tired mom and soon to be grandma!! We are not having anymore children it is time to leave that to my oldest kids now. Looks like I am always going to have children around me now talking about 5 minutes for mom whew I need that!!

  338. says

    We have 3 kids, a 6-year-old son and 2 daughters, ages 3 and 6 months. The first two kids were oopsies. I’m 99.9% sure we’re done and we’re highly considering the snip-snip. So unless there’s another oops, three’s the number.

  339. says

    We’ve got two kids and they’re both in diapers. I’ve always dreamed of having at least 6 kids……but for now we’ll just take them one at a time. :)

  340. JANET CORTEZ says

    hi my name is janet and i have one baby his name is noah his 3 in half months old
    for right now im okay with one baby its a little hard struggeling babys are expensive but his worth every penny in the world. if god alows me to have more i would love to have too more babys in the future

  341. kori says

    As of now we have our hands full with a 2 year old boy & 9 month old girl, but you never know what the future holds!

  342. Angel S. says

    We have two sons. I always wanted more, especially a little girl, but God had a different answer. Now I will wait (patiently) for grandkids!

  343. says

    I have three “babies” which aren’t babies anymore (my youngest is 11!) but I wouldn’t mind having one more or adopting. I was adopted so it’s important to give back. 😀

  344. Melissa says

    I have two boys (ages 2 and 4). I’m not sure if I’m done with having kids or not. Somedays I feel crazy enough with two! I was shocked a couple of months ago when my oldest started talking about having a baby sister. I have absolutely no clue where it came from but it’s cute to hear him talk about “her” (which he actually does alot).

  345. says

    We have 3 children and hope to have at least one more. Our van only seats 7 and I told my husband we can’t have more kids than what our van holds lol! I think 4 is perfect for us but 5 is our max. :)

  346. Judith says

    I am done. I have 2 grown daughters as opposite as opposite can be. The oldest has one daughter and she is done. Sierra is 8 and although an only child is very sweet.
    My youngest is trying to populate the world. She is expecting #6 any day now. 12, 11,10, 8,6 and new baby will make an even split 3 boys and 3 girls. The 6 year old for 2 years had seizures now none. That is why 6 years between #5 and #6. I am sure she would have more but #6 is causing problems. Her original blood tests indicated possible downs but the was eventually ruled out. She has a heart arrhythmia. My daughter is has a type b Staph infection that could affect the baby when she is born. So I think, with the stress, #6 is the last. Anyone have any names. She is nameless. We like short names (that wouldn’t have a nick name) nothing gimmicky homefully something classic. She has an Adam, Rey Hannah, Mary and Sam. All suggestions welcome.

  347. Michelle says

    We have three boys 10, 4, and 2. We are expecting out first girl to arrive at the end of the month. I am not really sure we have a magic number. I truly believe that God has that plan all settled out, and I say that because we have said two was a good number, then we figured that three was probably plenty, and now with number 4 on the way we have moments of feeling finished, but I also believe that the best gift you can give your children is a sibling. We homeschool, and live on one income, our budget can be very tight sometimes, but everything seems to work out. Our children don’t always get everything they want in life, but they have what they need. That’s not to say that life doesn’t get crazy, but it works for us.

  348. sheri says

    We have 6 children and 1 on the way… We may be crazy, but in our house there is never a dull moment. We love our life and would change it for the world…

  349. Stacey says

    We have 2 lovely little girls ages 4 and 3 months that are the joys of our lives. More children is not in the cards for us…unless we are blessed down the road.

  350. Kirsten S. says

    Wow, this one is hard for me, emotionally anyway. I always wanted five. I grew up with two brothers and four sisters, and I thought I had the best life ever. However, between my oldest brother and my youngest sister, there was a 14-year age difference, so he was out of the house before she was even in school. Neither I nor my husband wanted a gap that big. Five seemed perfect. My first two sons were born just when we wanted them to be, and we were on the track we wanted. Then we tried to get pregnant with our third, and things were so different. It didn’t happen just like that, like it did with the boys. Each month I would be certain I was pregnant, and I never was, over and over and over again. I finally got pregnant, and we now have a beautiful little girl, but her birth did a number on my body. Long story short, after many tears, much prayer and soul-searching, we have decided three is it. It’s heartbreaking to think of the little ones that could’ve joined our home, but we are hopeful that this is the way God wants it, and that with His help, we can build the happy family we’ve both always wanted.

