Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you have a few Christmas gifts left to buy or do you like to leave the bulk of your Christmas shopping to the last minute?

Either way, I’m here to help…

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If you want to push past the usual last minute gifts of wine, chocolates and coffee shop gift cards, browse through the list of gift ideas below.

For Everyone

So many gift categories work for everyone at all ages…

  • Tech Gifts

    Technology scores with almost everyone. But before you buy, ensure you know whether to shop in the Apple camp or if Windows will win. Also, try to find out which gadgets your recipient already has and what could use an upgrade. And remember an iTunes card is always a good stand-by.

  • Experience Gifts

    I love giving gifts that can be enjoyed together and will create lasting memories. Tickets to a play, concert, movie or annual passes to a museum, aquarium or attraction are wonderful ideas. A gift certificate to a spa is usually the number one gift for me and every other woman I know.

  • Books

    Everyone at every age can enjoy a new book.

  • Scarf and Gloves

    It’s cold outside and who isn’t always losing a glove? You can never have too many pairs.

For Kids

Kids are the easiest to please!

I try to put an educational spin on as many toy purchases as possible.

  • Lego
  • Puzzles
  • Board Games
  • Books

Also you can keep an eye out for a trending toy that is a known hit. For instance a must-have toy this season for young girls is the Rainbow Loom.

For Her

I think women are the next easiest category when shopping for gifts. Most women will welcome a new scarf or any other accessory.

If you’re looking for a small gift for a friend or an extra stocking stuffer, a pretty journal or notebook will work well.

If she has a tablet or iPad, perhaps a nice looking new iPad case. And every woman will love a new laptop bag or purse.

She might love a new vacuum… just be careful that she doesn’t think your gift means she ought to be vacuuming more often.

For Him

I find men to be the toughest to shop for. I tend to pick techy gifts or even resort to the age-old idea of cologne.

Here are a few more ideas for last minute gifts for the men on your list:

  • Fancy new coffee machine
  • Leather belt
  • Fun gift like a portable ping-pong set
  • Noise cancelling headphones

Perhaps the new vacuum can go under the tree for HIM!

For a Party Hostess

One of the most common reasons we’re grabbing a last minute gift is to attend a holiday party. Here are some ideas for what to bring instead of a box of chocolates…

  • Candles
  • Herb plant
  • Fine tea
  • Tasty treat like specialty macaroons
  • Elegant tea towels
  • Cocktail shaker and martini glasses

From one last minute shopper to another, don’t worry… you’ve got lots of time.

Happy Holidays!


Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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