Wordless Wednesday — Easter Egg Hunt


Olivia collecting chocolate eggs on our Easter Egg Hunt this past Sunday.

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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    Aw, Olivia is beautiful!!! I miss those days — this year my 13 year old wanted black pajama pants from Victoria’s Secret Pink — where’s the Easter Bunny magic there?!

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    PLease pray for my best friend Kristin. She is a single mom to two boys – and on March 23rd was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in Mpls. Kristin has been sedated and asleep for almost all the time since then – and doesn’t know of the surgery she had this past Friday (April 1st).

    Her right leg and part of her left foot were amputated. In addition – as a result of her illness – she is now on direct dialysis and her kidneys no longer function. As soon as her body is stable a bit more, the doctors will allow her to wake up and will tell her of these life changing events. My heart hurts so badly for her.

    Our goal is to have 1000+ followers and prayer comments on her blog by the time she wakes up. We would love for her sadness and grief to be very shortlived as she realizes the depth of Gods grace and glory.

    Will you please help us?

    If nothing else, please read more of her story and leave her a short comment. She is an amazing girl – and would do nothing short of this for any of us. Stranger or not.

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    So cute and so much fun! My kiddo is getting to the age where he’s “too old” for Easter egg hunts….he’d much rather have iTunes or DVDs or Video games in his Easter basket. :)

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    How precious! I have never been on an Easter egg hunt (we used to do chocolate eggs in England where I grew up) but they always look like so much fun!


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