  351. Mary Alice says

    My husband and I currently have a seven month old son. We are certainly not done with having children. My husband comes from a family of five boys, whereas I only have one brother. Needless to say, he wants a big family; however, it is up for discussion. I would like to have one, possibly two more children. Although, I am loving my seven month old, Joey. He is such a blast!!!

  352. Cassie says

    I’ve had 3 and I ‘ve also had 2 losses. My first living child was preemie and my last I had HELLP Syndrome. I love being pregnant and I love babies but I am done with the delivery drama.

  353. Marie says

    I have wanted children for as long as I can remember. The first time my husband and I tried, we found out we were having twins. Seeing as my husband was the only boy in his family to carry on the family name, he was hoping for at least one boy. We were blesssed with two. When we found out were were expecting our third child, I was just excited to have another baby. Now my husband has three boys to carry on the family name. – We are hoping to have at least one more, maybe two. We will just have to see what God has planned for our family : )

  354. Veronica says

    We were blessed on April 7th with the most perfect baby we could have ever imagined. Lucy is our first and the first grandbaby as well so she has the family wrapped. I was raised in a medium size family that does everything together so I cant wait for Lucy to have what I had growing up. She is going to make a wonderful big sister some day :)

  355. tara says

    My husband and I have one little girl. He has 2 boys from a previous marriage so I’m 21 and i already have 3 kids! shaun and i would LOVE to keep her as our only kid together but once in awhile i would think i would love to have another just so i can go through the baby baby stage again, but then i think of how much trouble she gets into and am more then happy to keep her as my only baby!

  356. Brittany Fell says

    I have 2 little girls right now. Hope to have another one, but we’re realizing that things aren’t always up to us! I always thought 4 was a good “hearty” number – not too few, not too many – but I’ve learned that everyone just has to take it as it comes.

  357. says

    My family is about average size I guess you could say. We have two little boys ages 3 and 10. I would love to add to the family since both of our boys are from a previous relationship. My husband and I have talked about adopting. Since I can’t have anymore children and he doesn’t have any biological children. Adoption is definitely in our future but we may wait another year or two since we are still newlyweds (married Valentine’s Day 2010).

    Good Luck Everyone!

  358. destiny says

    I would love to have more kids but I don’t think it is in the cards I have 2 boys now and they are amazing. I love to watch them grow they are now 16 and 12 and play multiple sports, do community service, participate in student council I am so blessed to have them in my life. I hope one day to be a foster parent and I think that will be such a great experience. For now I have my other kids from a challenger baseball team we coach (challenger = special needs) and we have a great time too!
    following on twitter @dad1111

  359. says

    I have three (a singleton and identical twins), and although I’d like to have more, my husband is afraid we’ll end up with fraternal twins, since it runs in my family.

  360. says

    I always wanted a big family. I was a fan of the original Yours, Mine, and Ours movie, and I wanted a dozen kids. Fate did not give me that, though, but I am blessed anyway. When I was finally able to carry a pregnancy to term, I had twins, a boy and a girl. Now I also have 3 step-children, so I got my big family a different way.

  361. says

    My husband and I always had three children in mind, but I am an easy pregnant lady and could always have more. I wasn’t sure if I would “know” when our family was complete, but when my third little girl was born 7 weeks ago something happened and I just knew.

  362. says

    Okay…. I have 3 of my own plus 2 more from my husband (we are a blended family). We never had children “together” but together with all our children 5 is enough! LOL

  363. says

    I also grew up in a family of 4 kids! Right now we have a 2 year old daughter and I’m expecting a baby boy in July! So right now we have 2 kids. Although hubby says he’d be happy with 2 I’ve always wanted a big family and just can’t imagine this being my last pregnancy…guess we’ll deal with it when the time comes and be happy with whatever God and we eventually decide! :)

  364. says

    We currently have two munchkins, a girl and a boy. I don’t think we’re done, but I don’t know when we will be either…I’ve had very dramatic labor & delivery with both my kids (if you’re curious, hop over to my blog and look at the post called Precipitous Labor from last summer), so my poor husband would be fine with not having any more. We both come from families with 4-5 kids, so stopping at 2 feels a little odd. We’ll just have to see where God leads us.

  365. katklaw777 says

    I have 2 children a boy and a girl…don’t think I am going to have any more.
    Might adopt or foster a child, we have been considering it. thanks.

  366. Amanda A says

    I have two boys and am not sure if I’ll have any more! It’s so hard to decide whether three is too many for us!

  367. says

    We have one child a toddler girl who is in diapers and we want her to be potty trained already! We stil are debating if we will have another? Hmm…

  368. Chris says

    We have 4 boys and could be done, but hopefully are not quite finished! One more would be perfect.

