Another Chance to Win with Scott Common Sense

ScottBlogAs I mentioned this summer, Susan has been moonlighting over at Scott Common Sense.

It has been a fun writing gig for Susan as she shared tips on a variety of topics.

Once again, our friends over at Scott Common Sense have a gift for a couple of you.

scottnaturalsnapkinsOne lucky winner will receive a $100 Gift Card and Gift Bag and the second will receive a Gift Bag. The Gift Bags will be full of products from their new Scott Naturals Line.

If you’d like to win, just leave us a comment with a tip/idea/suggestion for adding a bit of Green to your life.

We’ll announce the winner here on Saturday, October 17th.


  1. says

    I make packed lunches for 5 kids and my DH five days a week now that school is in session. Over the summer I came across a product called wrap-n-mat.Essentially, it replaces a plastic sandwich baggie. Not only does it hold sandwiches, it’s great for burritos, pizza, graham crackers, pretty much any flat food.I learned that these super “green” wraps were created by a mother of 4, who realized there had to be a “green alternative” to the plastic sandwich bag. If that’s not impressive enough, it also unfolds into a handy place mat measuring 33xm x 33cm which provides a practical and clean eating surface wherever you are and is big enough to catch any spillages.
    My kids love them and have gotten a lot of compliments on them, and I am glad that we are saving money and doing our part in creating less environmental waste!

  2. Jennifer says

    We have started using bags instead of opting for ‘plastic sacks’ at the grocery store. I actually like it so much better because the bags are sturdier and hold alot more stuff!

  3. Jessie C says

    Reuse and recycle are the keys.
    Reuse all bottles/cans, Ziplocs, boxes.
    Bring your own shopping tote so no paper or plastic.
    Make your own cleaner and detergent.

  4. Vickie Couturier says

    When im watching my grandsons,I use real washcloths for cleanups an diaper changes instead of baby wipes,an we use Real napkings too,they seem to like it an know to expect it now that ive made the change

  5. says

    We use cold water to wash most of our clothes (except for whites), we recycle whenever wherever possible. We use natural ingredients found in your cupboards, for cleaning our home naturally, safely, green!
    We use cloth bags when we do our grocery shopping, no more plastic!
    We buy Scott’s natural paper products!

  6. Amy B. says

    At my home we have been recycling everything that we can. We save our soda cans that we purchase and toward the end of the year we always take them to the recycling center and they pay us for them. We split it up between our 3 kids and give it to them to buy their brother and sister (or 2 sisters in my sons case) a christmas present. They enjoy this because it is like their money and they get to pick out the present. We have also been growing our own gardens and either freezing them or canning some of them. It really saves to have fresh vegetables instead of buying them.

  7. Melissa O. says

    My tip is, instead of driving everywhere walk or take a bike. As long as it’s within a couple miles, I will walk or bike. I have an Ibert seat and helmet for my 17 month old and he loves it. I even walk to work everyday since I work right in town. It’s a relaxing, healthy way to go green!

  8. says

    The best switch I have recently made is boycotting water bottles and buying a good-quality filter system! It has cut WAY down on the amount of plastic recyclables I put out on the curb, and the filters are equal to the cost of buying cases of water! I just fill a travel mug with water and take THAT to work or to class, instead of a bottle of water!

  9. DJO says

    We save the newspaper. We use the comics as wrapping paper and the remaining sections in the garden footpaths to keep the weeds out.

  10. Sandra K321 says

    Our town is having it’s be-annual town wide clean-up this weekend and the whole family is going to help pick up trash. We make sure we recycle as much as we can and I bring my own bags to the grocery store.

  11. Cindi says

    What a fabulous prize giveaway!
    In our home, we have turned the temperature
    down on the water heater and take no longer than
    five minute showers. Also, I do most loads
    of laundry in cold water! Many thanks, Cindi

  12. says

    I have been keeping any clothing that is ‘beyond wear’ to use as fabric for craft projects. I have made SO much fun stuff with this fabric! I love that it is getting a whole new life and staying out of the trash!

