Black and Decker Steam Mop Makes Cleaning Easy #ad #Giveaway

5 Minutes for Mom contributor Jennifer Donovan is here to tell you about her experience with the new Black and Decker Steam Mop. She got a product to review to facilitate this review and was compensated for writing this post and sharing her honest opinion.

True confession time. I’m not a good housekeeper. I struggle every day against my urges to pile things up instead of putting them away, and my house is certainly not white glove clean. However, I have successfully found a way to balance my natural inclination to be lazy with a true desire to have a home that can welcome visitors and be a haven for my family.

When I was offered a chance to check out the Black and Decker SmartSelect Steam mop, I jumped at it (or perhaps like the woman in this video, I danced a little!):

If I was a good housekeeper, I know that I’d sweep every day, and mop every week — right? is that what you good housekeepers do? Well, I don’t. And especially in areas like my kitchen and bathrooms, I don’t always feel like they are as clean and sanitary as I’d like them to be.

Out of the box

Setting up the Black and Decker SmartSelect Steam mop was easy. Within a few minutes of taking it out of the box, it was ready to go. At first, it didn’t turn on, but that is a safety feature. After looking more closely, I hadn’t attached the handle properly. Once I pushed it all the way in, it heated up in less than a minute, as promised.

Steam Cleaning

My first project was my ceramic tile kitchen floor. I swept first, as directed, and then I used the steam mop to clean. There were a couple places that had extra drips, so I used the burst of steam, and after a few passes, it worked. I did find that if I wet the pad lightly first, it worked better. This is not recommended by the manufacturer, but it made me feel like I was getting a better clean.

However, using steam only still made my floors feel clean. The steam didn’t seem dangerous. My 9-year-old son was fascinated, and even got up close to take a look. He thought the floor would be hot after it was cleaned, but it wasn’t.

I also used the mop on my sealed hardwood floors, and I loved the results there as well.

The last thing I tried, was the “carpet freshener” feature. To use that, I snapped on the carpet glider and used it the same way. I’m not sure exactly what this did, but I liked the results on my kitchen rug and my large living room area rug.

The mop comes with two pads, so that you can wash one (in the machine, lay flat to dry) and always have the 2nd ready.

Just fill and go

Perhaps my favorite thing about this mop is how lightweight and maneuverable it is. I was able to get under my sofa, right by the kitchen baseboards, and around corners with ease.

I like that I don’t have to use any other products — just fill the water tank and go — saving me time and money.

It still has that new gadget feel, but I have a feeling that this will be a regular part of my cleaning routine. Perhaps I’ll even join the “good housekeeper” club and give my floors the weekly attention that they want.

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So tell us — what is the worst thing you hate about mopping your floors?


  1. Melissa says

    fun review! For me, the worst thing about mopping floors is how short-lived the results are. My sweet family can sense a clean floor from wherever they are and bring crumbs, tracks, and mud from far and wide. *sigh*

  2. Anne Lehnick says

    I agree with Debijot… I have off-white ceramic tile in most of my house and it nevers looks clean.

  3. Charlene S says

    I clean it and the next day it already will have spots or crumbs and does not look like I just cleaned it.

  4. ellen beck says

    I do cat rescue- cat hair, and assorted other things as well as what the people living here make keepin g the floors clean a chore!

  5. Sonya Morris says

    When people walk in the house with their shoes on after I mop! I am obsessed with sweeping and mopping so I love doing both!

  6. Brian Wall says

    Everything lol I hate sweeping it 1st. I hate filling the bucket and the smell of the cleaner fluid. I hate the actual mopping. I hate the “trapping myself in the corner…AGAIN” trick the mop does to me lol and the worst…spilling the bucket all over the nice clean floor and doing it all over again 😀

  7. Kim Miller says

    I hate mopping floors because it seems like all I’m doing is pushing around dirty water. And when I’m done the floor still doesn’t look clean :(

  8. Lacey Burd says

    What I hate the most is that nothing seems to do a good job, so I always end up going back over everything on my hands and knees

  9. Fabs says

    After I mop my laminate floors, I have to use a towel and dry them or I get streaks. Anyone else have this problem? I seems like it takes me twice as long since I have to do this!

  10. Erin S says

    Everything. How time consuming it is, how messy it can be, always feeling like i have to go back over it on my hands and knees.

  11. cristina says

    all of it! filling bucket with right amount of pine sol & water, wringing out mop, sloshing what eventually becomes dirty water…..never convinced it’s really clean.

  12. Mary W says

    I hate how long it takes and how difficult it is to finish. At least this machine would make it more fun!

  13. Marilyn says

    I hate that it seems like it takes forever to get all floors mopped and ringing out the mop … that really stinks to!

  14. Richard says

    The worst part is if someone walks in whilst the floor is still wet once it’s dried you have more dirt than you started with ARRRRRRRGGGHH!!!!!

  15. Tammy S says

    The thing I hate most is never knowing if they are really clean when I use a regular mop. I feel like I am just spreading the dirt.

  16. Gennelle says

    The wringing out of the mop never seems to do the trick for me. I hate mopping up a koolaid of juice spill.

  17. Jessica says

    I dislike cleaning floors in general. I feel like, “What’s the point? Someone’s just gonna walk all over it in a minute anyway.” If this works as well as the review says then I might not mind cleaning my floors as much anymore.

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