  369. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    I have four children (ages: 28, 26, 14, and 12) and I do not plan on having any more children. I am, however, the proud parent of my first grandchild. He’s 7-weeks-old and I’m thrilled he’s here. Would love to win this for him and his mother. Thank you.

  370. says

    I technically had 5 babies. My oldest son will be 16 in July and he lives with his dad in Nebraska, while I live in Texas. Then I had a daughter, and that’s a story I would rather not get into because it’s heartbreaking to this day. Then I had a miscarriage when I first moved in with my husband, and I was actually scared when I got pregnant because I was pregnant out of wedlock in EAST TEXAS! Then, when my husband and I got married, the baby miscarried, but two years later, we were pregnant again. This time, I made it to 33 weeks! I was flown to Houston, which was 2 hours away, but Monster made it to the world safely by emergency c-section. Then, on April 1 of this year, I had another miscarriage. The doctors have told me I would be insane to try for another baby, and since I like living and this last one almost killed me, I’m going to follow his advice. So, there it is in a nutshell. I technically had 5 children, but Monster is growing up as an only child. There are times when I wish he had a sibling, but then again…I know what it’s like. I came from a family of 3 other siblings and two half sisters!

  371. says

    we have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys). my last 3 were c-sections so my doctor advises me to only have one more. i’m hoping for twins next time 😉

  372. Jinii says

    My favorite moment…there are so many but the moment that comes to mind is when they first placed my daughter on my chest when she was born! It was the moment we went from being a couple to a family.

  373. Alyssa says

    I have one beautiful daughter. One. And that’s where my family is ending. Every time my husband brings up the subject, I remind him to look at our baby and tell me what’s not perfect and why we need anyone else. Only in much different words. lol

  374. says

    I have 3 beautiful babies, now 5, 2, and 1. I always thought there might be one more, but with recent developments in our lives, including my daughter’s special needs, I think that our family may now be complete. I’ll miss the baby days, but it is so much fun to watch them grow, too!

  375. Kendra says

    Hi. I am a married 31 year old mother of a nine year old. So that makes 3 of us. I am hoping to add one more to my family.

  376. says

    I have one very adorable little girl, and am hoping to have one more in the near future. I think if I had started earlier I may have wanted more, but I’m getting older and I think two is my limit. I’d like to retire someday!

  377. Kelly says

    A family of three- my husband and I are in our thirties and we have a 5 mth old son. As far as having additional children – let’s just work on the 5 mth old right now!!!

  378. melissa n says

    we always said we wanted two kids, but only time will tell. right now we’re pregnant with our first – we’ll find out what it is next month – and we can’t be more excited. it’ll join me and the hubs, a dog, two cats and two fish :)

  379. says

    We have 3 and we are done! After the 3rd C-section I said that was enough! We have 2 boys and a baby girl and couldn’t be happier!

  380. says

    After years of trying for kids, we were finally pregnant and with twins boys. We are a family of four and although I would love another set of twins, we are set. My family is everything to me.

  381. Elizabeth says

    we have four… i’d love one or two more, but hubby was happy with two – so we’re at our compromise, and it is beginning to feel complete.

  382. BB says

    My daughter is coming to visit with my 8 month old granddaughter. We are all excited about her visit, when my 6 year old grandson said, “I just can’t to get my hands on that baby!”

  383. Donna C. says

    I have one son who is 26 years old. Definitely no more. WE have lots of fur-kids now, and plenty of young nieces and nephews. My son plans on getting married next year so we hopefully will be having grand-kids so.

  384. jay says

    we have 2 kids that are 20 months apart. We keep going back on forth on if we’ll have more. I think we’ve decided no more at the moment, but that could always change a couple years down the line.

  385. Susan says

    I have two wonderful adult children who are doing quite well for themselves. I am very proud of them. I also have 2 adorable grandchildren who we take care of while their parents work.

  386. says

    I have 2 boys… but since my youngest is only 2 months I’m not sure if we’re done yet or not! Being pregnant with a toddler was a LOT harder this time around! But the labor was so much better I could do it again. Then again, we really want a girl so maybe we’ll adopt. I guess we probably aren’t done then! 😉

  387. Andrea says

    We currently have 2 children. 2.5 year old Laura and 3.5 month old Carson. I have always wanted three. We’re so busy now though, that I can’t imagine adding another … so we may be done. We’ve put the discussion on the back burner until Carson is 1… then we’ll see how we feel. My husband says he’s done at 2… we’ll see…..

