7 Holiday Cleaning Tips

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to get your house clean and ready for the big events, as well as for those unexpected guests who just drop by…


Cleaning may not be the most fun part of the holidays, but having your house “guest-ready” ahead of time will definitely make your holidays more enjoyable.

As part of our campaign to Celebrate Everyday Messes with Bissell, today we are sharing cleaning tips that will help you get your house in order before the holiday rush.

In this video, Susan and I share seven cleaning tips to get your house ready for all your holiday fun.

7 Holiday Cleaning Tips

Tip 1 – Wash and Touch Up Your Walls

Our walls can often get forgotten in our regular cleaning routines. You will love how freshening up your walls gives your house that extra sparkle. You can wash your walls with a damp cloth and for tough marks, you may want to use some all-purpose cleaning spray.

If you have any dents or holes, fill with spackle and then touch up with paint. Even if it isn’t perfect, it will be a big improvement. I feel so much better when those white dents my kids have made disappear!

Tip 2 – Get Your Light Fixtures Clean and Ready

Let there be light and let it be dust free! For entertaining, you want to make sure that you have replaced any burnt out light bulbs and have dusted chandeliers and lamp shades. And don’t forget to wash those light switches too — I wash mine regularly as they collect germs from dirty hands.

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    I know that these tips are written for the Christmas holidays but I believe that they also apply for Easter too. Especially when it comes for the silverware.

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    Wonderful, I’m feeling happy to read this blog because we are going to celebrate a get together party, for that I’ve to clean my home. These are really great tips and helpful for everyone. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips through your blog.

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