The Ultimate Blog Party 2010 Prize Page

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles

The Ultimate Blog Party 2010 just wouldn’t be the biggest party in the momosphere without the incredible prizes!

We are thrilled that our dear friend and favorite party coordinator Pamela M. Kramer from Happy Panda is back to handle all the prizes.

Submit a Prize Donation

If you want to donate a prize and be listed on this Prize Page, fill out the short form here before April 9th 12am cst.

To be eligible for the random draw…

Bloggers — Sign the “MckLinky” at 5 Minutes for Mom between April 9th – 16th, invite your friends via a post, put the Invitation Button on your blog’s sidebar and comment on our party post.

Non-Bloggers — We want you to be able to have fun and party, so you are included too in the prize draw. All you need to do is comment on our party post and attend some parties! Visit and comment on at least 20 blogs participating blogs – simply click on the blogs name on the list of links called the MckLinky to party hop – and you will qualify as a party guest.

REMEMBER: We will be drawing the winners from the COMMENT section at OUR UBP ’10 PARTY POST which we will publish on April 9, 2010. (You must leave your comment at that post during the party, April 9 – 16, 2010.)

Here are detailed instructions on how the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 will work.

We will award the prizes by a random draw. 5 Minutes for Mom (Janice and Susan) and Pamela, who is the prize coordinator, will not be eligible in the draw. Prize hosts will be responsible for sending their prize to their winner. If a prize host wins their own prize, their name will be put back and a new name will be drawn. Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions for our complete list of contest rules and regulations.

How To Win The Prize You Really Want

We’re going to let you choose which prize you want!

Here’s how it works:

In your ‘party post’ include at the bottom a list of you top prize picks (you can even list the entire set of prizes in your preferred order.)

  1. Read through all the prizes and visit the listed sites.Take your time – you have until 11:59pm Eastern on April 16, 2010. Read through the prizes but also visit the blogs and spend some time browsing the sites.
  2. Prioritize which gifts you’d want most and make a list.Each gift is numbered, so just make a list such as: 10, 24, 30, 45, etc. The list does not have to include all the gifts. For example, if there are ten gifts that you know you’d really want, and besides that you’d be happy with any of the other gifts, you can list just the ten. It’s up to you… but the best idea is to make your list complete.
  3. Include your list in your ‘party post’ or your comment (if you’re not a blogger).In your ‘party post’ — that is the post that you link to in the MckLinky — include a hyperlink to the websites or blogs offering your top three picks. And then list the prize numbers of the rest of your preferred prize list.(The purpose of the hyperlinks is to share a little link love with those who donated your favorite prizes.)If you aren’t a blogger, you can leave your list in your comment.(If you’re Canadian or International, only include the Canadian and International prizes.)For example, you might say something like…

    There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top three picks would be:

    And if my top three picks are already chosen, I’d love any of the following (in order of preference):

    5, 8, 20, 32, 12, 3 or anything else related to young children since I have 4 and 2 year old girls.

    That is just an example. You can list more or less prizes… whatever you’d like to tell Pamela as she proceeds through the prize awarding.

Are you a winner?

Please complete this winner’s form if you were chosen as a winner. The information you provide will help me get your information to the appropriate sponsor quickly. Please claim your prize by April 27, 2010 and allow your sponsor up to 48 hours to contact you. Thank you so much for making this party such a success this year.

To lower shipping costs, we’ll have a US Only, US and Canadian and International categories. (International will be only downloadable or digital products.)

US Continental Only Prize List

**GRAND PRIZE at the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 is a Toshiba Satellite L505D-ES5025**
Winning Comment #13 The Angel Forever

*Prizes from our sponsor Scrubbing Bubbles®* 20 winners will receive a gift basket including the new Extend-A-Clean™ Power Sprayer, which features a one-touch continuous sprayer and active cleaners that continue working for days. (In case you missed it, here is a link to my video tackle from March 16th when I test out the Extend-A-Clean Power Sprayer.) For specific Terms and Conditions for Scrubbing Bubbles UBP giveaway click here.
Winning Comment #102 Dana aka Frugalistic Mama
Winning Comment #480 Amy Warren
Winning Comment #736 Barbara M.
Winning Comment #165 Jennifer Sikora
Winning Comment #580 Rebecca
Winning Comment #1227 Amanda A
Winning Comment #448 Kelly
Winning Comment #24 Aimee @ The MommyTrade
Winning Comment #99 Jenny
Winning Comment #253 Dawn Carey
Winning Comment #1104 Storm
Winning Comment #48 Crystal Martin
Winning Comment #514 Louise
Winning Comment #1 Chana
Winning Comment #574 Christy Klein
Winning Comment #837 D. Rene.
Winning Comment #511 Julie Laursen
Winning Comment #1000 Lesley
Winning Comment #489 Jill Kathan
Winning Comment #999 Amanda Daybyday

US1 – Win a $150 shopping spree at Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.
Provided by: Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles
Follow here: 5 Minutes for Mom or Visit Our Fan Page: Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles
Winning Comment #176 Mama Llama

US2 – Two winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to shop our tagless baby apparel.
Provided by: Happy Panda
Follow here:: Happy Panda Baby or Visit Our Fan Page: Happy Panda
Winning Comment #123 Valorie
Winning Comment #195 Carrie

US3 – Win a $150 shopping spree at A Rocking Horse To Love.
Provided by: A Rocking Horse To Love
Follow here: 5 Minutes for Mom or Visit Our Fan Page: A Rocking Horse To Love
Winning Comment #84 Ethel

US4 – A total of four prizes! Three different pairs of earrings to three different entrants and one show stopper bracelet.
Provided by: Christine Leiser Schroeder
Follow here: Christine Leiser or Visit Our Fan Page: ColorMePink!
Winning Comment #318 The Mother
Winning Comment #356 pamela ponder
Winning Comment #960 Holly
Winning Comment #1048 Britt

US5 – Baking Magic for Kids mini-cupcake kit for two winners. This kit contains 12 gourmet mini-cupcakes, unfrosted, with an assortment of frostings and decorations.
Provided by: Baking Magic for Kids
Follow here: Baking Magic Kids or Visit Our Fan Page: Baking Magic for Kids
Winning Comment #20 Tamona
Winning Comment #88 mommyof2girlz/Sew Fierce

US6 – Hand Stamped Personalized Necklace valued at $48 The Double Stacked A Lot Of Love.
Provided by: Kristen’s Custom Creations
Follow here: KLA Custom or Visit Our Fan Page: Kristen’s Custom Creations
Winning Comment #92 Deb – Mom of 3 Girls

US7 – Tupperware Prize Pack – the winner will receive a box filled with fun Tupperware goodies.
Provided by: Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads
Follow here: Marine Corps Nomads or Visit Our Fan Page: Marine Corps Nomads
Winning Comment #471 Wehaf

US8 – Buds to Bloom Photo Tile Necklace ($95) – Features custom photo tile, hand stamped mom charm & bead cluster. The Ultimate Mommy Necklace!
Provided by: Lisa Laverty at Elemental Memories
Follow here: emphotojewelry or Visit Our Fan Page: Elemental Memories
Winning Comment #1007 Andrea H

US9 – Chocolate chip cookie dough (minus the eggs) is rolled into a 1/2 dozen balls and then dipped in melted milk chocolate chips for 4 winners who I hope are not on a diet!
Provided by: Susie’s Homemade Chocolate Shop
Follow here: susieshomemade or Visit Our Fan Page: susieshomemade
Winning Comment #80 Tina
Winning Comment #72 Thebluestbutterfly
Winning Comment #804 Deborah
Winning Comment #959

US10 – Young Living Essential Oils Stress Away Roll-On is a unique blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, and other pure essential oils. Relieves daily stress, encourages relaxation, and reduces nervous tension. ($30 retail value)
Provided by: Oils For Wellness
Follow here: oilgirl2 or Visit Our Fan Page: Oils For Wellness
Winning Comment #30 Kelly

US11 – A $100 gift eCertificate to, immediately redeemable online at over 13,000 restaurants nationwide.
Provided by: Amy LeForge of Earnest Parenting
Follow here: EarnestOne or Visit Our Fan Page: Earnest Parenting
Winning Comment #64 Carissa

US12 – Two winners will receive a 1 Month Subscription to Netflix. 2 DVDs out at a time and instant viewing to your computer.
Provided by: 1stopmom
Follow here: 1stopmom or Visit Our Fan Page: 1stopmom
Winning Comment #178 Katie
Winning Comment #157 Kimberly B.