  388. Marlena U. says

    We have a toddler girl and just welcomed a little boy to our family 3 weeks ago! We are so blessed but I can faithfully say that our family is complete at this point. We have two beautiful, healthy children – and that is all I could ever ask for!

  389. Joshua says

    Three, and it is the perfect number. One big girl, one medium boy and one itty bitty girl to cap it all off with. A perfect trio of love, smiles and memorable poopy diapers.

  390. says

    God has blessed me with three babies. Hubby and I ‘planned’ the first two sons who are 9 and 6. We didn’t know–but God did!–that we needed a third child, and he was brought into our lives 2 months ago. Now we couldn’t imagine life without him! So very blessed!!

  391. says

    Hubby and I waited 8 years to start our family. We currently have two beautiful boys. We have decided to see what God has in store for us for the time being. It seems that God has a large family planned since we have 2 under two!

  392. says

    I have two babies…a two year old daughter and a two month old son. My husband thinks we are done because we have a boy and a girl, but I want one or two more. So, we will see…I sure do love my two children though! :)

  393. says

    After 14 miscarriages, my daughter is my miracle! She’s the only baby I’ll ever have, so I take care of everyone else’s. Between caring for my great nephew and upcoming great niece and fostering…my home is always filled with little ones and lots of love!

  394. Ellie W says

    We stopped at 3 boys. I would have liked to have a girl but I was afraid I would end up with 10 boys and still have no girl. Now I have 2 grandsons. It looks like I will never have that little girl.

  395. Donna Holmberg says

    I have two babies through marriage, and I lve them as deeply as I would any child I had borne myself. I also have an adopted-by-love child who is a soul child to me. She’s a 19 year old girl I took in because she had nowhere else to go. She is also my child in my heart. I hope one day to be able to foster and adopt another child who needs a mother and a father and a family to call their own.

  396. says

    We have two boys. We want 5 but after having our 2 boys, we have our hands full so not sure if those additional 3 will ever happen.

  397. Jo Ann says

    I have 4 kids….15, 10 and twins that are 10mo. I also have two step daughter that are 21 and 18. I have my hands full and we are done!! I love all the kids and am extremely blesssed :)

  398. says

    We have been foster parents to babies for the last 8 years…in that time, we’ve had 40 babies total and I am sure there are many more to come.
    We’ve adopted 3 wonderful boys (who are now 7, 6 and 5) and have 2 babies (2 and 6 months) living with us right now.

  399. Rolonda says

    I personally came from a parent we was a twin herself and only had 3 of us, Ive always wanted a big family. I currently have 3 kids ages 7,4,2(whom is still in diapers) I would like to have at least 2 more kids, which i hope the good luck is passed on to me for twins. Along with my additional 1 or 2 kids i would like to try and adopt my 1 yr old nephew.Than my family will be complete.

  400. Lesli C says

    I am really lucky to have two wonderful stepsons-ages 19 and 21. So we were quite happy to add our girls to the family! Ages 1 and 3. Two boys, two girls=perfect for us!

  401. says

    We have 2 boys–pregnancies #4 & 5–who were both preemies (31.5 weeks and 29 weeks). I’m grateful for my two, and I’m never doing it again! :)

  402. says

    Two girls and a boy, with a baby on the way. 4 might be it for us, but you just never know… We both have agreed that we will do nothing permanent to prevent another pregnancy. I can’t fathom when my kids grow up and things get quiet around the house. I’d rather sacrifice time and comfort and money and busyness and whatever it takes to have a big, happy family.

    You can have it all, just not all at the same time! 😉

  403. says

    Thank you for not requiring baby pictures on this one so I could enter too! Great prize package. I have 2 grown now children & am not having more but I did space mine 10 years apart even though they are identical in every way!

  404. says

    You know, I really dread that question. Not that you are wrong to ask it. . . I have three living children and I miscarried last year. So do I say three or four? And I hope that I am not done. . . but really, that’s not something I have control over.

  405. says

    My beautiful family is made up of me (mommy), daddy, and Mara (6 years old). I am planning on having one more baby – God willing, some time soon :) shhhh


  406. becky K says

    My husband and I have been married 6 years this year and have a 2 year old energetic boy and a tiny, sweet new baby girl. We hope to have a couple more–God willing–just hopefully not too soon (as in the next year or two)… 😉

  407. Lynnette Watkins says

    I have 4 children ages 7,4,2,1 . I do not have any plans on having anymore. The doctor made sure of that. I was trying to half 2 boys and 2 girls but I have 3 girls and one boy. I not sorry HE’S a hand full destroys everything. Nope I finish having kids can’t afford risking another terminator on my hands.