  13. says

    Take a few extra minutes out of every week to rinse items out to recycle versus throwing them away because of the hassle. We have always recycled items that are easy to recycle, such as newspapers. So many households do not recycle items that are inconvenient to recycle, such as pet food cans. Many of us do not want to “smell” our recycle bins. Take the extra time each day to rinse these items out and recycle them.

  14. says

    We have a recycling area in our garage to put items that are recycled through trash pick up and also that we can re-use.
    Such as our left over lawn & leaf bags – I discovered that the heavy kraft paper works great to wrap packages. I cut it down into smaller sections and use it to wrap gifts and then stamp sentiments on the paper. Much cheaper than wrapping paper!

  15. Kathy says

    I use cloth napkins at mealtime. If I don’t have any to use, or if I’m packing a lunch, I use napkins made from recycled materials.

  16. Margaret Smith says

    Besides recyling, we try to find new life for items we would otherwise toss out. For example, we recently took down an old deck and with that wood, we built planters and stained them. New life to old wood and they look great.
    Thanks so much.

  17. Demetra A says

    Unplug appliances when they are not being used, such as toasters and coffee makers. You spend more on the little flicker of electricity throughout the day when it’s not being used then the few minutes the appliance is working.
    We also use dimmers and timers on our lights, use eco friendly bulbs, use green cleaners, and line dry our clothes. Also power strips are great for home and office work. Thank you!!!

  18. sandy says

    how about reading papers and magazines online and cutting out catalogs and junk mail- there is a place to stop it…
    but i repurpose till there is no purpose, and donate those old magazines to nursing homes and schools for reading and projects.

  19. says

    You can add a bit of Green to your life by doing the following!


    Turn off the Light when you’re not in the room.

    Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

    Buy accredited green power.

    Buy solar panels for your roof and/or a solar hot water system.

    Turn down your thermostat in winter and up in summer

    Don’t run the Aircon/heating when you don’t actually need it.

    Double Glaze your windows and insulate your house

    Also, one can Buy low packaged food/drinks.

    Buy organic food, as they are chemical free.

    Say no to shopping bags and bring your own.

    Reuse your water bottle, and other packaging when possible.

    Buy local, as it has not had to travel so far. Also known as Carbon miles.

    There are so many more things to list, however here are just a few things that are important to us at our home and in our everyday lives!


  20. sito says

    I reduce first, reuse second, and finally recyle what’s left. I always look for the item with the least packaging and if I can buy it in glass, that’s what I choose.

  21. Becca says

    We don’t eat out a lot, but when we do I bring our own reusable containers to take home leftovers. Saves the earth from a few more of those nasty foam containers, and saves us from the chemicals that are in them.

  22. Carol says

    Stop buying bottled water (sooo much waste!) and invest in a water filter and nice decorated stainless steel water bottles for each member of your family.

  23. SheilaB says

    I made a recycling center for the garage.1 med trash can for newspaper,1-for plastic-1 for aluminum cans and 1 for glass. Makes recycling much easier when I can pull the garbage bag out take to the center and put all the contents in the bin. Then I bring the used bags back and re use them

  24. Lauralee Hensley says

    When you’re done using a product, e.g. can of soup, then take the label off the can.
    Children can cut out pieces of color off the label and use for paper piecing projects or for glueing designs onto paper projects for school or crafts. They can do this instead of cutting into a new piece of wrapping paper or card stock, especially if they only need tiny pieces.
    Labels off cans where there is no glue can be used to make confetti, or cut in stripes and fan folded to fill up around birthday presents that are put inside of re-usuable cloth bags, or re-usuable boxes.