US13 – A Salt City Candle Electric Melting Pot with two melting tiles.
Provided by: Stacy’s Candle Closet
Follow here: My4Sweeterbugs
Winning Comment #9 Melanie

US14 – Two winners will get 10 Free Custom Bumper Stickers to help promote your blog, business or family.
Provided by: Build A Sign
Winning Comment #472 Ann Harrison
Winning Comment #290 Christine

US15 – Win a $25 e-gift certificate to the Disney Store.
Provided by: Kristin @ Couponing to Disney
Follow here: Couponin2Disney or Visit Our Fan Page: Couponing To Disney
Winning Comment #270 Erin

US16 – A custom-made tutu for a baby or little girl. This can be made in any color combination you like (classic pink or your favorite team colors). Tutus made by Sweet Patootie’s are the fluffiest little girl tutus you’ll find – like a REAL ballerina’s tutu! Great for costumes OR everyday play!
Provided by: Sweet Patootie’s via Peachy Keen
Winning Comment 57 Owen’s Mom

US17 – Transform your images, your albums and your life with a total of 3 prizes for aspiring photographers and creative women… a copy of photo book Camera Creative, a copy of Found Art, and the big whopper of a Real Women Scrap pack including a Real Women Scrap TV DVD, Real Women Scrap (the book), a Real Women Scrap t-shirt, and a special notebook.
Provided by: Tasra Dawson of tasra mar | transform – your images, your albums, your life
Follow here: Tasra Dawson or Visit our Fan Page: Tasra
Winning Comment #19 Megan

US18 – Goodie Basket for Mom, includes health and beauty items for mom and kids. $5 gift card to Wal-Mart, Softlips Pomegranate Lip Balm, Moments for Mothers, Thoughtful Reflections to Warm Her Heart book by Robert Strand, 20 Sheets of Glossy Photo Paper, EcoTools earth-friendly beauty Intensive Hand Cream, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout DVD, Peaceful Waters Relaxation DVD, Tantric Toning Workout DVD with Stephanie de Phillipo, Magnetic Babysitter Checklist, The Flavor Point Diet book by Dr. David L. Katz, Photo Album that holds 80 photos and a Beautiful decorative Wood Chip Basket. Estimated retail value of prize $50.
Provided by: Healthy Moms – The Number One Health Blog for Moms
Follow here: cltalbert or Visit Our Fan Page: Healthy Moms
Winning Comment #400 Night Owl Mama

US19 – Prize package of preschool toys! KOTA & PALS HATCHLINGS – (PLAYSKOOL/Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99), TONKA CHUCK & FRIENDS CHUCK MY TALKING TRUCK (TONKA/Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99), PLAY-DOH Coco-Nutty Monkey (Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $12.99), PLAY-DOH MINI BUCKET (Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $4.99)
Provided by: Hasbro
Follow here: playskool or Visit Our Fan Page: Playskool
Winning Comment #98 Krystal

US20 – $50.00 in jewelry from Cookie Lee for 2 winners.
Provided by: Kelley Clayton
Follow here: myfamilyjewels
Winning Comment #1354 Jennifer
Winning Comment #61 Jen

US21 – A copy of Danielle Steele’s novel Big Girl for one lucky winner.
Provided by: Bobbi Ryback
Follow here: The_Elect_Lady or Visit Our Fan Page: The Elect Lady
Winning Comment #808 Carrie Z

US22 – One winner will receive a fun Beach themed gift basket filled with an assortment of hair bows and clippies from ribbonrockstar hairbows. (Prize Value: $50)
Provided by: Ribbon RockStar bows
Follow here: trendytykes
Winning Comment #1377 Brett

US23 – $ 50.00 Gift Certificate good towards any of our personalized products.
Provided by:
Follow here: @monogramgifts
Winning Comment #502 Trisha Lynn

US24 – One framed 8 x 10″ photo entitled “dahlia.”
Provided by: Dawn Chace Photography
Follow here: dawniemom or Visit Our Fan Page: Dawn Chace Photography
Winning Comment #260 OilGirl

US25 – A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van DeMille – Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century.
Provided by: Theresa of Faith and Family Reviews
Follow here: FaithFamilyRevw or Visit Our Fan Page: Faith and Family Reviews
Winning Comment #10 Angel

US26 – One winner will receive these items that will make your life a little easier. A Collision.kit,The, The for every day tasks and The Grettings.stash all from Buttoned Up.
Provided by: Buttoned Up, Inc.
Follow here: getbuttonedup or Visit Our Fan Page: Buttoned Up, Inc.
Winning Comment #11 Alicia

US27 – One lucky winner will receive a Collected Recipes Cookbook binder, coordinating 8.5″ x 11 stationery, full page plastic protector sheets, and a pack of coordinating recipe cards.
Provided by: Spring Lake Village Gifts
Follow here: SLVGifts or Visit Our Fan Page: Spring Lake Village Gifts
Winning Comment #1202 jeanine

US28 – A Guy and Eva Jewelry Necklace for one winner.
Provided by: Jessica Fuqua – Ind. Guy and Eva Advisor
Follow here: MomFuse or Visit Our Fan Page: MomFuse
Winning Comment #731 JamericanSpice

US29 – Eco-Friendly Mimi the Sardine Bag in the Cute Dog & Cat Print!
Provided by: Frugal Plus
Follow here: Coupons4Me or Visit Our Fan Page: Frugal Plus
Winning Comment #696 Sharon

US30 – For one winner a little extra something to use with your Nesting Pillow or on its own, The Nest Egg gives support for your head, arm, breast, or for a little extra height under baby’s head.
Provided by: Blessed Nest
Follow here: BlessedNest or Visit Our Fan Page: Blessed Nest
Winning Comment #155 Michelle

US31 – A $20 Amazon gift certificate.
Provided by: Jennifer Sikora (For Such a Time as This)
Follow here: jen_sikora or Visit Our Fan Page: Jennifer Sikora
Winning Comment #329 Amy @ The Thoughtful Parent

US32 – $25 Target Gift Card!
Provided by: The Frugal Novice
Follow here: Frugal Novice or Visit Our Fan Page: Frugal Novice
Winning Comment #513 Lauralee

US33 – A custom tutu of your choosing.
Provided by: Nellie Bug’s
Visit Our Fan Page: Nellie Bug’s Tutus & More
Winning Comment #55 Jennifer @ Milk & Honey Mommy

US34 – Three winners will receive “Bliss” Lemon and Sage Body Butter, value $35 each.
Provided by: Taiyon’s Image
Follow here: taiyonsimage
Winning Comment #927 Joyce
Winning Comment #277 Melindagail
Winning Comment #1003 Michelle Ayers