  408. Laura Higgins says

    We have two children–a boy and a girl. We have been very blessed to have these two in our lives, but at this time, we don’t have plans for any more.

  409. Michelle T. says

    We have 3 sweet, wild, and loving little boys! We were perfectly content with two and we ended up with the sweetest little surprise of all our 3rd child. We definitely are done, we have everything we could want =) it’s perfect.

  410. Carolyn says

    We are very blessed to have 2 sweet girls in our family. The problem is that we can’t decide if we’re “done” or not! My youngest is 15 months and we can’t make up our minds… well, I think my husband is done, but I also came from 4 kids and did love it, but I’m not sure that’s for us. Ugh! We’re praying about it tons. :)

  411. Rachel says

    We have one beautiful 9 month old daughter. We tried for nearly a year to get her. My hope is to have another, but medically we may have to settle on just her. That’s okay though, she’s my little angel and I couldn’t be happier!

  412. Dana says

    We have 2 children. A daughter age 2 1/2 years, and a son 10 months. We are currently expecting our 3rd and last baby due in November

  413. Toni Ridley says

    We have 2 kids – only 16 months apart – and no, no more kids – we have our hands full as it is.

  414. Audra says

    Right now we have our first baby girl… She’s 11 weeks and absolutley amazing. I can’t even remember what life was like before her. I had a healthy pregnancy and easy deliver, so as long as my next pregnancy is easy, than we will keep going from there:)

  415. Lisa says

    We have 2 beautiful daughters, one is 7 and the other is 16 months, we tried so hard to have a second child and were finally blessed with another one after trying for 5 very long years, we are a military family and hope to someday adopt some more children!!

  416. ashley says

    We currently have 2 little ones. We have a 3 year old little boy and a 1 year old little girl. We don’t plan on having any more children. Our son was diagnosed with a heart defect that he inherited from my husband. We didn’t know about it until my son turned one and we were already pregnant with our daughter. My husband found out he had the defect after our son was diagnosed. Our son has been in and our of the hospital ever since. But knowing that our children could potentially have this defect is enough to keep us from having more down the line. But we are more then happy with the amazing little family we have and couldn’t as for much more :)

  417. Mindy says

    I have one 5 month old and I am completely in love with being a mommy! I would love 2 or 3. The day after he was born I told my husband I was ready for another! :) But I have PCOS and we went through 2 years of fertility treatment to get our little miracle, So I am very thankful for him! We will gladly accept any future blessings God chooses for us!

  418. Lisa says

    My husband and I have 4 fantastic, devastatingly adorable children, and that’s the magic number for us! I figure we both only have 2 hands each to hold on to kids, and if there were any more kids around one would probably get lost. :)

  419. Kim Ehlers says

    I have one very energetic active little boy. He is our world right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am unsure at this point if we will have anymore children. I would like to think so maybe in a few years but right now I want to give my son his chance to shine.

  420. Carrie says

    My husband and I have 3 little boys right now. Our plan is for one or two more, we aren’t sure yet.

  421. Ellen Hanson says

    Right now, it is just mom, dad, and baby boy (16 months). We are having the do we want one or two more conversation often. I want 1 more, he wants 2. If the next is another boy, he may win so we can try one more time for the little princess.

  422. Danielle says

    I currently have 1 little bun in the oven. I always imagined myself with 2 children. This one is a boy so if I am lucky enough to have a little girl next time I think our family will be complete with 2, if not I may just try for 3 :)

  423. Kristina says

    just one little boy so far. hopefully we will be able to give our little guy a brother or sister before long.

  424. Sarah Barringer says

    My husband and I only have our sweet baby Andrew. he is 6 months old and such a blessing. We didn’t think we could conceive and then one day our prays where answered! I would love to have more someday. But if not we are luckily blessed with our little angel.

  425. says

    We have (1) 5 month old son. He is our first and only. =)

    He is our miracle baby. I tried for 6 years to get pregnant and wasn’t able to conceive. I just gave up after a while and forgot about it and then out of nowhere “I’m pregnant!”

    I love him with all of my heart and would do absolutely anything for him.

    I would love to have more children later on in life once we are more established in terms of a home and with work. I am trying to go back to college and my S.O. is still trying to find steady work after getting out of the military.

