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    aw, so cute 😉 enjoy your WW! btw, when i saw your URL, i thought of a children’s book i like a lot: “Five Minutes of Peace” by Jill Murphy – have you ever heard of it?

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    Awwww this pic is soooo cuteee!!! but im just afraid he would fall off to the water, he’s sooo tiny!! adorable!! sorry i’m late to visit ur WW! thanks for visiting!

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    Neat picture!
    I prefer the warmer Easters, but we often get the cold ones around here too.
    Welcome to Wordless Wednesday.
    Thanks for visiting mine.

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    I prefer warm Easter, too – the cols just isn’t for me.

    The photo is great – he’s all into the water. I, too, would be afraid he’d fall.

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    Just to let you all know – this picture was taken at my family’s cabin in the interior of Briitish Columbia on Easter weekend. We live in the mild weather south pacific coast of Canada – so it is nice and warm here (- but rains too much.) it was fun to go up to the cabin and have snow while we have tulips blooming at home.

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