US35 – Hobo International Clutch Bag worth $100
Provided by: Super Hero Boy
Follow here: Angela and Connor or Visit Our Fan Page: Super Hero Boy
Winning Comment #628 Kathleen

US36 – The winner will receive 2 year-long magazine subscriptions…one to Taste of Home and one to Simple & Delicious.
Provided by: A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop
Follow here: bluestbutterfly
Winning Comment #968 Kaye Swain

US37 – $20 Visa Gift Card
Provided by: Grocery Shop For FREE!!
Follow here: GroceryShopFREE or Visit Our Fan Page: Grocery Shop For FREE!!
Winning Comment #493 Chrissy

US38 – New Mary Kay Fragrance Free Satin Hands Set for one winner. A new twist on a Mary Kay® best-seller*! Mary Kay® Satin Hands Pampering Set is now also available in a fragrance-free version!
Provided by: Jasmin Collier & Tamisha Mays
Follow here: mzjaziedaboss
Winning Comment #801 Jenni

US39 -Be My Guest certificate ($250 value) for one lucky winner, (2 night stay for a family of four) at any Hilton Garden Inn.
Provided by: Hilton Garden Inn
Follow here: bloggin2noggin

Winning Comment #562 Rhonda
US40- One winner will receive a 3 day 2 night stay from Holiday Inn Main Gate East in Kissimmee, FL (less than 2 miles from Disney World) a value of $250.
Provided by: Holiday Inn Main Gate
Follow here: bloggin2noggin
Winning Comment #699 ericka @ alabaster cow

US41 – A copy of Peter Walsh’s best selling DVD and Book: It’s All Too Much. Learn how to unclutter your house and be happier! Will be offered to one lucky winner.
Provided by: Lisa Reviews
Follow here: blm03
Winning Comment #995 Jen

US42 – One winner will receive a copy of American Food Writing: An Anthology With Classic Recipes valued at $40!
Provided by: Lisa Cooking
Follow here: blm03
Winning Comment #1199 Thomas@FoodieBlog

US43 – A copy of Get Out!: 150 Ways For Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future and The Frugal Foodie Cookbook will be shipped to one lucky winner.
Provided by: Lisa’s Coupons
Follow here: blm03
Winning Comment #659 Lori @ The Davidson Den

US44 – Sponsor listing removed sorry for any inconvenience.

US45 – Nana Star Gift Wrapped Package includes, Doll, Book and CD. RV $52.95
Provided by: Mommy PR
Follow here: MommyPR or Visit Our Fan Page: Mommy PR
Winning Comment #168 Janet F

US46 – Scentsy plug in warmer and 3 scents of the winner’s choice!
Provided by: Amundsen House of Chaos
Follow here: eamundsen
Winning Comment #56 Dana

US47 – Muffintop Mama, a site dedicated to mamas and fitness, is giving away Muffintop Mama attire to one winner: Simple tanks to help you sweat!
Provided by: Muffintop Mama
Follow here: muffintop_mama or Visit Our Fan Page: Muffin Top Mama
Winning Comment #52 Liza

US48 – New Momma Prize Package from the Pampered Chef including the Must Have Quick-Stir Pitcher and Twixit! Clips valued at over $30!
Provided by: Shelby Michalek
Winning Comment #359 Tiffany

US49 – $25 gift card to Starbucks
Provided by: Janice Yurek
Winning Comment #251 Cathy

US50 – Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Froggy Girl Designs!
Provided by: Froggy Girl Designs
Follow here: froggygirletsy or Visit Our Fan Page: Froggy Girl Designs
Winning Comment #109 Brenna

US51 – Two winners will receive a lillebaby EveryWear carrier – the carrier you can wear every way, every where. Choose from Style, Sport or Organic.
Provided by: Scandinavian Child
Follow here: ScanChild or Visit Our Fan Page: Scandinavian Child
Winning Comment #335 DebbieKL
Winning Comment #100 Nicole (Mama to 3 Blessings)

US52 – A $25 GC to
Provided by: The Product Review Place
Follow here: ThePRPlace or Visit Our Fan Page: The Product Review Place
Winning Comment #530 Kasandria

US53 – 20 full-size sippy cup labels, 60 mini waterproof labels and 2 bag tags will go to one lucky winner!
Provided by: Sunshine Paperie
Follow here: sunshinepaperie or Visit Our Fan Page: Sunshine Paperie
Winning Comment #241 The Gaertegang

US54 – Three winners will receive a copy of Kristen Hannah’s Firefly Lane.
Provided by: Holly
Follow here: IlikeitFrantic or Visit Our Fan Page: Holly Zegalia
Winning Comment #1167 Patty
Winning Comment #1064 sheri charboneau
Winning Comment #199 Megan Hughes

US55 – A $20 GC to
Provided by: Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1
Follow here: lisasamples or Visit Our Fan Page: The Product Review Place
Winning Comment #1239 Jana (sidetrack’d)

US56 – 12″ x 24″ Custom, hand~painted gallery style canvas for baby nursery or kid’s room {to be coordinated with winner’s bedding/decor} for one winner, see samples here!
Provided by: October Belle Designs LLC
Follow here: OctBelleDesigns or Visit Our Fan Page: October Belle Designs, LLC
Winning Comment #739 Jill

US57 -A beginners yoga kit that is light blue and includes a mat, DVD, Yoga Hemp strap, and block.
Provided by: Truth Be Told Blog
Follow here: TruthBeToldBlog or Visit Our Fan Page: Truth Be Told Blog
Winning Comment #976 Megan

US58 – A $50 online gift certificate redeemable at Costumes Inc.
Provided by: Costumes Inc.
Follow here: costumesinc or Visit Us on You Tube: Costumes Inc.
Winning Comment #153 Brandy W.

US59 – Proactiv Solutions, one winner will receive: *1 fl. ounce Mild Exfoliating Peel $18.00 * 1 fl. ounce Clarifying Night Cream $29.95 (ARV $47.95)
Provided by: Shop with Me Mama
Follow here: shopwithmemama
Winning Comment #1116 Mama Snow

US60 – The winner will receive an autographed copy of the book Life Simplified-A weekly guide to creating a life you love! by Leslie Gail.
Provided by: Leslie Gail
Follow here: gr8lifecoach or Visit Our Fan Page: Leslie Gail
Winning Comment #207 mandi@itscome2this
Winning Comment #593 Katie

US61 – Win a $25 e-gift certificate to Toys-R-Us
Provided by: Faith@FrugallyFabulousMom
Follow here: FrugFabMom or Visit Our Fan Page: Frugally Fabulous Mom
Winning Comment #229 Shelly

US62 – Ever wanted to read the entire Bible? This prize is for you! One Bible in 90 Days Thinline NIV Bible and one Bible in 90 Days Participants Guide. Get your own group together to read or join beginning July 5 for an online community of readers.
Provided by: Amy @
Follow here: MomsToolbox or Visit Our Fan Page: MomsToolbox
Winning Comment #172 Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn

US63 – One lucky winner will receive a Razor® Rip Rider™ 360
Provided by: Busy Mommy Media
Follow here: busymommymedia or Visit Our Fan Page: Busy Mommy – Surviving Motherhood One Mess at a Time
Winning Comment #484 Julie From Inmates

US64 – This prize will include three items: a copy of our children’s devotional, Bright Gems for His Crown, a copy of Joni Eareckson Tada’s devotional, 31 Days Toward Overcoming Adversity, and a metal bookmark that is “crowned” with a poly resin charm embellished with rhinestones and intricate beaded and swirl designs.
Provided by: Speakable Gifts
Follow here: SpeakableGifts or Visit Our Fan Page: Speakable Gifts
Winning Comment #198 Brooke McGlothlin

US65 – Three winners will win a copy of “Fantastic Mr. Fox” on dvd
Provided by: Stacey Says
Follow here: Stacey_Says
Winning Comment #1118 Denise DiFalco
Winning Comment #1009 Susieqtpies
Winning Comment #1267 Karen S.