    Maybe within the next 5 years we will try to have a little brother or sister for Xavier. It all depends on if God want us to have more children. =)

  426. says

    My oldest son is 14, my daughter is six and our baby is almost seven months. At this point, we plan to have one more (hopefully a girl) and possibly adopt in the future.

  427. Ashley says

    We have a soon to be four year old son, and two month old baby girl. So far we have the perfect ideal family – a boy and a girl. We are not sure if we will be adding any more to our family, I guess we will wait to see what the future holds :)

  428. Emily says

    We have one little girl who will be turning the big ONE this month! We definitely want more children and hope to make our daughter a BIG sister soon!

  429. Alissa says

    We have two (almost 3 years and one is 3 months). Not sure if we’re done yet. No magic number, just whatever seems right.

  430. Sabrina says

    I have only one child right now, that is the center of my world. She is the cutest little thing, and brings me more joy than I could ever imagine. After trying for almost 3 years, it still makes me emotional that I am actually a mother, even almost a year later! I would love at least one more, but would take 12 if finances/space/spouse, etc. would allow. I love children, and think that they are precious. At this point in my life, realistically, I would love to have 2 more of my own, and adopt as many others as possible. There are so many (especially older) kids that need a good home, and I feel like I could provide them with the stability they )need. I would love to give older children (15-17 or so), a place they can always call home, where they can bring their children, etc.

  431. Sandy says

    We have three wonderful kiddos. Although i didn’t always think that way. My husband always wanted a BIG family and I always said i only wanted 2! I came from a family of 4 and he came from a family of 3. After our second little girl was born we were DONE. We had everything set up to truly be completely done but God had other plans for us as well. The only doctor at the military hospital we were at was suddenly sent over seas so we had to wait for another one to be send over. We found out our second was autistic and that we were pregnant all about the same time so needless to say i was not happy about the baby. Obviously i could not keep that thinking long as soon got over the shock of the Autism and so very happy about our little BOY! God sure had plans for us did he! Now we are DONE! :)

  432. says

    We have one little guy right now, almost 3 months old (already!). We always thought we’d have 2 or 3 kids. However, we also thought they’d be spaced a few years apart. We started a little late for both those plans to come to fruition. Add to that the near perfection of our first baby…always happy, rarely cries, sleeps through the night since 2 weeks old…now we wonder: should we push our luck? 😉

  433. says

    I’m another person who is not so fond of this question. We have one daughter after eight years of trying and being told “medically impossible”. From our perspective, children aren’t something you “plan” like buying a car or deciding to go back to school. You can improve or discourage your odds but planning family size is completetly foreign

  434. Jennifer Baum says

    We are a family of 4 by traditional terms. Mom, Dad and two great little girls. We are very very fortunate to also have my sister and brother in law sharing a home with us as my brother in law deploys yet again. We like to think of ourselves a support system of 4 adults and 2 children. We won’t be having any more. Someday our reinforcements will be sent to another location. We don’t want to be out numbered when that day comes :)

  435. Lauren Reed says

    We have two boys, ages 8 and 5, and just welcomed our first little girl on May 3rd! My husband and I can’t agree on whether or not we are done, lol! I say done, he wants one more… we’ll see!! :)

  436. Melinda J says

    I have one very active 13 month old boy and I cannot imagine how people manage with several! We’re hoping for two, but worried about having more than one!!! :)

  437. Ashlee says

    Our magic number is 2! My daughter is 3 and our second daughter will be here in 20 days . We will be done after that as our house will be at capacity!

  438. Amy says

    We have one beautiful, little girl and unfortunately we think she’ll be an only child, but we feel so blessed =)

  439. Courtney says

    We have one son who is the joy and light of our lives. We are currently undergoing IVF to hopefully give him a sibling.

  440. Kendra says

    We have a 2 yr old boy (June 12th) and a 2 month old girl. Both are as sweet as ever. I’m hoping we’ll have a third and if it were up to me, we’d have a couple more! I enjoy every minute of being a mom.

  441. Wendy says

    We have 2. A boy who is turning 2 tomorrow and a baby girl who is 5 weeks old. We always wanted 2, well I did at least. We think we are done, but you never know.

  442. Ashley Wishard says

    I have 3 fantastic children and I’m not sure if I am done or not. I didn’t plan the other three so I guess only time will tell if number 4 ever comes… :)

  443. Cindy says

    We are the Sheffield five(currently)! We have two handsome boys and one beautiful girl. We are always asked, “Well, you must be done now that you have your girl. You aren’t gonna have any more are you?” My husband wittingly smiles and replies “I like the ones I got, why not have some more?”

