Tackle It Tuesday – Minimizing Morning Madness

Tackle it Tuesday

For the next month, Scrubbing Bubbles® is getting into the fun with us here at Tackle it Tuesday!

You see, Scrubbing Bubbles® wants to help ease busy mom’s morning madness with their new Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean™ Power Sprayer and they asked us to help spread the news!

Well ladies – I am all about simplifying my life and keeping my bathroom clean longer sounded great to me!

So we said “Yes!” and we are thrilled to have Scrubbing Bubbles® as our Tackle it Tuesday sponsor for the next four weeks.

For my post this week, Susan grabbed the video camera and captured my family’s morning madness. Seriously – she even caught me in my pjs!

And since this is Tackle it Tuesday, Susan captured me tackling cleaning my bathroom too!

Check it out:

As you saw, I am not a morning person. So I am always trying to simplify my mornings. But I don’t want a long To Do list waiting for me when I get back from dropping my son off at school either!


Always on my To Do List…

Janice Cleaning Her BathroomBut there is one thing that is always on my To Do List…

Cleaning my bathroom! I can handle clutter, but I can’t handle grime!

So, when Scrubbing Bubbles® said they had a product that would make my bathroom cleaning faster and last longer, I wanted to try it!

I really loved the power sprayer – it made cleaning my shower so much easier (and even a bit of fun too) since I didn’t have to repeatedly pull the trigger. Then I just wiped the surface clean, rinsed and let the powerful formula work its overtime.


More Time For…

Now, when I step into the shower in the morning, I can look around at my clean bathroom and have one less thing to add to my To Do List for the day.

And freeing up extra time for busy moms is JUST what Scrubbing Bubbles® is hoping Extend-A-Clean™ will do!

Now if I can only get Scrubbing Bubbles® to clean out my inbox…


Your Turn…

What are YOU tackling this week? Link up show off…

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Each week on Tuesday, we are posting before and after pictures of a project or trouble area that we tackled this week.

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The project can be little or big – whatever you want.

Basically, Tackle It Tuesday is about giving ourselves incentive, deadlines and satisfaction in getting our household tasks done.

(It doesn’t even have to be housework… just whatever is on your To Do list.)

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Scrubbing Bubbles® on 5 Minutes for Mom. For more information about Scrubbing Bubbles®, visit www.scrubbingbubbles.com.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder and Mommy Blogger Janice.

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  1. says

    I’ve always loved the regular scrubbing bubbles for cleaning the bathroom. Haven’t tried that sprayer yet. First time I’ve heard of it.

    Loved the first part of the video! Going to be totally honest and say that Janice sounded a bit like an infomercial in the middle part. My kids and I still watched it all.

    Have a great day!

    • says

      We had a ton of fun shooting it – esp the morning stuff. Except that it was really my morning madness so that isn’t always that much fun! LOL Real tears, real stress and a real tackle! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Kristi says

    Great Video…how brave of you to let a camera in, in the mornings! That battery pack is great! That would certainly be useful and helpful!

    • says

      I know – it was hard to be shot in my pj’s, no makeup and all while rushing so that Jackson wasn’t late for school! LOL But I love that it is a fun video I can have now of my mornings with them at this age!

  3. says

    I was sitting here watching this with my five-year-old next to me. When you said, “Check out my clean bathroom” she looked at it, pointed and said, “Wow – you NEED to get some of THAT!” Too funny. Guess I need to go to the store! LOL!
    Though I couldn’t help but notice how clean your shower looked BEFORE you sprayed it! ;o)

    • says

      TOOO funny! Ok – truth is that the light helped me out! My shower was actually pretty dirty! I should have done some more closeups of the dirty before shots!
      But the power sprayer really worked! I was so excited with how clean it all was after. :)

  4. Deni says

    Awesome video – 2010 products seem to be about Spray and Foam. I never realized you get 3x the use from instant foam soaps compared to gels. And lets face it any spray is going to be more economical since you can target the area. I am a supporter of natural now, going non-toxic and found and support LifeLogic. Their baby spray lotion is a lifesaver during a hectic day and a quick nappy change.

    My latest DIY is a compost pile in the backyard. And finding a long list of compost friendly products that I can throw in my new hole!

  5. says

    Indeed a great video. It shows a good example of how to clean bathrooms easier and faster. =) What’s even good about this, is that you can let the solution sit in the bathroom fixtures for a while to make those stains and germs go away, then you can make your other to-do lists. After a few moments, there you are, it’s now clean plus you have done some of your tasks already. I Gotta try this one, seriously..

  6. says

    Okay, day late, and a dollar short that’s me. Scrubbing bubbles huh? Gonna need that at my house if only to help me cuz of a bad back. As far as the kids, those days are long gone I’m afraid. Nowadays, they’re getting their own kids ready for school! HA! Revenge is bitter sweet! Now they get to go through what they put me through! lol So, my friend you think of that the next time your boy writes on the wall or doesn’t want to get up in the morning! As far as the dog, well…… that’s another story! No revenge there I’m afraid! LOL

  7. Mickey says

    Sorry but that was a joke. You didn’t show the hassle of wiping down everything, or the mess of rinsing everything. How do you rinse down that spot in the shower? The shower head doesn’t usually reach there.

    Maybe it makes spraying easier, but wiping up and rinsing is still the same hassle.


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