  25. Vicky Carlson says

    I stretch my ranch dressing out by removing half of it from the bottle and storing it in a jar in the fridge. I then add milk to it. It makes it a little thinner but the flavor is the same on the salad and you get more out of it and less calories. :-)

  26. Stephanie V says

    buy stainless steel bottle to stop the plastic bottle abuse and buy washable cloth napkins to put in the kids lunch bags
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  27. Betty says

    I recently added a touch of green by switching to microfiber cleaning cloths. I’ve used them for dusting and never thought to try them wet.
    They are wonderful in the kitchen – no soap or cleanser required. Just use them wet to safely clean the microwave, the glass cooking top and the refrigerator. Throw them in the wash to clean. The microfibers are very effective and gently scrubbing things clean.
    Very effective to use instead of a number of cleaning products.

  28. allyson Ayala says

    we use to re-use baggies, now we use tupperware even for chips and bring them home and wash them…saves money and the enviroment. you just need a bigger lunch sack

  29. says

    How I “add Green” to my life:

    * Stay “in.”
    * Limit driving.
    * Recycle.
    * Walk a lot.
    * Enjoy nature.
    * Breastfeed.
    * Birth naturally (with a midwife, without drugs).
    * Buy secondhand.

  30. Aimee W. says

    My current favorite green (and frugal) tip is all about white vinegar. You can use it to clean SO MANY things…and it is safe for the environment. My favorite use is for disinfecting and getting the mildew smell out the washing machine while empty and getting the mildew smell out of a load of towels. Works wonders!
    Thank you so much for this generous giveaway – I would be SO thrilled to win!

  31. says

    We make “no-throw” lunches. Everything my son takes to school for lunch goes in reusable containers. We also grow a lot of our own veggies in the summer.

  32. says

    My top three:

    1) Participate in community supported agriculture.
    2) Use a plug load meter to measure how much electricity each electrical device is using. Figure out ways to reduce the amount of electricity you use.
    3) Water conservation! (Energy is used to clean and deliver the water you use)

  33. Joannie says

    To go greener:
    1. Plug electronics into a power strip, and turn off everything before bed with a single switch.
    2. Hang your clothes to dry when possible.
    3. Use rechargeable batteries
    4. Plant a garden or tree
    5. Skip paper plates and cups
    6. Use greener cleaners
    7. Recycle magazines

  34. says

    I have two tips to live life a little more greener.

    1 – Use a 50/50 vinegar and water solutionto clean almost everything.

    2 – We gave up one car in order to save money. Now I ride my bike at least 5 miles every day (to work and back). In addition to saving a LOT of money we are saving the environment as well. If you trip is under 1 mile you should always try to walk or ride your bike instead.

  35. Pat says

    Our family walks, cycles or jogs as much as possible to work, school, shopping or recreational activities. We leave the car in the garage so we won’t pollute our earth.

    Thanks for the contest.

  36. Carol G says

    I turn off the vampire electronics whenever possible, recycle everything I can, and use reusable shopping bags.

  37. Elena says

    Make sure to put your reusable shopping bags back in your car as soon as you’re done putting groceries away, so they’re available for you to use next time!

  38. Patty VanDeWalker says

    When a bathroom or kitchen sink is draining slow, pour a half-cup of baking soda down the drain, followed with a cup of vinegar. (This will fizz like some kind of science project!) After it has stopped fizzing pour boiling water down to flush it. This works as well as toxic drain cleaners for me. It’s healthier for the environment, saves money (you probably already have vinegar and baking soda at home), and it’s amusing to watch. LOL

  39. McKim says

    I have started walking to work instead of driving; using reusable bags for groceries; recycling newspapers, magazines, pop cans.

  40. Jacob says

    Try to reduce your hot water usage. Take shorter showers and no baths. Use cold water detergent. These things add up!

  41. staceyk says

    We cut the bottoms off of gallon milk jugs, bury them by our plants in the garden, and fill them with water to water the plants. Less water evaporates and the plants get a deeper watering.

  42. Deborah Wellenstein says

    We have changed out our lightbulbs to the curlicue kind almost 3 years ago-no burnouts yet! Thanks!

