Sylvan Teaches Your Children How to Study Effectively

Jenny Nanniga, 5 Minutes for Mom contributing writer, is here to introduce a program to help improve study skills. This post is sponsored and she was compensated for her time, but all opinions remain her own.

As August draws to a close, students are preparing to head back to school. With the start of a new school year, time management, organization, and study skills become key factors in a student’s success.


As a middle school teacher, I know the impact that strong study skills can have on a student’s education.  The ability to learn and improve independently greatly increases a student’s confidence, and as a result, their success. Many students without knowledge of good study skills, simply reread their notes, or rely on their memory to aide them.  However, methods such as editing one’s notes, or creating new and interesting projects on learned topics have proven much more effective.

That’s why Sylvan Learning’s Study Skills program are such an asset to students. A recent Sylvan survey found that more than half (54%) of parents surveyed with children in grades four through eight stated that their child reads his or her textbook and notes over and over to study – an ineffective study habit.

As students progress through the grades, their learning will become more and more independent, making strong study skills vitally important.  Without this tool, they will be left to struggle in large classes during high school or in lecture formatted courses in college.  The ability to study well and without guidance must be learned and developed over time.

Another survey found that 63%of parents surveyed didn’t feel that they could help with all of their child’s homework. Exactly why a program like Sylvan is such an asset for students who struggle with study skills.

Middle and High School students will gain study skills in:

  • Time management: Learning strategies to use time efficiently and effectively use of time.
  • Strategic planning: Planning and tracking long-term projects.
  • Organization: How to organize schoolwork well and how to create a personal study area.
  • Performance management: How to use an academic planner and keep track of grades.

The jump to middle school or high school can be daunting.  Suddenly there are multiple classes to juggle, different expectations from different teachers, multiple tests and projects due at the same time.  This can be overwhelming for students.

Sylvan Study Skills are designed to ease students’ fear and to give them confidence and the tools necessary to navigate these challenging aspects of education.

Education shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun and instill in students a lifelong love for learning.  This is where Sylvan comes in and provides your student with the skills they need to achieve just that.

Just in time for the back to school season, Sylvan Learning is offering a new Study Skills course focused on Organization and Time Management at the special price of $199 (a $200 savings) now through September 30, 2014. During the four-week program, which includes eight sessions, students will learn time management, strategic planning skills, better organization habits, how to use an academic planner and how to properly track grades.

Learn more at Sylvan’s Learning websiteStudy Skills website, and blog.


Jenny Nanniga, 5 Minutes for Mom contributing writer, is here to introduce a program to help improve study skills. This post is sponsored and she was compensated for her time, but all opinions remain her own.


  1. Rebecca Parsons says

    One of the best things we ever did was send my stepson to a Sylvan learning center, he really grabbed a hold of the learning experience and applied it to school. Love it!

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