Bring Back Breakfast with these 3 Tips from Hungry Jack #ad

Jennifer here to share with you about the importance of breakfast time with family during those hectic school mornings. While we were compensated to write this post, all opinions remain our own.

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. From my own personal experience, I can tell you that when my family has been running around all morning trying to piece together clothes, lost homework, keys, backpacks, and more, sitting down to breakfast is essential.

When my kids would run around like that, and then me scramble them out the door without sitting down to eat, their days pretty much ran and felt just like the morning had been — totally chaotic.

Here are 3 tips you can use to bring back breakfast and create a peaceful morning in your household again.

Bring Back Breakfast with these 3 Tips

Hungry Jack Bring Back Breakfast

Regardless of how chaotic, stop and eat breakfast

One thing that helps bring peace to my family and removes the chaos is to sit and have breakfast together, regardless of how chaotic and late we are.

I cannot tell you how this has calmed my children, calmed me, and helped us to really refocus the morning.

Serve quick to make meals

Breakfast does not have to be this huge smorgasbord of eggs, bacon, toast, potatoes, etc. Just a few simple pancakes or waffles will do. Nothing like a buttery, delicious pancake to start the morning right.

Try to get up 30 minutes earlier than normal

Getting up 30 minutes earlier than everyone else will give you plenty of time to get breakfast going and your head in the game. Not only will this help everyone else to have a calm morning, but you will also be on top of whatever else needs to be taken care of during the morning time.

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Hungry Jack Bring Back Breakfast

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  1. Kerrie Mayans says

    My best tip is to get up earlier than your kids and get breakfast started and cooked so they don’t have to wait for you to cook it. It is ready when they are.

  2. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    My best tip is to make ahead anything that you can. I like making French Toast casserole or keeping frozen breakfast sandwiches in the freezer!

  3. Wild Orchid says

    My tip is to make pancakes and waffles in a large batch and freeze them for easy weekday meals.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  4. Jessica To says

    I like to make a sausage and egg casserole and put it in the fridge at night and just stick it in the oven in the morning. It’s a hot and tasty breakfast!

  5. Anne Lehnick says

    This is pretty funny for me. I just bought the single packages of Hungry Jack pancake mix on Saturday. I made some yesterday morning – just added water! My son raved about the pancakes and said they were the best ones I ever made. Using a mix like that and pre-cooked bacon that you warm in the microwave are my tips for bringing breakfast back.

  6. Lisa F. says

    I have my breakfast a little later because I don’t like to eat right after waking up. So, flexibility on the time of breakfast might be key.

  7. Marti Tabora says

    My best tip would be to get up just a little bit earlier in the mornings. The biggest barrier for me having breakfast is having enough time. Thank you!

  8. Mer says

    Prep in advance whenever possible. Whether that’s gathering ingredients, or making oatmeal in the crockpot the night before, it’s easier to start breakfast when you’re not thinking about what to have.

  9. Mya Murphy says

    In my world, breakfast is the best part of the day and it never went anywhere. In fact, I eat breakfast all times of day.

  10. Marian Boll says

    Having as much breakfast ready as possible the night before so it’s a calm meal for the kids before heading out to school or work

  11. Sue Ellison says

    My tip is to begin having breakfast on the weekends or any days you are not rushed for time, once this becomes a habit, then add the other days.

  12. Dawn Monroe says

    Do what you can in advance and make it fun and possible portable.
    Why do my comments not go through? Failed publications.

  13. Tamar says

    I make it quick. It’s usually a protein bar.

    and Dawn, your comments do go through…not a failed publication. I love this site

  14. Rea Liz says

    My best tip is to prepare as much as you can the night before, so you aren’t rushing in the morning trying to prepare breakfast!

  15. says

    Make things the night before where possible. You can cut up fruit and drizzle it with lemon juice, you can make bread or cinnamon roll dough, and then you can enjoy them in the morning with much less work (:

  16. trisha kilpatrick says

    My best tip is to use the freezer. Homemade pancakes, waffles, and even some casseroles can be frozen for a quick meal. Overnight meals in the crockpot are also a simple option.

  17. Stephanie V. says

    wake up early – yes, but also have a game plan. I make a 1 min 20 sec omelette in the microwave for the kids – customizable. Make big batch pancakes on Sunday to heat up over next few mornings.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  18. Sadie B. says

    I like to have a menu planned out for the week. Then I can prep and kids know when they will get hot breakfast or cereal.

  19. Brittany says

    I make sure my kids get something healthy in their bellies before they are off for the day. I get up earlier them they do so I can make lunches and breakfasts before they come downstairs.

  20. Melissa Nagy says

    Start your day a little earlier. I LOVE to sleep but breakfast is often harried because I don’t take an extra 15-20 minutes to get us all together.

  21. Tabathia B says

    my tip is to make it easier but add variety, I use a breakfast menu and have some storebought items that I like to use with cereal, frozen waffles and fresh muffins

  22. Jill Myrick says

    I always get up an hour before I wake my children up.
    It gives me time to have a nice quiet cup of coffee and prepare a nice breakfast that we can enjoy together before sending them off to school.


  23. Cathy French says

    I love breakfast but I usually don’t eat it at breakfast time. We like to make breakfast for dinner ocassionally. To bring back breakfast, at the appropriate breakfast time, would be to get organized and preplan the night before.

  24. Jenny S says

    Breakfast for dinner sometimes so you can always enjoy a big breakfast when you don’t have the time in the morning

  25. Lesley F says

    I like getting up early in the mornings for some me time and then I fix everyone breakfast before they get up to get them going! You get a lot done when everyone is sleeping :)

  26. christina givens says

    make breakfast a family project. everyone has a job and everyone spends time together before going off their own ways.

  27. April Brenay says

    we can only sit down together on the weekends so we make sure 1 day a week we sit at the table for breakfast.

  28. Mary Cloud says

    Find some fun new kid friendly recipes that your kids can help you make – make faces on pancakes with yogurt and fruit
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  29. Lisa Garner says

    My tip is make sure to include breakfast foods that everyone enjoys so everyone with want to sit down as a family.

  30. susan smoaks says

    we love breakfast and every weekend we make a big breakfast in the morning. bringing breakfast back is easily done if you make it simple and delicious!

  31. Laurie Emerson says

    I get up a hour earlier than anyone else and set the table . About 15 minutes before I wake up I put out all the foods and also put on one of my children’s favorite CD’s. You can’t help but want to sit down and eat and smile as you might end up listening to The Wheels on the Bus.

  32. Vikki Billings says

    We love breakfast and some times even eat it for Dinner, when making breakfast in the morning my tip is to get everything ready the night before so that everything moves smoother in the mornings so that there is more time for eating breakfast.

  33. Beverly Metcalf says

    I always try to have breakfast every morning, during the work week. Sometimes it’s just oatmeal or cold cereal, with orange juice, but I do feel better if I eat something before I start a new day. Sundays I always cook a big breakfast. Thanks.

  34. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…make breakfast easy to prepare: do some prep work the night before i.e. cutting up fruit, cooking oatmeal, baking muffins, etc.

  35. Manda Marie says

    Make a good one! :) We leave the house too often with pop tarts or the like in hand and while that may suffice it’s not like a nice breakfast with eggs, waffles, sausage or some turkey bacon. We’ll even do breakfast for dinner sometimes because we love breakfast foods.

  36. Jennifer Reed says

    My best tip for bringing breakfast back is to plan and prep as much as possible ahead. Make ahead breakfast casseroles are nice, as are mixes that can be made quickly.

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