10 Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to spring clean — and we have ten tips to make your cleaning easier, faster, and even more fun!


Our mom likes to tell us stories about spring cleaning when she was young. She loved the ritual of ridding the house of winter dirt and dust and beginning the new season as fresh as the flowers pushing out of their winter bulbs.

While we can’t quite match her enthusiasm for cleaning, we do love the inspiration of a house scrubbed clean and ready for sunshine and spring flowers.

We’ve put together 10 tips to get your spring cleaning going…

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Tip 1 — Open the Windows

    Before you start your cleaning, open some windows to get fresh air in and the smell of cleaning products out.

  • Tip 2 — Make a Playlist

    Have fun and clean faster by dancing your way through your cleaning. Make a fun playlist of upbeat music to keep you energized. Or, if you are in the mood to multitask, select an audiobook to keep your brain engaged while cleaning.

  • Tip 3 — Declutter, Donate and Toss

    It always feels great to clear out the extra stuff that is filling up our houses. From outgrown clothes, to old books, to broken toys — spring cleaning is the perfect time to declutter.


  • Tip 4 — Stock Up for Natural Cleaning

    As you get ready to dive into your spring cleaning, stock up on some natural cleaning product staples such as vinegar, baking soda and lemons.

    It is amazing how effective and inexpensive natural cleaning can be.

    For natural cleaning tips and ideas, check out our post 10 Tips for Natural Cleaning – With Easy DIY Homemade Cleaning Product Recipes.

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Written by Susan and Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    Arh! We started spring cleaning this weekend. We got as far as me getting fed up of all the clutter (read toys) and putting it in several boxes. The kids are allowed to take out their toys as long as they can find homes for them. Haha!

  2. samantha Wagner says

    I can’t wait to be able to open the Windows. And I always have music playing while I clean. Good tips

  3. Dawn Monroe says

    I like tip two. Its amazing how much work you can dowith a good playlist. Mine is full of 70s and 80s.

  4. says

    Hi, Janice! I love your cleaning tips! I like the flowers idea … that might make me clean if I promised myself some flowers at the end? BTW, what was that hand-held vacuum you used on your blinds? I could use one like that!

  5. Laura J says

    Oh today we actually had our first warmer day….so much snow melted….opened the windows a tad bit…just to get that fresh air in we have not been able to have for so long! Got me in the spring cleaning mood! I really need to work on the declutter!!!

  6. Jeanna says

    My favorite tip is opening the windows! I wish we could do that more often in Florida! I secretly love to Declutter, Donate and Toss!

  7. Cheryl W. says

    I must confess, I share in your mother’s enthusiasm for spring cleaning. I just can’t wait to throw open the windows and declutter, clean, and organize. I am an organizer by nature, so it is quite therapeutic for me. Great tip on a playlist though. Definitely going to try that one this spring.

  8. says

    I would wish to say thanks for these tips because these are very helpful for everyone. As I was a student of natural science that’s why I make sure that everything is to be natural and don’t affect to our environment. The ready made cleaning agents are full of chemicals and toxic too. I’ll use these tips for sure and thank you so much for sharing……

  9. says

    Amazing, I’m feeling happy to read this blog because you shared a great information which is useful in house cleaning. These cleaning tips are really useful to the people who wants to keep their home clean. Music will give good enery and it’ll helpful for us in cleaning. I like this tip and I’d like to say thanks for sharing these cleaning tips…..

  10. says

    Amazing post, The playlist is an important thing while we are cleaning. That makes everything possible and we can finish out task quickly with the help of playlist. I always choose good playlist before I’m going to start spring cleaning. Thanks for your wonderful post…..


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