How Do You Keep Your Life Connected?

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I constantly find myself on the go, leaving early in the morning and not returning until late afternoon. I am on the go, shuffling my children from one activity to the next. We have day camps, lessons, and play dates, parties, day trips and vacations that have been filling up our summer days.

I thought perhaps this summer our schedule would ease up a bit and we would have some relaxing days. However, that simply has not been the case and I find myself working out of my car, on park benches, or in parking lots. Virtually any spot where I can find free wi-fi in order to obtain updates and squeeze in a few moments of work.

It can be very frustrating when I have a deadline and I am sitting in a hallway while my child is having a music lesson. I can’t very well walk up to the receptionist and ask for their password in order to log on to their wireless internet.

This morning as I was leaving for VBS (Vacation Bible School) that my friend’s daughters were hosting at their home, I was happy and relieved. I knew that I would not be rushing my own girls out of there and into a parking lot to locate a wi-fi to connect and update. I knew we could spend time together today and enjoy each others company in between our activities thanks to the AT&T Unite.

I was able to take time with my children and relax this afternoon. We had such a wonderful time today and I was able to stay connected with my very own hot spot. I enjoyed my girls more today because I was connected the entire time we were away from home. These little girls were as excited as me because they actually had wi-fi in the car. Do you know how many times I have heard “Why is there no wi-fi in the car?” I won’t be hearing that any time soon.

About the AT&T Unite

The AT&T Unite is a mobile hotspot that offers you wireless internet access on the go. It has blazing fast 4G and is super affordable. The unit itself is priced at only .99 with a 2 year contract and only $20 a month that can added to your family mobile share plan.


Your Turn

Have you ever thought about getting your own wi-fi box so that you can have internet access on the go?


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    I’ve thought about it for when we travel, but haven’t done it yet. It would be super helpful when we visit family that don’t have internet, as a blogger it’s super hard to disconnect for a week:)

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