Brushing With Beam {Review and Giveaway}

5 Minutes for Mom contributor, Teresa, shares her insights on the Beam Toothbrush through this review and giveaway. We were compensated to write this review and provided a sample. All opinions are the writer’s own.

My children are not avid teeth brushers. I wish they were, but they are not. My son rushes brushing and really neglects his teeth. He is so fast I’m not sure how the brush even touches a single tooth. My little one asks me every night, “Can I skip tonight” and I have to tell her no every single time. However, she will let me brush her teeth without argument. My son on the other hand won’t allow me near his mouth. Sometimes I have to tell him to re-brush a couple of times. This is not the nighttime routine that I like to go through each evening.

On top of the ‘I’m-the-fastest-teeth-brusher-in-the-world’, he has braces and he needs to take his time brushing. He tends to get a lot of plaque buildup on his lower teeth and his orthodontist has called me in on several occasions to discuss his teeth brushing habits.

My middle daughter also now has braces, so in the evening I am inspecting many teeth. I have purchased water piks, electric tooth brushes, music toothbrushes and regular toothbrushes. I have an entire drawer full of flavored toothpastes as well. I can’t seem to get this “taking care of properly brushing teeth” down. Let me just say, brushing in my house is a dreaded nighttime routine!

I happened across this wonderful new iPod Touch app, Beam, and since my children are tech savvy little kids, I thought this would be the perfect solution to my brushing teeth headache. The Beam Brush is the first Bluetooth toothbrush that monitors toothbrushing habits and reports back to the app on each of their iPod Touch units.

I simply downloaded the FREE Beam app to each of my children’s iPod Touch units and synchronized the Beam toothbrushes with their iPod Touch units. It literally took me 90 seconds per toothbrush and iPod Touch. It was very easy, I even think my children could have completed this task themselves.

Nighttime brushing has become a delight now for my children. They actually are having brushing contests to see who is the best brusher. They are creating brushing games and goals using the Beam app for days of the week, longest brusher and best brusher. My son has programmed each iPod Touch with integrated music to play while each of them are brushing. The Beam toothbrush holds up to 49 brushes and the current goal is who can reach 49 brushes first.

The toothbrush app is a great visualization tool for my children. My children are able to review their progress daily and weekly, report to me, and compare with each other. It has been a huge motivating toothbrush app in getting my children to brush their teeth more often and become better brushers. I can’t wait to see what the orthodontist says in a couple of weeks. I can even email him the daily progress of their oral health habits ahead of time. I think he will be astounded!

Beam toothbrushes and the toothbrush app make brushing teeth fun! What toothbrush games do you think your children could use with the Beam toothbrush and toothbrush app?

Does your toothbrush have an app?

Beam Brush on App Store

Beam Brush on Google Play Store

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Teresa is a family lifestyle photographer who is happy homeschooling her three children in the Christian classical education theory in the suburbs of Chicago. You can find her on her blog Tiaras & Tantrums or on Twitter as @tiarastantrums.


  1. Holly Messana says

    Trying to get them to actually brush for the full two minutes. They think that by just having the brush in their mouth that counts, but they spend the entire time talking and not brushing

  2. Jessica To says

    My son gets distracted while brushing his teeth and doesn’t do a good job of cleaning them.

  3. Sindy Murray says

    I don’t really battle with my kids when it comes to brushing their teeth but they tend to much of the listerine for kids!

  4. Christina Z says

    My worst battle is getting my daughter to spend more time brushing her teeth right she wants to be in such a hurry.

  5. Emily Mahr says

    Just getting them to brush can be a battle some days. Also, getting them to brush long enough and hit all the back teeth is a problem.

  6. Bluerose says

    It’s a battle to get them to brush long and good enough. Plus, they still don’t want to spit their toothpaste out.

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