  444. Rebecca says

    My husband and I have 2 little girls, and we are no where near finished. My hopes are set on 7 little ones, but the hubby’s not going for it! He is looking more at 5, so I guess we’ll just have to compromise and go with 6 kids. ; ) Hoping for a boy next!

  445. Tracie says

    My family is very small, my husband’s is very large but he is older and unfortunately, the remaining family is getting smaller. I didn’t know I wanted children and I started very late in life (35) so as I watch my 2 year old beauty growing up so quickly, I know I want at least one more. She needs a brother or sister to have as she grows up so she is never alone.

  446. Ashlee Foltz says

    My husband and I have an 8 year old son, and a 4 month old daughter. I always only wanted two kids, hubby thinks he might want one more. So we are totally undecided. They are amazing kids and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

  447. Chrissy says

    We have a 4 1/2 year old son, an almost 3 year old daughter and are “trying” for a third! We’ll see what God has planned for this family!

  448. teresa says

    My husband and I have 2 wonderful, beautiful boys … 3 and 2. They keep us very busy all the time. We would like to have 3 kids. Our boys keep us busy for now.

  449. says

    We don’t have any kids and I doubt we’re going to ever take that plunge, but we do have five nieces and nephews and there’s nothing better than being the best Aunt NGS who can spoil all the kiddos!

  450. Lacey says

    My husband and I have 3 fantastic kids. Our daughter is 8, and we have two sons that are 3 and 2 months.

  451. Janelle says

    I just had my first little one! She is almost 3 months old. I love being a mommy. I have always had a love for children so I hope to have at least 3 or 4 more!

  452. says

    We have 2 right now (a 3 year old and a 1 year old). As my youngest gets older, I can definitely see how nice it would be to be done. However, I know that we will adopt (as we are in the waiting period) and then from there I think we may be done. It’s hard to officially think of that, but I think we may.

  453. Beth Portuese says

    I have a 14 month old son, I am pregnant with our second (due in January 2011) and I can’t wait to have many many more! They are such a blessing and I never thought my heart could be filled with so much love but it is and as baby #2 grows inside me my heart seems to get bigger each and every day. I have a loving, supportive husband who in my book is a #1 daddy too. :-)

  454. Jennifer Gerritsen says

    I have 3 boys, 6, 4 and a 10 month old. We hope to have one more (I hope for a girl in all this testosterone!!)

  455. says

    We have 3 beautiful children. A 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 3 month old. We tryed for over 2 years to have children eventually finding out we had fertility problems. After medication and lots of tests we concieved our first son. Because we were told we had a small time period to have children , started back on meds and IUI’s after 3months. Then we got pregnant and lost them. ( yes them). Then 3 months later we concieved our daughter. Because of what the doctors had said we never did NOT try to have kids. Then we had a miracle baby that God gave us with no help from medication or doctors. Unfortunatley he left me in my second trimester. Then we had another miracle 3 months later. So we now have a healthy baby boy. We are wanting 1 more child, but waiting to NOT try next year.

  456. Shelley says

    My husband and I have three beautiful daughters, 9, 7 and 1. My first two are a result of years of infertility treatment. I feel so blessed!
    Our third daughter, Livie, was a surprise blessing. We did not do any treatment at all. God saw fit to send us a sweet bundle after my husband’s father died.

  457. Alicia A says

    My husband and I have 3 children ages 5~12 months. We are praying about God’s will for a 4th right now. I have always wanted an even number in children. So I guess now that we have three it will need to be 4 or 6 children right?!

  458. Sara says

    We have 4 wonderful, beautiful children. The youngest is 4 months old and we are not making any decisions until she starts walking.

  459. Sarah Pacilio says

    My family is just the 2 of us. I only have one daughter and because of recent surgery there is a 75% chance I will never have anymore. At first it saddened me but then I realized I am not selfish I have one perfect child what more could I ask for and if I want more there are billions of children out there looking for good homes. So maybe adoption is in our future. God will show us the way :)

  460. a says

    I always thought I’d like to have five children–we’ll just have to see it that’s what happens.

    • says

      According to today’s standards I have a fairly large family. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. My youngest son just turned 1 in May. I am expecting my fifth child on June 26th. I am a really busy mom.

  461. Megan W. says

    We have one son so far, and hope to have more children in the future. I’m not sure there is a magic number, we’re just seeing how everything goes.

  462. Angela says

    I have a 9 year old boy & a 4 month old little girl. We think we are through for now. My son has so many social acitivites that sometimes i think we have more already.

