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  1. My favorite item from this list is the cozy slippers. They are so cute. I also like the emoji Bluetooth speaker.

  2. I love the cozy slippers. I hadn’t thought about what a great gift that would be for my grandchildren since it is practical!

  3. A few of my fav things from the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Kids are the Books, Books, and More Books, Cozy Slippers, and Wall Art Print.

  4. I love the mindfulness for kids book!! YES! I am so glad to see that this is being taught to children. I wish I had these tools when I was a child. Also love the Love you to the moon and back wall art.

  5. Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise my 6 year old grand daughter with the Sophie la Girafe and those cute Cozy slippers?

  6. I like the slippers and mindfulness activity book ideas the best.
    Among other things, I got my little sweetie a heart-shaped silver round. She is only 5 but has already started collecting silver, so she loved it! 😍

  7. My kids would love pretty much all of this stuff, but my oldest needs the mindfulness! Or maybe I need him to need it! 😛
    Slippers are fun and the wall are prints are cool! I never thought to put the pictures right on the wall…

  8. The Teach My Yoga and the games are a great idea. I love anything that keeps kids active whether it be physical or brain active and I always try for these kinds of gifts.

  9. Thank you for the giveaway. My daughter would love the iphone case! I also love the baby giraffe toy. My sister is pregnant, and this would make a nice shower gift.

  10. I think I love everything on this list! Sophia La Girafe is so sweet, and the slippers look so cozy, while the Imagination Station book and the Pop For Sight word game are more like the gifts I usually love to give, and I am crazy about keepsakes like the photo wall art and the keepsake books. You hit home runs with all of these!!

  11. I love the cozy slippers! My granddaughter would absolutely love those. Her poor little toes are always so cold. I also like the games. She would love both!!!

  12. Lots to love here! Especially Sophie la Giraffe for the grandbaby, fluffy slippers to keep little feet warm on these cold winter mornings and Pop for Sight Words Game for the educational toy option!

  13. The items I like the best are the Emoji Bluetooth Speaker, the cute COZY SLIPPERS, and the WALL ART PRINT!!

  14. With a cozy pair of slippers on my cold feet, reading a great book – I decide to take a break and have fun with site reading with my Pop for site reading game. If words are too hard, I will look up at the great photo art work of my family and ask for help. To help relax and get back in the zone, I will stretch with some yoga moves then back to my good book.

  15. These are such great gift ideas! I like Mindfulness for Kids – my daughter has emotional ups and downs so this would help her learn to cope.

  16. So many good ideas to choose from, I do love the slippers and the wall art. We are doing homemade wall art by adding a heart to our kids doors each day until the 14th with something on them that we love, or a positive comment. They found the first 4 this morning when they came back from their dads and loved them!

  17. We love to check this group out on a nice rainy day or snow day! It keeps the kids occupied. They love them all! we’ve made a few photo books and wall arts!!!

  18. I really like the idea of a wallart print of photos. I think that’s such a great and unique idea for a kids room.

  19. The cozy slippers and the Teach me Yoga mat is perfect for my kids. My youngest is 4 and is always stealing his dad’s slippers to stumble around in and he takes a yoga class at the library. This mat is perfect for him to do yoga at home!

  20. I think that the slippers are really adorable! I think that my daughter would love wearing them around the house!

  21. I love the yoga mat and the books gift idea. My kids have way too much energy. Hopefully when they are relaxes, they will sit down and read.

  22. I love the premise of Imagination Station series for young readers. Learning about history can be fun as well as informative. I also love the fluffy slippers; they look so warm and cosy for little feet.

  23. The Emoji Bluetooth Speaker and Pop for Sight Words Game are my favorites in the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for kids.

  24. I really like the Teach My Yoga Mat Sets and my son would be thrilled if he had the Emoji Bluetooth Speaker.

  25. Every new mom i know gets a sophie la giraffe item so TOTALLY that but i also love the fuzzy slippers and want them in my size!

  26. I really like the emoji blutooth speaker, it’s adorable! My kids would love it. I also think the pop for sight words game would be very helpful for my son.

  27. I love the wall art print and the emoji’s. My teenage daughter loves to display pictures of her friends and my younger daughter is Emoji crazy.

  28. I actually don’t like the idea of giving gifts for most holidays; I think cards are more appropriate for Valentine’s Day. I do like the slippers and the books, just not the idea of turning yet another holiday into a consumerist day.

  29. Mindfulness for Kids would be a way for kids to expand themselves while not being just another gadget or quick to tire of item.

  30. My two favourite gift ideas, are the phone case and the educational game, called Pop for Sight word game. I would love to win an Amazon gift card!

  31. I like the Sophie La Girafe. My son is 3 months and would like the different textures. The yoga mat is a cute idea for when is older and works out with mom.