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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributor Michelle from Honest & Truly! who adores salmon (and has plenty of yummy salmon recipes) who is writing this sponsored post on behalf of American Heart Month and Hooked On Salmon. We were compensated for this post, but all opinions remain our own.

Last night, we made fish for dinner. I’m lucky that the wee ones like fish, and it’s so easy to cook in a variety of ways. Our personal favorite is salmon for so many reasons, which is perfect given that February is American Heart Month. As a mom, I love that I’m not just providing a great meal for my family but also helping my own heart, helping to ensure I’ll be around to help with homework for years to come.

We do our best to eat as healthfully as we can here because we know that what we do today will impact what we can do in the long term. My grandmother died of heart failure. My mom has been diagnosed with a leaky valve. I don’t want to be the next in a long line of women in my family with heart problems, and I certainly don’t want the wee ones to follow that path either. There are so many things you can do to keep your heart healthy, and eating heart healthy foods – like salmon – regularly can make a huge difference.

Fish high in omega-3s can help reduce your risk of dying of a heart attack by up to one-third. That’s as easy as having two servings of fish, such as heart-smart salmon, per week. The omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D found in salmon help to lower cholesterol and decrease fatal cardiovascular incidents. That’s just 8 ounces of fish to reap all those benefits, but Americans average just 3.5 ounces of fish or other seafood each week.

There are so many delicious ways to eat salmon and incorporate into your diet. We love sushi, and the sake (salmon) is the wee ones’ favorite. I also make a smoked salmon pizza that is a fun and unique way to enjoy it, as well as grilling it on cedar planks during warm weather or baking it with a citrus marinade in the winter.

One of the great things about salmon is that it doesn’t need a lot of effort to make it taste good. Little Miss and I will have snacks that consist just of smoked salmon on crackers, getting our heart-smart food in the fast way. Even just sprinkled with a little salt and pepper and sauteed on the stove, salmon is delicious because of its buttery flavor that shines through.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming more than 811,000 lives per year. It’s so easy to reduce your risk. I don’t want to be that one woman who dies from heart disease every minute. Instead, pass the salmon. I think I have another idea for dinner tonight! Because #iheartsalmon – do you?

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  Michelle may never stop running around Chicagoland, but she always makes time for the important things in her life – her wee ones, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends – and of course, writing. You can see what she’s up to on her blog Honest & Truly! or on Twitter where she tweets as @HonestAndTruly.


  1. ellen beck says

    I walk every day with the dog even if it is snowing or raining. I also try to limit foods thatv are unhealthy.

  2. wild orchid says

    I take a fish oil supplement daily and exercise regularly.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Sandra K321 says

    I try to eat healthier. We have fish (usually salmon or cod) once or twice a week, I snack on walnuts, and I try to eat whole grains.

  4. says

    For some reason, while I was pregnant, the only food I CRAVED was salmon. I could not get enough of it and stuck to wild salmon because it’s safer than farm-raised. I think my craving is one of the reasons my son was robust when he was born and is still incredibly healthy 13 years later. With salmon being so easy to cook, it’s really a great, great food.

  5. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Both my father and his mother died of heart attacks in their early 50s… So I have been very conscious and conscientious of my health and lifestyle choices from an early age (which unfortunately did not protect me from breast cancer…) but I have always followed (and moreover ENJOYED) a healthy diet and regular exercise (although since I prefer OUTDOOR and warmer weather activities – and this Winter has been particularly miserable!) I also meditate regularly, take CoQ10 and I LOVE SALMON!

  6. Michelle Fosnaugh says

    I try not to be so stressed! Also take Fish Oil everyday. I try to to intake to much sodium as well as it raises blood pressure.

  7. Lynn C says

    Not nearly enough. With this winter being so severe, I’ve been getting hardly any exercise and indulging in too much comfort food. I’ve made a few lifestyle changes like eating ground turkey instead of ground beef, lower fat dairy products and reduced fat crackers, but I need to cut more candy and fast food and get moving.

  8. virgil poore says

    i was hospitalized in jan with my heart and having to wear a monitor now..i am eating better and trying to exercise a little more and taking my meds..doing anything else i need to to stay healthy

  9. angie says

    I’ve lost 50 pound this last year by running and watching calories. I try to use olive oil, eat lots of veg and replacing beef with chicken and fish:)

  10. Geoff K says

    I try to get at least 45 minutes of cardio in a day, maintain mostly a vegetarian, low-fat diet, and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

  11. Suzanne K says

    I do an hour of zumba twice a week, hike for 2 hours with friends on the weekend, do biking for 45 min 2-3 times a week, yardwork a lot and eat healthy.

  12. Christy says

    I exercise and have cut down my consumption of red meat significantly to the point where I’m almost a vegetarian.

  13. Marica T says

    I exercise and take supplements. I’m also trying to work in some of the super foods such as chia seeds and flax seed.

  14. Vikki Billings says

    I eat healthy, taking a lot of the fat out of my diet and I do not add salt to anything. I also walk 3 times a week.

  15. Leslie L Stanziani says

    I am eating better,exercising more,and taking my meds.I have heart disease (had 3 stents right before my 34th birthday). Coronary artery disease killed my father at age 36 (which I will be 36 this Sept.),so I take heart health very seriously.

  16. Tim says

    I always take the stairs and try to park a little further to the entrance of stores. I also try (sometimes not succeeding) to keep sweets off my plate.

  17. Betty Curran says

    I don’t do nearly as much as I should. I do include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet and try to exercise more.

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