US66 – Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles Gift Set: one candles (14oz.) one sugar scrub (4oz) one travel tin (2oz) $68 retail value for one winner.
Provided by: Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles
Follow here: SoyDelicious or Visit Our Fan Page: Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles
Winning Comment #5 Sheena @ Sophistishe

US67 – DaySpring’s Blessings Unlimited Blessings Blocks – A distressed white-finish frame holds nine colorful blocks with letters and symbols. Key-hole slots allow for vertical or horizontal display. Value $39.00
Provided by: Sandra Joseph
Visit Our Fan Page: DaySprings Blessings Unlimited ~ Sandra Joseph
Winning Comment #1184 Stephanie

US68 – Scents of your choice! Choose your very own Full-Size Authentic Scentsy Warmer and 3 wax scents! All for one winner.
Provided by: Mrs. Marine
Follow here: MrsMarine or Visit Our Fan Page: Mrs. Marine’s Wickless Scents
Winning Comment #619 Ashley

US69 – The Itty-Bitty Bookworm is a literature-based preschool curriculum. One winner will receive a year of our Bo Curriculum for 3-5 year olds. One winner will receive a year of our Bailey Curriculum for 18-36 month olds.
Provided by: The Itty-Bitty Bookworm
Follow here: BittyBookworm
Winning Comment #300 Christine
Winning Comment #1314 Marc

US70 – $25 Kroger Gift Certificate
Provided by: Saidah @ A Proverbs Wife
Follow here: ProverbsWife or Visit Our Fan Page: A Proverbs Wife
Winning Comment #327 Yoly @ YNR Live

US71 – A $50 Bear Bucks Card to Build A Bear Workshop.
Provided by: Liza Schwab
Follow here: mamaschwab
Winning Comment #83 Janis @ Sneak Peek At Me

US72 – Your Shape for Nintendo Wii A fitness video game featuring Jenny McCarthy Comes with a motion tracking camera! All for one lucky winner!
Provided by: Kristie’s List
Follow here: KristiesList
Winning Comment #1307 Stacey_Says

US73 – We will give away 2 (1 for each winner) – $30 Amazon gift cards to the winner so they can buy items of their choosing.
Provided by: Escalate Network
Follow here: escalatenetwork
Winning Comment #883 Anne Bender
Winning Comment #151

US74 – We will give away 2 (1 for each winner) – $30 Amazon gift cards to the winner so they can buy items of their choosing.
Provided by:
Follow here: afullcup or Visit Our Fan Page: A Full Cup
Winning Comment #573 AngieB
Winning Comment #1318 Bethany Lake

US75 – $100 Gift Certificate to
Provided by: StomperMom
Follow here: stompermom or Visit Our Fan Page: Stompermom
Winning Comment #753 Claudia M @cdmtx65

US76 – One Sentimental Silver personalized “Silver Sweethearts” necklace. Necklace will be customized with two names or words to be selected by the winner.
Provided by: Sentimental Silver Jewelry
Visit Our Fan Page: Sentimental Silver
Winning Comment #688 Kathleen

US77 – 5 winners will be gifted with Baby Banz Sunglasses and UV Sun Hat Combo set with Sunscreen.
Provided by: Baby Banz, Inc.
Follow here: babybanz or Visit Our Fan Page: Baby Banz
Winning Comment #49 FutureMama
Winning Comment #408 A Daddy Blog
Winning Comment #272 Dana (Lily Bean Designs)
Winning Comment #148 Tori
Winning Comment #154 RaisingZ

US78 – My giveaway will be for a 9-piece Avon Makeup Set (value $60.00) including NAILWEAR PRO Nail Enamel, GLIMMERSTICKS Waterproof Eye Liner, SUPERSHOCK Mascara, GLAZEWEAR Lip Gloss: Sparkle, GLAZEWEAR Lip Gloss: Shine, GLAZEWEAR Lip Gloss: Intense, ULTRA COLOR RICH Lipstick: Shimmer, ULTRA COLOR RICH 24K Gold Lipstick, and TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad.
Provided by: Patty Coleman @ Living In Amazing Grace
Follow here: LivAmazingGrace
Winning Comment #772 Cindy

US79 – A surprise jar of KindNotes filled with inspirational messages enclosed in miniature decorative envelopes for the recipient to open daily or anytime they need a smile! Perfect for mom on Mother’s Day too!
Provided by: KindNotes
Follow here: KindNotes or Visit Our Fan Page: KindNotes
Winning Comment #983 marybeth

US80 – A collection of inspirational pewter Treasures charms for a birthday party for tweens or teens for 5 winners. The party kit includes: 48 shapes and words and 24 stainless steel chain all packaged in a wood jewelry box for the birthday girl to keep after the party. Party Kit value $140. Here is a link to a comic book of party ideas.
Provided by: Amy Peters’ Studio
Follow here: AmyPetersStudio or Visit Our Fan Page: Amy Peters’ Studio
Winning Comment #1027 Yellow House Knits
Winning Comment #1117 Erin
Winning Comment #202 Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)
Winning Comment #399 Gina D.
Winning Comment #1311 vidia2be

US81 – Instant, Non-Surgical Facelift Masque! Julie Leischner, mom of 4 and Independent Consultant with L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL Skincare and Cosmetics, is awarding 2 winners a facelift masque. Incredible masque that tones, lifts, and smooths your face! See other posts for more L’BRI products I will be donating!
Provided by: Julie Leischner
Follow here: juliealoe or Visit Our Fan Page: Julie Munsell Leischner:|Skincare Consultant, Natural, Aloe, Paraben-Free
Winning Comment #1114 Lindsay
Winning Comment #65 Bridgette

US82 – Natural Rejuvenating Enzyme Peel. Julie Leischner, mother of 4 and independent L’BRI Consultant, is donating one of our top-selling products. Enzyme peel dissolves dead skin gently…using aloe, unripened papaya and other wonderful botanicals. Gentle enough for people with rosacea, psoriasis and eczema as well! Value of $35.50
Provided by: Julie Leischner
Follow here: juliealoe or Visit Our Fan Page: Julie Munsell Leischner:|Skincare Consultant, Natural, Aloe, Paraben-Free
Winning Comment #462 fraizerbaz

US83 – Disney Mickey 5-in-1 Tasty Baker by Pop Art. An all in one table top appliance that bakes pancakes, cakes, quickbreads, biscuits and donuts and more into 6 bite sized shapes (Mickey mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto) in about one-third the time. It can even cook eggs.
Provided by: Pop Art Toaster
Follow here: poparttoaster or Visit Our Fan Page: Pop Art Toaster
Winning Comment #948 Bonnie

US84 – One $25 Gift Certificate to
Provided by: Scraps of My Geek Life
Follow here: scrappinmichele or Visit Our Fan Page: Scraps of My Geek Life
Winning Comment #949 Misty Dowdy

US85 – A $40 gift certificate from
Provided by: Beautiful Blooms
Follow here: MOM2ETCK or Visit Our Fan Page: Beautiful Blooms
Winning Comment #657 Julie

US86 – Weeds DVD – the complete fifth season.
Provided by: Mommy Season
Follow here: dmcarey or Visit Our Fan Page: Mommy Season
Winning Comment #1288 Suzie

