Are you tired right down to your soul?

Have you ever noticed as Moms we are so used to fixing problems we have a hard time surrendering them to God? This week at Guideposts, I wrote about being “soul tired” and how God reminded me I needed to stop “doing” and start “being.”

Doing vs. Being

Tired down to my soul, I had a wake-up call

Olivia is squirming her way to sleep next to me.

I listen to her finally surrender to sleep while my own legs complain with pain as they sink deep into the mattress, as if a lead blanket is pushing them down.

My whole body hurts. I can’t give in to sleep though.

After a week of sickness, I have pushed all my posts back and now they cram my weekend to-do list. So I try to write a post in my head. Stops and starts and staleness. My mind is dull and out-of-sorts.

Lying here, with my creativity blocked, I feel a disconnect with my soul. The demands of motherhood and marriage and work have worn me out. But there is more, as I search through the last few months. There is neglect.

I have neglected my spirit. I have neglected my Lord. I have worked so hard to meet everyone’s needs but my own.

Now I feel like a cranky toddler refusing to go down for her nap, clinging to the right now instead of the seeing the bigger picture. Like her, I am writhing and fighting against my Heavenly Father. I am cranky right down into my soul…

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YOUR TURN: What about you? Are you worn out? How do you find rest for your weary spirit?

Written by Janice.
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    Wonderful post. Honestly, school makes me weary! I have two very bright but LAZY children! LOL! So I’m always checking agendas and following up on homework. It’s exhausting. But you are right, even that is an unnecessary burden that God can relieve for me. Thanks for your words of wisdom!

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    Janice…thank you for the reminder to surrender and remember the bigger picture.

    I feel so busy sometimes helping organize other peoples lives (with my business) that I feel like I am not staying on top of my own. But when I feel out of balance I take my own advice…get back to basics..take a step back.. do one thing at a time on my to do list!! (try not to multi task quite so much!

    ….and above all I show gratitude for what I have and for the wonders of the universe and my life. We’re only human though so keeping this in mind when balance has momentarily disappeared to gain perspective helps too.

    Claire McFee
    Organize Your Life

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    I’m cranky and pooped clean down to the end of my little toesies….

    Weary and beaten down…

    Tuckered to the core…

    Now if I just don’t drown in the shower
    Trina and Jophie

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    I just wrote a post yesterday about how I need to do less. Or just find balance in what I do. I wish I knew how to just stop and enjoy all that I have. Instead of driving myself insane.

    It actually is comforting knowing that other women struggle and don’t have perfect lives all the day. It helps me feel normal.

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    I’ve learned to accept that even getting just one thing crossed off my to do list for a day is to be celebrated. I feel my best when I can let go of the fact that I won’t get everything done, AND when I recognize that taking care of a baby does not equal “I didn’t do a thing today” but rather, “I was totally busy doing really important work.”

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    How can we pour into others when we’re on “E” for empty? It’s impossible.

    I find that when I make God and family a priority everything else falls into place. Of course getting a grip on what needs to be done at the moment, and leaving the rest for another day helps too.

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