  43. Cheryl W says

    Sew yourself a couple of heavy duty fabric bags to use at the grocery store instead of using their plastic bags. Thanks!

  44. barbara wright says

    Don’t do one load of laundry each day. Do it all at once so you don’t use all that extra energy of having your dryer heat itself up each time.

  45. Janette says

    I recycle almost all paper, plastic, and metal, as well as composting. I now have a really tiny amount of trash that gets sent to the dump now.

  46. Betty Nations says

    Recycle, recycle, recycle. We are fortunate enough to live in a town that recycles plastics, cans, paper…Repurpose items: anything we don’t still need we give to Goodwill; we go to garage sales to buy second hand items we can use (toys are a wonderful thing to get at garage sales), changing out light bulbs for more energy efficient ones, taking our own bags to the stores, walking, using stainless steel water bottles,…we are looking at other ways and add them as we can.

  47. michele anne says

    We use reusable bags. A local store even gives a 5 cent discount for each reusable bag a customer uses. A win situation all around.

  48. Sara L. says

    Reusable shopping bags are a easy way to g a liitle more green, and we have found them more convenient anyways!

  49. Angela C says

    A way to be more green at our house is to change all the lightbulbs. I haven’t changed them all yet to the new kind.

  50. Janice J says

    I have started to take the city bus instead of
    driving all of the time, I also recycle and use reusable bags at the store.

  51. Carmen says

    We live in an apt complex that doesn’t recycle so we did some research to find a recycling center nearby to take as much of our stuff as possible. It’s a little more work on our part, but I feel good knowing that most of what we use ends up being reused rather than going to a garbage dump somewhere. I also love antique and thrift shops–a great way to practice “reusing”!

  52. says

    This summer I started composting my garbage. It was great for the garden and we actually produced less trash for the dump. We also started using reusable bags for shopping as well.

  53. Diane R. says

    Reusable bags for groceries. Recycling including special electronic recycling where appropriate. I use public transportation where possible. Unfortunately that isn’t always an option.

  54. Barbara says

    I don’t have any new tips, I’m sure, but when I bought reusable grocery bags about 10 years ago, it was immediately apparent how much I was wasting using the plastic bags. And many grocery stores will give you a few cents for each reusable bag you bring.

  55. Erica C. says

    I think the easiest thing for us was to hang our clothes out to dry. It’s been especially hot, so it’s actually worked very well!

  56. Suzanne K says

    I’ve quit using the expensive and toxic toilet bowl cleaners. Now, I usually use some borax (sprinkle in, let sit for a while, scrub and be done), and occasionally some vinegar and lemon juice (great for hard water deposits – also works on shower heads).

  57. says

    We reuse grocery sacks when we don’t use our regular ones. We use cold water for washing most everything. We try and avoid bleach when cleaning or washing clothes. I only run the dishwasher when it’s FULL (and only cold water with no drying afterward) and MUCH more.

  58. Chris says

    You can recycle used cosmetic bottles/jars/etc at any Origins store or Origins counter. They even reward you with a free Origins sample!

    chrisny2 at AOL dot com

  59. says

    I would like to add more recycling in our life. We have a recycling center near my work and I would like to start taking things in more often.

  60. Deborah R says

    Grow your own herbs in pots in your sunny windows over the winter. You’ll have safer, better herbs and you’ll eliminate packaging and shipping.

  61. Rosey says

    When shopping online, opt for ship-to-store option. It cuts down on the amount of packaging that is needed. Thank you.

  62. says

    A tip for being “green” is to strive to motivate communities (that have limited recycling programs available) to start up a more “aggressive” recycling program. :) (I say that… as I live near a city of about 300K population, but I don’t have curbside recycling pick-up.)

    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  63. Suzanne Denys says

    I don’t have recycling at my apartment but I save it and bring it to my parents when I visit once a week.

  64. Susan B says

    I’ve been utilizing cloth instead of paper – napkins, rags for cleaning as well as resealable containers over plastic bags.

