Oh yes it is true, they grow up way too fast…

“Why am I always the youngest?” my four year old son Jackson whined on our way home last night.

“You are not the youngest…” and I went on to list his cousins and friends that are younger than he is. But that of course was no comfort to him – I didn’t expect it to be. I knew whom he meant. He was talking about his “real” friends as he calls them – the core group of kids, including his boy cousins, who are all a year to two years older than he is.

Then he goes on, “I mean Lachlan is five and now he’s got a girlfriend …” I did my best to smother my laughter and shock as I listened to him ramble on, “…and we have got a band now…we are going to practice at Dick’s house. We asked him if we could. And Lachlans’ girlfriend might come – we haven’t decided yet if she is going to be in the band…”

My face contorted with repressed laughter. It was too much – both hilarious and tragic that my little baby was talking like a teenager.

I mean I know he is growing up – but this is ridiculous!


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    Hey Janice! I saw your comments on my blog this weekend. I only “part time” blog, so just got to the comments today. :-) Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to put my email in my blog, I guess, but I’ll email you and you can send me some of those recipes! :-)

    Kids grow up way too fast these days, don’t they?! Too funny!!

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    Well … they MIGHT need a back up singer … and Lachlan’s girlfrind might be able to help them out… girls CAN be a blessing every now and then!!! LOL! If we could only keep them young and innocent!!! I’m ready to put my boy in a bubble!

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    Oh Janice… that is too funny.
    Rocker Jackson! I can picture it now… I mean most of my memories of him were in his screaming stage so i know he has the pipes


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