5 Minute Breaks for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom contributor Marya shares 5 minute breaks for moms.

It’s easy to let the business of being moms consume us from day to day. We may think we’re being more productive by being on the go constantly but the reverse is more likely. By taking quick 5 minute breaks to rejuvenate ourselves, we can return to our responsibilities with a clear mind and avoid toxic stress build up. A quick break can improve your mental focus by an average of 13%.

5 Minutes breaks for mom

Five quick break ideas to incorporate into your day…

1. Rest. This seems like a no brainer but many of us skip over it. Take 5 minutes while your kids are watching television or are otherwise safely engaged to put your feet up, close your eyes, meditate and breathe deeply. Don’t use it to check e-mail or social media! You want to try to completely detach, if only for a few minutes. And if you can, 20 minutes is better than 5!


2. Go outside. We increasingly live our lives indoors, much of it spent in front of electronics. Go outside for five minutes, even if it’s just a walk to your mailbox or to sit on on your porch. Detach from the noise and focus on whatever nature is around you.


3. Movement. Take a walk with your kids or by yourself if you can. If you’re confined to indoors, try some easy stretches. Moving around will jump start your energy levels.

4. Refuel. Take a few minutes to nourish yourself with a cup of coffee, herbal tea and/or a healthy snack. Having healthy snacks on hand like hard boiled eggs, beef jerky, frozen fruit for smoothies and trail mix will help you from mindlessly indulging in whatever treats are lurking in the cupboard for your family.

Coffee Break

5. Social Media. If you can discipline yourself to just keep it for a few minutes, touching base with some online friends, reading something funny or inspirational is a great way to take a break.

You may find that by taking small breaks at intervals throughout the day, you will be more patient with your family and have a clearer thought process as you go through the day.

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