How prepared are you for an emergency?

Erica here… with a confession…

I am not prepared for an emergency.

While I know that emergency preparedness is of the utmost importance, my husband and I have yet to put together any sort of emergency plans for our home and family. We definitely do not have a stock pile of food, a list of emergency contact phone numbers or even a way to escape from the top floor of our home in the event of a fire.

Thanks to the good folks at Intelligent First Aid, the one thing I DO have now is an Intelligent First Aid™ kit. I am very thankful for the kit. It is separated into individually labeled and color-coded injury packs so that I have all of the supplies and easy to follow instructions for managing a specific injury. And best of all, it TALKS me through the first aid steps.

So I at least have the first aid kit covered… now on to the rest of my emergency planning.

Please tell me that you are in a better place than I am with your emergency preparation.

What things do you do with your children to prepare for emergencies?

Do you hold fire drills in your home? Have you taught your children when and how to dial 911? Where do you keep your emergency contacts? Would your children know which family members or friends to call in the event of an emergency?

Join the conversation about emergency preparedness on our Intelligent First Aid information page. Leave a comment on that page for a chance to win a full size Talking First Aid kit.

So hop over and tell me where you’re at with your emergency preparation and you might win a Talking First Aid kit for yourself.

(And by the way… these kits make the PERFECT Christmas gift for anyone you love… so stock up. Santa wants everyone to be safe this year.)

Written by Erica, 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Editor
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*This post is part of a paid promotional campaign with Intelligent First Aid. They sent kits to Janice, Susan and myself.


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