Need An Extra Hand During Feeding Time?

In an ideal world, every mother would have an unlimited amount of time to snuggle, feed and play with each of her babies and children.

But… let’s be honest… sometimes the spaghetti is boiling over, your baby is crying, your toddler is finger painting the fridge and your grade schooler needs help with her math homework. An extra hand would be a big help.

Bottle SnugglyGreat news… the Bottle Snuggly is here to help!

This adorable invention lets you feed your baby hands-free so that you can use both your hands to juggle the rest of your kitchen chaos. And dinner time can run a little more smoothly.

Bottle Snuggly VideoNow of course neither we nor the inventors are suggesting the Bottle Snuggly replace breastfeeding or cuddling with your baby while bottle-feeding. There’s nothing more important than closeness with your baby. But when life is a bit chaotic, the Bottle Snuggly is here to lend you a much needed hand.

Each Bottle Snuggly is lovingly hand-crafted with quality materials. You can choose from a beautiful assortment of colors and fabrics.

Lil’Angel Couture has generously offered to send six of you a Bottle Snuggly of your own. We will randomly select 6 winners and each of you will be sent a unisex color/style Snuggly.

If you (or a friend of yours) could use the extra hand of a Bottle Snuggly, just leave a comment and let us know. We’ll draw the lucky 6 on Sunday, September 2nd. (US Shipping addresses only this time.)

Or if you can’t wait, jump over to Lil’Angel Couture and pick one up now.

Update: The winners are:
#39 – Celeste
#54 – Shannon from Little Miss Miracle
#66 – Nichole
#36 – Alexia from The Mommy Rambles
#22 – Carey from Sunny Days at the Beach
#67 – Tessa from Striving To Be Better


  1. says

    This sounds a lot like someone propping a bottle up … which could cause choking.

    Just making a comment on this one… please DO NOT add me into the contest.

  2. says

    just comments here – please don’t enter me, thanks.

    i haven’t ever bottle-fed, so i am unsure how this works, but what does the baby do if they want to stop the flow of the formula or breastmilk that is in the bottle? this seems like it could be dangerous to me.

    and as for hands-free feeding, how about wearing baby in a sling with baby at boob-level? :)

  3. Kira says

    Fantastic! This would be a fantastic gift for my sister in law, whose baby just turned 1 in July and is due with Number 2 on April 14th!! She will have hands full. Please enter me in!

  4. says

    My sister, who is in the army as is also married to a soldier, is pregnant with twins and this would make an AWESOME gift for her!! What a great idea!!

  5. Jessica says

    Jeez…All the negative comments…I guess they are assuming you would just strap it on and leave the kid in a room all alone…I would only want to use it if I was in the room, but it would give you an extra hand, enter me, I think it is a good invention when used with some “mom-sense”

  6. says


  7. rebecca says

    What a great item and a wonderful website, too. I’d love to win this. It would be put to GOOD use. Thanks for letting me play along.

  8. says

    I’m surprised there aren’t more negative comments about this. I’ve only breastfed so I don’t know all the in’s and out’s of bottle feeding, but I thought bottle propping was strongly discouraged because of the possible risks to the baby, not to mention the lack of closeness with a caregiver. The picture of the baby holding a bottle all by itself just makes my heart ache, honestly.

  9. says

    Pediatricians always caution against propping bottles with babies. I have never seen one expert or doctor EVER recommend using something like this, which is just a pillow standing in for a blanket or other propping aid. For those who said that it’s not meant for the mom to leave baby alone while they eat, the description above states you can prop a bottle in your kid’s face so “you can use both your hands to juggle the rest of your kitchen chaos.” Assuming the baby is in the kitchen with the mother while the mother is dealing with “chaos”, I’d think it unsafe to have a baby in the kitchen at all. And if the baby is in another room while mother is in the kitchen apparently cooking (what other kitchen chaos is there?), her attention certainly isn’t on the baby who could be choking or overeating or who may finish their bottle and be pulling in stomach ache producing gas bubbles. This invention seems absolutely horrid, honestly. Plus studies show that babies who are not given attention will not thrive. Why on earth should a baby feed itself when it does not have the strength to hold a bottle yet? This is ludicrous and the only thing worse than making something dangerous and selfish like this is how many women are so orgasmic to get their paws on one. I never knew so many women were so uneducated or who put their baby after a bunch of other stuff like “kitchen chaos.” How about feeding the baby, THEN dealing with cooking? No common sense here. But then these are women who refer to their breasts as “boobs”, too. Good Lord.

  10. Sirisha says

    Can some one please help me find where I can order one of these bottle snugglies as I have 4 month old twin boys and I am working mom with little or no help from my husband.


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