US87 – 2 winners will receive a $30.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.
Provided by: Christine/LiveLaughLoveCj
Follow here: LiveLaughLoveCj
Winning Comment #250 Shelby Michalek
Winning Comment #51 Lissete

US88 – $25 E-Gift card to!
Provided by: Faith’s Firm Foundation
Winning Comment #807 Susan

US89 – 10 hand-pressed pocket mirrors from Little Pink Plum, value $25.00.
Provided by: Little Pink Plum
Follow here: littlepinkplum
Winning Comment #692 Dawn Farias

US90 – Three winners will choose any Country Chic 5×5 Fine Art Print from my collection!
Provided by: Life n Reflection Photography
Follow here: lifenreflection
Winning Comment #1295 RobynL
Winning Comment #59 Mimi
Winning Comment #231 Christine

US91 – One $20 gift certificate to Green Mountain Coffee
Provided by: Melissa @ Coffee with Me
Follow here: RoyandMelissa or Visit Our Fan Page: Coffee with Me
Winning Comment #783 Hannah

US92 – Stylish and functional – Baby Elephant Ears are a multi – use head rest for infants and toddlers providing spinal/neck alignment while in carriers and car seats. Offered in various prints & organics. One winner will choose a Baby Elephant Ears of their choice.
Provided by: Jamaise @ Wishing Penny
Follow here: Jamaise or Visit Our Fan Page: Jamaise Wilson
Winning Comment #387 Mama Archer

US93 – 2 winners will receive $50.00 gift certificates for any product at, good for 60 days after the winners are notified.
Provided by:
Follow here: Ruvacards or Visit Our Fan Page: RUVAcards personalized greetings
Winning Comment #212 Anjanette
Winning Comment #138 Emily

US94 – Win one of these beautiful original bracelets– White After Labor Day, Cheery Oval and Oval the top. Three winners will get to choose!
Provided by: Sydney Andrews Jewelry
Follow here: Sydney_Andrews or Visit Our Fan Page: Sydney Andrews Jewelry
Winning Comment #311 Christy from Tales of the Toot
Winning Comment #362 Andrea at Inspired2cook
Winning Comment #491 neljo mullins

US95 – $100 Gift Certificate to – Choose from over 13,000 restaurants nationwide – redeem online and print your gift certificate(s).
Provided by: Thrifty Jinxy
Follow here: ThriftyJinxy or Visit Our Fan Page: Thrifty Jinxy
Winning Comment #188 Mommie Daze

US96 – A laundry prize pack from Mrs. Meyer’s! 64-oz laundry detergent (HE compatible), 80-ct dryer sheets and freshener. One winner will pick their choice of scent!
Provided by: Mama’s Laundry Talk
Follow here: MamaLaundry or Visit Our Fan Page: Mama’s Laundry Talk
Winning Comment #913 LaVonne

US97 – One winner will receive a beautiful handmade wire and colorful bead necklace from the mission-driven company, Ana Patricia!
Provided by: Erin @ Home with the Boys
Follow here: homewiththeboys
Winning Comment #26 one cluttered brain

US98 – Going green is simple with Conserving Now’s Bring Your Own Bag Starter Eco-Kit for one lucky winner.
Provided by: Conserving Now
Follow here: frugallythrifty or Visit Our Fan Page: Frugally Thrifty
Winning Comment #211 Anne -Mommy Has to Work

US99 – A signed copy of Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner.
Provided by: Musing Mommies
Follow here: MusingMommies or Visit Our Fan Page: Musing Mommies
Winning Comment #955 Donna C.

US100 – One $25 Wachovia gift card to be used anywhere Visa is accepted.
Provided by: Tamona’s Tips
Follow here: wahsleuth or Visit Our Fan Page: Tamona’s Tips
Winning Comment #67

US101 – One lucky winner will get this $450 Human Touch Foot and Calf Massager that is being given away by Still Blonde after All These Years!, a blog for women over 45.
Provided by: Still Blonde After All These Years!
Visit Our Fan Page: Still Blonde After All These Years

US102 -$20 gift certificate for The Stamping Lady. Can be used for any scrapbooking or stamping classes/kits or for Stampin’ Up! supplies purchased through The Stamping Lady.
Provided by: The Stamping Lady, Tasha Hickert
Follow here: Stamping_Lady or Visit Our Fan Page: The Stamping Lady
Winning Comment #998 Myra @ My Blessed Life

US103 – A $25 gift certificate to
Provided by: Stop Drop and Relax
Follow here: StopDropRelax or Visit Our Fan Page: Stop Drop and Relax
Winning Comment #636 Shannon

US104 – Shoot Me Now is giving away one $50 Visa Vanilla Gift Card.
Provided by: Shoot Me Now!
Follow here: shootmenowblog
Winning Comment #73 Florence @ Just Writing

US105 – Get Fit Pack: One “lucky” winner will get a triple threat of Jillian Michaels. Pack contains 30 Day Shred, Yoga Meltdown, The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. Pack also includes an aluminum water bottle to help stay on track and stay hydrated!
Provided by: Green Mom Wannabe
Follow here: madareamama
Winning Comment #1025 lovelyritaann

US106 – Two winners will receive a free copy of the Letter of the Week preschool curriculum. Winner may choose curriculum via download or CD.
Provided by: Confessions of a Homeschooler
Follow here: ericahomeschool
Winning Comment #1308 Heather@It’s Twinsanity
Winning Comment #1324 Sarah – PS Mom Reviews

US107 – $25 Gift Card to Target – See how much you can get using coupons and watching for sales.
Provided by: Money4ThisNot4That
Follow here: Money4This or Visit Our Fan Page: Money 4 This Not 4 That
Winning Comment #372 Deanna U

US108 – One 1 lb. box of See’s milk or dark chocolates (winners choice)
Provided by: Lamp Unto My Feet
Winning Comment #1031 Erica Best

US109 – Beauticontrol Microderm Abrasion Facial Buffing Creme and Buffer Retail Value: $60.50
Provided by: ilovemy5kids
Follow here: loving5kids or Visit Our Fan Page: ilovemy5kids
Winning Comment #1051 Adrienne

US110 – A body butter sampler set with three of our most intoxicating scents to pamper your body from head to toe with skin indulgent mango, cocoa, and shea butter for two winners.
Provided by: mainelement: love
Follow here: mainelementlove or Visit Our Fan Page: mainelement: love
Winning Comment #1033 DeAnna
Winning Comment #268 Forgetfulone

US111 – Creative Memories PicFolio Mini Albums Gift Boxed Set! Album colors are Red and Blue and come in a gift box that you could display on your desk or countertop. (No longer available by Creative Memories to purchase) But I still have an unopened one to give away to one lucky winner!
Provided by: Ivy Morrison
Follow here: ivy_morrison7
Winning Comment #1120 Kristy K

US112 – $50 Amazon Gift card
Provided by: Robyn ~ Our Homeschool Home
Follow here: RobynOHSH or Visit Our Fan Page: Robyn Our Homeschool Home
Winning Comment #784 Donna Cardone

US113 – $25 Walmart Gift Certificate
Provided by: Susan Stahley
Follow here: rsmstahley
Winning Comment #70 Kim Cessnun

US114 – $25 Walmart Gift Certificate
Provided by: Mary’s Country Life
Follow here: missunny
Winning Comment #978 Arlene Feix

US115 – A hand knit beanie for you or a loved one. You get to pick the color as long as its not outlandish.
Provided by: Vickie Barton
Follow here: morgaine24
Winning Comment #1122 CrystalGB

