Are you tired right down to your soul?

by Janice

Have you ever noticed as Moms we are so used to fixing problems we have a hard time surrendering them to God? This week at Guideposts, I wrote about being “soul tired” and how God reminded me I needed to stop “doing” and start “being.”

Doing vs. Being

Tired down to my soul, I had a wake-up call

Olivia is squirming her way to sleep next to me.

I listen to her finally surrender to sleep while my own legs complain with pain as they sink deep into the mattress, as if a lead blanket is pushing them down.

My whole body hurts. I can’t give in to sleep though.

After a week of sickness, I have pushed all my posts back and now they cram my weekend to-do list. So I try to write a post in my head. Stops and starts and staleness. My mind is dull and out-of-sorts.

Lying here, with my creativity blocked, I feel a disconnect with my soul. The demands of motherhood and marriage and work have worn me out. But there is more, as I search through the last few months. There is neglect.

I have neglected my spirit. I have neglected my Lord. I have worked so hard to meet everyone’s needs but my own.

Now I feel like a cranky toddler refusing to go down for her nap, clinging to the right now instead of the seeing the bigger picture. Like her, I am writhing and fighting against my Heavenly Father. I am cranky right down into my soul…

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YOUR TURN: What about you? Are you worn out? How do you find rest for your weary spirit?

Written by Janice.
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