  65. Shawna OBrien says

    My family recycles everything that we can. We also never leave any of our trash or mess when we go to the River, Lake, Nature Hiking etc. In fact, we always try to pick up a few things that someone else left behind to help the areas stay clean.

  66. Janice Wright says

    Instead of bottled water in the disposable plastic bottles, buy yourself a nice water bottle & use it instead with either tap or filtered water (such as from the Britta or Pur pictchers). You’ll save lots of money on water & there won’t be as many plastic water bottles taking forever to decompose.

  67. Carol says

    I keep the curtains drawn during very sunny, hot days. Keeps the temperature down in the rooms and keeps the cost down over the summer to cool the house.

  68. Debra F says

    My green tip – compost all your kitchen scraps. It reduces garbage and make great fertilizer for your garden!

  69. Ravzie says

    Reuse everything you can. We Americans tend to be pretty spoiled – there’s a lot of things we can reuse or just do without!

  70. Jill Myrick says

    Always turn the water off while brushing your teeth or lathering in the shower.
    You will be surprised just how much water it conserves.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  71. Christine Gomez says

    Ideas: Recycle, use cold water when washing (with today’s detergents, you don’t need hot water), lunch bag for hubby and kids, every degree you lower saves you 3% electricity, and pay bills online and save trees!

  72. Erica G says

    The easiest thing to do is switch out your light bulbs for the more energy efficient kind. It is inexpensive and you don’t have to think about it for a long time. Another easy thing to do is to use your own cloth grocery bags. Thanks!

  73. Sylvie W. says

    For mild to moderate clogged drains, use baking soda and white vinegar to unclog the pipes instead of chemical drain openers.

    Use that same baking soda for an upset stomach or heartburn by mixing 1/2 tsp in 1/2 cup of water and drink up. It works so much faster than any antacid product on the market.

    Dip back into that box of baking soda and create a water/baking soda paste to clean porcelain surfaces such as sinks or bathtubs.

    Lastly, Mr. Baking Soda sprinkled in your wash helps remove unpleasant sweaty odors.

    All this from a cardboard (not plastic) box of baking soda.

  74. Ronda Inman says

    Monthly add 1 c. white vinegar to dishwasher to help cut down build up and refresh inside.

    Clean the top and underside of the rubber flapper over the disposal drain.

    Use old sheets, towels, etc. for really messy soils, spills, water leaks – save a paper towel and save a tree.

  75. Marci p says

    green is easy! We replaced all of our lightbulbs, use reusable shopping bags, wash in cold and have replaced a few of our appliances. Also, keep your car maintained!

  76. Erin Ellis says

    My best tip for a greener life is to see everything possible as reusable. Even if it makes a nice craft gift by repurposing it! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  77. Mimi the kitten says

    Switch to “green” pet products (corn-based kitty litter, organic pet foods) – better for the earth and your furry beloveds.

  78. Jen V says

    One tip I have is to use baking soda to scour your sinks. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other scouring powders.


  79. says

    Reusable grocery bags. Local food sourcing helps your family and the environment. Recycle and compost. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Put on a sweater and warm socks before you turn up the heat – good for the pocketbook as well as the planet.

    Use post-consumer recycled paper goods for the paper products you must use, such as toilet paper.

  80. Wanda says

    My family is actually getting annoyed because I will not WASTE anything! They keep saying behing my back, “Waste not, want not!” HA! But it’s true. I no longer over-buy at the supermarket, so veggies and cheese don’t “go bad” in the fridge. I unplug all small appliances and lamps when not in use. I turn junk mail into note paper for shopping lists and phone messages. I even reuse baggies and aluminum foil whenever possible. And of course I recycle everything the town will take. We’ll all benefit in the long run, no?

  81. Kimberly says

    Pack your own lunches. Make sure you get a nice, reusable bag. This will save money and cut down on all disposable products that fast food joints use.