US and Canada Only Prize List

USC 1 – “Two Snowflakes” is the story of Phina and Bella: Identical Twin Snowflakes, who are tired of being mistaken for one another… until a chance encounter shows them just how special and unique, they really are.
Provided by: Twin Happy
Follow here: Twin Happy Jen or Visit Our Fan Page: Twin Happy
Winning Comment #1348 Hannah

USC 2 – There will be five winners to that will be chosen to win these fun t-shirts that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.
Provided by: A Renaissance Woman
Follow here: Pamela M. Kramer or Visit Our Fan Page: A Renaissance Woman
Winning Comment #1188 Susan
Winning Comment #293 Belinda P
Winning Comment #903 Joanna R
Winning Comment #1247 Janice
Winning Comment #933 Michelle

USC 3 – A $50.00 Target Gift Card.
Provided by: Peggy Gorman
Follow here: velvet1116 or Visit Our Fan Page: Peggy Gorman
Winning Comment #3 blueviolet

USC 4 – A Child’s Summer Fun Gift Pack. A big sand bucket filled with tons of great toys for outside summer fun. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sunglasses, and more. There will be two winners!
Provided by: The Plus Size Mommy
Follow here: The Plus Size Mommy or Visit Our Fan Page: The Plus Size Mommy
Winning Comment #412 c
Winning Comment #45 Steph @ Memories and Mischief

USC 5 – One BPA-free Baby Dipper Bowl with spoon and fork, which allows parents to feed a baby using only one hand and helps toddlers learn to feed themselves.
Provided by: Baby Dipper, LLC
Follow here: Baby Dipper or Visit Our Fan Page: Baby Dipper
Winning Comment #318 The Mother

USC 6 – One complete baby outfit from our Gaga for Mama line – includes a bodysuit, pants, bib, and summer hat.
Provided by: Double Up Books
Follow here: Double Up Books or Visit Our Fan Page: Double Up Books
Winning Comment #1102 Kristine

USC 7 – The book Forget Perfect by Lisa Earle McLeod.
Provided by: Double Up Books
Follow here: Double Up Books or Visit Our Fan Page: Double Up Books
Winning Comment #973 SpamGirl

USC 8 – $55 E-Gift Card for Gift code will be emailed to the winner and can be used for purchases from
Provided by: Kelly’s Lucky You
Follow here: Kelly’s Lucky You or Visit Our Fan Page: Kelly’s Lucky You
Winning Comment #279 @Mami2jcn

USC 9 – A foldable baby change pad with a handle to carry or sling over a stroller with two pockets on the inside – one for a wipes container and one for diapers or pull-ups.
Provided by: Saffery Moore
Visit Our Fan Page: Saffery Moore
Winning Comment #76 Jerri

USC 10 – One winner will receive a beautiful handmade glass pendant with their choice of chain. The piece is made by me with care using glass and paper. The design I will give away is called “Lilac“.
Provided by: The Glass Polkadot Co.
Visit Our Fan Page: The Glass Polkadot Co.
Winning Comment #36 Kristen

USC 11 – Win a $50 gift certificate good towards any purchase in my Etsy shop or my website.
Provided by: Priddy Creations Custom Designs
Follow here: Priddy Creationsor Visit Our Fan Page: Priddy Creations Custom Designs
Winning Comment #652 Jenny

USC 12 – Goodies from Maui (mac nut covered chocolate, a shirt, fragrant soap, etc.
Provided by: A Maui Blog, LLC
Follow here: A Maui Blogor Visit Our Fan Page: A Maui Blog, LLC
Winning Comment #1038 Cath

USC 13 – Sponsor listing removed sorry for any inconvenience.

USC 14 – One lucky person will win one personalized music cd featuring a child’s name in the music and lyrics of every song on this full length cd. The cd label can be personalized as well with a special message. We have 37 cds the choose from including 6 DISNEY cds featuring categories such as Lullaby, Playtime, Faith-Based, Holiday, Sports, Birthday and a Spanish series. It’s Music That Sing’s Your Child’s Name!
Provided by: Kids Personalized Music
Follow here: mykidsmusic or Visit Our Fan Page: Kids Personalized Music Cd’s
Winning Comment #596 Sara @ Embracing Destiny

USC 15 – $50 Target gift card to one winner.
Provided by: Haley Quarles of Love, Life, Family…and then some
Follow here: princesshaley or Visit Our Fan Page: Love, Life, Family…and then some
Winning Comment #690 “Deal”ightfully Frugal

USC 16 – $50 gift certificate to eSpecially Simple Graphic Design & Consulting to be used toward a wide selection graphic design and consulting services. Great for giving your blog a whole new look or helping you take that next bold step with your ministry or business!
Provided by: eSpecially Simple: Graphic Design & Consulting
Follow here: extragrace
Winning Comment #1340 Passionstamper a/k/a Debbie Van Gieson

USC 17 – With the upcoming release of their iphone app in the next few weeks, CmomGo is offering up a $200 Apple Gift certificate. For moms that do not currently have an AT&T contract and have wanted that Iphone this will cover the cost of a 16Gig 3GS iphone with the signup of a 2 year contract with AT&T. For our moms that already have an AT&T contract with a different phone this can be used towards the purchase of a new iphone or it can be used for anything else at the Apple store! Our friends from CmomGo sure hope you use it for an iphone though!
Provided by: CmomGo
Winning Comment #237 Mika

USC 18 – Three winners will one of these books, Fearless by Max Lucado, Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott, The Animal Boogie (kids book) by Debra Harter and Fred Penner.
Provided by: The Bookworm Blog
Winning Comment #1317 Mandala
Winning Comment #1322
Winning Comment #326 Wanda

USC 19 – A free ring of the winners choice!
Provided by: Beadworks by Marcy
Follow here: BWbyMarcy or Visit Our Fan Page: Beadworks by Marcy
Winning Comment #74 Terra Heck

USC 20 – Mozart For A Mother’s Soul is a beautiful gift book that includes a Mozart CD for three winners.
Provided by: NanaHood
Visit Our Fan Page: NanaHood
Winning Comment #238 Julie the Army Wife
Winning Comment #369 Jenn @ One House Schoolroom
Winning Comment #1315 Maria D. @ Downright Domesticity

USC 21 – $25 Gift Card to Cinemark Theaters
Provided by: Anne @ Upstate Ramblings
Follow here: Anne Gustke
Winning Comment #1103 Tracy P

USC 22 – Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow for Nursing Moms– a pillow designed to help you gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding.
Provided by: Cushie Pushie Company
Follow here: goodiesformom
Winning Comment #1050 Darcel – The Mahogany Way

USC 23 – A sample pack of 3 25g bags of premium loose black teas (Earl Grey de la Creme, After Eight, Monk’s Blend), and a tea ball all from Steeped Tea, Inc.
Provided by: Patricia Thomas
Follow here: littlesrule
Winning Comment #1375 Eileen

USC 24 – A pair of unique slippers to fit your child’s personality! Winner can choose from a small selection.
Provided by: Ruth @ Mom’s Musings
Follow here: ruthp75 or Visit Our Fan Page: Mom’s Musings
Winning Comment #1151 Bay

USC 25 -$25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card-online or in store, never expires!
Provided by: Baba’s Farm Life
Follow here: Babasfarmlife or Visit Our Fan Page: Deborah Sloan
Winning Comment #422 Jen

USC 26 – A $35.00 e-gift certificate from My Scratch Off Labels – MSOL is a small business specializing in the sales of custom scratch off labels in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that you can use to create your own personal scratch off games for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or business promotions!
Provided by: Karen of My Scratch Off Labels
Follow here: myscratchoffs or Visit Our Fan Page: My Scratch Off Labels
Winning Comment #346 Tiffany O.

