When You Visit Someone Who Still Has No Internet Connection #attunite

by Teresa B

Teresa here to share with you about my recent trip to our family who still has no internet access. My AT&T Unite came to the rescue once again. While I was compensated to write this post, all opinions still remain my own.

Most of us would be surprised by the number of people that still do not have access to broadband speed via DSL or cable. I’m sitting at my brother’s house, in a rural area, without a broadband connection. My brother does not have cable or broadband in his home. {Close your jaw now}. What he does have is a beautiful home on 10 acres with plenty to keep his family busy. My children love to visit my brother’s family and I literally do not see them the entire time we are here visiting because they are outdoors all day long. They can live without an internet connection.


However, my husband and I cannot live without broadband and were slightly worried as we both had some deadlines during our stay in this very rural area. We love to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, however we simply cannot go a week without any access to high-speed internet.

Fortunately, I had a solution with my AT&T Unite 4G LTE mobile hotspot. The AT&T Unite provided us with a 4G network, and requires no cable network. I was able to log into our hotspot and stay connected during my entire visit.

My brother and his wife were very intrigued by the AT&T Unite and the fact they did not need to tether with their cell phones. They loved how easy it was to use and that they can have Internet access without having all the wires and boxes.

The reality is that there are locations where no real broadband internet service is available. For many rural residents, like my brother, the only way to get broadband internet in the country is to tether from cell phones.  If you are finding yourself in this same situation I am sure the AT&T Unite could help you out. There is a way you can get faster internet access that doesn’t involve moving to a different area.

About the AT&T Unite

The AT&T Unite is a mobile hotspot that offers you wireless internet access on the go. It has 4G capabilities and is very affordable. The unit itself is priced at only .99 with a 2-year contract and only $20 a month, which can be added to your family mobile share plan.

Have you ever went to visit friends and family, only to find out they have NO internet access?

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