  82. dwndrgn says

    Always think before you throw things away. Can I reuse this somehow? Would somebody else want it? Can I donate it? Can it be recycled? Can I make it into something else?

    Always think before you buy. Is this toxic to my family/the environment? Has any of the packaging been recycled? Is there a comparable product that has recycled content and isn’t toxic?

  83. Carrie says

    I buy a lot of things in bulk at the co-op grocery store – I buy only what I need and I don’t waste anything. I recycle, bring my own bags to the grocery store, and walk/ ride my bike as often as I can~

  84. dianne says

    Please use your own bags when you shop. It’s so wasteful not to and is so easy to do. Not much effort and the bags I saved myself must be in the 100’s.

  85. Kristy says

    My tip is to buy and USE your own cloth grocery bags and to try to conserve as much energy as possible.. Walk if possible instead of driving

  86. Martha Payne says

    My tip is to bicycle instead of walk whenever you can. I don’t even have a driver’s license; I bike everywhere! Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at)

  87. Molly K says

    I don’t use paper towels anymore. I decided to buy a few packs of washclothes and kitchen towels to replace when I used to use paper towels. Not only is is helping the environment but I am saving a ton of money.

  88. Cujo says

    We use shopping bags but whenever we get plastic shopping bags, we re-use them as trash can liners, diaper bags or other uses.

  89. Jenny Gibbons says

    I leave the windows open at night and shut them in the morning, to store cool air in the house (in the summer).

  90. Mir says

    Reuse and recycle everything you can. Involve your kids in all the green things you do so it will all be second nature to them when they grow up.

  91. Sharon Seneker says

    I check with local schools, churches, organizations etc. to see what they are collecting like drink top pull rings, boxtops, soup labels etc. so I can help them out by collecting these items for them as well as recycling. Thanks!

  92. Carla says

    I always recycle, take my old broken appliances to the appliance recycle they have once a year, hang out my clothes to dry, hand-wash dishes, plant vegetables and flowers with the seeds from last year’s plants, walk or bike around town, watch tv with the lights out unless I’m also reading or sewing or something, and use my cloth shopping bags.

  93. melinda smith says

    I use a portable clothes hanger for my washed laundry in the warm weather
    and hang dry the washed clothing in my laundry room in the colder weather.

  94. says

    Along with our daily recycling efforts, we always use re-usable ‘hemp’ tote bags for grocery shopping – instead of using plastic and/or paper bags.

    We also use 3-way lamps in our home! They’re very efficient at saving energy when a bright light is not needed in the house.

    Thanks for the great giveaway offering!

    Please, include my family and I into your drawing!

    Good luck to all!

  95. Amanda M says

    Always use the HOV lane while driving on the expressway whenever you have more than 1 person in your vehicle. (carpool whenever possible)

  96. Paula H says

    Install a clothes line and hang out your clothes on nice days. Not only will you save electricity but yo” also get some excise.


    Plastic is the most “dreaded” danger to our planet, it does not disappear, plastic is the residue of crude oil and even if ou melt it in the dumps it still will be resides!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so we do not use plastic bags anymore!


    I bought my reusable bags at Michaels arts and crafts and they are perfect size wise for grocery!!! Also they are black so it does not show the dirt!!!

  98. Melissa M says

    We recycle cans, cardboard and bottles. We also save our old newspaper to donate to the local kennel for our furry friends.

  99. Karen says

    Eat less meat, or become vegetarian. The meat industry is one of the most significant contributors to environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.

  100. Jackee says

    Recycling as much as possible and when purchasing items, keeping in mind if the packaging is in fact recyclable.

  101. Amanda D. says

    As a teacher in my classroom, I have my students fill up a sheet of paper with as many assignments as possible before turning it in (instead of a separate sheet for each assignment). You would not believe the amount of paper (and trees!) that saves.

    macd82 at gmail dot com

  102. Aisling says

    Last Christmas, and for birthdays during the year, we started wrapping gifts in colorful fabric. The recipient saves the fabric for the following year and we can continue to recycle and save money by not buying paper gift wrap. (And you can get very fancy with it too.)