USC 27 – A $50 gift card to The Recessionista Shop where you’ll find designer shoes, handbags, jeans, tees and accessories for a fraction of retail.
Provided by: Recessionista
Visit Our Fan Page: Recessionista
Winning Comment #35 Erin Pyle (@erinjeany) One Big Pyle of Love

USC 28 – How to Roast a Lamb: New Greek Classic Cooking will be shipped to one winner.
Provided by: Moomette’s Magnificents
Follow here: Moomettes or Visit Our Fan Page: Moomettesgram
Winning Comment #222 50CentLove

USC 29 – For one winner a set of two multi-language format children’s DVD’s (includes American Sign Language) from Little Leaders: Little Noah, Learn About Animals and Little Moses, Learn to Count for ages 9 months and up.
Provided by: Serendipity is Sweet
Follow here: ptownmoofus or Visit Our Fan Page: Serendipity is Sweet
Winning Comment #261

USC 30 – One $50 Gift Certificate to, good for anything in our store, including baby shower and birthday invitations, social stationery, and our signature Momager Calling Cards.
Provided by: Paperlicious LLC
Follow here: MsPaperlicious or Visit Our Fan Page: Paperlicious Hip Invites & Notes

Winning Comment #220 Still Blonde
USC 31 – For two winners Lovable Labels Special Starter/Camp Pack! Because Finding Your Kids Stuff _ Shouldn’t Be Tough!
Provided by: Nicole Laws of Simplicity Lovable Labels
Follow here: ModernStyleMama or Visit Our Fan Page: Modern Style Mama
Winning Comment #1076 Stephanie@The Blue Zoo
Winning Comment #389 hotpants™

USC 32 – A $20 gift card to Target!!!
Provided by: Safe Home Happy Mom Blog
Follow here: SafeHomHappyMom or Visit Our Fan Page: Safe Home Happy Mom
Winning Comment #213 Kate @ The Shopping Mama

USC 33 – A $50 gift card to Lindt Chocolate.
Provided by: Michelle
Follow here: blessedquiver
Winning Comment #1196 Mark Savage

USC 34 – Winner will receive $60.00 worth of merchandise at We carry children’s special occasion clothing from preemie to boys/girls sizes.
Provided by: Fashions For Your Little Ones
Follow here: Fancypantsbaby or Visit Our Fan Page: Fashions For Your Little Ones
Winning Comment #108 FIona

USC 35 – $50.00 CASH ~ Paypal Transfer. ($50 USD or current CAD conversion rate)
Provided by: American Muslim Mom
Follow here: ponnsabra or Visit Our Fan Page: American Muslim Mom
Winning Comment #209 Larry @ Cakeblast

USC 36 – $25 gift card.
Provided by: Tara’s View of the World
Follow here: tarasview or Visit Our Fan Page: Tara’s View of the World
Winning Comment #1126 kailani

USC 37 – One winner will receive a $50 gift card to on here but that’s not it! There will be many other giveaways listed on my party post that you’ll want to check out!!!
Provided by: Shasher’s Life
Follow here: shasherslife or Visit Our Fan Page: Shasher’s Life
Winning Comment #1373 sal williams

USC 38 – Win it before you can buy it! A Place For Delta, this middle grade read will take you and your child on a whirlwind adventure where you travel from Georgia to Alaska, care for a polar bear cub, learn about the environment, and solve a mystery! I am offering 2 finished, hardcover copies before its pub date of June 1.
Provided by: Online Publicist
Follow here: OnlinePublicist
Winning Comment #1090 Rachel C
Winning Comment #259 Joy

USC 39 – A $50 paypal cash prize for one winner.
Provided by: MomDot
Follow here: MomDot or Visit Our Fan Page: Trisha Haas
Winning Comment #606 The Suburban Mom

USC 40 – $20 Gift Certificate to
Provided by: SandwichINK
Follow here: SandwichINK
Winning Comment #50 Joy

USC 41 – $25 Gift Card to Macy’s
Provided by: Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn
Follow here: Mels_World or Visit Our Fan Page: Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn
Winning Comment #451 Tara Todd

USC 42 – Choo, Choo – all aboard your kids will shout when wearing these fabulous Kids Train Engineer Overalls! Authentic pin striped overalls come with matching hat and red bandanna. Comes in sizes 18 months, Toddler and children’s sizes.
Provided by: Milo’s Creations
Follow here: MilosCreations
Winning Comment #309 Allison @ Alli ‘n Son

USC 43 – Prize value: $100. One winner gets to choose 3 meal time plate sets – which includes a personalized plate with coordinated personalized placemat.
Provided by: Olive Kids Direct, LLC
Follow here: olivekids or Visit Our Fan Page: Olive Kids
Winning Comment #639 Jacquie

USC 44 – $20 Gift Certificate to
Provided by: Tara’s View on Books
Follow here: tarasview or Visit Our Fan Page: Tara’s View of the World
Winning Comment #405 Linda

USC 45 – One winner will receive the Flat Belly Diet book, the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook, and the Flat Belly Diet Journal. A $65.00 value!
Provided by: Elizabeth from Table for Five
Follow here: Table4Five or Visit Our Fan Page: Table for Five
Winning Comment #40 Tree

USC 46 – These are wonderful for just about any event and can be worn by a person of any age. No matter who your date is, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, sister or mother she is sure to love being given one of these fasionable wrist corsages. I’ve created these corsages by layering chiffon petals and fastening them with a single pearl to my handmade chiffon ribbon. They will fit any size wrist, just fasten with a bow and voila…BEAUTIFUL! Please choose from the colours shown on the link provided.
Provided by: OneArtsyChick
Follow here: OneArtsyChick
Winning Comment #388 JoAnn

USC 47 – 4-week eCourse: “Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.” 4 full weeks of audio and written lessons from Life Coaching for Christian Women delivered to you daily to help you grow closer to God. Valued at $29.95.
Provided by: Life Coaching for Christian Women
Follow here: CoachingWomen or Visit Our Fan Page: Life Coaching for Christian Women
Winning Comment #1105 Carra
Winning Comment #396 Rachel Boldman

USC 48 – A $25 Gift Certificate for Just Jewelry by Jessica.
Provided by: Just Jewelry by Jessica
Follow here: TheAveStylist or Visit Our Fan Page: Just Jewelry/Jessica Guthrie Consultant
Winning Comment #747 Tanya – The Chatty Mom

USC 49 – Label Out Loud Essentials Combo Pack $48.00 for 30 Sticky Labels, 12 Shoe Labels, 70 Tag Mates or 40 Iron-Ons, 2 Teeny Tags for 4 winners.
Provided by: Mabel’s Labels
Follow here: mabelhood or Visit Our Fan Page: Mabel’s Labels
Winning Comment #8 Stacey / The Mom Renewal Project
Winning Comment #603 Shasta
Winning Comment #626 Lucy
Winning Comment #982 Lisa

USC 50 – Prize is a small, hand-crocheted afghan. It is an appropriate size to be used as a lap afghan or a child’s blanket.
Provided by: Dragondreamer’s Lair
Follow here: dragondream
Winning Comment #1148 Shelle @ Mommy Can’t Sing

USC 51 – Two winners will receive a $25 gift certificate good towards French European children’s custom clothing.
Provided by: Francoise Studio.
Visit Our Fan Page: Francoise Studio
Winning Comment #440 The Gosfam
Winning Comment #323 Heather

