4 Steps to Organizing Your Days to Manage Your Time

by Ferly Tangonan

Have you ever met a mom that wasn’t busy? Me neither. I’m Ferly, a wife, mom, blogger and now I’m also an Intern here at 5 Minutes for Mom.

It isn’t easy to manage your time when balancing the needs of kids, work, home, family and friends. If only there were a formula to help us moms gain some control of our days…

4 Steps to Organizing Your Days

Ah, but there is. Organizing your day as a mom is important because your family is depending on you.

The key steps to managing your time and organizing your days are straightening priorities, setting boundaries, being flexible and getting support.

Straightening Priorities

Because there is so much moms have to do for herself and her family, priorities must be in order. Put first things first. But how does it relate to your time? I’ve learned to straighten my priorities by using a priority pyramid. In the pyramid model, the most important things are the foundation of the pyramid and take up the most time, everything else is layered on top taking up less and less time.

Priority Pyramid | Gifts We Use

If you find the amount of time you are spending on each priority is skewing your pyramid, that’s okay. Awareness is the first step to change.

Setting Boundaries

Once your priorities are straight, it will be much easier to set boundaries around your time. If you have a hard time saying “no”, this could be the perfect opportunity to start. Saying “no” doesn’t mean it’s not important to you, it just means that it doesn’t fit within the scheme of your life and family right now. Boundaries are a healthy way to keep your day uncluttered, leaving room for you and your family.

Being Flexible

Moms are nothing if not flexible, it’s what makes or breaks our days. Time management and organization is not about keeping our schedule tied up in a box, it’s about creating an ideal flow for us in all the seasons of life.

Life happens, kids get sick, and moms need a break. Having your day organized will only help you to be flexible enough to know which slots of time can be switched out to fit the craziness of any given day. If you’ve done the first two things above, the craziness should be manageable.

Getting Support

This is one that moms need to do more, myself included. If your day is looking hectic before it even starts, ask for help from your family and/or friends. Getting the support you need will take pressure off of you and still get everything done. Imagine that.

How I organize my days

Now that you know my strategy for organizing my days as a mom, I thought I’d give you all a preview of how I go about doing it for myself. With my priorities straight, boundaries set and flexibility in mind, I lay everything out that needs to get done in a one week span of time. Here is a sample of how my days make up my week.

Ferly's organized week
With time for myself {mind, body and soul}, my family, my home and others, there is more than enough room for flexibility. There are also intentional gaps of unstructured time during the week and unscheduled weekends for quality time with family and friends. If days get hectic I know where things can be moved around or made up the next day.

You can do it too

Your days may be more or less hectic than mine, but the ideas behind getting our days organized are the same. I hope this has empowered you to take control of your days and weeks, making you more effective for your family.

Are you ready to take control of your days? Which of the steps mentioned gives you the most trouble? Share in the comments below so you can be encouraged by other moms.


Ferly - Intern TeamWritten by Ferly Tangonan.

Ferly is a wife, mom and blogger on a journey to a clutter free house and life. With her passion for keeping families organized, be inspired to use your gifts to grow, love and serve others.

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Ferly Tangonan is a wife, mom and blogger on a journey to a clutter free house and life. With a passion for organizing, technology, family and blogging, be inspired to use your gifts to grow, love and serve your loved ones.

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