  103. Geoff K says

    Make an effort to unplug non-essential devices and appliances when not in use and cut back on water usage by taking shorter showers and running your washing machine and dishwasher on more efficient settings!

  104. says

    Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. We look for ways to be creative with stuff that would get thrown away, like my husband re-wires old lamps, repaints, and ends up with something that looks really good. My mom will turn an old lamp into a holder for a gazing ball for her garden.

  105. Suzanne Lewis says

    Reuse water bottles. Even better, get a plastic one you can wash in the dishwasher and do away with bottled water completely.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  106. JMARIE says

    Already brought one plastic bag when we walk the we being two…the extra is for picking up cans & bottles that people littered with so we can recycle them


  107. Tara O. says

    Carry your own stainless steel water bottle. It helps cut down on the number of plastic bottles that don’t get recycled.

  108. Brenda Park says

    I’ve been trying to get a little ‘greener’ this year. So far the best tips I can think of are:

    Change to CFL light bulbs

    Put a plastic bottle of water in the back of your toilet

    My kids all use stainless water bottles in their lunches
    Thanks for the chance to win!


  109. Pamela S says

    We’ve been really working on reducing our use of disposable items such as paper napkins, paper towels, brown paper bags for lunches, baggies for lunches, etc. We’ve made quite a bit of progress towards using reusable items. We already recycle. Thanks so much!

  110. Amanda says

    We buy recycled products whenever possible and save things like cans to recycle ourselves. We even bought a small 4cyl car for my husband to commute to work in. Like others, I love to hag clothes out to dry, they smell nice and it saves!

    Thank you :)

  111. Chelsea says

    Thanks for the chance at winning.

    My tip would be that every little bit helps. It adds up. My family recycles, drinks from reusable water bottles, composts, uses low flow water faucets, etc.

  112. Lindsay says

    Every time a light bulb in our house burns out we replace it with a compact fluorescent bulb. We actually use the Scott Naturals ones and we really like them. They last so much longer and it means I don’t have to replace light bulbs as much.

  113. Susan C says

    We’ve been teaching the kdis about recycling. They have fun taking things to the recycle bins.

    We use totes for shopping bags all the time now.

    We just started using Scotts Naturals and I really like the product.

  114. Linda Russell says

    I recycle everything possible (and encourage others to do so), give usable things away using website sites such as Freecycle, ReUseIt and Craiglist, and brainstorming ideas with friends to come up with better ideas to use solar and wind energy. Thanks for offering this great contest!

  115. Crystal F says

    We use the energy saving light bulbs and they have made a difference. We recycle our cans. We go through a ton of them. I would like to start using reusable bags at the grocery store. I will have to start slow with this because we buy a lot of groceries at one time. lol Thank you!

  116. momznite says

    Find opportunities for recycling in addition to your household stuff. A friend of mine takes a bag with her on walks to collect things she sees along her route.

  117. susan smoaks says

    i add a bit of green to my life by carpooling. i take turns buying the gas with my carpool buddy. we save a tank a week.

  118. Melissa Becker says

    I’ve started biking for short errands. It’s good exercise and also saves on gas. Also, your car creates the most pollutants within the first mile of driving so cutting out short drives makes a huge difference

  119. Lia says

    My tip involves buying gas at the gas pump. We all know how Gas prices and our economy in general has spun out of control but if you’re mindful and thrifty you may well take advantage by doing this next time your filling up your vehicles gas tank.
    You can get medium grade(Plus) gasoline if you fill 1/2 your tank with Premium grade(Super) and 1/2 your tank with Low grade(Regular)which will make (Medium grade)-Plus, if you do so. It may take a minute longer to do this but if you’re saving near $3 I’d say better the money in your pocket than in the Oil companies pocket!
    This was told on a news media show I listen to so I’m assuming its accurate and true.

