Celebrate My Drive with State Farm and Kelly Clarkson #Giveaway #ad

5M4M contributor Jennifer Donovan is here to tell you about State Farm’s teen safe driving initiative. We were compensated for this campaign.

Last week there was a fatality on the highway about 2 miles from my house. It involved three cars, two of which were driven by teenagers.

State Farm Updated LogoAuto crashes are the number one cause of death among teens in North America. Celebrate My Drive was created by State Farm to share the belief that safe driving is a lifelong commitment from the start.

My daughter is about to turn 15. That means that here in Texas, she’ll be eligible for her driver’s permit. Having already completed her freshman year in high school, she’s already been riding around with her high school friends who drive. So am I thinking about teen driving safety? Yes I am!

Teens who commit to safe driving could have the chance to bring Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson to their hometown for a free concert this coming school year. As part of the company’s Celebrate My Drive® program, State Farm is teaming up with Clarkson and offering teens across the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to learn more about safe driving, win grant money for their school, and be one of two schools to win a free concert by the Idol.

“I am excited to be a part of the Celebrate My Drive program, and to have the opportunity to positively influence thousands of teens,” said Kelly Clarkson. “This program gives me the platform to engage with my fans in a unique way, and I look forward to working alongside State Farm to make a difference.”

celebrate my drive kelly clarkson

Register your school, then make a safe driving pledge

You have from now until 11:59pm CT on Thursday, October 17, 2013 to register your high school (U.S. or Canada) for a chance to win. Visit State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive page to register your high school.

In order to make a safe driving commitment in support of an eligible (registered) high school, visit https://www.facebook.com/CelebrateMyDrive between 12:00:01 AM CT on October 18, 2013, and 11:59:59 PM CT on October 26, 2013.

Ten schools will win a 100,000 grant. Ninety schools will win a 25,000 grant. Two schools will win a concert with Kelly Clarkson.

About Celebrate My Drive

Celebrate My Drive® is a different approach to a leading public health risk. Car crashes are the number one killer of teens, and a teen’s first year on the road is the most dangerous. Using research as a guide, State Farm is approaching teen driver safety, a winnable public health battle, by engaging teens while they learn to drive in a supportive and positive way. It’s a community celebration of safe driving habits emphasizing the benefits of safe choices as teens celebrate the freedom that comes with getting a drivers’ license. Learn more about the initiative at www.celebratemydrive.com.

Enter to win $25 gift card and a State Farm Prize pack

One winner from the U.S. or Canada will win

  1. a $25 Visa Gift Card
  2. a State Farm prize pack (wrist band, over the shoulder bag, sunglasses, key chain, t-shirt)

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  1. Anne Lehnick says

    Keep distractions to a minimum – put the cell phone in the console, keep the radio at a moderate volume (or off), and tell your friends to keep their conversations to a minimum – better yet, don’t drive your friends around at all!

  2. Mary W says

    Take an offensive driving class at a professional driving school like one the race car drivers use. I sent my kids to the one the FBI uses and it was worth every penny.

  3. Susan P. says

    Concentrate on the road and driving and know exactly what is around the “bubble” of your car at all times.

  4. Seyma Shabbir says

    Pay attention to the road, don’t get distracted, turn on bluetooth if you have to talk and practice with your parents!

  5. Janet W. says

    Best tip is to don’t speed and leave enough space between you and the driver in front of you so you have enough reaction time to stop!

  6. Ellie W says

    Other than no texting while driving, limit the amount of friends allowed to ride for the first year of a teen driving.

  7. Tammy S says

    My best tip is Driving is a privilege not a right! Drive carefully and follow the laws so you can keep that privilege.

  8. Lawanna says

    Insist that everyone in the car wears a seatbelt. And if you don’t feel comfortable in the car with someone – don’t get in.

  9. Jamie Brigham says

    Listen to your driving instructor, know you are not superman “man of steel” and don’t text while driving.

  10. Amy Brewer says

    Since I will be having be having a teenage driver in the winter I will say no phone calls or text is that important that it can’t wait….

  11. Amy L says

    Practice driving in reverse. My husband took our kids to a parking lot and had them practice driving in reverse for 45 minutes. They all say that was the best lesson and it made them more confident drivers.

  12. ACMommy3 says

    My fav safety tips — let at least one person know where you are going every time you get in the vehicle, don’t multi-task in the vehicle!!, pull over into safe place if you need to get directions/answer text/answer call.

  13. Jacob says

    Don’t think that experience means you can let your guard down. You never know what the other person is going to do (at any age) so you need to watch out

  14. Tonya B. says

    Always be aware of your surrounds, don’t text or talk on your cell phones, use your mirrors and KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!

  15. David Haug says

    Don’t text and drive, or talk, or do anything that takes your eyes off the road. And always wear your seat belt.

  16. laurie says

    I made my kids pay their own insurance, and if they got a ticket or mess up they watched and payed for the insurance.

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