USC 52 – TOT YOGA, a DVD that teaches yoga for toddlers from 10 months to 3 years old for two winners.
Provided by: Tuesdays at Ten, Ltd.
Follow here: TOTYOGA or Visit Our Fan Page: TOT YOGA
Winning Comment #343 S Club Mama
Winning Comment #546 Ashley @ Just Another Mom of 2

USC 53 – What’s New, Cupcake? A fun and easy cupcake book, full of designs for every occasion, written by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.
Provided by: HoosierHomemade
Follow here: HoosierHomemade
Winning Comment #1382 Shash

USC 54 – Terrific Tiger Fleece Neckwarmer– A sweet little tiger to keep your little one warm on those blustery days!
Provided by: Kozykids.
Winning Comment #537 Kelly Hoosier

USC 55 – Hallmark “Friend” Digital Scrapbook – Make 50+ Designed Slides with Photos, Words, and Music! This will go to one lucky winner.
Provided by: Thrifty Jinxy
Follow here: ThriftyJinxy or Visit Our Fan Page: Thrifty Jinxy
Winning Comment #1004 LLL with Leslie

USC 56 – A wonderful cookbook called “Cook It Together” – fun step by step recipes that kids and parents can cook together! Read my review of this book.
Provided by: Candid, Clever & Cost-Effective
Follow here: CandidCleverCE or Visit Our Fan Page: Kimberly Bartlett
Winning Comment #1134 Vicki Chrzanowski

USC 57 – One winner will choose a pair of children’s shoes from Eleven Collection!
Provided by: Jamaise @ Wishing Penny
Follow here: Jamaise or Visit Our Fan Page: Jamaise Wilson
Winning Comment #707 Messy Mommy

USC 58 – Gold Canyon Heritage Candle (a 26 oz candle valued at $22 CDN) – Our Heritage candles capture the essence of tradition, each nestled in a beautiful diamond cut jar adorned with a hand-painted label and fragrant with the most classic of scents.
Provided by: The Scent Peddler
Follow here: TheScentPeddler or Visit Our Fan Page: The Scent Peddler
Winning Comment #1150 Lesli Chandler

USC 59 – You will win the very first print of “Enchanted Forest“. It will be a 5×7 high quality matte print with an 8×10 custom cut mat.
Provided by: The Creators Palette
Follow here: CreatorsPalette or Visit Our Fan Page: The Creators Palette – Art by Melanie
Winning Comment #1250 Benita

USC 60 – For one winner a $200 gift certificate for any Wall Slicks vinyl wall decal of your choice. DIY decorating made easy with Wall Slicks wall stickers.
Provided by: Modern Wall Graphics, the makers of Wall Slicks
Follow here: WallSlicks or Visit Our Fan Page: Wall Slicks
Winning Comment #508 Cherees

USC 61 – A Sleepy Wrap baby carrier in winner’s choice of color from NAP, Inc.
Provided by: Jana Grayson (Sidetrack’d)
Follow here: sidetrackd
Winning Comment #1045 sab

USC 62 – Two winners will receive an autographed copy of Peas and Bananas Outside with Lil Boo.
Provided by: Daddy Bookins of Peas and Bananas
Follow here: peasandbananas or Visit Our Fan Page: Peas and Bananas
Winning Comment #280 Frantic Holly
Winning Comment #1332 Erin M.

USC 63 – One lucky winner will receive a “Bath and Body Works” Gift Card worth $20!!
Provided by: Tree Lindsay @ Mommies Faves
Follow here: mommiesfaves or Visit Our Fan Page: Mommies Faves
Winning Comment #1213 Cop Mama

USC 64 – 2 Hour Instructional DVD on How to Make 15 styles of No-Sew Tutu Skirts and Dresses, plus Bonus Online Videos for Tutu Accessories Like Hair Bows and Fairy Wands.
Provided by:
Follow here: jennspen or Visit Our Fan Page: Jenn Swift Spencer
Winning Comment #1176 Amber
Winning Comment #624 Mom on The Edge

International Prize List

(Downloadable or Digital Products)
INTL 1 – Custom Background for Your Twitter Profile – $45 value, three winners will be chosen. We’ll make your Twitter profile match your blog or business site!
Provided by: Techno Mom Designs
Follow here: Erica Mueller or Visit Our Fan Page: Erica Mueller
Winning Comment #718 Plus Size Mommy (Beth)
Winning Comment #1013 Traci
Winning Comment #115 Ann Marie @ Household6Diva

INTL 2 – Win a custom WordPress blog by Uniquehorn Designs. Included: A Unique WordPress theme designed just for you, one year free hosting (100mb space/ 1gb bandwidth), wordpress installation, theme installation, 1 hour free maintenance for the year (includes upgrades, plugin installation, etc). (Over a $450 Value)
Provided by: Uniquehorn Designs
Follow here: unicornbeauty or Visit Our Fan Page: Uniquehorn Designs
Winning Comment #2 carma

INTL 3 – The Girl Creative will giveaway one Deluxe Blog Design ($50 value) to one person.
Provided by: The Girl Creative
Winning Comment #132 Cook Clean Craft

INTL 4 – Secret Bear World is donating $1,000 worth of prizes – Gold Bear Card Memberships (one year membership valued at $49.98 each) to 20 winners! Secret Bear World is a virtual world of bears where you can have fun playing cool games, making new friends, and buying virtual stuff for your bear! Gold Bear Card memberships are entitled to exclusive members only stuff – including secret levels of virtual merchandise and access to invitation only special events! Just for coming to the party Secret Bear World is offering free memberships for 10 days! To receive your Party Gift of Gold Bear Card membership (10 days) at
Go to to Create A Bear. Confirm your Bear’s registration in your email box. Go to to enter your Bear’s name, password, and the Secret Code UBP2010.
Provided by: Secret Bear World
Follow here: Secret Bear World or Visit Our Fan Page: Secret Bear World
Winning Comment #1020 Liz
Winning Comment #755 Sharon R
Winning Comment #131 Amanda
Winning Comment #169 Kimberly
Winning Comment #1035 One 2 Try
Winning Comment #124 Kowanda
Winning Comment #625 Elaina
Winning Comment #15 Annie @Mama Dweeb
Winning Comment #809 John Ghee
Winning Comment #1065 Alexandra
Winning Comment #1086 Sandra
Winning Comment #1163 Erin from Long Island
Winning Comment #240 crystalp
Winning Comment #504 QuatroMama
Winning Comment #518 Khrys @ Mom of 3 Dolls
Winning Comment #281 Laura E.
Winning Comment #1159 michelle rosborough
Winning Comment #1252 Nicole Price
Winning Comment #1303 LaNette
Winning Comment #1347 Scotty V

INTL 5 – Win a free custom blog design (valued at $40) from Whimsical Websites.
Provided by: Whimsical Websites
Follow here: who_needs_sleep
Winning Comment #25 Patty Coleman

INTL 6 – Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House Written By: Cheryl Meldelson
Provided by: Hallee the Homemaker
Follow here: halleeb or Visit Our Fan Page: Hallee the Homemaker
Winning Comment #1054 Lollie

INTL 7 – Three winners will receive a set of all three books in the Amaryllis of Hawaii series and a Hand-Painted T- Shirt of their choice and size custom painted by Marilyn Jansen Design. See description of all three books here and samples of the t-shirts here.
Provided by: Amaryllis of Hawaii
Follow here: jamarilyn
Winning Comment #75 Chris
Winning Comment #1061 nan lara
Winning Comment #1099 Miss Angie

INTL 8 – One winner will receive a Level 3 Blog Design Package.
Provided by: Mary Hess Designs
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