Celebrate Families of All Shapes and Sizes with #DeliveryManMovie

It shouldn’t hurt if your family doesn’t seem to fit the standard mold. A family is defined by love more than anything else.

Delivery Man Movie

I’m proud that my girls are growing up understanding that what a family looks like can range dramatically.

While it is a challenge being a single mom, and I certainly wouldn’t choose it as an ideal, I’m happy that my girls can see their father and I getting along well and co-parenting despite being divorced.

Life is rarely perfect, but we create our own happiness by the way we look at our circumstances and build our future.

Special Sneak Preview – Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn

Watch an exclusive trailer of Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn and find out why you will love this film and see family in a new way…

And below are a few hot-off-the-press photos from the movie…

deliveryman sneak peak

deliveryman sneak peak shot 2

deliveryman sneak peak shot 3

deliveryman sneak peak shot 4

DELIVERY MAN opens in theatres everywhere on November 22nd.


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