5 Tips to ROCK Your Back to School Supplies Shopping at Target — Plus WIN a $300 Target Gift Card

This post is written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. Please note that I was given a Target Gift Card to facilitate this review/giveaway post. But, gosh darn it, if you know me at all, you know I adore Target and get giddy every time I enter those magical red doors…


It is Saturday night. I just came home from Target with two backpacks full of school supplies, and I am in a fabulous mood.

Yes, I just rocked my back to school supplies shopping duties and I am ready to celebrate…

If you are wondering why I am in such a darn good mood, well, after making some bad decisions last year, I made some wise shopping decisions this year…

Tip 1. I Shopped Early

I never shop early for back to school supplies. First, I am a skilled procrastinator – so putting off shopping for school supplies is par for my course. target-backpack-school-suppliesAnd second, I am not emotionally prepared to hear the words “Back to School” until we are so far into August that I can feel the September chill creeping in. And even then, I want to put my hands over my ears and sing “I can’t hear you!”

But this year, I was organized. This year I shopped early! Okay — I had to shop early because I needed to get this post written for all of you who go back to school in August, not the day after Labor Day like we do. But man, am I grateful!

Not only is my school supplies shopping done and checked off my to do list, (before I even had a chance to write it on my to do list,) but I didn’t have to worry about empty shelves or limited selection. Nothing was sold out yet. I got everything I wanted — in all the colors I wanted. Woohoo!

Tip 2. I Shopped on a Saturday Night

It might not seem like the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday night, but wow, did I have a perfect night at Target.

The aisles were clear, there were no lines at check out, and I had my choice of red-adorned suitors. I barely paused in an aisle before yet another smiling Target employee asked me if I needed help finding anything.

The whole affair couldn’t have been more peaceful. I felt like I had enjoyed a quiet vacation in the sweet land of Target, where sale prices decorated the shelves and the store stayed open late just for me.

Tip 3. I Shopped for Homework Supplies, as well as School Supplies

When it comes to shopping for school supplies, we can’t just buy what is on the list. Oh no — the well prepared parent must remember to shop for HOMEWORK supplies as well as school supplies.


And, in addition to the extra pencil crayons, rulers, paper, etc. I bought to stock up my kids’ homework stations, this year I also made sure to pick up a few things I forgot to buy myself last year — such as a three whole punch, an extra stapler, and new scissors that can cut everything from fabric to cardboard.


Oh, and lots of extra glue. Yes, this momma has glue!

Tip 4. I Shopped Alone

When it comes to school supplies shopping, do you shop with your kids or without?

target-backpack-school-suppliesI am always torn on this one. I loved shopping for school supplies when I was a kid. I can still remember the excitement of choosing out my supplies and planning out my organizational systems, while begging my mother for the extras I didn’t need, but I definitely wanted.

But, this year I decided to take just the school supplies list and go at it alone. While I did spend some extra time trying to decide which kinds of pens to get and which calculator my son would want, I felt like I had all the time in the world. I didn’t have kids nagging, fighting, or whining. And, I get to come home bearing gifts!

Tip 5. I Shopped and Shared

Right now, Target has a special promotion running — for every select up&up school supply purchased at Target stores, Target will donate one school supply item to a student in need. Target’s goal is to donate up to $25 million in supplies through this program and has already raised over $10 million.

Target has signs marking the up&up items included in the program, so it was easy to recognize which products I wanted to select.

This Buy One, Give One School Supply Program runs from July 13 through August 2. But if you miss it, no worries. Target modeled the program after the Target-exclusive brand of school supplies, Yoobi, who is founded on a “One for You, One for Me” mission, helping to support the Kids In Need Foundation.

The Yoobi line of school supplies is bright, colorful, and super fun — and no matter what time of year you purchase Yoobi, you are helping provide free school supplies for in-need students.

Do You Want to Win a $300 Target Gift Card?!?

Of course you do! And we want to give it to you.

So — enter now and we will cross all our fingers and toes for you…

Please note that the Target Gift Card can only be used in US stores.



  1. Pam says

    I would use the money to outfit the kids for school and some school supplies, perhaps some new underwear for myself.

  2. Darlene Schuller says

    My daughter needs new everything this year. I would use the gift card to get her supplies, backpack, shoes and clothes.

  3. Linda Stewart says

    I have three little boys going to school this fall. $300 at Target will go a long way toward getting them ready for school to start.

  4. Alyssa says

    I would spend the gift card on supplies and new clothes for my son who will start preschool this year. He is so excited to go to school.

  5. Antonia says

    I’ve just recently lost a lot of weight, so I have very little clothing that fits correctly. I would also buy my bestie a few items from the Bridal Lengerie collection. 😉

  6. Antonia says

    I’ve just recently lost a lot of weight, so I have very little clothing that fits correctly. I would also buy my bestie a few items from the Bridal Lengerie collection.

  7. meagan bs says

    back to school clothes for my daughter, for sure. still trying to figure out how to cover that expense.

  8. Sarah says

    My kids are in year-round school so I had to buy their school supplies 3 weeks ago :-( But I would use a gift card to buy stuff for my twin girls arriving in just a couple of weeks!

  9. Summer pierce says

    Really would love to get some new school clothes and school supplies & 300$ would be a major help for me and my little sister

  10. Colleen says

    I would spend this gift card on back to school stuff for myself, because I am currently in school to become a speech pathologist and school supplies are expensive! Thank you!