  463. caroline says

    we have 1 son so far. Originally my magic number was 3, then 4, then when I had a c-section it went to 1! But I think i’m back up to 3.. maybe? haha

  464. Melissa says

    We have 4, including a set of triplets and one on the way! Who knows what the future has in store ………

  465. Jennifer says

    We have a four-month old son and we do plan on having more! We just haven’t decided if we’ll stop at 2 kids or go for 4. Neither of us really wants to stop at 3 with the middle child syndrome, so if after 2 we want more, we’ll go to 4!!

  466. says

    We have a 4 year old girl, an almost 2 year old boy, and our third would have been 4 months old last week. He was born at 32 weeks gestation and died after birth. While he was a BIG surprise to us, we had adjusted to thinking we would be a family of five. We haven’t decided yet if we will have more children, if we are done, or if we will adopt. It’s all still in discussion.

  467. TARA says


  468. Jenn says

    A beautiful little girl 2 and 1/2
    A handsome baby boy 7 weeks
    Excited to hopefully add one more in a couple years!

  469. says

    We have 1 right now (18-month old daughter). Our “magic number” is 4 or 5… and I’ve gotta admit, after having just one, I’ve seriously considered reducing that number to 1 or 2! haha! One child is definitely hard work… But we’ll probably stick with 4. We’ll see what happens after that, if we continue on to 5!

  470. Shannon says

    We have one right now, 16 months old. We both come from families of 2, so 2 will probably be it.

  471. Harmony says

    We have 2 boys
    28 months and 4 months.
    would love to try for a girl but it will have to wait 😉

  472. Simone Graham says

    We have a 13 month old boy and two 3 year old Labs (black and yellow) and are actually trying to have another baby.

  473. Tina says

    We feel very blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy daughters (3 months & 21 months). There may be another in our future but we are very happy and BUSY right now. :)

  474. brittany w. says

    I come from a family of 4 (my youngest brother was a suprise adoption!). We are due with our 2nd child and my husband swears we are done, but it’s very hard for me to feel like we’re done just yet :) My hubby has 1 half brother 11 yrs older than him and grew up as an only child almost… I think if it’s not a girl, there’s still hope we’re not done!

  475. Sarah Martin says

    We have three kids and all of them came within 2 years. We are on the family fast track program. We adopted our oldest April 16, 2009. Our first baby was born March 6, 2008 and our youngest child was born November 22, 2010. THey keep us busy, but are so much fun!

  476. April says

    I have a blended family, I son who is 10 and from a previous marriage that my wonderful husband adopted and gave him his name. We have 2 little boys that are 3 and 7 months old. Everyone asks if we are done or going to try for the girl, and I tell them we already did! I wanted a girl so bad I could taste it, I have such a wonderful relationship with my mother that I wanted to pass that down to another generation of girls. When I found out my 3rd and last child was another boy I cried and cried (for about 3 hours). Then I realized that no matter what I would be lucky to bring a happy healthy product of our love into the world and that was enough for me. You know I feel foolish for crying about the sex of a baby, he is one of the most beautiful and smiley little babies I have ever seen and I wouldn’t trade him for all the frilly dresses in the world. Whether or not I win this contest, I already feel like I am a winner in the kid lottery, because my 3 boys are the funniest, sweetest and best kids a parent could ask for! Thank you Huggies for reminding me of how great they are!

  477. Destinee says

    i have one beautiful baby girl and hoping to have a son eventually but another little girl is fine too! my daughter is only 4 months so its still early to be planning another for me anyway.

  478. jessica says

    I have one beautiful baby boy (20 months). I always thought i wanted 4 kids but this 1 is such a handful I’ve changed to 2.

  479. Charro says

    I have 4 wonderful kids ages 2 to 20 and a 1 year old grandson. My daughter is 2, and I have 3 boys; 8, 18, and 20. As you can tell, I have a second family. I had my older boys when I was just out of school. I can tell you that parenting is much more enjoyable when you are older. I had my 2 younger ones in my thirties, and the experience is totally different. I can not have any more children, but my grandson is terrific and I look forward to future grandchildren.

  480. Kristen says

    My husband and I have a 2 year old and we will not be having anymore but we also raise my 10 year old stepson, which makes us a family of 4!

  481. Katrina Healy says

    I always thought I wanted a huge family with five or six kids. When my son made his grand entrance 15 months ago I only had eyes for him. We’ve talked about having other children, but I want to enjoy his while he is little. We might explore our options when he is 3 or 4, but right now ONE is the magic number for us. :)