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by Dawn Cullo

Disney sent 5 Minutes for Mom contributing blogger Dawn Cullo to the set of The Middle and Dawn’s expenses have been paid for the trip but no other compensation will be paid and all opinions are Dawn’s.

“The Middle” stars Patricia Heaton as Frankie, Neil Flynn as Mike, Charlie McDermott as Axl, Eden Sher as Sue and Atticus Shaffer as Brick.

As part of my trip to Los Angeles I was able to screen the upcoming episode of The Middle titled “The Walk” airing on March 26th. On this episode Sue ends up with multiple dates to the prom because she is too nice to turn down any of the boys who asked her. Also on the episode Frankie and Mike realize that they are more interesting and charming with them than they are with each other. You will have to tune in on Wednesday at 8:00 to see what else happens with Brick and Axl but lets just say they team up for some fun that takes over the house.

After the screening of the episode I had the opportunity to participate in an interview with The Middle Executive Producers and show creators Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline. The Middle has been on for five seasons and the story-lines on the show sometimes come from the writers own family experiences.

To produce one show they write the episode, do a table read with the actors and then complete some re writes. They don’t shoot in front of a live audience, rather they shoot for five days on a set and then move into post production which can take up to 3 weeks. Even though it seems like a long time to produce one show it is worth it.

Once the interview ended we were given a tour by set decorator Julie Fanton. She said that the house is also a character on the show.
The Middle Set - Front Door #ABCTVEvent
As we toured around the set, I soon realized that is was more than just a set, it was a real house. It is configured just like you would expect a house to be, it is not broken about into smaller little sets in a long line of rooms. The house really looks like someone lives there, even the mail has the correct address on it.
The Middle Set - Mail - #ABCTVEvent

The walls are painted to look worn and dirty, get a look at that carpet!
The Middle Set - Walls - #ABCTVEvent

As I walked through the house I felt like I was walking around someone else’s house, it was a surreal experience walking around the Heck household.
You walk into the front door on on the right is the dining room
The Middle Set - Dining Roomand to the left is the living room.
The Middle Set - Living Room - #ABCTVEvent

Then in the next room is the kitchen nook
The Middle Set - Kitchen Nook - #ABCTVEvent
The Middle Set - Kitchen Table - #ABCTVEvent

The kitchen
The Middle Set - Kitchen Stove - #ABCTVEvent

The office / laundry room
The Middle Set - Computer - #ABCTVEvent

The Middle Set - Laundry Room - #ABCTVEvent

Down the hallway are the bedrooms

The Middle Set - Axl and Brick Room - #ABCTVEvent

The Middle Set - Sues Room Door

The Middle Set - Sues Room

Frankie and Mike’s Room
The Middle Set - Frankie and Mike Bedroom - #ABCTVEvent

The ducks in the front of the house change outfits with every show
The Middle Set - Ducks - #ABCTVEvent

While we were on the set Jack McBrayer popped into the house, he plays Frankie’s boss Dentist Ted GoodwinJack McBrayer - On the set of The Middle - #ABCTVEvent

Neil Flynn (Mike) and Charlie McDermott (Axl) made a quick visit to the set and took a group picture with us.
The Middle Group Picture Neil Flyn and Charlie McDermott

As did Atticus Shaffer (Brick)
The Middle Group Picture with Atticus Shaffer

You can catch The Middle on ABC Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributor, Dawn Cullo.

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1 Sean March 26, 2014 at 12:35 pm

I love The Middle, we can relate to everything they do on each episode. One of the few shows left that we watch as a family. So awesome that you were able to visit the set, love the pictures, thanks for sharing!


2 Tina March 26, 2014 at 9:57 pm

I am so envious! We say that the Heck family is modeled after us! There are so many times that we see something on the show and wonder if our house has been bugged. A running line in our house is “wrong family”. Love, love, LOVE “The Middle”!


3 Dawn Cullo March 26, 2014 at 11:40 pm

Hi Tina ~ I am so glad you liked the pictures, I felt like I didn’t get enough time to look at everything, I could have been in there for days and still not seen it all. Thanks for reading!


4 Tina March 26, 2014 at 9:59 pm

I am so envious! We say that the Heck family is modeled after us! There are so many times that we see something on the show and wonder if our house has been bugged. A running line in our house is “wrong family”. Love, love, LOVE “The Middle”!


5 Maureen March 27, 2014 at 7:35 am

I have not watched this show.. I am going to check it out! Great pics and post :))


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