  11. Natalie F says

    Both my kids need backpacks and lunch boxes this year so I would buy those. I would get back to school lunch snacks, notebooks, folders, crayons, markers, pencils, glue sticks, construction paper too. A few tops and pants for the kids. Lots more, with target $300 goes a long way.

  12. says

    I would spend the gift card on new jeans and shoes for back to school, plus crayons/markers/colored pencils, as well as the tissues and cleaner we are required to bring, and then save the rest for Christmas time.

  13. T.h.Ransom says

    I would get school supplies, clothes, shoes, and some groceries to use towards school lunches for my daughter

  14. Danielle K says

    I’m not going back to school, but it might be fun to buy something special for my nieces/nephews. Or maybe some back to school supplies for myself anyway! :)

  15. Jessica D. says

    I would spend it all on school supplies for sure!! I have 2 kiddos & it does get expensive at times! but we also love giving back to the classrooms too & buy extra for the classrooms!! :)

  16. says

    This year I will have a kindergartener (Thomas, 5) and a first-grader (Courtney, nearly 7). I would purchase layers of kids clothes for fall and winter. (: I love shopping at Target and so do my kids.

  17. Maria Beas De Bonilla says

    I would definitely buy school supplies and new clothes for me and my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  18. Charlene says

    I would buy some new clothes for school and definitely some school supplies. Thank you for the chance!

  19. says

    I already completed back to school shopping, and also at Target! We went mid-day and it wasn’t too bad. I would use the $300 on our normal grocery trips. We shop there quite often.

  20. vickie couturier says

    the grandkids need backpacks and lunch boxes and jeans and sneakers for school,so I would use it to help my daughter buy school supplies,,she just got custody of 2 small children of a family member and is having a hard time getting school clothes etc for 4 kids

  21. Kristi J says

    I would buy school/church clothing as well as organizational items to help us during the school year.

  22. Tracey says

    I would spend the money on school supplies and new school clothes and shoes – as well as some lunchbox treats! (And maybe a little something for myself!)

  23. Karen Glatt says

    I would spend it on Birthday presents for my Dad, sister, and brother! They all have birthdays in September, and I can get some nice presents with this money!

  24. Heather B says

    This year we definitely need new binders, notebooks, expo markers, pens pencils… Jeans and shoes.. it goes on and on!

  25. Terra Heck says

    I’d use it to purchase a computer chair for my teenage daughter. I’d also get school supplies for four of my kids. Thanks.

  26. Maria says

    We would stock up on lunch items and snacks. And we could use a new lunch box and ice pack while we’re at it.

  27. Melissa Keene says

    I would love to win this – it would not only buy my daughter her back to school supplies, but some clothes too! And there’s always the extra classroom supplies we are supposed to buy too!

  28. Jennifer Robles says

    I think the question should be- what wouldn’t I spend $300 on at Target! I get lost in the awesomeness of Target every time I go in & only dream of spending that kind of money there. Currently, I would buy back-to-school supplies for my 3 kids, clothes, shoes and toiletry items that we need right at this moment in time.

  29. courtney hennagir says

    I would take my son clothes shopping and let him go nuts! I would snag my daughter some cool outfits too!

  30. Tammy S says

    If I won I would buy back to school supplies and clothes for both my kids. I would also try to save some of the gift card for Christmas shopping.

  31. Angel Wells says

    I would by clothes for the kids back to school, school supplies and I’m always needing a good book or two for myself!!!

  32. Betsy Barnes says

    If I won, I would save it towards Christmas. My son has been throwing hints he would like to have an XBox One, so, I had better start saving now! :)

  33. sara haaf says

    I would spend it on clothes for my son and myself, I recently lost a lot of weight and need new clothes.

  34. kristen mcclary says

    it would definently help with back to school supplies and 300 for target would go a long way they have great prices its basically the only store i shop at besides costco

  35. Jennifer says

    I would use the gift card for back to school shopping and I appreciate the tip on shopping alone. Sometimes it’s hard to spot a deal when your kids are asking “when are we going go home”?

  36. Sunnymay says

    I’d spend the money on necessities for the home, organizing supplies and some great pens like Uniball Vision which almost write by themselves.

  37. Shawna O says

    I’d buy school supplies like a new backpacks, paper, notebooks, binders, pencils and I’d also buy t-shirts, underwear, socks, jeans and pants for my kids for back-to-school. Thanks!

  38. samantha wagner says

    I would use it for a couple of new desk chairs for my kids, since I homeschool. And some fall clothes for the kids

  39. anne hill says

    i would spend it on school supplies. i also love to shop at target cuz you can double up on coupons there and save even more! plus they have great clothes & i love their color selection of tights for women & girls!

  40. Ru says

    LO is still in the sensory learning stage so I would buy more supplies for our various sensory boxes, as well as some home essentials.

  41. says

    Target is one of my favorite stores, so the list of things I could spend this on is long, but to start with: I would buy back to school supplies for my kids, as well as some back to school clothes. Yay!

  42. Annie says

    Oh gosh, what wouldn’t I want to spend $300 on at my favorite store! My husband & I have been eyeing one of their beautiful gas grills but I could be torn to spend it all on a new wardrobe for me…or maybe a few books…or a gift for my sweet sister…hmm…I would love to win this one!

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