  120. Palms says

    I’ve been recycling for so many years it’s just a habit for me. I try to buy products with the least amount of packaging possible and always look for products that use recycled paper.

  121. katiea says

    Seriously people, spend the $40 and get a programmable thermostat. We installed one last year and it cut our heating bill in half. YES, HALF! We saved nearly $500 the first year and every year after we save more.

  122. Pamela D. says

    Compost all possible kitchen waste for our garden.
    Use our chipper-shredder to turn all yard waste into mulch for our garden and flower beds.
    Replaced all lightbulbs with CFL’s.
    Line dry most laundry.
    Always use canvas shopping totes.
    Replaced card store ‘gift bags’ with canvas shopping totes, 2 gifts in 1!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Marjorie Whitney says

    Use dishtowels more often, and when packing your lunch, use reuseable containers. Saves money, cuts down on trash.

  124. Eric says

    We turn off all the lights when they’re not in use. We used to be really bad about keeping lights on but now we don’t do that at all anymore!

  125. Sarah Lehan says

    Bit ‘o green: When you can, buy from thrift stores and garage sales. This saves you money and saves the resources it would have needed to make new items. Thanks for the contest.

  126. Rhonda Struthers says

    We recycle in our city. All types of paper products, and plastics. Other things we do is not let the car idle. Turn off lights if not using them. I use totes for grocery bags.

    rhondastruthers at yahoo dot ca

  127. LC says

    We put some of the appliances we don’t use on a regular basis on a surge protector with a on/off switch. That way I can easily shut it off when I’m not using it. Since appliances suck power even when they’re off this helps out.

  128. Belinda Shaw says

    My 4 year granddaughter has started me on recyling and now her mom and dad and also us are really trying to save the earth all that we can, literally one can, box, or plastic one at a time.

  129. Marcy Strahan says

    I turn off the Water heater when it’s not in use to be more green!

    I try to plan my errands(like mapping them out) so I use less gas.

    Cook with a Toaster oven for smaller meals ..this way you use less electricty & don’t heat up your whole house like a oven would.

    Even better using the microwave instead of the stove top helps too.
    On nice fall days cut off the central ac/heater & open your windows & use ceiling fans.

  130. Brian Whaley says

    I set the temperature on the thermostat down 1 degree from where my wife normally likes it. It really adds up.

  131. Kimberly Whaley says

    We lowered the temperature settng on our hot water heater by just a bit and the difference is remarkable.

  132. Dillon says

    When we moved into our new house we only put in desert landscaping which requires almost no water. It saves a lot on our water consumption which is really huge here in Arizona.

  133. reeva says

    i use, reuse, reuse, reuse then recycle. I carry my own bags for the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and for shopping at the malls.

  134. Brian E. says

    UNPLUG (don’t just turn off) your computer, printer, etc. when not in use and save upwards of $100 per year/device on your utility bill…unless you have already gone 100% solar.

  135. Sandra S. says

    Use cloth napkins instead of paper. Also I have new placemats that are made of birch with a clear finish. I can just wipe them off but they look fancy.

  136. mike says

    I only clean when company is coming over. teeheehee Just kidding. I actually started wearing comfy sweaters, robes, etc around the house instead of lounging in my undies and I turned the furnace down to 62 degrees instead of 72. In summer, we only use the a/c about once a week and set it to 79. It saves us a fortune on energy bills.

  137. Lindz says

    One “green” tip we implemented was to turn down the heat on our hot water heater. We really don’t need scalding hot water so we turned do the temperature and this saves us on our gas bill and also prevents scalded backs!

  138. Joanne Schultz says

    make sure you bring re-usable totes back out to the car so you always have them when you go shopping for groceries. I know both Shop-Rite and Target give you 5¢ for each reusable bag you bring.

  139. Jane Hoh says

    Virtually anything that can’t be composted can be recycled if you look hard enough. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


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